Twenty-Eight Weeks

First, I'd like to start by thanking Taryn and her husband, Chad for hooking Hal and me up with a much needed date night to see Ben Folds last Thursday, who I love always and forever. Chad not only snagged us seats in a standing crowd, but AMAZING seats, down below, so we could see and rock and sway and sing along and in my case, cry... (Chad plays in the band and kills it on drums, guitar and tambo.) Because, it just so happened that Thursday was Mr. Folds' son's birthday: the first born of his twins. He spoke about his babes, how they were actually born on separate days, his son born first and then his daughter, just after midnight. Hal and I had discussed that weeks ago - how crazy it would be to have twins with different birthdays, birth months, years...

His children were at the show, he said. And then he played the songs he wrote for them:

And he cried as he sang and I cried as I sat and I'm pretty sure Hal cried, too, even though he tries to deny it because he's so incredibly tough.

Because, HELLO! It was a sign! Because twin birth story/serenades aren't the usual concert fare. Because there are people like Taryn out there who are awesome and generous and go out of their way to offer pregnant grumps like me a night on the town. Because the last time I went to see Ben Folds play the Wiltern I was pregnant with Fable and WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!?? Because twins. Everywhere we go, it's all about twins. So thank you, Taryn for your awesome. And thank you, Chad for making us feel all cool and VIP like. I have the coolest readers ever of all time.
As you may know by now, every few weeks Babycenter hooks it up with a "peek inside your pregnant belly" shot of twins in utero and lucky for you, TODAY is the day! Behold, a twenty-eight week cartoon replica of my anatomy! One of these days I'm going to get one of these images screen-printed onto a t-shirt. Very chic.
Twin babies, fetuses at 28 weeks - BabyCenter
And can I just say, THANK you, Babycenter for labeling Baby A's "eye" because I was like, what is that thing on her face? And now I know.

Meanwhile, I think I solved the puzzle as to why people are so nice to pregnant women. There is nothing less threatening than a woman with four feet of mass attached to the front of her body. Especially one who hobbles, hunched over to keep from cramping.
It's kind of amazing how fast the sidewalk parts these days. I think everyone expects I will go into labor right there on the curb so there's this, like, "uh, uh, uh... what do I do?" dance people do. Awkward smile meets freaked-out speed walk. At first, it made me feel uncomfortable but now I think it's kind of funny, especially when I stand spread-eagle over strange women's designer shoes...

Remember that scene in Sex and the City when Miranda's water breaks on Carrie's new sandals? Pregnant women are like hot potatoes no one wants to have anywhere NEAR them when the music stops. Ahem.
The babies are... bigger this week. I have no idea HOW much bigger but I'm pretty sure they gained two pounds this week as I have gained my usual weekly-four. At this rate, I'll have put on a healthy ninety pounds by the time this pregnancy is over, to which everyone always responds, "but there are two babies in there!"

Totally. Which means I'll only have about 78 pounds to lose, come October.

This week I grew out of half my Maxi dresses because my belly is sticking out at such an incredibly impressive angle that even size large Jersey dresses cannot handle the force that is my nature. Hence what I wore yesterday. Which looks insane, but will likely be the only thing left in my closet I can wear for the next TEN WEEKS OMG:
It's supposed to be a "house dress" aka "pajamas" but I've decided to wear it as a proper tunic-y thing and stop caring. Which is incredibly liberating, let me just tell you. I've been caught at least a dozen times in the last three days picking my nose in public. Because, eh, whatever. Bodily functions are a pregnant girl's best friend. I'm like the dog your husband blames his farts on, and the thing is? I'm totally cool with it.

Now that you're completely grossed out (and/or inclined to pick your nose), here's some really good news (if you're me): I think I found a way to cure my acid reflux! After months of trying 78979231 different homeopathic methods (including apple cider vinegar which made me puke!) I decided, the other night, to eat half a watermelon while watching House Hunters International and GUESS WHAT! Cured. Seriously. I have now done the exact same thing three nights in a row and I kid you not, NO REFLUX. I haven't slept this well since I was able to sleep on my stomach. It's a Christmas miracle is what it is. A Christmas miracle in July. (ED: It HAS to be House Hunters International. House Hunters domestic just makes reflux worse.)

So being that I actually got some sleep this week, I've been in much brighter spirits! Of course, that doesn't mean I can't get in an argument with a bike cop at a gas station, after being pulled over for DRIVING WITH MY CELL PHONE IN MY LAP, which I now know you can get a ticket for. Especially while stopped at the La Brea/Beverly intersection, which is where bike cops hang out and stare at people's laps through non-tinted windows.

One hundred and seventy dollar fine? Of course I was pissed! Of course I raised my voice because, "I WASN'T EVEN TALKING ON MY PHONE, BIKECOP."

Which apparently is NOT what bike cops like to be called. Bike cops prefer not to be reminded that they're on bikes. Bike cops are in denial about being BIKE COPS.

But you know what's worse than being a bike cop? Being pulled over by a bike cop! They don't even have sirens! They're wearing helmets and shorts! And Oakleys! I'd rather get pulled over by a Segway cop! Or a rollerblade cop! (Do those exist? Probably not.)

Anyway... I'd like to end this post on a high note, because this really was a red letter week, traffic violations and questionable fashion statements aside...


Back to Ben Folds. So we're at the show and we're listening to Ben Folds' twins' birth story, huddled together with our hands on my belly in the darkness, strobe lights illuminating our tiny teardrops like tiny diamonds of nostalgic blissful woe and all of a sudden, who should appear on the stage for an impromtu cover of Snoop's "Bitches Aint Shit"?

BOB SAGET, you guys! As in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's television dad! As in, twinny-twin-twinsy-twins-a-rama-twintastica! Twins!

Well. It certainly seemed serendipitous at the time. And these days I'll take what I can get.





Sabrina | 9:50 AM

Yay twins!!!! But on to more serious thing. Umm how are you painting your toe nails woman???

Sarah | 9:52 AM

You would think that the bikecop would have seen your enormous belly and been like, just wanted to tell you congrats and have a good day!

Clearly there is a reason why he only got a bike and not an actual cop car!

Anonymous | 9:53 AM

How did the cop even see the cell phone? Were you balancing it on your knees?

Mary | 9:54 AM

Looking great!

I saw Ben Folds in concert a few months ago - someone at work randomly handed me free tickets to the 8in8 concert (a collaboration between Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash - they challenged themselves to write and record 8 songs in 8 hours, and the concert was the world premiere of the record they'd cut only a few hours before). You would have loved it - amazing artists doing new, cutting edge stuff with music? Hell yeah!

Steph(anie) | 9:55 AM

I like your tunic! And Bob Saget. And Ben Folds :)


Oh, girl. Pedicure. I'm the worst toenail painter of all time even when I CAN physically touch my toes.

And Theresa - Gracie? KILLS me. Dead. Always has. Even before I had a daughter. He's knows how to make a crowd emotional, that Mr. Folds!

Katie | 9:56 AM

Love. Him. Thanks for making me cry in my office.

In other news: on Friday, a 19 year old girl told me that I need to lay off the ice cream since I'm "only" 18 weeks pregnant with my first and am, therefore, "not supposed to be so huge yet." I hope I look as good as you with your 90 extra pounds. Pack it on!

Claudia | 9:57 AM

How on earth are you able, at this impressive girth, to paint your NAILS?!

avb | 10:05 AM



Anonymous | 10:06 AM

EVERY LITTLE THING leads back to twins.

Example: "....and there we were huddled together blah blah blah as strobe lights illuminated our tiny teardrops" got a good solid full-body eyeroll from me and my TWIN sister, who emailed me that quote so we could LOL at it.

Anonymous | 10:09 AM

Wow, I haven't checked this site in forever, and now you're pregnant! With twins! Congrats!

whoorl | 10:12 AM

I am eating up these posts, Bec. Ben Folds, bike cops, bellies, BOB it all. xoxo

Arnebya | 10:19 AM

One hundred and seventy friggin FIVE? For the phone being on your lap? How much is it if you're actually on it? And what's the rules on body/phone approximation? Does it have to be more than six inches from your hand, what?

And, admittedly, I'm fairly certain I have never heard a Ben Folds song. Maybe I have and didn't know it, but at least now I have someone to Google/music to listen to this afternoon while pretending to work.

crystal | 10:20 AM

My husband made me a sweet play for me to listen to during early labor. Still Fighting it was on that list and I love to tell my son that it was playing during his birth.

wonderchris | 10:30 AM

They are out there!

What an amazing concert memory to create. Great post!

Elizabeth @claritychaos | 10:33 AM

Synchronicity. I just posted 'Still Fighting It' on my blog last Thursday while I was thinking about my upcoming family reunion, thinking about my kids and being a kid and my parents now being the grandparents and all of that growing up kind of stuff. Smiling to see it pop up in another place.

(favorite line: And you're just like me. I'm sorry.)

By the way - you're looking gorgeous.

Anonymous | 10:34 AM

I have never commented on your blog but I have been reading you since before you were preg with Fable. So so so excited for all of you! Can't wait to see the girls and what you name them!

So, my husband and I saw Bob Saget do standup when I was pregnant, maybe 10 weeks along? And I laughed at something noone else laughed at so my laugh rang out. He pointed at me and said, You laugh like a witch!

And that is my favorite celebrity moment of my life.


Sydney | 10:41 AM

I had a dream about you posting some hints about R&B's names last night.

You said R's name meant 'Lord of the Land' and 'Cello'. So I promptly dream-googled those terms and came up with the name Paul, which apparently, can also be spelled Raul. Please tell me R's name is not Raul?!

Going to listen to some Ben Folds now.

agirlnamedmel | 10:42 AM

my daughter knows twin brothers were born on different days. New years eve & New years day. pretty cool

Laura | 10:47 AM

I have to confess I live for your Monday belly shot posts - I am pregnant - with just one (my first) - and found out I was pregnant right before you announced you are pregs. I have been following (er lurkily stalking) your pregnancy with the obsession and delight I have for mine! And for some serious pregnancy style inspiration. Thanks!

It makes me happy to tears that you're feeling better and had such a great week.

BTW - how did the babies not hide your phone in your lap - Bike Cop must have been REALLY leering

Carryn | 10:56 AM

I heart Ben Folds.

You look amazing.

And as usual I have shoe envy.

Lauren | 11:03 AM

Thanks for making me cry with the Ben Folds songs. Even though I've heard them before, still - cry!

Also, How do you look so great for being so damn preggo? I mean, I only had ONE baby and my feet were the size of watermelons by the end! You on the other hand, are fabulous. Rock that "house" dress girl!!!!

Cynthia | 11:04 AM

I must have come across to the rest of the coffee shop as a complete nutso just now. Went from weeping to laughing my ass off while reading this post.

The Kellys | 11:19 AM

We just saw Ben Folds in Tulsa and he was AMAZING! He sang both of those songs, which are my husband's faaaaavorites. I totally teared up.

You look fab, as usual!

... | 11:31 AM

I'm a total lurker but just wanted to say: You look beautiful, Momma!!! It's been an absolute joy watching that belly overtake your entire body.. hahaha really, though. GORGEOUS.

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 11:44 AM

I ate half a watermelon almost every day towards the end of my son's pregnancy and had no reflux. I didn't 'crave' it with my 2nd child and had horrible heartburn...maybe that's why? It also helps for water weight. Keep eating it girl! You look amazing. ;-)

Laura | 12:11 PM

I was bawling the first second Still Fighting It started and didn't stop until Gracie was over. Ben Folds is awesome.

Kay | 12:19 PM

OMG, that first song made me sob. My oldest son lost his first tooth yesterday and my youngest son got his first tooth today. *sniff*

Erin | 12:20 PM

I bet you could fight that ticket. Take him to court! That's just wrong! There's no law that says you can't drive with your cel phone on your lap. It says no texting and no non-hands-free talking. Fight the power!

jiff | 12:57 PM

Ben was my roommate in college - ok, he moved in with us with his fiancé at the time (immortalized in "Kate") while he was recording his new album (fall 96 in Chapel Hill) - his recording studio was in his basement and he decided he needed somewhere else to live while he was recording. But he would record all night and sleep all day so I never saw him! ANYway, I too went to see him perform while pregnant with my twins - 37 weeks pregnant to be exact, with a friend who was 38 weeks pregnant with one. We went early and up to the balcony to try to find some chairs so we could a) sit and b) not be in a large crowd. As we dragged a few chairs over, one of the venue staff came up behind us and started to protest, "Ladies, sorry but you'll have to put those chairs back where you found them. We don't allow.... WHOA." The "whoa" came as I turned around to face him. "Shouldn't you be at home or in the hospital or something?" he asked in all seriousness. We protested and he quickly relented, let us sit up there. The only seats in the house. I was hoping the concert might cause my water to break... no such luck. I delivered in week 40 - my friend however, delivered exactly 48 hrs later..
Still Fighting is one of the top 5 played songs on my ipod. And "The Luckiest" makes me cry every. single. time. I hear it. Every time.

Rachel | 1:00 PM

Ben Follllllllds! YES. Cannot listen to Still Fighting It without crying, or to Gone, especially when my talented baby bro sings the version he arranged for his acapella group:

GAH. Little brothers + Ben Folds songs=Insta-tears


I'm with Sarah: a non-bike cop would've spied the belly and pulled you over to congratulate you and write you a check for $175! Totally.

I say it every week, so you're probably getting tired of hearing me say it and/or think I'm "just saying that," but YOU LOOK AMAZING! You and the girls are rocking this pregnancy hard.

~ Noelle

P.S. Your sandals are rad.

corrin | 1:11 PM

I totally expected the caption for the last picture to be "You got it, dude."

You can go ahead and steal that if you like. No credit needed.

Molly | 1:19 PM

You look really beautiful this week. Really. That outfit looks great!

Glenda | 1:58 PM

I think you look amazingly beautiful and glowy.

Love your new outfit made from a "house dress" You ROCK!

And Yay for twins!!!

Lindsey | 2:28 PM

You look fabulous, and i play "Gracie" for my daughter (Grace) at least once a day, and we all cry. xox

Whitney | 3:00 PM

You still look amazing!! I am 35 weeks and 5 days along with twin boys. I loved your comments about how people look at you! I feel like people look at my belly in shock and then quickly move out of my way or pretend they didn't even notice, or they stare at my belly then have to ask me 1,000 questions! I did get a free Icy today! The cashier at 7-11 felt bad because I am hugely pregnant and this has been one of the hottest summers Oklahoma has ever had! It's the little things that make a pregnant woman's day!

Sheelah | 3:12 PM

1. You look amazing! As always.

2. You wanna hear about crying? I didn't even know that song existed until about 10 months ago when my daughter (named Gracie, not Grace) was about 3 days old and my cousin sent it to me on Facebook. Yeah, 3 days postpartum hormones plus hearing that song... I think my husband thought I had received the worst news imaginable via FB.

Anonymous | 4:38 PM

I just had a baby, and really wanted for BabyCenter to provide a picture showing where all my other organs were once little baby girl took up residence and got her grow on...

That ticket is outrageous!

Congratulations on R&B!

jessica | 4:54 PM

saw ben in omaha on 7/8. love, love. and you look awesome.

Jamie Krug | 5:14 PM

Okay, I am definitely NOT pregnant and I own that dress - YES, I AM OFFICIALLY CALLING IT A DRESS, ANTHROPOLOGIE!! I have it in the teal, and get compliments on it every time I wear it (bordering on twice a week at this point)... Housewares, PJs, Muu Muu, who cas? It's freakin' C.U.T.E. And super comfy! You rock it, girl (s)!!

Lu | 8:18 PM

It's funny because you don't look like you've gained much weight at all, except in the stomach of course. You carry it really well. Are you like eight feet tall? You're one of those tiny skinny women, somehow, despite your supposed "weight gain." Lol.

Little Gray Pixel | 8:30 PM

WTF! A ticket for a phone being on your lap? Is there even a law for that? What a douche.

P.S. I'm going to email you in the hopes that you'd do me the honor of writing a guest post for my blog. No rush in responding. I mean, it's not like you have TWINS to pay attention to.

AndreaWasson | 8:56 PM

If you weren't on the phone, you should not have received a ticket. The law states that you can even have the phone in your hand - as long as you're not ON the phone. Check your phone logs and print it out - fight the ticket and take it to court. If you weren't on your phone, you will win.

While I LOVE your blog, as the wife of a cop, I wasn't really thrilled with your description of cops, regardless of if they are 'bike', 'motors' or regular on the street. I realize you were venting. Police officers, for the most part, work very hard to protect all of us and put their lives on the line every day, not knowing what they will face. He was just doing his job that he was given to do, whether you agree with the law or not. My husband, as well as that officer, puts his life on the line every day for each of us and deserves respect.

That being said, if you weren't on your phone, fight it. Good luck!

angela | 9:18 PM

Dude. We were at a Ben Folds concert years ago and Bob Saget and Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey!) were in the audience. When my husband went to the bathroom, they were in the bathroom cracking really dirty jokes about their penises. Bob and Ben must be friends.

Also, you look beautiful.

Anonymous | 9:41 PM

I'm 28 weeks too, an I only have one in there. I"m not sure how you're remaining sane right now, so thank you for sharing - I really love reading along with you. And as I'm sitting here eating my 15th Tums today, I'm super exited to go buy some watermelon tomorrow. Sounds so much better than munching on chalk after ever meal (not the best palette cleanser). Thank you for the giggles and commiseration.


As per the ticket (and officer) if one TOUCHES a cell phone in the car they can get a ticket. Hands free means you cannot put your hand on a phone while driving. Even if you're on a blue tooth, if your phone is so much in your hand, you're toast. If you're on speakerphone and you click to hang up, ticket. I wasn't even on speakerphone and TRUST ME, I tried to argue with dude.

Although, now I'm starting to doubt that dude was being truthful.

I once got a ticket for "merging in front of a police officer too quickly" so my experience with traffic violations has a history of being completely bonkers.

That being said I have ALSO dealt with "fighting" tickets... going down to the courthouse to plead not-guilty only to be "dismissed" or so I THOUGHT...

Long story short, this happened:

As for Andrea's comment - I totally get it, but it's hard to respect someone who clearly doesn't respect you... So, yes, while I respect that officers have it tough, being an asshole does not deserve my love. The way I see it? If you represent a greater cause/force, you have a responsibility to be decent.

I'm sure your husband is awesome and I know officers who are totally awesome and fabulous. We recently toured our local Sheriff branch and they were a lovely bunch.

This man was not lovely. And hearing that he gave me an UNWARRANTED ticket (you guys have me googling like crazy, now, oy!) just further proves that's the case. Bastard!

Danish, Angela - Bob Saget is the dirtiest. I'm so hot for his penis jokes. Rarrrr.

Chicago Mom - SEE! There is something to it! I literally just sent Hal out for watermelon. It is my everything right now. xo

oh, jenny mae | 10:24 PM

but you're still wearing real shoes! how do you do it! i was in my running shoes by 20 weeks!

you look superfantastic, mama!

Jessica | 11:09 PM

ah you make me laugh!! I can't wait to see when your babies come and what you will name them! I'm 28 weeks too, due october 17th, but I know twins come early:)
I would never have thought the dress was a nighty! and where are those shoes from? I saw some lady wearing them today too!

Catherine | 2:51 AM

Your tunic/pyjamas story brought a smile to my face - you look super stylish, dear! I was looking through old photos with my mam a couple of weeks back, including some from when she was pregnant with my little sisters (now almost 27). She ended up making her own clothes - tent dresses and what were essentially muu-muus - from 24 weeks on as no maternity clothes of the time would go anywhere near her.

Samantha | 4:53 AM

Twins, twins everywhere! I can't wait to hear the names you've chosen! Shame on that bikecop. He's just mad he's a bikecop.

Liz L | 5:44 AM

I had (one) baby in April. If it was a girl we were going to name her Gracie, because of that song. We ended up having a boy, and named him Ben. Because Ben is the shit.

annabelvita | 7:00 AM

You are resplendent and hilarious. I think I love you.

nicole | 8:10 AM

I love that the universe is constantly sending all kinds of happy-twin-vibes your way. So cool.

Oh, and please don't let your water break while you're wearing THOSE sandals. 'Cause they're awesome. xo.

Shay | 8:14 AM

My son [who's 4.5] is amazed you have TWO babies in your tummy!! How did you do that?! :P

Sarah Dubs | 8:23 AM

So if I were you I would have been like "you perv! You were looking at my awesomely huge boobs and found my phone in my lap. FOR SHAME"

Also - I came across this and thought you'd think it was awesome. Maria Carey shares your pain.

Amanda | 8:29 AM

Wow, you have ankles still! When I was 28 weeks with my twins I had cankles that didn't go away until after they were born! You look great!


Shoes were a sale purchase: Anthro (obvy)

They're the only comfortable shoes I have at the moment, save for flip flops. They're AMAZING on my swollen feet. Can wear them all day with no issues. Miraculous.

Jellybean | 9:12 AM

At the weird may be a twin, but you are not pregnant with twins. Do you think being pregnant with twins MIGHT make you just a little tad emotional? Go ask your mom.

Re: the ticket, I am also in CA and find it weird that you got a ticket for it being in your LAP. The phone cannot be in your HAND, but I don't think the new law specifies your lap or TOUCHING YOU at all....I would maybe try to fight it.

Also, I have 100% respect for cops, teachers, presidents, doctors, janitors, in fact, every single person....UNTIL they're an a-hole to me. Nobody gets a free pass because of their profession, and no one gets discriminated against by me because of their profession. Surely you must admit that there are "bad eggs" in every single profession, that's a little naive to think that a whole group is exempt from being a-holes. They're everywhere!

Lizzie | 12:25 PM

Are your twins fraternal or identical?

Anonymous | 5:36 PM

Worse than getting pulled over by a BC is getting arrested by one (happened to my bro in college while he was walking home with beer he'd bought with a fake ID). Nice. he still won't talk about it.

Candace | 6:43 PM

I love your pregnancy updates! You are so beautiful pregnant, you really seem to glow in all of these pictures!

The cop actually gave you the ticket? I got out of quite a few when I was pregnant last!

Janel | 7:41 PM

Seriously, what kind of piece of sh*t cop on a bike gives a pregnant woman a ticket for driving with a cell phone in her lap? You'd think they would give you a ticket for NOT having a cell phone within six inches of your hand, because WHAT IF, right? What a turd.

jennigrows | 7:51 AM

Loving your belly! You look gorgeous! I totally believe in all those twinsie signs and I'm absoltuely obsessed with how you've done the nursey. End: Random stream of comments

Susan | 8:59 AM

When I was pregnant I took papaya enzyme for reflux and it worked wonders. It's a yummy chewable vitamin from the health food store.

Best of luck to you - you look awesome!

My Bottle's Up! | 9:17 AM

holy smokes woman! i am eating up these posts of yours like candy corn at halloween. dana ( and i hung out yesterday with our littles and i asked her if she had seen this post of yours yet. she hadn't but she then proceeded to bust out photo albums of awesomeness, showing me the belly that housed her twins for 38 weeks.

also, the week before i had jackson, i got a speeding ticket while driving to baskin robbins at 9 am. totally warranted. i really needed that mint choc chip.

Radiantsun | 11:21 AM

I just love you. I don't care who knows it. When I saw the image that labeled the baby's eye I thought the same thing. I thought it was also strange to point out where the vagina was....hahaha

AUSAcara | 5:57 PM

I love watching the videos you put up - last time with Gold Canary (love that version! Thanks for sharing!) and this time, as I watched "Still Fighting It," I noticed that the beach they are playing on is MY beach! As in, the beach I live 2 blocks from in Port Willunga, South Australia. So that's two shout-outs to Aus you've given lately, which makes me feel all sorts of nice.

Watermelon is one of my favorite foods, and I wish I could use being 33 weeks pregnant as an excuse to eat even more of it, but unfortunately it's out of season down here. Maybe with all of the Tums I'm purchasing I'll have enough power to convince them to make watermelon flavored ones?

Joe | 12:09 AM

Oh Ben Folds is my favourite ever ever. His music is just stunning. I went to his concert in May in Brisbane (Australia) - my fifth time - and he played for more than 2 1/2 hours, with such range and depth, and what a great band. I was at the Palais for that recording of Gracie too - awesome awesome.

Rebecca you look absolutely beautiful, I wish you were more comfortable!

Anonymous | 7:34 AM

Archer is one of the top baby names of 2011, but I've never heard it other than YOUR archer! Crazy.

Elissa L. | 10:11 AM

Sorry about the ticket but the good part? You still have a lap!

Nicole | 12:03 PM

I just want you to know I think you are amazing!

Unknown | 3:42 PM

The belly is rather LARGE... difficult to fathom that it contains TWO human beings... but your face is still the fresh, curious, beautiful face I remember so well. Stay well, phenomenal woman !

Archer is adorable... what a terrific mom you are ! Love, Adele Lapadula

Katy | 8:26 PM

Dear Rebecca,

Your belly is so big now, I don't even understand. Can you do things like reach the kitchen counters and wash your hands around it? I've only ever been pregnant with one baby at a time, and I had enough trouble then. Also, how did the bikecop even see the phone around that belly?!


P.S.--You know you've arrived when you start wearing bathrobes as dresses. Um...not like I ever did

Unknown | 7:34 AM

well my sweet friend referenced your blog in hers today so i clicked and i'm so glad i did. you are hilarious! i will definitely be following along on your journey. i had my little girl last summer au natural and i must say i am jealous of your twins! after my bug was born i said, "well after all that i wish i had twins in there so i could just pop another one out"! so congrats to you on the exciting journey you are embarking on! and i gained 44 pounds with just 1 7lb baby! good news is i lost it all VERY easily! thank you for making me laugh!

Ray | 10:50 PM

This entry is all sorts of awesome! Magical even. Sending lots of Twinsy Love your way. <3<3<3<3<3<3