Twenty-Five Weeks

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First off, Happy Fourth! Hope everyone had a lovely day of BBQ, fireworks and forced-color schemes! (We get totally decked out in our red white and bluest. Archer went so far as to rock Seersucker AS WELL AS patriotic plaids, which was pretty impressive I thought. Well played, A.)
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Babies R&B (better known around here as "Rhythm and Blues") are a pound and a half this week (rutabagas!) and I'm 183 pounds, which means, VICTORY! I have now surpassed the weight I was when Fable was born. Here is a brief recap of twenty-five weeks + forty-four pounds + two healthy growing human girl fetuses:

Ten weeks:
ten weeks
twelve weeks:
twelve weeks
fourteen weeks:
14 weeks
sixteen weeks:
16 weeks
eighteen weeks:
eighteen weeks
twenty weeks
twenty weeks pregnant
twenty-two weeks:
twenty-two weeks
today yesterday (twenty-five):
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And here is the current state of my belly region, which photos do NOT do justice. At least, it feels that way. I'm in hold-my-stomach-when-I-walk-because-the-pressure-is-such-that-I'm afraid-it's-going-to-fall-off-my-torso-and-roll-under-someone's-car-mode.
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The babies think my innards are an open-for-business 24/7 water park, which in a way, I love, because I feel like we're bonding over our mutual need to move at all times. (We don't call them Rhythm and Blues for nothing!) But Baby B is so close to my lungs, I have had the wind literally knocked out of me several times, which is new. And if I'm sitting? She's been known to kick me in the tit. Because she's RIGHT there. As in, against my bra strap. I'm having a hard time breathing, especially at night when I lie down and "Blues" seems to be quite the night owl. "Rhythm" is more of a morning person. (She is also a dancer.)

No homeopathic methods will cure my acid reflux so I'm going with good old-fashioned Pepcid AC, which I am trying my damnedest to take every other day (at most) even if my doctor insists it's perfectly safe to take every night. (I'm about as anti-pill/drug/cold medicine as it gets, even as a chronic migraine-haver, so popping anything other than chocolate squares when pregnant freaks me the fuck out. Then again, I've been drinking Venti Coffee Frapuccinos like it's my job so my "logic" isn't the strongest of swimmers these days.)

Peeing has become my second language, which is cool. I've always wanted to speak (fluently) something other than English. Now, whenever I travel to urination, I can.... never mind. That was a much better pun when it lived alone in my head ten seconds ago.
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Dress is Puella from Anthro. (I've found that tying the bottoms of flowy dresses over leggings can be a flattering alternative to the tunic. Trying to switch up the 24/7 maxidressing.)


I'll admit, I'm not my favorite person to be around at the moment and although I spent the last four days floating around my parents' pool with a giant pink noodle between my legs (not a euphemism) which felt AMAZING on my bod, let me just say, I still managed to yell at everyone. For no reason. Mainly because I can't help myself. I am possessed by something larger (ahem, smaller) than myself.

I'd blame my bitchiness on hormones if I didn't feel so compelled to blame it on everyone else. I never felt this way with my other two pregnancies and I'm not one for usual PMS so these feelings are new to me. But I figure, that's what these updates are for, yes? The ups and downs of pregnancy! Last week I was in Nursery LaLa land. Today, after spending twenty minutes trying to buckle my sandals, I would like to punch a wall and cry. Again. For the fifth time. In the last five minutes.

Luckily, my parents (and husband) don't take me too seriously when I'm being a psychotic asshole.
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That's why I pay them the big bucks.
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Larry Woolf: esteemed Physicist, education reformer, commiserative father.



Mama Bub | 3:21 PM

I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed the journaling of a pregnancy so much before now.

team stephens | 3:40 PM

Rhythm is a dancer ref. = awesome. You rock.

Sara AKA Maternal Mirth | 3:48 PM

I am with team stephens... impressive Rythm is a Dancer ref. Also, thanks, 'scuz now that song is IN. MY. HEAD.

Unknown | 3:49 PM

I don't think I've enjoyed the journaling of a pregnancy at ALL before now. And probably won't still. But you, and your family. Just, aw. Love.

katie allison granju | 3:52 PM


Unknown | 4:11 PM

Definitely one of the most awesome pregnancy journaling experiences ever. And I'm in the process of half-assed preggo journaling over at my blog. But the Rhythm is a Dancer reference totally blew my blog out of the water. Love. It.

Your dad is also awesome. Can I commiserate along with you two? I feel you on the psychotic hormones. I think I have cried every day of the last week. It's pretty ridic up in here.

Sullivan Family Blog | 4:35 PM

Beautiful pictures! I remember when I was 33 weeks pregnant (with only one) we went to Antigua and I swam for the majority of every day for 7 days straight. There is nothing like it! I would have loved to stay in the ocean/pool forever, but sadly we had to come home to Canada in JANUARY which meant -35 degree weather! You are lucky to be in sunny LA and have a pool. Soak it up, sister!


We do not, I'm afraid, have a pool. My parents have a pool in San Diego, which is why we spent the weekend inside it. And the beach... but the ocean was a tad bit nippy for this girl. We do, on the other hand, have a water table, which is fine with me. Pools freak me the fuck out. Except, right now, having one would be very nice.

And thanks, guys. You are ALL soul's companions. (Sorry. Once I get going with SNAP! I cannot be stopped.)

And Flyrish, come in here for a hug. I know, girl. I know.

Sarah @ | 4:59 PM

One of my closest friends just had identical twin girls. It's hard work carrying double, but it'll be over soon. I promise! I felt so bad watching her carry them, like if I could detach the belly and let her go free for some time while I incubated for her, I totally would have.

But I guess that would be sort of weird, with the detachable belly and all.

Anyway, I hope that your discomfort subsides and that the rest of the pregnancy flies by!! I'm sending happy vibes =)

Molly | 5:00 PM

1. You are seriously so cute I want to put your poster on my bedroom wall.

2. Both my kids were born in late June. The pool is the only reasonable place to be when you're full of babies.

Jules | 5:27 PM

First time ever commenting, but with your acid reflux, I feel it is my duty, as one mom to another, to give you the cure to my CONSTANT AR- baking soda. Serious. A teaspoon or so in a glass of water and you should be good to go. I was in pain from AR with both of my kids, and no amount of over the counter meds worked for me. The baking soda concoction, while pretty gross, actually helped keep the acids in check. Good luck pretty mama!

bohomamasoul | 5:54 PM

Okay, I haven't been here in a while because I gave birth to number two five months ago and, well, that's it. But I can barely keep my house from being condemned by the health department, let alone keep up my blog. And reading blogs has also been put on the back burner. So forgive me when I flip my shit here: YOU'RE HAVING TWIN GIRLS??? I AM SO EFFING EXCITED FOR YOU! Your children are two of the most stunning bambinos on the face of planet earth, and I can't wait to meet these two little lovelies. By the way, I got kinda nasty being pregnant with one baby; you have license to be a psychotic crazy woman with two. I'm just so happy for you! And you rock a twin pregnancy so chicly, it's bananas.

Jessica Flemming | 5:58 PM

Man oh man, I remember it so well. My identical twin daughters were my first pregnancy and still when I read about skin stretching during pregnancy, I can feel the burn on my stomach and sides. Skin of fire from stretching. Your belly and skin and whole self look beautiful still. Here's hoping you keep those babies in for a long time. Rest as much as you can. My dr. recommended "prophylactic bedrest" from 4-8pm every day from week 20 on. He said in 35 years of practice, most pre-term labor happened between 4 and 8. He also told me if I made it to 36 weeks, they would leave the hospital with me. I started having contractions at 30 weeks, was on full-bedrest for 6 weeks, came off it at 36 weeks exactly and my water broke that day! Babies were tiny but healthy and did come right home with me. I gained 55 lbs. You should be good to go since your bod knows just what to do. Hang in there! You are a goddess.

Molly | 6:30 PM

Thank you, really, for dusting off that song and getting it into my head. Awesome. Also, you might be sick of maxi dresses but those stripes look really great. Also: since you're now wading into unknown 50 weeks of pregnancy land, if the swimming pool feels good and takes some of the R&B weight off, I say live in it. Like every day.

Rheyanan-lee | 6:39 PM

I'ts a soul companion, people feel it everywheerrree... um sorry, i had to do it.

I cannot wait 'til these sweet babies are on my screen though!

Whitney W | 7:00 PM

We are 33weeks along with twin boys and I couldn't describe being pregnant with twins any better! I completely sympathize with you when you said your carried your belly around so it didn't fall off! I was just telling my Hubby I needed a belly carrier contraption of some sort with wheels so i could just wheel my belly around! Oh and the hormones! It's crazy! Everything makes me want to cry, seriously everything, I am so tired of being emotional! Thank you for the laugh tonight, now I have to go pee!

CallieAnnie | 7:05 PM

You look amazing. Rockin' that maxi dress! Totally agree about how versatile they are. I was a size 0, but at 8 weeks with my third, already out of all possible trousers and skirts I own. Making maxis work for work (the office) is kind of a challenge, but most maternity wear looks like a tent with sleeves, so maxis it is, for summer anyway - with pearls, with cardis, with blazers. If this baby is a girl, I'm seriously thinking of "Rebecca," for alot of reasons including the character in "100 Years of Solitude." Gotta say it's an overall great name and you're no small factor in that decision/opinion!

Elizabeth | 7:08 PM

I never comment, but I just felt overwhelmed with the need to tell you that, lady, you look good.

That's all.

Emily | 7:11 PM

I found vanilla milkshakes to be the drug that worked for my heartburn. Good luck!

Glenda | 7:14 PM

You look amazing even if you don't feel it. Love the whole tying to your maxi look. Love the reference to rhythm as a dancer.

This weekend spent it with my hubby's identical twin 18 yr old girls cousins. The way I could tell them apart was one has shoulder length hair the other longer to the middle of her back. It was fun times.

I've always read your blog, since I read your book years ago. I love your writing style and way with words. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with all of us.


Martha | 7:26 PM

Rhythm and Blues!! best twin fetus names ever. and rhythm is a dancer is going to be stuck in my head for days. can i say that i can't wait to hear what their names are? my husband and i are obsessed with names.

kittenpie | 7:40 PM

Oh my hell, I adore you, Bec.

You look awesome, and I'm giggling like a fool about your urination joke, so it seems to be working out here, too, that joke.

I remember being SO BITCHY inside my head when I was pregnant with The Bun. I couldn't believe what a total grouch I was, and like you, I have really never been a hormonal girl, so it was very strange, but it passed. Mostly. Ahem.

Elliesee | 7:41 PM

I carried my twins to term and I had to support my belly with stretchy fabric (actually part of a baby carrier). Something stretched and hurt for about two days, twice. My twin girls are almost two and I have still flashback of me waddling around; strangers were practically leading me to the nearest hospital (It's because is twins! But thanks for your concern!). I also needed the shower on my back for relief in the evening. I barely fitted in there on all four.

Meghan | 7:50 PM

Wow you have such a great pregnant belly. Mine is scary all purple with stretch marks. You look amazing!

Cave Momma | 8:33 PM

So.much.giggling!!! You look amazing though! And I have to agree with Jules about the baking soda and water thing. My dad has always had SERIOUS reflux and before the super duper meds of today, that was his go-to. Try it!


You're awesome, all of you. I'm going to try the baking soda next!!! I'll let you know if it works!

Although, I like the "milkshake every night" heartburn cure A LOT better. I may try that one, too. Wink nudge.

Oh! And my apologies for getting Rhythm is a Dancer in everyone's heads. Actually, no. I'm not sorry for that. It is, after all, one of the greats.

And thank you, kittenpie for laughing at my joke. That's why I pay YOU the big bucks! xo, lady.

S | 8:52 PM

Your weekly pregnancy updates are just amazing! The mood swings are obviously normal (I think any woman would tell you so), and it's great that your family is so understanding.

As for the acid reflux, I had to take the Pepcid because the AR actually made me throw up with my first pregnancy and the Pepcid helped avoid dehydration. And I know I had to start taking it roughly around this point in my pregnancies. I found that taking it nightly for about 1-2 weeks allowed me to not have to take it at all for the rest of the pregnancy. Don't know why that helped, but it did, both times. Just figured I'd mention it, in case that worked for you.

Much love to you and your family, and I look forward to all the other updates!


Thanks, S! That's really good to know. I'm not puking but I've been... spitting up (sorry, TMI) in my own mouth at pretty much the same time every night. I typically drink a glass of water (the apple cider vinegar made me gag AND it didn't work, sigh) and then, if I'm still unable to deal, take a Pepcid. Perhaps I'll try the nightly dose for the next week or two and see if it works! But first the baking soda! And the milkshake.

Elliesee - I can only IMAGINE. I'm hoping this pregnancy will last AS LONG as it possibly can but it's getting increasingly difficult! Trying to keep my eye on the focal point: healthy babes. In the meantime, ouch. Thanks for sharing your story!

Flannery | 10:28 PM

You are such a delight-- comical, honest, and appropriately self-censoring though I am wondering where you were going with that whole uri-nation thing. Where did all the bloating go? You're looking super-preggo-fab.

robin | 10:56 PM

I hope you don't mind that I pretend you are my BFF. You are just too cute not to!

Flannery | 11:13 PM

OK, had to come back to add this. The word urination was my head and now I'm hearing it as a song to the tune of "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. I def had to google who sang that but since I did... I might as well return the dated music stuck in your head favor.

New song to sing when you've gotta pee?

Anonymous | 3:17 AM

Can you be any more darling? I think not!

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!


Pretzel Thief | 4:32 AM

Ay-yi-yi, Rhythm is a Dancer...I, too, now have it in my head.

Damn you, catchy 90s techno pop hit!

You look fab and I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling'll pass!

Also, your dad looks wonderful! (Is that weird? I don't mean it in a "hubba hubba" way, although he is a handsome fella!)

Aliesha | 6:16 AM

I think you're probably the most beautiful, hilarious, chic, and stylish pregnant lady ever. Just wanted to let you know. I don't see where besides your belly any of that 44 lbs has gone!

Can't wait to hear the babies' real names...or are they Rhythm and Blues? Cause that would be awesome.

katiep913 | 7:16 AM

Is it weird that your description of how you're feeling makes me nostalgic for my own twin pregnancy? (mine will be 17 mos on Friday). It's like I remember factually how it REALLY was (and I'm sure the rest of my family will never forget) but somehow I still look back on it fondly. Which is not to say I'd want to repeat the experience...that's what I have you for! I love following along!

Anonymous | 7:41 AM

Have you tried Papaya enzymes for you acid reflux/heartburn. I ate them like candy during my 2 pregnancies and they were the only thing that worked. You can get them at GNC.

Raddit | 7:51 AM

Okay, as a reader 23 weeks preg (though with just one!), I have to tell you that I have a total Internet crush on you right now. I am a raving lunatic half the time, for no reason, and damn can I yell at people. I am so, so enjoying going along on your pregnancy journey with you. And the other readers are right, you look great! You inspired me to seek out some maxi dresses and they are the business!


Hormones wig me out. How does it make any sense that there should be some chemical force that can make a person go from basically normal to psychotic bitch? Or, in my case, psychotic-bitch crybaby mess.

Anonymous | 8:10 AM

Every time I see a picture of your parents, I wish they were MY parents.
can't wait to see R&B!


Jen | 8:45 AM

I know you said you're not a fan of "drugs" but since you're sort of ok w/ Pepcid- I have found Pepcid Complete chewables to be the best AR fix... kinda like a Tums b/c has an acid reducer and antacid.

And the moodiness.... I hear you- living w/ my in laws on bedrest is really starting to get to me... I'm about to lose it watching them care for my toddler while I lie on the couch helpless :( We close on our new house in 2 days...I"m moving in regardless!

KateFitz | 8:46 AM look like your Dad. I love Dads.

Abi | 8:49 AM

Horay for psychotic hormones! I'm only growing 1 female fetus inside me and yet, that seems to be enough for my entire system to go haywire. Do you have the case of the stupids? The stupid is extremely strong in me... unfortunately for my poor husband.

Erin | 9:10 AM

Hi - I love your posts about your twin pregnancy! You might already have one of these, but if the incredible weight of the belly is getting to be a bit much, you might want one of those belly bras. I wish I had used one in my twin pregnancy, which is the only reason I'm sticking my nose in w/unsolicited advice. BTW you look gorgeous!

Zakary | 9:57 AM

Girl, I would punch a wall too! I can't believe that belly on you. You are a rock star.

P.S. Your dad is fabulous.

Billie | 10:10 AM

Hello gorgeous! I have been loving/covering your clothes for years now and Finally when you're 50 weeks pregnant, you wear something that I have! That dress is so incredibly comfortable. I have 2 and was in the store the other day seriously contemplating getting the third colour combination. I heart Anthroplologie. I heart Snap. I heart you.

Nikkie | 10:12 AM

I want to get pregnant with twins right now if it makes me write such hilarious post. I loved so hard I spit some red fruit jelly at my screen. Which of course wouldn't have happend if I hadn't eaten in front of the computer in the first place, but I couldn't help, I HAD to go on reading.

Unknown | 12:26 PM

LOL (literally) at "with a pink noodle between my legs (that's not a euphemism). You are awesome and so funny!

Jessica | 1:38 PM

oooh I agree, I'm so anti pill popping, but even worse when I am pregnant. I get migranes and I won't take anything for them when I'm preg, not even tylenol! It freaks me out! The one thing I do take is my prenatle!

Anonymous | 5:44 PM

You are just phenom! And you make me wish I had my kids in my 20's/early 30's cuz my belly... Not. So. Cute.
Much love!

Ida Mae | 6:09 PM

I am SO THE BITCHY preggo lady right now.. you are not alone!

You look great btw!

Lindsay | 6:25 PM

I'm really loving reading about this pregnancy. You look great and am envious of your wonderfully supportive husband and family regarding your bitchiness. Here's to us staying cool in this heat!

Erin | 7:35 AM

When I was pregnant with #2, he kicked me in just the right spot while driving that I peed my pants. Good times!!

grace | 11:30 AM

I'm sorry you are cranky and not feeling well, but I have to tell you--you are looking absolutely stunning!

Lauren Knight | 12:43 PM

I love seeing your belly grow with those girlies! But I understand the mood swings... and I only have one extra human's hormones.

Ray | 2:53 PM

Love how you describe that twins as, "Rhythm and Blues." Too cute. You look wonderful. And I love that photo of you and your dad. He's really tall. ;o)

Aga | 2:55 PM

Funny, the first thing I thought when I saw the photos, was: who helped you get your sandals on? Someone must've, or else you'd be wearing slip-ons!
Don't worry about the bitchy. It's so perfectly normal, that the fact you managed to get through two pregnancies without it is what's remarkable.
Be well,
xo from NYC

Unknown | 12:03 PM

I was addicted to coffee frapuccinos while pregnant with my son, Duncan. Fortunately, for me, I'm not pregnant with twins now, but I love reading about your family as Archer and Fable are somewhat similar to my two, Duncan and Berry.