Purchased: Citrus Ensemb(s) for Girls

ED: I thought it would be fun to start sporadically posting lovable finds from various locations of shop. My go-to LA shop for all things kids' wardrobe is Bluebird Consignment on Larchmont, but occasionally find myself shopping at actual stores where I can link to things.

I haven't shopped at Janie and Jack in, well, years (not typically a fan - too precious/overpriced) but this print called to me, perhaps because it reminds me of the kinds of things my mother dressed me in as a babe, orange and yellow and green, oh sigh... And also, because they reminded me of the girls. Which is crazy. But you see... I FEEL them! They are INSIDE me! Which is a hardcore thing, one love.

For Rhythm:


For Blues:


saltwater sandals + sun hats = 2012, here we come.


*Babies will share, obviously. I have no idea which outfit will go with whom.


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 2:34 PM

Did I miss that you announced names? Are these THE names??!! :)


Ray | 2:57 PM

Love that romper. Oh so adorable. =o) Can't wait to find out their real names.

Liz | 2:58 PM

OMG the romper! I die. So cute.


No, Steph, you silly goose. Waiting till babes are born to share names. Rhythm and Blues are their stage names.

Tanya | 4:05 PM

Beautiful! The colours remind me of my childhood too! Summer at the beach.
The girls are going to be so beautifully dressed like Archer and Fable.

Personally, I think Rhythm is a beautiful name - especially if she is a dancer! :)

Tanya xx

Anabelle | 4:43 PM

I LOVE these clothes!!!

Shout out to you on my blog today, at the end of my super long post "To be a single mother...", come take a look if you have time.

Rhythm and Blues ah ah!

agirlnamedmel | 5:29 PM

love seersucker. cute outfits!

emily bilbrey | 6:37 PM

absolutely precious! i couldn't agree more about those being vintage throwbacks - i find myself drawn to buying clothes for poppy that look the most like what my mama dressed me in as a little! (:

Pop Culture Casualty | 10:40 PM

Love the citrus ensembs. My little Story has the same color palette. Love watching your belly grow!

K├Ąthe | 11:16 PM

But now I want the babies to be named Rhythm and Blue!!!!!!!!!!!1

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 7:10 AM

I know I felt like such a dork after I said that BUT... you do have an "r" and a "b" in the nursery so then I just thought... what if?

Whatever. I love their stage names!


Glenda | 11:00 AM

OMG love these outfits. Lil Miss Fashionista's x2 already! :)

Loving their stage names R&B :)

Sullivan Family Blog | 8:16 PM

Loving the updates about R and B! I was browsing etsy and this reminded me of you...

Unknown | 11:35 AM

Fist bump for Bluebird. Bluebird's my jam. 95% of the kids' clothes come from there.

But man, those little shorts? Swoon. Fingers crossed that they'll pop up used in Bea's size.