Nursery in Progress: Chapter 3 & Giveaway

*updated with giveaway winner below*
I know I skipped Chapter Two (One is here), but it was boring and had more to do with painting, picking fabrics, changing my mind and refreshing the pages of Ebay, Etsy and Anthropologie like an insane person.

Plus, I feel like I've been sort of including everything in my weekly pregnancy updates. Anyway, onward! To chapter three! And a handmade play mat giveaway care of a lovely mama/reader/new friend named Diane who kindly sewed each one of the girls their own mat (see below), as well as an extra for me to send to one of you!
Diane's Etsy store is, here. (The "Woody Allen" is crazy cute.)
More on the Boga Babe giveaway, below. In the meantime, may I present... an updated nursery space! Woohoo! Still lacking wall detail, the second crib, storage items and etcetera, but all in all, looking pretty good - better, even, than I could have imagined. (I'm having so. much. fun. you guys.)
seen with the curtains my mom made (ahem) and crib 1 of 2.
bird wall decals purchased on Etsy, here (eventually the french doors will be shuttered)
vase and initials: Anthropologie

I just want to sit in this room all the live long day. A good sign, I think. In fact, the other morning I woke up to Hal and the kids cross-legged on the green rug in their pajamas reading books. The room is already a gathering space for our family, I think, because in their way, Archer, Fable and Hal are nesting, too.
I'm thrilled with the way the purple bookcase turned out. And it only cost $13 in paint and supplies! Go, recycling! The rocking chair-pad was purchased at Anthropologie. The "blankets" on the crib are actually the Boga Babe play mats. Cute, yes?

The second crib will go, here, where my old CD dresser currently stands - it's on the opposite end of the room as crib #1 but it's a cozy little space so they'll still be able to interact with one another, when the time comes to separate them (they'll share a crib for the first few months).
The dresser, which I've posted before, is still my favorite piece (found at Melrose Trading Post swap-meet.) The knobs were purchased at Anthropologie as well as World Market and Fable placed every single one of them (all by herself!) with her masterful eye. (If you'd like the link to any of the knobs in particular, let me know and I will add them to this post.)
In the meantime, here's the piece, changing pad (cover, Pottery Barn Kids) and all:
Giraffe + Zebra also from Anthropologie. Computer modem will eventually go elsewhere.

I've Hal has moved things around a bit and will likely move them around a thousand more times before it feels just right but for now, I couldn't be happier with the space/cannot wait to fill the walls with wall-art: giraffes and elephants and zebras, oh my. (Can't wait to show you the print/paintings I just ordered from Etsy when they arrive! They are divine!)
Now! Let's talk Boga Babe! Diane and I bonded over email several months ago re: our similar experiences with new Motherhood (she had her first child last year). She runs a wicked shop and her play mats are top notch and clearly made with love. I'm excited to offer you one in the same fabric + a more gender neutral brown:
the girls' Boga Babe mats (showing their reversible sides) on crib #1 (which will eventually have a mattress + bedding!)
play-mat for giveaway. Gorgeous, yes?

To win? Oh, I don't know. Tell me anything! A story! A quote! A happy thing that happened today! Don't forget to include your contact information! I'll pick one winner via next Friday, July 8th. Good luck to all of you and thanks to Diane and Boga Babe for your generosity!
ED: I'd also like to thank you for letting me (over) share. I'm starting to realize maybe I should have saved my nursery reveal for the end, when everything is in its place and ready to rock, but I'm really having fun sharing my process... It calms my crazy, if that makes sense. Serenity now...


*congrats to commenter #42, Kirsten on winning your Boga Babe playmat! And thanks to all of you for participating with your happy news! Love to all and congrats, again, Kirsten!


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Drew | 3:01 AM

Our daughter sleeps in our bedroom, so I never had the chance to plan and decorate a nursery. Instead I went out and bought more wooden toys than any kid needs.

The nursery is lovely, but what will be even lovelier is when the girls arrive and fill it.

Caitlin | 4:49 AM

your nursery looks fantastic. I'm returning to our home in 3 weeks after a year away (house rented out to students) and I'm really looking forward to decorating a nursery for our second, due in November.
Something that made me happy today is the lunch my mother in law cooked - zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and other good stuff (yermista in Greek, which is where we are right now, also something that's making me happy!)

Elaine Bryant | 4:57 AM

your Mama did an amazing job on the curtains. props to her! I have twins and let me tell you that your life, and the lives of your family, will be so much happier for having them join you. it's a double blessing! that play-mat looks awesome too...hope I win! congrats to you, again!

me | 5:06 AM

We're currently waiting for our adoption match, but goodness I can't wait to decorate a nursery!

fromaggi | 5:09 AM

Looks amazing. We used those antrho letters for our wedding! I love them! You are making me feel a bit anxious about how little I've done to prep for our 2nd's arrival in two months. Better get decorating! ;)

SaraMinerva | 6:34 AM

The nursery is gorgeous!

My husband is an identical twin. Their parents had them in separate cribs, but the babies wouldn't sleep. They put them in the same crib, and even at a few weeks old, the boys gravitated toward one another and slept peacefully squished together. Oh, and my mother-in-law delivered vaginally with no drugs. It is completely doable (vaginal delivery, maybe notsomuch the no drugs).

Mary B. | 6:48 AM

A random story: my husband's last name is 'Swan'. He was once speaking at a education conference, and before he was set to talk, the MC asked his name.

"Jason the bird."

The MC proceeded to introduce him as Jason Swallows.

Did I mention this was an education conference with about 200 middle school students in attendance?

CallieAnnie | 7:49 AM

My happy thing for this week was hearing my baby's heart beat for the first time. My second happy thing for the week was starting an independent freelance project about drag queens. Memorable July!

CallieAnnie | 7:50 AM

My happy thing for this week was hearing my baby's heart beat for the first time. My second happy thing for the week was starting an independent photography project about drag queens. Memorable July!

molly | 7:51 AM

Okay - so I was just looking around for rugs and saw this! It made me think of your twin girls for some reason and I had to share the link!,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=20&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=A_DECORATE&popId=APARTMENT&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

E. | 8:17 AM

Gorgeous room! I absolutely love Diane's Boga Babe mats; they are beautiful!

Ashley Austrew | 8:47 AM

L-O-V-I-N-G the nursery. It looks so great! Happy news today? I am 27 weeks along with my first. Meaning I'm almost 30. Meaning I'm almost 40. Meaning she's almost here!

Contact info:

JamieShook | 8:47 AM

Can't wait to hear your name choices!! I oh so loved reading your rejected names!! :) I am 2o weeks pregnant with twins, and we found out on Friday that we're having two girls, as well! I knew we'd be happy no matter the outcome but I am ecstatic about two little ladybugs!! Love reading your blog - keep up the great work! :)

JamieShook | 8:50 AM

Can't wait to hear your selected names! I loved reading the rejected baby names list! I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins, and we found out this past Friday that we're having two girls, as well!! I knew we'd be happy with any combo, but I am just ecstatic about two little ladybugs!! Love your blog - keep up the great work!! :)

stacy | 9:09 AM

LOVE , LOVE, LOVE the curtains. Your mama did a crazy good job! I'm glad you are sharing along the way, rather than just at the very end. Have a great day!

JenAHM | 9:31 AM

Love the nursery! We're still working on making our daughter's room perfect for her.....she's now 2 1/2 months old, and we didn't know she was a girl until she was born, so now I;m having fun picking out all kinds of girly things!
Congrats on your amazing family, present and future!

TrumpNetUtah | 10:32 AM

Just lovely!
The nursery is so inspiring! I'm going to need it to, I found out a few weeks back I'm pregnant with twins. Mind=Blown. :)

Jess | 11:31 AM

Expecting #2 and would love to have it. Thanks!

Jesse Gray | 11:33 AM

We are hoping for a second Lil One very soon. The playmat is just so lovely.

saneTV | 12:47 PM

My best friend is having a baby this winter - I am pretty much an auntie, a fairy godmother!

However, I am on disability/fixed income and cannot afford to buy her tons of gorgeous things.

I would love to have that divine play mat for her little one. My friend works at home, so it would be cool to have a portable place for the squirt to hang out while she moved from computer to work surface to where ever.

Your blog is one of my favorites. Happy Independence day!

saneTV at gmail dot com

Tirzah | 2:01 PM

Gorgeous :) What lucky children you have to grow up in such a lovely space! I love those letters from anthropologie (eee! our first glimpse in to what you'll name the two peas! Er, um, Corns? What edibles are the comparable to this week? I can't wait until Bok Choy week...)
My happy thing? Well, my little beanaroo is turning 3 in two weeks (AH!) and today Im 15 weeks along with number 2! 2 Good things to be happy about :)

Kathy | 2:27 PM

Love the nursery, especially the B and R letters!

Something exciting that happened today was that Prince William and Kate were visiting P.E.I. today, lots going on!!!

Sydney | 2:49 PM

R and B. Hmmm. Rosalie? Raina? Ruby? Bijou? Beau? Betty? Blossom?

Or..... Rebecca and Bec?!

I'm so intrigued.

Anne D. | 3:08 PM

So pretty, fresh, modern, kitsy, and still baby. Hip baby. Babies. Like the hint of the b and the r. Made me wonder if girl's names were Briar and Rose. We'll find out soon enough.... Good luck!

Abby | 3:38 PM

My sister-in-law is expecting a baby and I think this would be perfect for her!

Also, this is random, but is Hal a vegetarian, too?

Heathrow's World | 4:10 PM

I'm in love with those letters for the wall! So so cute!
Its going to be a gorgeous space for the little girls, love it! And the beautiful play mats!

Kathryn | 4:47 PM

I love the colors you've picked out! Super cute, but not too cute-sy & pink!! booney209 at yahoo dot com

Ashley | 5:54 PM

I love the nursery! The play mats are just beautiful and I can't wait to find out what b and r stand for. So excited for you!

The Green Goat | 6:00 PM

I love all the color!

I will share a joke that my 2 year old told me this morning...

Knock, knock.

Who's there??

A dog, a bone, and a cookoo bear.

A dog, a bone and a cookoo bear who?

I didn't know you could yodel.

???? She made the first part up and used the punch line of another knock knock joke (little old lady/little old lady who)

kristi | 12:26 AM

your nursery looks amazing! i have to say, i am quite jealous! i'm due in 2 months & still have yet to be able to take any of the baby stuff we've gotten so far out of boxes, let alone set up our nursery. (we are house hunting/staying with my in-laws at the moment...) i'm staying hopeful, though, that we will find a house soon (dear lord please!) & that i'll be able to put these nesting instincts to good use!

Kayley Maybe | 5:01 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE your nursery. I have my second on the way (a baby brother for my 2-year old daughter) and we are just in the planning stages of his nursery, so I love the inspiration.

I am exactly 4 weeks behind you with my due date, so I had better get moving!! And I'd love a playmat to welcome my baby boy with!

Katie | 7:03 AM

My favorite yoga instructer birthed her 1st baby. Yay. The nursery is coming along beautifully.

RockabillyBebe | 7:07 AM

My happy story is getting to be the first one up in he morning to receive my little Mr. Sunshines' first smile. It's the best way ever to start a day.

The nursery is looking righteous!

Anonymous | 7:19 AM

the nursery looks so pretty :) I actually really like reading the updates about it; a lot of bloggers don't show the transition phases, and I LOVE seeing a room change from one spectrum to another.

I really wish that I could slap some paint in my LO's room or put some holes in the wall, but unfortunately we rent and that's a no-no :(

the king of carrot flowers | 7:49 AM

thta nursery totally rocks. seriously. what lucky babes!!!!

also i am in LOVE with all of your fabric choices.

Kelly Utah | 8:01 AM

This weekend my husband, our sweet 4 year old, Lorelai, and I headed up to Montana where we attended our first rodeo, went swimming, hit up a parade with more horses than we could imagine and found a new love for chasing chickens.

We're expecting a baby boy in September which I'm sure will rock our little world, so this little trip was extra magical.

Isahrai | 8:03 AM

Just bought the paint today for the baby's room... She's due in October so I better get to work!

Thank you for highlighting independent artists!

Amy P. | 8:11 AM

I don't need the mat anymore since my baby boy is 22 months now, so if I win I will give to my preggo girlfriend expecting her first in August! Love the dresser! I guess my story from the weekend is that I traveled 400 miles around Montana in a tiny little 33-year old Itaska motor home with the hubs, kid & dog. It was quite an experience!! We're used to tent camping and I think we'll go back to that - but there were fun times like jumping on the bed in the morning (w/bedhead) looking out the big back window to snow capped mountains while hubs made breakfast right beside us!

Jessica | 8:15 AM

I looove that play mat - there are birds in one of the fabrics I've picked out for the nursery, so they are kind of a theme... although an "it's a small world" theme is starting to take over - can't decide!

danielle | 8:31 AM

I am only 9 weeks along in my first pregnancy and find your blog inspiring. If it's possible, I'm already starting to nest and find myself spending hours at work going through all the sites you mentioned, as well as every baby-related blog possible. I keep trying not to get a head of myself, but it's so hard not to love this little raspberry sized being inside me right now! Your posts make me eager for the next steps - thank you for sharing your adventures with the world :)

SWC | 8:46 AM

The nursery looks lovely! My eight month old gnawed on some zuccini at a bar-b-que yesterday and played with the three other babies who were there...and head butted one of them nearly unconscious.

mlouprice | 8:53 AM

Beautiful nursery! You are giving me some ideas for my own.

I'm consistently feeling my baby move now and it's starting to feel real.

EB | 8:56 AM

We DO need the mat, my little Asher and I. He's 8 weeks old, very alert, very strong, and very ready for some floor time! My favorite quote is from Sara Henderson: "Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel; stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself."

Sarah L. | 9:07 AM

I love these! My happy thought...we recently found out that the babe we are expecting in November is a BOY (!!!) and are also planning to use lots of color for his nursery. These playmats would go perfectly :)

Sarah of the Jones family | 9:16 AM

So excited for you and your growing family! Cheers! :)

Roxanne | 9:22 AM

I'm not entering the giveaway. My child is too old for a playmat. I just really wanted to tell you that I think the nursery looks fantastic. Such a beautiful place for your little girls.

Kelsey Geist | 9:24 AM

Love how the nursery is coming along. It is beautiful!

As for my story:
This weekend my husband and I went to the Hollywood Bowl for Hall & Oates and fireworks. It was great.
While the orchestra was doing the salute for all of our armed forces... I started to cry! It was the weirdest thing because I would not consider myself to be patriotic... I guess it is all these pregnancy hormones running through me.

Sarah | 9:40 AM

You make me excited to (some day) be pregnant!!!

Kate | 10:06 AM

love the mats! one happy thing is that I've only got about 10 days left until my maternity leave starts. another happy thing is that I'm about to get up from my desk and go get yummy take-out Indian food for lunch.

Elizabeth | 10:09 AM

I love the nursery style. I should probably start working on mine since I have less than 10 weeks to go.

I was offered a seat on the train today, the joys of pregnancy.

Christy | 10:27 AM

So happy for you and your family! You make motherhood so poetic! Thanks for reminding me of all the wonderful things it has to offer!

I love the beautiful play mat!

Nancy Van M | 10:31 AM

My poor guy has to have his 4 month shots on Friday, he totally deserves a new play mat. Nursery looks awesome, good work!

FlowaPowa | 10:37 AM

This nursery is absolutely adorable and sweet! My baby boy grunts and moans in his sleep while he's trying to poop. Is that normal? That's my funny story for the day.

Nicola Parkinson, Cape Town | 11:38 AM

As a long term fan and follower from South Africa, I had to share this amazing link with you

Something I stumbled across tonight, fell in love and I instantly thought of you and your new little girls' room. Proudly South African.

Love Nicks

Leslie M | 12:17 PM

Hmm... what to share... my 12-day-old baby boy only woke me up twice last night to nurse. Compared to an all-night cluster(f*ck) feed the night before, so that was good news!

Momma Sadler | 12:34 PM

can I just say it is driving me NUTS having to wait 28472 more weeks till you reveal the twins names!!! ARGH! thisismomma at gmail dot com

oh, jenny mae | 1:26 PM

when i say i love bright, saturated color this is exactly what i mean. kudos, mama.

don't pick me. i'm good.

Michelle | 1:51 PM

i think my little guy (7weeks old already) would love a playmat and mommmy loves that it would be free and adorable! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

Justin and April | 1:57 PM

I just love how you have put everything together for the nursery! We're having baby number 2 and who couldn't use an adorable playmat.

K | 2:04 PM

i'll share what my 2.5-yr-old son just said that made my heart swell: we were talkng about what he could do during nap/quiet time and i told him he has tons of books to look at (he's practically swimming in them on his bed). he looked at me, quiet for a minute, then said matter-of-factly, "books make me happy, mama." i love it!

Anonymous | 2:20 PM

LOVE the nursery! I am a twin (girl/ boy) and shared a room with my brother most of my life. My Mother was pretty poor in wealth but rich in happiness. I couldn't of asked for better. My brother & I share a bond like no other. What a treat for you to be having twins! Congrats

Crys | 4:08 PM

My little girl is two and a half and calls "ice water" a "ice of glass water." We love reading your blog! Expecting the second in September (ish).

Unknown | 4:19 PM

The nursery is beautiful and so inviting! I can see why the fam likes to hang there.

We are in super slow nursery prep mode, so I've really enjoyed watching your progress. I need to order my Etsy picks, stat!

Loving the bird print on those playmats. I'm going with a bird theme for little girl's nursery, so this would be awesome for her.

Laura | 4:41 PM

the girls nursery is GORGEOUS! you have such an eye. Our tastes are pretty similar, and I just love everything. I might have to steal some ideas :) I have a three year old son who has his own room, we just moved him and it is barren decoration wise. His brothers (identical twins-2 years old) room is much more festive.

Abbe | 6:15 PM

O.M.G. I am So. Far. Behind. Due Oct. 10 with my very first, and I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed with DECISIONS! (AHH) Choices! Things to buy! Registries! Oh my, I'm afraid I'm locking up and becoming unable to accomplish anything. Oy! (and lots of exclamation marks)

Claire Gibson King | 6:29 PM

Beautiful nursery you have created! I can't wait to see it with TWO babies in it....that will make it perfect. you look so amazing pregnant ...really and truly beautiful.

Lauren | 7:32 PM

First off, the nursery looks amazing! I love all of the colors, I am sure R&B will be very happy babies in their beautiful living space.

As for my entry: My best friend had her first child today! I would love to win this and give it to her as a "Welcome Baby" present!!

(Link to post introducing my friend's newborn: )

kerrie | 9:52 PM

We rode the merry go round today, crew Nd I. he picked riding on the giraffe..because he loves giraffes. The end.
The perfect day
...crew and I

Anonymous | 10:09 PM

I locked my keys in my car today in the 100 degree, humid Chicago summer. Luckily there was a garage across the street where the guy popped it open for 10 bucks which was a lifesaver since the police won't come out anymore.

Keri | 10:25 PM

AWESOME nursery!

happy moment today: finding used keen shoes for my fast-growing toddler at an outdoor store-only 17 bucks! =)

Suzie | 6:08 AM

Simply adorable. You are an inspiration! I would love to see links to the knobs, if it isn't too much trouble. What a fantastic way to spice up an old dresser!

justsuzie_s at hotmail dot com

Anonymous | 8:49 AM

I also was a hormonal mess during my last pregnancy and sick the entire time. I was a mess for 9 months and am still trying to make up for it to my kiddos. Probably harder on myself then I need to be, but man those hormones can take over and control everything.

Allison | 8:59 AM

I am so jealous of R and B's beautiful nursery. Our twin girls are still living in our room in a co-sleeper for the time being. We still need their room to function as a guest room for the time being since we are so blessed to still have help on hand from visiting family. The girls will be 11 weeks tomorrow and my happy news for today is that I only had to get up three times last night. Yay for progress!

Erika Twohig | 9:51 AM

Loving the color scheme! My tidbit for the day: things do not always go as planned but it is so worth it to enjoy what has happened and appreciate change.

Jen | 11:23 AM

Thank you for blogging. Delving into the minutia of your twin pregnancy regularly whisks me away from the reality and discomfort of my own 36-week pregnant self.

emily | 12:13 PM

Love your nursery. Now for a happy thing...over the weekend I took my little babe swimming for the first time. Nothing like hearing the squeals and coos of a little guy as he experiences new adventures.

In Due Time | 2:22 PM

I'm so happy for you guys. I love the nursery.

Julie | 3:58 PM

I LOVE the nursery! I am 36 weeks with my 2nd boy and can't even concentrate on the nursery yet. Hoping the nesting will kick in soon. I love following your progress with the twins! Feel well!

Margo | 4:07 PM

Hi! I am a new-ish reader and first-time commenter, and adore your blog to pieces. I, too, am deep into the “nursery nesting” and HAD to write when I saw your dresser with the Anthropologie knobs. I made the same purchase for two dressers in my little girl’s nursery (due in 5 weeks) but stopped short of installing all the knobs when I realized that they create a bit of a problem. My desperate hope and dream is that you found a nifty solution to this issue and can share the wisdom. Let me see if I can explain … the original wooden knobs on the dresser allowed for a screw to be inserted from the inside of the drawer, poking out. Each knob had a hole bored into it, with a threaded interior that screwed onto the screw, so that in the end, the knob was tight against the exterior of the drawer face and the screw head was flush against the inside of the drawer. With the Anthro knobs, the screw sticks out of the knob, through the front of the drawer and is secured in place with a nut that screws-on from the inside of the drawer. The problem is that inside the drawer, there is now a two-inch long screw end sticking out into the drawer. I am anticipating scratching the palm of my hand or other appendages about 14 million times on these sticky-outy-screws inside each drawer … not to mention the clothes I will snag … and then when my little one is old enough to pull open the drawers, they become an even scarier hazard. Did you do anything to fix this? I thought about sawing-off the screws and trying to put some plastic-y cap on them, but that seems like a LOT of effort. Thanks in advance for any advice - even if you just tell me to fix the problem by not jamming my hand inside the drawers.

My super-long and needy comment probably takes me out of the running for the playmat, but I would love to hire Fable to consult on the knob placement, should I find a solution to this dilemma. Think she would be willing to travel west of the 405? ;) mckelly6157 at yahoo.

Brenna | 5:40 PM

It really is a beautiful room. I didn't go all crazy with my baby boys room....we're renting so it didn't feel right to do it all up. I don't regret spending more time on it because we barely even use the room! Seriously! We go in there like 3x a week.

and as for the giveaway? That thing is beautiful and I would love to win.

Jamie | 8:16 PM

Since I am not pregnant and don't get to decorate a nursery, it's fun to live vicariously through you!

Alyssa Ashley | 9:19 PM

I absolutely love the girls' room! It's exactly what I would like my nursery for a girl to look like (if I ever have one... *crosses fingers*!!). I'm glad you're sharing your progress. It's fun to see and I'm sure it's fun to share too.

As for my fun/happy/whatever story... well I'm super excited because yesterday I was asked by the WIC department if I'd be interested in becoming a breastfeeding peer counselor. I breastfed my first for 6 months and have been breastfeeding my 5 month old since birth and plan to go for at least a year! I am so incredibly honored even if I don't get the job. But if I do, I can use my hours towards the necessary hours to become a lactation consultant. It is my dream to help new moms to be able to breastfeed the way I was helped by my lactation consultant. I'm very hopeful that I get the job!


Rebecca N | 9:14 AM

I love your design taste! This post mirrors my life this week-- we are redoing our living room to make it more baby-friendly since my daughter will start crawling any day now.

Elle | 9:24 AM

Beautiful nursery! Would love to win this for my sister.

smt018 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous | 9:27 AM

My second child is a 3y.o. girl. My oldest got a gift card to Claire's for her birthday and how much crap does any one kid need from Claire's? So I told both girls they could go shopping on it. My 3y.o. picked out a purple baseball cap, because she loves hats, and purple, and for about four months wore it all the time without paying any attention to the face on it (Justin Bieber). Then someone told her who it is, and she's never heard of him, and still doesn't care, except that now whenever she wears the hat she demands that we call her "Justin Beaver." So we do.
I have three kids, the oldest and youngest of whom have ordinary names, and then there's my Justin Beaver.

Brad Edmunds | 11:32 AM

Looks awesome!

Mia | 11:42 AM

We had our 20 week ultrasound on Friday and the tech kept using the word 'perfect' to describe different body parts of our child, which didn't surprise us in the least :) And I also shared my first bump pics with the family this weekend, rocking a maxi dress of course. I'm on gmail and my address is miascamp. Thanks!

Ray | 2:39 PM

Love the nursery! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Here's a quote I heard in the movie Hook; by James M. Barrie (that I think would be a lovely printed sign in a nursery):

"When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke off into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about. And that was the beginning of fairies."

MissMolly | 8:19 PM

I get to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time next week! That's my happy news.

Lisa | 12:46 AM

Is it okay to guess the names?
I really think Bryony goes very well with your kids's names. Or Bellamy? Blanche? So that's the B. :)

Laura Holskey Chavous | 1:53 PM

Awesome blog first of all. This room is lovely. May I ask where ever did you find the rug?!

Anonymous | 8:37 PM

I love the baby mat! Very cute, super unique, love the bold fabric choices:)

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