Thirty-Three Weeks

If you hadn't noticed I am suddenly feeling... DONE. Breathless and claustrophobic as if I'm wearing one of those insane multiples carriers on my inner-uterus-area and I can't. get. it. off. It started at last week's Perintologist appointment when the doctor measured the babies and was like, "You have over ten pounds of fetus in there! Congratulations!" which was awesome and I cheered, "Hooray!" and then promptly felt like I might pass out... because, wait, what?
The babies are A. 5lbs and B. 5lbs 2oz respectively (doc can ballpark weight, give or take 10% by measuring the length of their bones and head circumfrence) which means they are still growing three weeks ahead of schedule. Which means I am thirty-three weeks pregnant with two thirty-six-week-sized womb-mates. The doctors thought they would have slowed down by now but not these chickadees.

These babies seem to think this womb is some kind of Equinox Fitness club. I keep picturing them spotting each other like, "COME ON! TWO MORE BENCH PRESSES!" YOU CAN DO THIS, RUAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!"

I do not birth big babies (Archer and Fable were both seven-pounders full-term) so having jumbo-twins is a complete mystery to the doctors and myself. Especially when twins usually run small for obvious reasons. Ahem, THERE ARE TWO OF THEM IN ONE BODY!

Apparently, these girls are super-pros at finding ways to move around my uterus to best utilize space and even though, in the ultrasound they looked like one giant two-headed mass, I am told there is still plenty of amniotic fluid for them to keep growing as they have been thus far. Hence the excitement/panic... It's overwhelming to think these babies are STILL growing. That I am still growing with them, and that they could come at any time. Now! Or... Now!

I definitely dropped this week but I think it's because there is nowhere else for my abdomen to go but down... it's so heavy with human and such, that it has no choice but to fall between my legs like a swollen appendage.
I'm dropping off my hospital paperwork this week and have my bag packed and ready. Full of newborn clothes and mama clothes, but most of all, neurosis, which take up at least half of my suitcase.

R&B are in Yin Yang formation right now, heads in the middle of my belly, bodies forming an S shape. C-secto is definitely the name of this game with Baby "A" breach and Baby "B" transverse, which was bumming me out at first but now I'm over it. I've already had two vaginal births, might as well give a C-section a try, no? Party on.

The last few weeks of pregnancy are some of the toughest weeks that exist - it's limbo like nothing else and one lives in a state of bipolar... ness. I go back and forth between being excited and terrified. Am I ready? HELL YES! Am I ready? HELL NO! Am I ready? HELL MAYBESO!

More like, hell, I don't know.

We're having a heat-wave which is only adding to my anxiety. I'm having hot flashes several times a day and have to repeatedly change my clothes because I've literally soaked through them. I can't sit in a chair to work anymore because even with legs spread eagle, my belly is rubbing against the chair. And I'm just... ugh, you know? UGH. Sore and bleck and ergh and ugh and huge and heavy and ouch. I actually feel exactly like I look in this photo:
I'm trying to think of something funny to say but I'm too exhausted to feel clever or interesting. I'm grateful I was able to go this many weeks before collapsing in a pile of WompWompWomps, but now I feel as though I'm DEAD MOM WALKING. I'm completely wiped. I slept zero last night thanks to sporadic contractions and electro-nerve-torture of the crotch. My appetite is waning c/o R&B acting as a sort of Belly Band and everything is just feeling increasingly difficult. Like this post for instance. This post feels like I'm typing in slow-motion with my eyes crossed.
The good news? I'm the only one who seems to be suffering. Everyone else is kicking dat ass and that's what's most important right now. Besides, having been through this twice before, I know that once the babies arrive and we're all settled into our new lives, I'll totally miss this. ALL OF THIS. Just like I did after Archer and Fable were born and I was like, "Aw! Pregnancy! I love being pregnant! Pregnancy is the best" I'll forget the reflux and the cramping and the waddling and the fact that I resembled Shrek...
... and I'll cry. Because uncomfortable as I am now, I'll soon miss how it feels to carry life around on my person so nonchalantly. I'll miss the weekly ultrasounds, making friends in the waiting rooms of doctors offices, getting foot rubs while reading September issues on the couch. I'll miss watching the kids watch their sisters move my belly around like it's their bitch. And my belly is INDEED their bitch:
...But most of all, I'll miss the anticipation of knowing that something huge is coming, and in this case, something DOUBLE-huge. Something so huge I still don't quite believe it's ACTUALLY happening.

Minus the discomfort and the hot flashes and the cramps, the last few weeks (days?) of pregnancy are like Christmas Eve on steroids. Except, I'm the one dressed up like Santa Claus.
Ho, ho ho! Merrrry Almostbabymas!




grace | 9:56 AM

I'm sorry you've reached the miserable part, but if it's any consolation, I think you still look fantastic.

the bellyacher | 10:03 AM

I feel uncomfortable just looking at you (I absolutely do not mean that in a mean way...I mean it in a 'I remember being pregnant with an almost 10 lb baby' way) Anyway, I hope these final weeks (or days maybe!) go by as quickly as you need/want them too. Hugs.

Amelia | 10:04 AM

WOW! I am in awe of the female form looking at that ahhhhhmazing belly!

So, the twinmillion question is, are that talking to you about scheduling a due date or taking it week by week until you have a doctor's appointment that concludes with, "we hope you didn't have anything planned this afternoon because..."?

Inquiring minds want to know! :)
You're an inspiration, mama!!

Steph(anie) | 10:06 AM

Hang in there mama, this is the home stretch.

the bellyacher | 10:06 AM

Ugh...I meant 'to'

Traci | 10:07 AM

I'm sorry you are miserable, but just know that you have a slew of people here cheering you on and are so excited for you. I rarely comment, but read your every post and admire you. I am so afraid to have children, reading your pregnancy updates have helped quell those fears. Thanks for kicking ass and sharing all your struggles and triumphs! You are appreciated!

Wendi | 10:07 AM

That is all I can say!!
These have been some of my favorite posts.

Melissa | 10:08 AM

Do the damn thing gurl! You're kicking so much ass right now that those girlies will stroll on out like "what? us? yeah, we're here. what?".

But for real, you are making this look easy. Thanks once again for sharing your story and letting us in on all the baby-ness.


Abi | 10:09 AM

Hang in there! If it makes you feel any better, I might not be able to drive anymore after this week. I'm short and the seat has to be way, way near the steering wheel... which makes the steering wheel 1/2 inch away from my belly... for now. Not good.

You still look awesome!

Anemily | 10:10 AM

Yeah you DO look fantastic! I remember those last few weeks of a summer pregnancy though: you are so ready to get your body back and get this birthing going already. Home stretch! (not intended...)

Unknown | 10:10 AM

You look amazing, despite your discomfort. Hurrah for healthy babies coming, we'll be cheering you on from here! :)

Jess | 10:16 AM

you look amazing lady! hang in there, enjoy that couch and september issue reading time. hope your hubby and kids are bringing you snacks and cold drinks too:)

whoorl | 10:17 AM

You still look ahhhmazing gorgeous, mama. (Great timing for a heat wave, right? GAHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm feeling for you down here.)

Hannah Ryan | 10:17 AM

I am also about to enter week 33 (with just the one bambino) and have hit that sleepless and uncomfortable spot. I feel your pain. I have tried so, so hard not to be whiny because I do appreciate all of this and know I will miss it, but yowza. Thanks for giving me posts to look forward to each week - it is truly the only time I feel comfortable commiserating.

Hannah Ryan | 10:18 AM

Oh, AND I live in upstate NY, so week 32 was bookended by an earthquake and a hurricane. So, yeah, I'm just... bleeeeeeuuuuurgggghhh.

Shelley Senai | 10:19 AM

Bec, you are totally the most gorgeous pregnant lady I've ever laid eyes upon. How amazing that you have two such strong healthy babes! You're almost there so hang in there!

Jessica | 10:20 AM

I don't normally note but this time I just have to say that reading these Monday posts have been SO FUN. They seriously improve my Monday's and make me happy. I'm glad you're doing well, you look huge! but wonderful. Thanks for writing these. :)

Katie of Cabbage Ranch | 10:25 AM

This is the best description I've read of the last few weeks of pregnancy. Or at least how I felt towards the end. And I only had one baby! It's such a razor's edge of enjoy it/hate it/want it over/never leave me, baby. I can't imagine twins, but you're doing it well.

You look great, and I hope you find a way to get some rest. Hang in there!

Flannery | 10:26 AM

Just channel Steve Martin in the dungeon in Three Amigos.... Gonna make it, gonna make it, gonna maaake iiiiit.

You are glorious and awe-inspiring, even in your misery. Keep on keepin' on, lady. You're the shit.

Jess | 10:27 AM

i have never posted before but wanted to share my last (second) baby was 11.3 lbs born at 37 weeks via repeat c-section! at 34 weeks she was already over 9 lbs! so i totally understand the feeling...i only had 1 baby in there but was very, very huge! i also got pregnant when my first was 6 months old so my body had a rough time as i was carrying around a baby on the outside too :)

you are doing so great and you look amazing! can't wait to meet your little ones via the internet :)

Nothing But Bonfires | 10:30 AM

Aaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh! It's getting so close! I'm so excited! I'm crossing everything for you that R&B decide to drop that record soon. Lots and lots of luck!

Jody | 10:37 AM

You SO rock. i delivered trips at 33 weeks.
keep rockin' it!!!

Glenda | 10:43 AM

I'm sorry you feel miserable, but you look amazing. The belly is all baby x2 :) I'm so excited for you.

I hope it's a little smoother sailing until R&B are here.

My sis-in-law had twin girls and they were both 6lbs.

Keep rockin' Rebecca! Hang in there!

Becky Lynn | 10:45 AM

Just seeing that first picture prompted a "oh honey". I have loved reading your posts and your grace and humor is amazing. You Are Awesome.

You are so correct, in 6 months, 12 months, you will miss being pregnant. Every little bit of it. So keep reminding yourself of that and enjoy every last minute, no matter how uncomfortable you are. :)

Unknown | 10:46 AM

You look amazing and gorgeous. Hang in there, Mama! You got this!

Shalini | 10:50 AM

You do look like a freaking superhero. Superheroes have easier jobs than this, so there needs to be a new name. Superlativehero? yes, that.

Unknown | 10:51 AM

Even at this crazy-uncomfortable super-crotch-achy part of things, you're still rocking the stripes--and COORDINATING YOUR SHOES WITH YOUR OUTFITS. You are a marvel and an inspiration.


Anonymous | 11:04 AM

once again - you TOTALLY hit the nail on the head! last few weeks of pregnancy are HIDEOUS but as soon as the baby came I totally had pregnancy envy ;) you have been incredibly positive about all of your discomforts over the past 9 months...puking and sweating and eating watermelons to stay alive ;) cannot WAIT to "meet" those girls! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous | 11:04 AM

Soooooooo beautiful. And such a beautiful, honest depiction of your experience. My womb resonates with yours. Thank you!

Sarah | 11:09 AM

Hang in there, because I have a 6th sense that these girls have a sense of humor and will be here on Monday!

Unknown | 11:12 AM

I always found that keeping a bag of frozen vegetables on my crotch helped the pain. My veg of choice was corn.

And, everyone is right. You look AMAZING

Becka Robinson | 11:33 AM

Oh man! Almost there! Sorry it's starting to get rough but so proud and thrilled that you've been able to do so well with the little ladies!

Mandy Thompson | 11:36 AM

My boyfriend and I have been talking a lot about pregnancy, and appropriate weight to gain etc (We have several friends who gained a large amount of weight with pregnancy, and some who gained very little). I just wanted to say that you are the picture of health! You look just like I hope to look if I ever become pregnant with twins! I will be using your pregnancy photos as the "perfect" example of pregnancy weight gain goals. (we're approximately the same hight and pre pregnancy weight).

Keep rockin the bod!!

Althea | 11:39 AM

Oh HONEY! I so want to hug you and bring you icy glasses of something delicious. And watermelon.
You are still gorge. But I'm sure even hearing THAT is somehow irritating.
3-vag power. It will all be over soon. And c-sections...aren't...that...bad...
You will be fine. The skradillions of people on the intertubes cannot WAIT to see these twinsles.

Kate | 11:42 AM

I have an overwhelming sense of woman pride following you work this pregnancy like a pro. Your babies' growth is impressive. Their fortune, like your uterus, runneth over.

GreerAnn | 11:49 AM

girlfriend, i totally feel you. i am at week 39 with just ONE baby in me and i am like "GET IT OUT". but then i know i'll miss those little kicks and punches eventually. can't wait to "meet" your newest girls!!!

Kim S. | 11:50 AM

If it makes you feel any better, one week before I delivered (at 36 weeks) the doctors thought my ID girls were 5 lbs 8 oz and 5 lbs 9 oz. They were NOT. My girls were born at 4 lbs 10 oz and 4 lbs 13 oz.

But all of that doesn't matter when you can barely wear pants. I feel for you. With the twins, I had a C too (my first-born was not), and my advice is to make sure you have appropriate expectations of yourself afterward. It can be a difficult recovery and you'll be glad for all the help you can get!

rachel | 12:02 PM

Hee hee, I called myself Shreck too. My feet were so swollen and bad, his were probably cuter than mine - and yours totally are! This is the roughest part - I sort of gave into the whining at the point you're at, which must have been a real joy for my family. I love that you still have such a great sense of humor and are able to appreciate every bad/good moment. Honestly, I still don't miss pregnancy (especially twin pregnancy); but I do love seeing your updates and it brings back fond memories. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy @nystoopmama | 12:13 PM

I don't mean to gawk, but OMG!!! So amazing. Thank you for letting us all watch this beautiful belly grow. Hang in there. Pretty soon you'll have nothing but snuggle-y peanuts surrounding you.

verdemama | 12:14 PM

You have my empathy, girl. I was SOOoo uncomfortable toward the end of both my pregnancies (the last one being only three months ago, so it's very fresh on my brain). I can't imagine what it's like carrying twins. Anyway, you are a superhero and you look great! Any day/week now!

lonek8 | 12:27 PM

I actually lost weight the last month of my first pregnancy because i had zero appetite, and if I did try to eat I would throw up. There was just no room - baby girl was BIG - 8lbs 15oz!

I don't think there is anything as addictive as the anticipation/anxiety of those last few weeks of pregnancy - and the birth hormones that gloss over the memories of discomfort and pain certainly don't hurt.

you are looking beautiful as always!

Lauren | 12:29 PM

1. You look amazing. I can't believe all three of you are still truckin!

2. I've only had 1 baby, by c-section... i'd reccomend bringing a pillow to hold against your stomach on the car ride home from the hospital. it feels SO weird and jiggly. Of course I can't compare with a regular birth-stomach but with the incision scar it was!

Jessica | 12:30 PM

glad to see you still have a sense of humor! it is also good to hear about your story as my husband and i contemplate baby #3. i love being pregnant and we are on the fence about if we think our family is complete. can't wait to hear the rest of your story. also, one of my good friends is a twin and he and his brother weighed 9lbs at birth. that's right 18lbs of baby: ) good luck with everything!

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 12:34 PM

33 weeks must be the mile mark to hit before le miserables hit! I'm feeling it too. Mainly feeling SPD....LAME! But you look fantastic and are rockin' being prego with twins!! I don't know why my body is complaining so much, I've only got one in there! lol

Adrianne | 12:36 PM

I could have written most of this. Well, except for the part about the two babies and the ten pounds! My hat goes off to you; I don't think I could physically do it!

But the electro-nerve-torture to the crotch? Holy fuck, that hurts!! And the hot flashes! I just wrote about the hot flashes. And yesterday in Austin, we broke an all time record of 112 degrees. Same story today. We've had like 73 days of triple digit heat this summer. Another record. How the hell did I choose the hottest summer in history to be mega-preggo?!? It was 90 driving into work this morning at 8 o'clock in the freaking morning! So not okay.

Sorry, mini-rant over! Hang in there. You're doing great and they'll be here anytime now! So excited for you and the fam!

oh, jenny mae | 12:41 PM

oh, these posts make me so nostalgic. soon enough, you'll have those babes in your arms, mama.

jessicapea | 12:59 PM

Big congrats on making it to 10lb and looking as awesome as you do! My bub was born in Feb (In New Zealand, so late summer here) weighing 10lb 9oz - and your description of the discomfort is spot on. The crotch lightening is the worst!

I had a c-section with Quinn (due to his size) and I dont have a vaginal birth to compare, but I was surprised by how well I felt afterward. I had no problems lifting my 10lb bub or moving around - you will be fine.

Forever Young | 1:00 PM

My friend just sent me your blog and I SO wish I knew about it months ago. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and 4th...twin girls. And I'm reading everything saying to myself, "YES! I know how she feels! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!" You say everything I am feeling and thinking. Thank you for blogging and making me feel like there's someone else out there that understands and can relate to the discomfort, aches and blehs and ughs that I feel.

Rebecca N | 1:13 PM

Hammer pants never looked so good! R&B are going to LOVE reading these weekly posts someday.

OneRadMother | 1:19 PM

It' so exciting a thing near the end.

I wanted to leave an obnoxious FYI note that I was never told. I planned for a vaginal birth but had to be taken for a C-Sect last minute. I have never imagined the need for a C .. so I had no information on how it would be.

My C was awful - not all are. Just be ready because it is a totally different set of expectations. have to sit/pass out in recovery before seeing the babies and stuff.

Good luck!

Anonymous | 1:25 PM

Does it drive you crazy that we all think you look amazing?

Check with your doc/anesthesiologist and see if you can have a friend come sit with you in the OR after Hal accompanies babies to the nursery. It makes the process not so lonely and helps you be distracted. Plus, your good friend can oogle the whole process and tell you she saw your uterus...serious female bonding time!

Request warm towels/blankets over your top half, it'll help you relax.

Make a baby birthing music CD. Many anesthesiologist play music in the OR, and often it is Josh Groban. Fair warning. Not that I have anything against Josh Groban (unless you count that I am jealous of his curly hair).

Do some things that you know will comfort you babies for the time you are in recovery. Some ideas: sleep with blankets/jammies so they can smell you; tape your voice on an recorder so they can hear you...or whatever super idea you guys come up with for loving on your little ones!

I am looking forward to your post baby posts! I have looked forward to your Monday morning updates throughout this pregnancy. Thanks for making life fun :)

Anonymous | 1:29 PM

I don't think I've ever left a comment before but have read your posts since before Fable, loved your book and love your blog. Whether you're funny or witty or not you're always REAL and that's what people love (plus the great photographs!) You're doing a great job--take it one day at a time.

Julie A


You guys are crazy awesome. I'm the luckiest to have such a kickass support system. I want to kiss each and every one of you on the mouth. I'd be lost without you amazing women. You are my red tent.

...And I so appreciate the C-secto advice, too. Makes it less scary/overwhelming. Again, thank you. Love to all of you amazing AMAZING ladies.

Htwinmama | 1:31 PM

I too love reading your Monday posts, and really look forward to them! I have 20 month old twin boys and I feel your pain (literally) with each passing week. This is my first time commenting, and I finally feel compelled because I have to comment on the size issue... I am SO interested to see how big R&B turn out to be. My little guys were born at 37.5 weeks; 1 week before birth I was told they were measuring at 5 lbs and 5 lbs 2 oz. Imagine our surprise when they came out 6 lbs 14 oz and 4 lbs 12 oz! So, you just never know! Good luck! We are all SO with you!!

loodles | 1:32 PM

you rock and look adorable even in the midst of such physical discomfort.
go, go and grow little R&B. Can't wait to see them.

Bobbie | 2:00 PM
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cora d | 2:00 PM

You captured my feelings exactly - why I miss being pregnant. And you personify why I don't.

I would offer you a hug, but I don't think you'd enjoy it. Instead I'll toast you with the Dilly Bar my company CEO just brought me.

To Rebecca - the rockinist Mom of 2, incubator of 2, writer and fashonista I know. I cannot wait to read about this new chapter in your life.

Anabelle | 2:03 PM

I so understand how you feel. I didn't have twins, but my baby boy was a big one and my belly was huge.

But you're right, you'll miss it. We always look forward to things: I can't wait for my baby to come, I can't wait for him to make his first sound, I can't wait for him to sit on his own/walk/talk... and then we spend the rest of our life missing what's gone...

Bobbie | 2:05 PM

You look amazing! I just had twin boys in May, after 11 weeks of hospital bed rest, and don't think I would have been able to stand at 33 weeks, even if allowed. The boys were born at 35 weeks, A. at 5.6 pounds and B. at 5.11 pounds. I completely understand your "pain." Congrats and good luck! Twins are a chaotic whirlwind of complete joy!

FM | 2:11 PM

They should use twin pregnancy simulation to torture men. In the words of Butterfly McQueen from Gone with the Wind: Men, "don't know nothing about birthing no babies!". I hope your husband builds you a throne and exhalts you for the rest of your lives. You are truly almost there and if it's any consulation, you look great!

Sara Sophia | 2:28 PM

I've been a faithful reader for awhile but...I just have to finally comment and say that i love you terribly much. Thank you so much for sharing this awesomeness with us---uncomfortable awesomeness but still.

You beyond inspire me.
And you look nothing like Shrek.

The end.

--Sara Sophia

Ashley | 2:41 PM

Oh, Bec! My son was 10 lbs, 10 oz ... and I was done, done, done, hysterical, done at the end. I am sending every positive thought that these babies are born healthy and a bit EARLY for your sake. *BIG HUGS* Misery, be gone.

[P.S. After birthing him, my daughter thought 10 lbs, 10 oz was the biggest size that ever existed. When insulting/teasing her daddy, "your bottom is 10 lbs, 10 oz!!!"]

Nicole | 3:23 PM

How is it you look so amazing? I mean really.. how are you not laying on your couch in sweatpants and a tshirt all day every day for the last few weeks? *hugs*

Anonymous | 3:24 PM

Wow. Wow-ee.

Anonymous | 3:29 PM

You are so rockin it! Count one more rooting for you and inspired by your awesomeness!

Anonymous | 3:51 PM

As the mother of a 32 week preemie, Ima gonna go ahead and wish for another month of pregnancy for you, at least, maybe even another 5 weeks. The more done they are, the better, even if they're measuring big for dates. Lung development and gut development are where it's at. I remember how yucky I felt but I'd have given anything to keep that baby in there another day, week, month, and spent a day, week, month less in the NICU. Hang in there, Mama! You're doing great! And you look beautiful!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting | 4:31 PM

Dude, you make twins look GOOD. #justsayin

Unknown | 4:32 PM

Oh, how I love your weekly preggo posts! I think we will all miss them terribly, but there's some double fun coming with the baby posts I'm sure. I love your slingback Toms, btw.

Sitting here typing with random contractions and general unease, so yes, I very much feel your words today. Also home alone with my 2 year old who thinks I'm cray-cray.

Unknown | 4:40 PM

I thought I'd never say this, but you just made me miss being pregnant. Yes to all of it.

Whitney | 4:41 PM

Oh my goodness I love this!! I have 4 week old twin boys and week 33 is when my pregnancy got really hard on me. I was so uncomfortable and the emotions were insane! I love how you describe the last few weeks of pregnancy, that was the best description I have ever heard! My twins were breech and transverse so we had to have a c-section, but honestly it wasn't awful blue boys were born at 36 weeks and 4 days weighing 5lbs 8oz and 6lbs 12oz and never went to the NICU and got to come home with us! You are doing great! Almost there!! I cannot believe how amazing you look! Only a few more weeks and your girls should be able to make it without going to the NICU and be able to come home with you, what a blessing!

Karen | 4:42 PM

I dreamt about you last night - over and over again, about the babies coming and your happiness - while you were NOT sleeping in California, I was dreaming for you in Minnesota.

Thank you for sharing.

Tanya | 5:06 PM

As uncomfortable as you feel carrying those (two good-sized) babes, YOU. LOOK. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Well done on growing healthy girls!

I had a C-section with my second because she was a porker 9lbs 4oz and breach and so far up that there wasn't even a toe in the lower abdomen thinking it might test the natural delivery! But it was so fine, and I found an easier recovery (partly because you are forced to rest more than you might otherwise do!). It was still a magical delivery for me, and far more than my first who should have been a c-section but instead they decided to let me go natural even though he was 6 weeks prem. They fractured my poor baby's skull and he had brain bleeds! Hence, partly why my C-section experience was perfect! Though I was a little sad about the planned c-section date, Persia decided to arrive the day before so I felt happier that she had chosen the time rather than the Drs choosing when to birth her!

Right Lady...Rest. Breathe. Enjoy. Moan. Delegate. Lots of love. xxx

Elly | 5:16 PM

Wow lady, I am amazed at what the human body can do. Just wanted to say that I'm cheering you on! You're a rockstar, hey :)

Suzy | 5:31 PM

You still look BEYOND amazing. It's a true inspiration to see your progress in these weekly updates! Hang in there!!!

foodiemama | 5:37 PM

AW!! Where did you get that top? Is it maternity? I love it no matter

Candace | 5:46 PM

Those pants are awesome and you look fantastic! Your belly looks very smooth and like a cannon, which is great! Get some support for that thing!

Roxanna (Miguelina) | 6:25 PM

You look amazing! Thank you for sharing your magical pregnancy with us! XOXO

Jen | 7:10 PM

Wow! I'm just amazed you're up and walking around- I was stuck on bedrest from 26-25 weeks when my twins were born just to keep 'em in (though I'm only 5'0" and you look tall :)
I had a c-section (2 breech babies) after my first was vaginal- and I will say my first reaction was- "I don't know who in their right mind says this is easier!" BUT... by 2 weeks out, I was feeling pretty darn good- even lifting my 25 lb toddler (per Dr ok)-- I wish someone would've told me I'd feel better so quick- it would've helped!

Megan M. | 7:19 PM

You are so darn cute! I would never look that good pregnant with twins! I wish you all the best for a safe and speedy delivery. And in the meantime... maybe just live in the pool? :)

Karen | 7:36 PM

I know everyone's birth experiences are different, but I'm here to tell you that I had an emergency C-Section, and you know what? While the un-panned part of it was a bit traumatic, it was much easier to recover from than I was led to believe. In fact, it was absolutely downright O.K.! Good luck to you and your beautiful babes!

Kathryn | 7:44 PM

The whole "moving my belly around like its their bitch" comment, I declare, warrants a video for next week's post!

Heli | 8:02 PM

I'm so impressed that you can actually marvel in the fact that you will feel all those feelings of longingness. I usually get so wrapped up in whatever current feeling I'm having (discomfort in your case) that I am unable to focus on the big picture and live most of my life in the land of reluctance. Best of luck to you!

P.S. Your belly is amazing! And of course it's easy for me to say because it's not mine. But once again another feeling you miss when it's behind you but dread when you are going through it :)

Averil | 8:02 PM

I had a c-section with my third kiddo, totally unexpected after two awesome vaginal births... but you know what? Whilst immensely different to a vaginal birth, it was also exactly the same when it came to the blubbering-out-of-sheer-overwhelming-heavenly-joy-with-angels-singing-and-heart-with-love-exploding part. I hated the scary drama of a vaginal birth gone wrong, but once I got into the theatre, I loved my sun-roof birth.

C-section birth photos are amaaaazing too. We had a fabulous OR nurse take our camera and he went nuts with it. I have the most exquisite pic of my baby girl half in my world, half still in makes me cry every time I look at it.

Don't know if you have the option in the US, but we had a dedicated midwife at our side in recovery so that baby never had to leave my side, and even hitched a ride back to the room on my bed with me. Best recovery tip I was given in the first few days is to hold your incision when walking around so that you feel supported, so that you don't get the "c-section stoop" going on with your posture.

You will rock a c-section & the recovery just as you rock everything else in life. You get called an inspiration so often, because you ARE.

emily | 8:34 PM

i don't comment much, but i've so enjoyed reading about your pregnancy and must say you're incredible - positive and funny and honest (though sounds like you don't feel incredible at the moment) - I'm so excited to hear about the new babies and have found myself thinking about you all often and wishing you well.

Anonymous | 8:36 PM


I am currently reading Rockabye for the second time, but with an entire new outlook this time around. A scared outlook, actually.

I am lost. But I am thankful for you and your book which explains howifeelatthisexactmoment.

Anonymous | 9:06 PM

You DID! You so so dropped and the lower one's not head down?! That sounds so _heavy_! Soon, darlin', soon, you will be getting no sleep for much cuter reasons! I can't wait to see pics!
C-sections are not as bad as some would have you believe. I'm sure Ob-Gyn Canobi can handle it no problem. I look forward to hearing your always-honest, always fresh perspective about it.

Robyn Devine | 9:09 PM

goodness, you look amazing! and your littles are each just a few ounces bigger than Owen was last tuesday when he was born!!! crazy!

i'll be thinking of you daily - hoping you'll get to cuddle your little girls soon (but not too soon!) and that these last weeks of pregnancy won't be too terribly terrible for you.

(and a c-section is wonderful, in my experience. the drugs rock, and you don't have to do anything but lay there, and suddenly there's your baby!)

Making it Lovely | 9:46 PM

I had a dream that I was with you when you went into labor. Aaaannd as I type that, it sounds crazy/creepy. But it wasn't, promise! It was sweet. Eleanor and Fable played together and somehow I magically had a boy about the same age as Archer, and we all had a lovely time and then you had sweet little twins, the end.

So, um, yeah. I've been thinking about you, hoping you're doing well.

Rosstwinmom | 10:40 PM

Girl, you are kicking this pregnancy's ass. Go on with your bad self. I was laid up in bed at this point of my twin pregnancy. Not fun. Just rest now and let those babies cook!

Auntie Ann | 11:38 PM

You look great! I am a twin and I weighed 7.14 and sister was poor mom! Good luck with everything!

Jen | 4:40 AM

That was 26-35 weeks, anyway, one more c section thing, they gave me this binder to wear tightly around my abdomen and it was amazing- gave my abs support, ask for one!

Sarah | 6:15 AM

I can't believe how great you look, no stretch marks .. wow~ you should video yourself you know, what a great thing to look back on that you are carrying twins, soooo cool!!!

Denise | 6:25 AM

My son (now 10 months old) was breach (breech?) too. I had a planned c-section and it was no big deal with a super easy recovery (granted, I didn't have four kids to care for while I recovered, but I'm hoping you're alreay planning to get plenty of help).

Wishing you a smooth and easy c-section!

valarie | 8:03 AM

Oh Rebecca.... you are doing such a beautiful, glorious, fantastic job growing your two newest family members.
I know you are exhausted. I know you are ready for the next phase. I know you are so very, very uncomfortable. I know you are anxious. I know you are excited.
Please don't be too hard on your self.
You look gorgeous. Really, really.
We all love you and hope that your remaining days or weeks of being pregnant go as smoothly as possible.

Erin | 8:06 AM

I think I lived in the bathtub the last few weeks of both of my pregnancies- partially because I couldn't get up once I got in! but the warm water on my back was the only relief I could get. I would just sit in the tub and watch my belly move.

That and belly bands!! The extra support made my tummy feel better.

Hope you are finding some comfort in the little things. You are almost there Mama!!

Erin | 8:16 AM

And PS.
You are either going to have pain in your vagina or pain in your belly whichever way you deliver. Pain is pain- ha ha!!

And by the way when you get the stitches out after the c-section, its easy peasey. I was scared but it was nothing.

Erin | 8:23 AM

Wait! One more thing!

Yes, I'm gonna say it because it was a HUGE deal to all the c-section mamas I know and I wish I knew it before baby #1.

After the surgery and pain meds, your digestive system slows down. Make sure you watch what you eat and take a stool softener and/or fiber supplement. That first bowel movement can be more painful that any contraction.

annabelvita | 10:06 AM

Oh Rebecca. This post was beautiful, even if it did feel like typing in slow motion with crossed eyes!

I'm sure an experienced internaut like yourself has tracked down lots of recommendations about c-section, but this birth story from offbeat mama (if you haven't read it) might be of help... it's about how to get the environment you want in a surgical setting. I'm glad you're at peace with the idea of a c-section.

Sherry Bruck | 10:57 AM

Becca you look amazing!!!! We are so excited for you and Hal. Can't wait to meet R&B!

Jenny | 10:59 AM

1. You look amazing.
2. Reading about your symptoms made me break out in a sweaty panic remembering my final weeks of pregnancy and that feeling like someone had kicked my vagina with a baseball bat.
3. How do you NOT have stretch marks? I hate you just a little for that.

Margaret | 11:08 AM

You are doing fantastic! Looking at your pictures takes me back to my twin pregnancy....I delivered at 36 weeks via C-section. The last month was rough....bladder unable to hold more than a teaspoon, itchiness all over like you wouldn't believe, and almost no sleep. But, in the end, I had 2 healthy baby girls who came home with me after three days in the hospital. Then, things got really interesting...

Dory | 12:58 PM

bring a bikini to the hospital so you can dance around in it afterwards. I was at about 14 pounds of babies when I went into labor with my girls. Frozen peas on the crotch man, that's what got me to the end

Genevieve | 1:08 PM

I feel that you deserve some sort of trophy. Both for your endurance and for your complete lack of stretch marks. Go on with your bad self.

Alexis | 3:04 PM

You look wonderful! Following you every week helps me believe that I can do this too!

ashwitt | 5:32 PM

I love your posts! Can't wait to hear what you name R&B....I love your naming style. :)

This is random, but it reminds me of the "Like Saturn loves his rings" post, and it made me think of you.

sarah | 9:23 PM


katsalem | 9:32 PM

You're incredible! Women's bodies never cease to amaze me, and yes, your posts are making me miss pregnancy just a little. Even the misery at the end because the excitement (for me) more than makes up for it. Keep on with your awesomeness and thank you for sharing yourself with all of us!

Amber | 6:17 AM

Aw! But you're still so flippin' beautiful! :o)

k | 6:21 AM

If you haven't before, I would encourage you to read Amalah's blog regarding C-section recovery. Specifically, she wrote recently about a belly band/support garment she wore after her C-section that she felt helped alot with the recovery. With two other children to care for along with new twin babies, I know quick recovery will be paramount.

bbgHappY1 | 9:05 AM

YOU Look so awesome, I cannot believe how radiant and relaxed you seem..

All I can remember is with my third pregnancy I looked ragged and run down. I was bloated and swollen..

Looking forward to meeting your twin Girls on GGC...

God Bless..

Annie and Jake Callister | 10:25 AM

My heart skipped a beat when I found your blog from Design Mom's blog...I had boy/girl twins on January 7th! My water broke the day(or night I should say) we hit 36 weeks. I already struggle to remember the kicks and rolls, aches and pains from pregnancy. Even though my babies are here and they are the BEST, I still miss being pregnant. You have a wild ride ahead, but people will help and there will be a day when "normalcy"returns. Good luck to you. You'll do great! p.s. your belly looks like mine at 36 weeks :) Those ARE big girls! I can't wait to hear your names. I love Fable and Asher. My twins are Charlotte and Henry. We love them...

A Mama's Peaks | 11:09 AM

Holy shit man, you're HUGE! And carrying it well I may add, you look beautiful. Albeit uncomfortable as hell.

Melissa | 12:43 PM

I too had a dream that you were having the babies and you still wouldn't tell anyone the names. There were some pink onesies hidden on a chair with embroidered names on them, so I decided to sneak a peak. I swear one of them had the name Muffina. I was horrified! The other name was a generic M name, but I couldn't stop looking at "Muffina".

Ray | 12:53 PM

YAY, 33 Weeks! I still think you look amazing!

I loved this line: "Minus the discomfort and the hot flashes and the cramps, the last few weeks (days?) of pregnancy are like Christmas Eve on steroids." ;o)

CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE GIRLS' BIRTH STORY!!!!! And of course see the photos and find out their names! =D

Aimee | 2:18 PM

Amazing! You look amazing. I'm excited to find out what the baby names are!

Unknown | 8:51 PM

Just wanted to say thank you for documenting this pregnancy like you have! I had twins almost 4 years ago. They were my 3rd & 4th also. And I am LOVING reliving it all through your posts. The freaking out, the excitement, the uncomfortableness, the fear... so familiar. It will end well and you will all survive and they will bring more joy to your life than you can imagine!!! Hang in there. :)

Victoria N | 12:34 AM

Wow, you might not feel it, but you look fantastic! If it's any consolation, my daughter was measured at three weeks ahead through most of my pregnancy (tough pregnancy, lots of scans) and I was told to expect at least a ten pounder. She popped out a much more manageable 8lb 10oz (Ok, still not tiny - but not 10lbs!). x

Dana | 8:29 AM

Oh my God, yes! I remember sitting spread eagle and my twin belly dropping onto the chair. Now, THAT'S definitely one memory I'd erased from my mind. Thanks for bringing it back up. Hang in there!!! You're in the home stretch (look at that cute pun I just made) now.

Laura | 8:51 AM

I MUST have those shoes!!! Where did you find them???

Kacey Haffner-Bruce | 9:26 AM

do you measure your belly around?! how many inches

Beth | 9:45 AM


Don't know that I've ever commented here, but golly I love all your pictures and you SO bring back my own twin pregnancy -- my boys are 11 now, and the twin thing, though challenging, rocks. My husband used to say, "Two babies, two parents. Accident? I don't think so!" Plus we have a daughter 2 years older than the boys, so yeah, lots of intensity, but good intensity. I always said that I felt like Jabba the Hut at the end.

One other quick c-section thing -- I had c-sections for all my kids (daughter breech, boys huge and well twins), and I agree with the poster that said about the slower digestion post fact, if I may be so indelicate as to suggest that you give yourself an enema the day before they are born? I had horrific constipation after the guys were born, and well, um...yeah...Soooo, I never comment, but then I comment to suggest an enema...yay me? I promise you that you will thank yourself and all the gods if you do this.

Regardless, you're gorgeous, rocking the twin pregnancy, and I feel certain you will rock the twin mama thing too! Best wishes. Sorry if this was TMI:)

Cathy | 1:16 PM

Aw, you don't look like Shrek, you're beautiful! And I feel like I need to take fashion lessons from you.

Anonymous | 5:55 AM

The whole "Look at my ginormous pregnant belly! Ain't I the cat's ass? I love myself to an insane extent" was old about three seconds after Demi Moore had herself photographed nude and pregnant for the cover of Vanity Fair.
Get. Over. Yourself.

bbgHappY1 | 4:45 PM

You look great in for being pregnant with twins..
Looking at you and reading your blog, brings back all the memories of my three pregnancies. I did not rock leggings like you or stretchy tops like you....

Anyway, not sure when your due...(which could be any day now).. I do sincerely, wish you all the best..

Goody | 10:52 AM

Hey, I had that shirt in 1974 ;)

Per the section:

I never had any pain, never filled the script for pain medication, and was waiting hand and foot on my family who were staying at our house to "help out." In my family, "Help Out" means re-arranging my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Anyway, I could push the vacuum, cook dinner etc. without any discomfort. I don't think your mom is going to re-arrange your cabinets-she doesn't seem like the type. Anyway, I just thought you should hear a positive C-section story.

Really, is that shirt vintage, because it very well could be mine.

Wendy @ WMF | 2:26 PM

My identical twin boys were born at 35 weeks and weighed 5 lb 13 oz and 6 lb 7 oz. My two oldest daughters weighed almost 10 lbs each. The twin pregnancy was waaaaay more uncomfortable. Then there was the terror like fear of bringing home 2 babies!
If it makes you feel any better, out of all 5 of my kids the twins were the easiest to take care of.
I know what you mean about missing being pregnant. I look longingly at your weekly pictures wishing I was pregnant again. Of course, my twins are big strapping 8 year olds now so the misery of their pregnancy is a distant blur :)
You look fantastic. Keep rockin' it!

Katie | 8:35 AM

Love these old posts! I'm 33.5 weeks preggo with twin girls, who will also be my #3 & 4, and you have no idea how comforting I find your weekly twin pregnancy posts. Weirdly, I think I have gained about the same amount of wt as you did, am loving watermelon to fend off reflux, and will prob end up w/a C section as my babies are breech (A) and transverse (B). And recently bought a minivan and fancy new TV! I would think that I was you in some strange time delay, except that you are clearly a 100 x hipper and more articulate than I am. Anyway, love the blog, thank you so much for unknowingly helping to keep this lady sane!