Makeup with Molly: Eyelash in a Flash

So. I'm super excited to post the first of what I hope will be an infinite amount of tutorial videos with Molly Stern. Many of which will be in response to your questions here (as well as your questions in the comments of this post) so please don't be shy! The hope is to create a really fun interactive tutorial experience for real women with real time constraints. Today's tutorial? Eyelashes!

Personally, this is something I've always been curious about. I have VERY short, blonde lashes and have never applied false lashes individually before. It's not something I even think to do which is silly because as per Molly's tutorial, it's easy peasy. Behold:

You can find Molly on tumblr, twitter and if you haven't already, here on GGC answering your crucial makeup questions. Thanks, Molly! We love you!



Unknown | 6:12 PM

I need eyeliner help, big time! I love the looks people do with eye makeup, but I'm one of those people who have an overactive involuntary response eyes start to tear, I blink, I wig out, even trying to apply eye makeup on myself. Plus I have no idea how to get these eyeliner pencils to work...they're all dry and hard and I can't get them to leave a mark. Please help!!

Miranda | 6:47 PM

I adore make up tutorials. I've always wanted to try eyelashes too but never been brave enough. Maybe now I will be!

Raechel | 8:01 PM

I don't wear any make-up of any kind except for really special events (friends' weddings, etc.) and I think Molly just convinced me to try eyelashes. That was the least intimidating make-up tutorial I have ever seen. Thanks, Molly!

Anonymous | 8:07 PM

I think makeup tutorials would be absolute perfection. Something I just never managed to learn. Plus Molly is totally adorable <3

Anonymous | 8:59 PM

I can't believe I'm supposed to put them sort of 'in between' the lashes! I've been putting them a wee bit on top of them right on the lash line... oops. Thanks for the video!

gabrielle | 9:12 PM

i am suuuuuper white and every make-up counter I have ever approached suggests more blush. which i already have on. which can't be a good sign. i also don't want to look like a badly drawn cartoon with crazy pink circles on my cheeks. so, that's my question. blush on pale people. help! how much? where? why? colors? brands that stay on? molly is adorable.

Liz | 9:19 PM

I would love a great everyday, natural look for stay at home moms.

Billie | 10:24 PM

I'm so excited by that tutorial! I've always wanted them but have never tried the lashes before as I've always been terrified. That looked so easy! I'm going out tomorrow to get me some! p.s. LOVE Molly!

Susan | 6:19 AM

I want date night with Molly. She's adorable.

Hilary B | 6:57 AM

I had no idea the lashes were supposed to go BETWEEN your existing lashes! I would have glued them to my eyelid, which probably would have been a disaster! My question is, how to best remove them - and are they reusable? Lastly, Molly is fantastic!

Kaitlyn | 7:25 AM

I'm PALE white-- beyond porcelain. I use Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation in 10 Watts (I appreciate both the brand + the color) but to be honest it is STILL wayyyyy too dark. I enjoy my pale skin but also like to wear foundation when I'm not at work. Any suggestions as far as products go for me?

(I've gone in to places like Sephora, etc. but my skin never reads the same under their lights and I find myself unhappy once I leave.)

Mandy | 7:34 AM

Amazing!! I'm really excited about the makeup tutorials! Molly is adorable, and a great instructor! Woo!

Katie Lee | 8:50 AM

So excited to try this!

Anonymous | 9:46 AM

This is AWESOME! What a great tutorial, I'm not scared to try it anymore -- she took away the intimidation factor! And, she's so cute and the fact that her husband was the one videoing is adorable. More Molly, please!!

CATP | 9:56 AM

I need eyeliner help! I love my eyes and I'd love to set them off with a little (not much) eyeliner but every time I try to do it I feel like I look like a streetwalker! How can I get those eyeliner lines thinner, less noticeable and come away with the effect I truly want?

Glenda | 10:48 AM

My sister put lashes on me once. I guess because it was something new I kept on blinking constantly.

Awesome tutorial!

I use eyeliner but my eyes are pretty moist and tear, and by the end of the day I have black under my eyes. Help!? Which one would you recommend? I've tried MAC gel.

Sarah | 10:52 AM

I second the eyeliner request! I like the look of tight lining the bottom lid, but it never lasts! Any tips for using a brush and black powder combo, yet with staying power? I've tried doing it dry or wetting the brush and they both don't seem to last very long.

PS... Rebecca, I have watched your own eye shadow tutorial online and use your tips almost every day!

Anonymous | 11:20 AM

This was totally awesome and so helpful! I think I now have a crush on Molly, she's so cute and funny! And what a fantastic instructor, this is the best tutorial I've seen. Can't wait to see more! An eyeliner tutorial perhaps? I'm still on the hunt for an eyeliner that doesn't bleed/fade/get chunky throughout the day, yet also blends well. Also have problems
with evening out skin tone...
Thank you Molly (and Rebecca)!

Anonymous | 3:00 AM

Oh my God. As if Rebecca isn't delicious enough and now she's introduced us to you Molly and .... swoon! Thank you both so much for sharing!

Now I have two girl crushes....


Molly R. Stern | 8:35 AM

ingYipee!! These are awesome requests! Thank you so much for the love. Have fun and stay tuned....

Robyn....but call me Rob | 2:54 PM

Molly rocks. I forwarded this tutorial to three of my lash-challenged friends. Thank you!!

Margie | 7:22 PM

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I second the question about how to take the eyelashes off at the end of the night.

Also, eyeliner! If you need more material for an eyeliner tutorial (which it really looks like you don't, but anyway), my lids are such that when I wear eyeliner on my top lid I look very heavy-lidded or half-asleep, if you know what I mean. As a consequence, I just put a champagne-shimmery eyeshadow on if anything, but I'd love to have liner back on the table if you have any tips!

Elysha | 7:26 PM

That girl is so likable!! She makes me want to do this even though I can't wear mascara because of my super sensitive eyes...

Molly R. Stern | 9:31 PM

To take them off! Just use a gentle eye makeup remover. I love Clarins. It does the trick and it doesn't burn the eyes. Flutter away ladies, flutter away.

Mary | 7:20 AM

This is awesome! I can totally use help in the makeup department.

Also, Molly is like the cutest person I've ever seen. Can we be friends?! :)