Gone Style: Moccs that Rock

Last week these amazing pink Jem & the Holograms-esque metallic moccasins (rockassins as I hereby deem them) arrived in the mail for the babies:
They were a generous gift from Susan of Freshly Picked who made a pair for Fable, too, which was totally rad of her. Fable promptly put them on and ran around the house whooping it up without pants. (Moccs are a little big, but she'll grow into them.)
If you're not familiar with Susan's blog, you should be. Her store is full of amazing things. Like these pillows for instance and I'm kind of obsessed with her velcro wallets and bowtie-totes. Not to mention her gorgeous handmade moccs, made with love, as all things should be. Thank you, Susan. You rock extremely hard.



Martha | 10:33 AM

The photo of the three moccasins and Fable is adorable. Your mom's post yesterday about people's guesses for R&B made me laugh. I think of them as Rhinestone and Beryl.

cora d | 11:13 AM

Shut. Up. Those are stupid awesome. They are amazebombs. You must - MUST - order a pair for yourself (I wish I could afford to buy them for you).


They don't come in my size! Otherwise I'd be on it!

Jess | 11:32 AM

these are so damn cute it hurts. i need them for me and for my janruary baby!

Mandy | 11:42 AM

Simply. Awesome.

Rocktastic and Boombastic are going to LOVE THEM!

AimeeDesiree | 12:02 PM

Love these. Fable cracks me up - she seems like such a fun kid.

Clare | 12:26 PM

They're so Fable! Love these and love Susan's blog!

Christian | 12:39 PM

yeah! can't wait to see them on teeny tiny feet!

Glenda | 2:39 PM

Adorable! Love the picture of Fable with the 3 of them :)

Off to check out Susan's blog! ;)

Alex | 5:13 PM

Does Susan make those in my size?!

Anonymous | 8:06 PM

I have a guess for B's name based on the book in the pic.... Ballerina!

Nikkiana | 10:01 PM

I absolutely adore the photo of Fable and the three pairs of moccs... So cute!

melbourne dreaming | 10:11 PM

The epic cuteness of those two teeny pairs of pink mocs in the middle of the rug is UNBEARABLE!

Chrissy | 5:35 AM

Holy crap, Gen & the Hollograms!?! Totally taking me back here, I can remember the whole song: "Woah-oh Gem. Gem! She's truly contagious, outrageous..." Thanks for that!

Bless with a Boy | 6:40 AM

The Rockassins and Fable are all adorable. But, I'm totally digging on the new table with the pretty flower knobs. Love it! Also, as someone else state can't wait to see tiny feet in shoes. It would be so cute to have Fabel int he middle with the twins on either side. Poor lil Archer. He got left out. :-(

Anonymous | 8:01 AM

Oh, great, now for the inner war. :) Miss L would LOVE these. But I hate them! Shiny and pink is just not my thing. And they are, after all, for little girls, not their mothers. I'm pretty sure Miss L will win this round.


Boos - trust me. It's like pulling teeth to get Archer to wear anything that isn't a Croc. We went back-to-school shoe shopping and it took HOURS to find ONE pair of shoes he liked. He's all good. But thanks for thinking of him. :)

Amber S | 1:13 PM

Thanks for the link to your post "all things repaired...". I'm 6 months pregnant with twins (crap!) and have an almost 2 year old. My husband and I are in a very similar spot, freaking out and trying to figure out how to make a marriage work. Nice to know we're not the only ones.

oh, jenny mae | 1:40 PM

i love LOVE those rockassins, but can't stomach the price. as soon as miss james walked outside in those beauties, they'd be ruined! also of note? i'm totally cheap and make, thrift, or bargain shop everything.

Anonymous | 10:11 PM

I had heard of this site before and am saving up to buy some for my girl. Thanks for your post on them again and for refreshing my memory. xoxo and miss you my friend.

Ray | 12:34 PM

Such cute Moccs! Love the photo of Fable sitting by all three. ;o)