Thirty Weeks

I am writing this from my parents' house, where we have spent the last four days in and out of the pool with our noodles. Okay, so MY noodles would be the more apropos wording, as I tend to hog all of them to keep myself afloat. Every time Fable asks to borrow "the pink one" I sink to the bottom of the pool like Titanic.

My doctors are still permitting me to weekend away, specifically at my parents' house, which is only a two-hour drive from Los Angeles and surprisingly still doable. I can still comfortably steer my car and sit in a bucket seat! Success! That said, this will be my last long weekend here with the fam for poolside R&R. The next couple of months I'll be home, cranking the AC and doing indoor activities with the kids.

Both babies are breach. Side by side, with heads in ribcage and butts resting comfortably against my nethers. Sure, there's still time for them to move around but it's harder with two, so I'm preparing myself for all possible options. We shall see. Er, we shall C.

I had an amazing prenatal massage with this incredible Sikh healer/masseuse who cured me of any and all discomfort I was having and I've never felt better. I haven't had so much as one minor bout with Acid since seeing her Wednesday. Not sure it was the massage or all the watermelon I've been downing before bed. (I still stand by watermelon as the ONLY thing that has helped with my reflux issues. But ONE slice will not suffice, ladies. We're talking cut a watermelon in half, grab a spoon and go to town dot com.) Orrrrrr, you might want to call your local Sikh healer and have her go to town on you.
At last week's weigh-in I officially hit the 55+ mark, which is totally healthy for a twin pregnancy but still. 194 pounds is a difficult number to swallow with a smile, even when you know it's all for good. And I feel good! Surprisingly good. I have to literally remind everyone I'm with that I'm okay! I feel okay! Sweaty but okay!

I do have me a case of the Pregnancy Brain which came on full-throttle the other night when trying to find my car in a hotel garage and realizing after walking three miles in circles and being like, "Don't worry! It's here somewhere!" as I led my friend on a wild-parked-car-chase, that I was actually parked at an entirely different hotel. I'm pretty sure Alice wanted to smack me upside the head. Thankfully, when you're pregnant people only WANT to smack you, they would never actually do so. I don't think.

This was a red letter week in our household for two reasons. One. I made it to thirty-weeks which has been major goal #1, according to my Perintologist. Every time I see him he's like, "just make it to thirty-weeks, sister." And I did! Which is grand! I cannot wait for a high-five when I see him on Wednesday! Or maybe we'll go big for the high-ten!

The SECOND very exciting thing that happened was that SOMEBODY decided to start pooping on the potty (hint: not me. I've been doing that shit for years.) and her name starts with F and ends with Able! As in ABLE-POTTIED! She's still having a hard time remembering to pee in the pot, but we're five for five in the poop department and my BIGGEST goal this pregnancy (second to delivering as close to term as possible, obviously) has been to only have TWO asses to wipe at a time. I don't know that I would be able to handle wiping three different butts in the same afternoon. So. This. Is. Huge.

The not so exciting thing? Fable falling head-first and backwards into the jacuzzi. I leapt off my chair and dove in after her (obviously) but my instincts were such that my priority was Fable and I completely forgot I was pregnant and had a body that was not "dive in jacuzzi" esque. Fable was fine. She held her breath like a champ (we had been working on that earlier) and even though she was extremely shaken, and a little scratched up, she was all good - cried for a few minutes, then went on her merry way. I was not fine. On my way in to get her I slipped on my ass, luckily, sliding into the water but nonetheless eating it pretty hard. As soon as I had Fable (happy and fine) in my arms I panicked. I froze, more like. I felt paralyzed - like my instincts were confused, at war, in two different places...

As a pregnant person, my instincts are to protect my body, my babies. But I learned yesterday that I'm a mother BEFORE I am a pregnant one so I dove in after Fable without even thinking about what I may or may not be doing to my body. Luckily, I was fine and so are the babes. It took me a few hours to come down from Shakesville. My body was so tense I was actually having contractions and although a bit scraped up and with a sore tailbone, I was fine. Somewhat hysterical but fine. The babies were more active than ever (moving around like goldfish in a plastic bag someone just hurled across a room) and Fable was back to her normal, chipper "Mommy? Where is your smiley face?" self.
Over the weekend I got to hang with my grandparents and Nana as well which is always lovely. My grandpa serenaded the babies with a song I'd never heard featuring one of the babies' names and I listened to the stories of my grandmother's birth - about the days before the NICU existed and how when she was born, the smallest of the triplets at two-and-a-half pounds, she went home with her siblings and mother DAYS after being born because that's just what you did. How her mother kept her and her sibs alive with Sterno cans to heat the water that surrounded their makeshift "incubators"... and when they all got sick with pneumonia? Great-grandma Belle stayed up all night every night feeding the babies with eyedroppers, one by one, by two by three.

Pretty remarkable how much has changed four generations later.

Last night Hal and I went to Blockbuster to rent a movie and in line was a man with his four children. A son, a daughter and the youngest, two identical-twin girls. We followed them around the store like a couple of spies, trying to picture our own identical brood. The kids were well-behaved and remarkably sweet with each other. The dad seemed opposite-of-stressed as he tried to negotiate a DVD decision with his four kids.

"See?" Hal turned to me. "This is going to be easy."

Uh. I don't know about that but I did leave the rental place feeling a sense of relief at the sight of four happy kids in their pajamas, a brother and his sisters, marching off toward their family van, side by side on a Saturday night, movie in hand, all of them looking forward to getting home and watching it together.

My mom finished the stroller blankets for the girls. (Photos to come.) I'll bring them up with me tonight when we head back home to LA, where they (and I) will stay until the babies arrive. Us and our ANKLE-DEEP baby pool.





Amelia | 10:44 AM

Just so you know, you're probably going to be getting a knock on your door from the NO FAIR!! Police this afternoon...I called them shortly after seeing your lovely stretch-mark free 30-week spa getaway for 2 in that last picture.

But don't worry too much, I hear that the No Fair police always bring watermelon and unicorn dolls with them, so it should be a nice afternoon.

Seriously, you look great, take care of that tailbone. xo

Arnebya | 10:49 AM

That there is a beautiful belly. I smiled throughout this entire post (except when Fable fell but then right after when she, and you, were fine). I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you. Sending you "keep on cookin', babies" vibes for you and the girls to get as close to the due date as possible. (The Internet continues to wig me out that I am this interested and excited (and follow-y) of a stranger's impending birth. But I'm is).

Ashley | 10:59 AM

Hello gorgeous pregnant belly...hell, mine SO did not look like that and I was only incubating one person at a time.

Can't wait to see how your pregnancy progresses! I've been reading since you got pregnant with Fable and I love your writing. I'm looking forward to finding out the super cool names of your new girls!

Charlie | 11:03 AM

I love how your daughter is throwing up gang signs!!

It's so incredible to watch the transformation. I know you might be uncomfortable but it really is such a magic spectacle for us men to watch you grow with life/lives gestating.

I video'd my wife and set it to the 2001: Space Odyssey music... lol... Lemme know if you want to link.


Carrie | 11:04 AM

How is it you look more beautiful with each passing week?

Dana | 11:11 AM

I loved the description of you stalking the family of four kids. We're that family too and we routinely get stares and comments of "wow. oh my. are they all yours?" Prepare for stares!

Glenda | 11:15 AM

First of all, congrats to the 30 wk mark! Congrats to Fable for being Able to poop in the pot lol :)

Your belly shots...priceless! You look amazingly beautiful! The weight you've gained has definitely gone to the girls because your face still looks the same!

Breach...keeping my fingers crossed that R&B shift positions if that is possible so that you won't have a C-section.

Keep baking R&B!!!

Reb @ Sink or Swim | 11:16 AM

I can't believe you are thirty weeks already! Your pregnancy is FLYING by! Well at least for me... for you maybe not so much...

Catherine | 11:16 AM

Aww, you look wonderful babe! Sorry to read about your slip, but glad all girls involved are a-okay. So excited for you and your babies!

Tracy @nystoopmama | 11:22 AM

Easily the most adorable, mellow-looking pregnant lady of twins and mama to two other peanuts that I've EVER seen. In my life. With the cutest clothes. Seriously!

Boston Mamas | 11:22 AM

You look gorgeous my luv. And I love this post for so many reasons. So happy for you!

Anonymous | 11:28 AM

I've been following your blog since I got pregnant with my first almost a year ago.

You ROCK! I love your candid stories. I just have the one fresh baby but your wit and sarcasm give me strength.

So exciting about twins. Keep up the great work!

amyunicorn | 11:39 AM

You look AMAZING!! And you also kinda look like you're going to explode. I mean that in the nicest way possible, I promise!

Great Job to Fable!! High-five!

MidLyfeMama | 11:42 AM

You still have ankles! At 30 weeks I had the kankles. YAY for making it to 30 weeks!

Molly | 11:47 AM

You're still looking beautiful. Wow!! Forget the number on the scale. You look amazing!

Not that you need advice, but reading this I just wanted to somehow insist that you get one of those massages as often as you can from here on out if they felt that good. And acupuncture too. Pamper pamper pamper yourself during this home stretch! And on a related note--child care! get yourself some child care, even if it's for while you're at home pampering yourself. You don't need any more cases of the shakes.

P.S. Congrats on the able-pottied!

cara | 11:48 AM

What an amazing and moving story about your grandma.

I'm a little bit jealous of that family and your soon to be gigantic brood. I would really rather like another two older kiddies to go with our twin bubs.

Makyo | 11:49 AM

It is absolutely absurd that you look this amazing with two tiny ladies inside you! I gained more than you have, and was a big fat-faced mess with only ONE babe - who was six weeks ealy!

Have you tried or considered chiropractic help for encouraging breach babies to turn? It's called the Webster technique and if you can find a local doctor who specializes/is qualified, I recommend it as something painless that might help.

As a mama who delivered via emergency C section (preeclampsia + breach babe) I am here to tell you that you will be FINE if you need to go that route. Get yourself some high-waisted undies and pants for the recovery! (the Ingrid & Isabel Everywhere pant was a lifesaver for me)

Mallory | 11:51 AM

Woohooo for 30 weeks. I also think its kind of crazy how many weird coincidences have happened since you've been pregnant. Archer predicting they're girls. The picture of the little family just like yours that you found with your mom and now seeing a family just like yours in blockbuster. It's like the twilight zone up in there.

Elise | 11:54 AM

The story of your grandmother's birth made me tear up (and hyperventilate a little). I had my three girls at 35 weeks, which is triplet best case scenario and they came home with us from the hospital at four days old. Even at 4 pounds each, they were so tiny; feeding them was a matter of trying to get an ounce into them every three hours. It was intense (and wonderful) and I have never been so grateful to live in a time with the NICU, which was my shining beacon of hope as I progressed through the weeks of my pregnancy towards the (triplet)safety milestone of 28 weeks. Every week after that felt like a gift. Enjoy the home stretch, you look and sound amazing.

Amber @ Backwards Life | 11:59 AM

You still make me cry every single time. Not sure how you do it, but it's one of those cleansing cries, and for that I am thankful. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Congrats on making it this far! You look beautiful and I just know you're going to rock as a mother of 4!

Alison | 12:08 PM

You look amazing!

I had a c-section almost exactly one year ago after 44 hours of mostly unmedicated labor. I was a high-strung natural birthing advocate before, and I still am in a way, but a c-section shouldn't be the shame-spiral it's become. That you & the babes make it through happy & healthy - that's the most important thing - no matter how they get out. So I second what Makyo said on the c-section front, especially about the high-waisted pants. Stock up on Hanes boy-short underwear, one size too-big. Trust me.

Ladynicole | 12:10 PM

Hooray for 30 weeks!

And p.s. you look beautiful.

Ladynicole | 12:11 PM

And also, I had not thought of potty training the older one before having another. Stellar plan, BTW. I may have to steal that...

Red Stethoscope | 12:11 PM

You look beautiful! And, I see nary a stretch mark on that gorgeous belly!

Ruskemamma | 12:23 PM

I just want to wish you good luck, when it`s birth- time for the babies. I just discoverd this blog when jo pronounsed the pregnancy, and i love it!
Have to say I admire you as a mother of four!!
You have a beautiful family:)

Crossing my fingers for Fable`s potty-training, as my own girl had her first time on the potty today. So much fun when you see how proud they get:)
Hugs from Norway:)

Spencer Family | 1:02 PM

A few months ago I made the same comment about not wiping my son's bum anymore. He's been potty trained for over a year but my husband insists that we wipe my son's bum. (you better believe that whenever my husbands home he has to wipe the bum!) Anyway, now that I'm pregnant with baby #2 I was telling my son one day that once this baby comes I will only be wiping ONE bum, her bum. My smart-a husband yells from the other room. "If your only wiping one bum, whose wiping yours?!"

Amy J | 1:05 PM

You. Look. Amazing.

But more importantly, your attitude is inspiring. And come one, y'all ran into a family with a boy, a girl, and twin girls? Could the universe be any more tuned in with you? You rock.


What a moving, amazing story about your grandmother! I can't even imagine...

You look incredible. I am in love with that belly shot! Hooray for 30 weeks and watermelon (and potty-pooping)!

~ Noelle

Erin | 1:58 PM

Seriously. My kiddo just looked at your picture and said, "Hey! Dose babies BIGGER now!" and then he said, "I want to hug them very nicely." Haha. I think I need to have another kid :) You look beautiful! And so does Fable! I can't wait to find out the names you've chosen! (How's that for a random string of sentences/thoughts!)

julie. | 2:07 PM

AH! I was pregnant last summer & spent most of the time in the pool, too. (We live in Atlanta, so it's hot here, too.) Here's a fun pregnancy game - try to do a flip. Nothing fancy, just a standing in the water, front (or back) flip. I know sounds nuts, but... it's, like, totally impossible, so fun.

ALSO! Another pregnant in the summer tip: invest in a snorkel & mask. I spent a TON of time face down, floating in the water, breathing through the snorkel, while my husband & son threw the ball around. It's an amazing feeling to lie face down in the water while pregnant, like, almost naughty... also, though, delightful. All the pressure in my back went away & was just, blissful. | 2:27 PM

I have been following your blog since Archer was a baby. It has been such a joy reading about your family and how it has grown. As I am sure all of your readers are, the excitement about the new additions is skyrocketing right now. I have only commented once or twice but for some reason today is one of those days I feel compelled to do so. I just want to say how gorgeous you look right now, and not just gorgeous for 30 weeks pregnant with twins. Gorgeous, Period.

Very happy for you and your family, keep on doing what you're doing you are a superstar.

Carrie | 3:22 PM

You look so great and I'm so glad to hear you made it to 30 weeks! I just hit 36 weeks with my little gal so I understand that feeling of relief.

I had an emergency C with my son and I'll have a scheduled one with this baby - it was my worst fear at one time but you know, it was just fine and some babies need to be born that way.

We took the hospital tour this weekend and there was a mom with twins asking questions and the nurse casually mentioned that some twin moms have one baby vaginally and one by c-section. The thought of going through both in one day makes me soooo tired.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art | 4:13 PM

What a super cute blog you have...and how adorable are you with your beautiful belly :) i wish i looked as good as you when i was thirty weeks.

Sarah | 4:15 PM

I used to be a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner so I'm very familiar with all the bells and whistles of the NICU - but I loved your story of your grandmother! My bother-in-law's dad was extremely premature (he's close to 80 now) and it was the same story - except his mom actually kept him in the oven to keep him warm! Crazy, but awesome at the same time. I love your posts, keep cookin' those girls :)

chesapeake | 4:19 PM

I just have to echo everyone else here: you look freaking gorgeous. With no qualifiers gorgeous.

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 5:18 PM

You look fantastic as ever!!! I can't wait to find out what you're naming your girls ;)

Andrea | 5:28 PM

I love the sweet pictures of Fable, especially the last one.

Looking at the pictures of you, it's amazing that anyone can fit more than two babies at a time. Glad you are feeling good!

Amanda | 5:35 PM

This post flew by as I devoured it detail for detail. What a gift for everyone in your family. Good luck in the time left to go!

Liz | 5:47 PM

a) You still have ankle bones and b) You have no stretch are one lucky lady!

Swirls of Happy | 7:55 PM

You look awesome and I am glad to hear you are feeling good...acid reflux is the worst! I am a twin myself, and I get so excited when I hear about someone having twins because it really is so miraculous. Isn't it amazing to think you are creating two lives at once?! My twin and I are best friends and I can't imagine my world without her in it. I am excited for you to become a mama of is pretty neat. Congrats to the soon to be family of 6!!


You guys always say the nicest things. Thank you. For reading and writing and sharing the love. This pregnancy has been a real trip but the best part has been sharing it with all of you. Truly. Love to all.


Oh! And I love hearing from multiples and the parents of multiples... It's really cool to have a triplet grandmother and I love that she gets to experience this pregnancy, too. My grandma's daughter (my aunt) also had twins (boys) so to have twin girl great granddaughters after having twin grandsons (and having an identical sister and fraternal brother) is pretty awesome.

I feel like I'm part of a unique tribe. An honor it most definitely is.

Mama Cas | 8:36 PM

I would not guess that you're nearing the 200 lb. look fantastic! I'm amazed, as a matter of fact. You have no's all belly! With my first one, I retained so much water that I had to wear bedroom slippers home from the hospital. Good luck and take care and I hope you continue to feel good.

lonek8 | 9:08 PM

You absolutely look amazing! And I can completely considerate with you about Fable falling in the hottub. My 2 yo just walked right into a hotel hottub and off the bottom step this summer. We snatched her out immediately, but my heart didn't come down out of my throat for days.

Yay for making it to 30 weeks!

Vanessa | 9:34 PM

Congrats on making it to 30 weeks! That was always my big milestone too, with each of my four babies :). Looking forward to reading about the weeks to come.

Elliesee | 9:53 PM

You really look great! I was told I should give birth at 36 weeks so I felt overdue with my twins for 4 summer weeks. It is a strange feeling. About a C-section; my doctor told me if I had one that I would need help during the night - since I had help all day from my mother I wouldn't have known to whom to turn to (giving up sleep at night seems like a lot to ask from someone...) These things work themselves out all right though and hopefully help will flow your way when you'll need it. My sister had a planned C-section because of her big breech boy and recovered beautifully. Same for my sister in-law. The key is to prepare for the eventuality I guess (I wasn't fully prepared but did not have a C-sect). I was surprised though that my doctors really didn't mind that the second baby was breech, as long as the first had her head down.

kittenpie | 10:08 PM

I love how tropical and relaxed you look!

And I remember falling down my front stairs at about 5 months pregnant - it was TERRIFYING, so I can totally relate to how scary that must have been! Of course, me living here, I slipped on ice in midwinter, no hot tubs involved. Yours is totally the better way to go!

annabelvita | 4:26 AM

Man, you're looking good but also looking STRONG and FIERCE, a force to be reckoned with.

renee | 5:49 AM

Um, dude, you're still going to be wiping three butts, unless you've got someone else wiping yours.

But congrats on getting Fable squared away. My first did NOT do that until long after my second was born, so counting me, two kids, and the dog, I could easily be fielding nine or ten poops a day.

Jamie | 10:59 AM

A friend forwarded your site on to me. I'm new to the blogging world just have started my own! I just had twin girls 7 months ago, they were #3 and #4 for us (two big brothers ages 4 and 3)... so yes I have 4 babies ages 4 and under. Hooray! Good luck with these last few weeks!

Unknown | 12:17 PM

You do amazing things with stripes. Truly amazing!

Whitney | 5:50 PM

I have to say I am so jealous of your beautiful belly! My twin belly definitely done not look like that, especially 1 week postpartum! No one told me about all the loose skin! I had to have a c-section with my twin boys due to position and honestly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Recovery is harder than a normal birth, but we are only 1 week out and I already feel closer to normal minus the sleep deprivation and adjusting to life with twins. Congratulations on making it to 30 weeks! That is amazing! My boys were born at 36 weeks and 4 days and never went to the NICU and came home with us! You can do it! Almost there!

alice | 6:24 PM

Nonsense, my adorable friend--there's no one I'd rather wander through parking lots with! I'm so happy I got to see your gorgeousness in person.

Lissa | 5:35 AM

Fable always reminds me of Scout Finch. Always.
Anyway, you look gorgeous as always and I wish you health and everything nice throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

vera | 10:15 PM

I am 28 weeks pregnant with ONE and I hit 194 at my OB visit today, so you are a-okay my friend! You look amazing!!!

Anonymous | 7:16 PM

OMG, I go on maternity leave and don't cheack blogs for 5 months and you're pregnant with TWINS... WHOA! Congrads!!!

Ray | 11:26 AM

Rebecca, you look AMAZING! =D And I MEAN that. <3

Kept saying, "Ohmygod" while reading this entry. It's crazy to think that there was ever a life before "NICU!" Your great-grandmother is amazing for having been able to do that, without the help of a nurse. I believe that people back then were much stronger than we are now. Not to say that people aren't strong now. But strong in a different way.

So glad to hear that you and Fable are okay after that jacuzzi scare!

What an awesome story about your soon-to-be-identical-family at Blockbuster. Very cool. ^o^

You guys are going to be such a BADASS family of 6! =o)

Ray | 11:29 AM

P.S. LOVE the photos of Fable. She's totally like my cousin Alyssa (who's turning four next month). Always being silly for the camera. =P

Nicole | 5:47 PM

You are such a beautiful mama!

I am glad that you, fable, and the babies are okay.. how scary!

Yay for making it to goal #1! I'm sorry you don't get to go back for some R&R until after the babies are born but you could totally rock a ankle deep pool ;-)