Support Indie Film: Violeta

photo via the Violeta website

Joe Nava is one of my dearest friends. He's also a screenwriter and is currently fundraising to produce his first solo project with his friend and Director, Molly O'Connor. (Here's an informative brochure about my friend, Joe who looks VERY serious in this picture, but is actually really fucking funny and insane in the best way possible. As serious, of course. He's also very serious.)

As someone who has been supported by my community for the last six years, I'm asking on Joe's behalf, to support him, too. Joe has literally thrown his life into this project, a difficult and fearless task. A dollar or two thrown Joe's way would be awesome. Or? A quick virtual high-five to Joe and Molly for DOING IT, instead of just talking about doing it. There are few things more important to me than supporting the doers of the world, especially when they also happen to be dear friends. Love you, Joe. Can't wait to see your script come to life, you wonderful man.



To support Violeta via Indie GoGo donation go here.
More on Violeta and the crew, here.