NICU: Los Angeles

I'm trying to make light of this NICU business as well I can, which isn't to say I'm completely grateful that the girls are doing incredibly well upstairs. (I write this from my hospital room where I sit alone with my giant breast pump after just seeing off Hal, Archer, Fable and my parents.)
That's been the hardest part, I think. Having this giant family seemingly overnight and all of us being separated. Bo and Rev (what we're calling them for short) aren't even in the same NICU room anymore so every time I'm with one I feel terrible that I can't be with the other and then I burst into tears and then die on the floor because my C-section is fucking killing me. And then I laugh because I'm so emotional and then I cry again because my C-section and then everyone's like, "are you okay?" and I'm like, "YES! I'm fine! And then I make a joke about Boheme and Reverie being the Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J of the NICU ward. Except instead of wielding guns and fighting crime, they rock Bilirubin glasses and receiving blankets.
Reverie "living up to her name" Lux
Boheme "you glow girl" Shalom

(I was told when we were admitted Monday night that because the babies were to be born five weeks early they would have to spend anywhere from a few days to two weeks in the NICU regardless of birthweight. Boheme quickly graduated to the "full term" NICU room but Rev is still in the "Undergraduate program", hopefully graduating soon.)

Tonight Archer burst into tears because he wanted to see his sisters and didn't understand why he had to stay down here in my mess of a hospital room with his crazy emotional mother and her breast pump while his sisters were upstairs alone without us.

Do you want to know how to make an already emotional mother lose her shit entirely? Let her sit and watch her son leave her hospital room in hysterics because "I want us all to be home together."

For now, I have pictures and videos of the babies, promises their sisters will come home soon and then we can be together forever until the end of time I promise.

"But WHEN!?"

"I don't know! Soon! Hopefully really, really, totally and extremely soon!"

As for the girls, they're eating well (Reverie graduated from IV to bottle today) and have no breathing issues so that's A+. They're both about as calm and easy to love as two people could possibly be. And soon (next week?), we'll all be together, crying I'm sure, for entirely new reasons.

In the meantime, a few quick snaps from this afternoon:

where you at, girl?
Oh, you know. Long day yesterday. Trying to sleep it off.
You should see me right now. I look like a future baby.
You should see ME right now. I'm trying to sleep.
That's cool. We're not allowed to use cell phones in here anyway.
Peace out.
Sweet dreams.



P.S. For those asking, Boheme is pronounced Bo-Em, as in Bohème. More on the girls' names later, promise promise. In the meantime, fais de beaux Bo reves Rev.

P.P.S. On behalf of all six of us, thank you, thank you and thank you for being so wonderful. We have read every comment and tweet and post and email, are floored by your kindness and love. I can't begin to tell you how much it means.


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Jessica Gottlieb | 11:22 PM

DYING to get my hands on those two perfect little loves.

xoxo you'll be crying at home together soon enough.

Lacey Jane | 11:24 PM a currently pregnant musical theater nerd of a woman who has never considered the name Boheme as a name before... I want to steal it from you.

I won't. But oh. I want to.

And zomg and tears and hormones and your babies are so exceedingly beautiful. One thousand congratulations to you.

Rae | 11:25 PM

They are amazing. Oh, the emotions! Your sense of humor does you well... :) Blessings on your beautiful family.

Victoria | 11:25 PM

They are absolutely beautiful just like the rest of your family. Congratulations, again and again! Hang in there; you will ALL be home happy and healthy soon, and these tough days will be a distant memory.

Kate | 11:30 PM

More squeezes to you and all your babes. And don't fear the mama bear. BETHE MAMABEAR. If it comes to that.

Manda | 11:32 PM

Oh Archer!! My heart! It hurts! Peace and love to you all and may the hospital stay fly by!! xo

johnmayersquare | 11:32 PM

Those icky hormones...ugh! The girls are just gorgeous and will be snuggle-bugs for you all at home sooner than you can blink...such an emotional roller coaster....I remember it well...Hang in there!

jessicapea | 11:33 PM

Oh those emotions :'( I hope you are together with all your beautiful children really soon.

The c-section thing gets better, honestly - by day 5 you will only really remember it when you laugh to hard and choke.

Kate | 11:35 PM

Btw, hello?, you had two of my one babies inside you. You are 'zamazeing.

Fun Mama | 11:36 PM

I hope you are home together sooner than you can even dream. (And as big as they are, I bet you won't be apart much longer!)

avb | 11:36 PM

You birthed a GLO-WORM!!!!


Tanya Norton | 11:36 PM

You are amazing and it really is so hard! NICU is stressful and you don't want to leave your baby. The hospital I was at when I delivered fractured my prem baby's skull and then tried to send me home because he was in NICU and not in my room I fought so hard and won. He only thrived when he had me close by. The thing is, you know best and the babies need you so beautiful chin up, sigh that you can bend at the waist (soon enough) and revel in the fact that you will all be together soon! Archer is an amazing soul and he and, Hal and Fable will keep you keeping on, as will Bo and Rev, Rev and Bo. You did so well, so well you (and watermelon) cooked healthy twins! AMAZING.

s.a. | 11:36 PM

Every since I saw 'La Boheme' in the third grade I have thought it was one of the prettiest sounding words ever. You are a baby naming ninja, dayummmm! Boheme and Reverie are just outstanding names.

Boheme looks like a mini baby Fable, and Reverie looks so much like Archer. Twins are trippy!! Congratulations on your gorgeous girls, I am sure they will be home and you all together very soon.

Anonymous | 11:39 PM

Aw, sweet sweet little babies, and sweet Archer. So anxious to meet his sisters. And mama, all you are going through! Taking the time to update us is very thoughtful and I hope you know how many of us are sending love and strength and support your way. It's beyond scary and unsettling having your babies in the NICU, but this will all be over with soon and you'll all be home together as you belong. Try to sleep and heal. My twins were never in the NICU but I know lots of mamas who were there -- and it will all be a distant memory in no time. You need to stay put in the hospital anyway because of your C-section, and hopefully your swelling and gas are not too out of control (for me the pressure caused so much more pain on the incision, but once that all settles down it will be much more tolerable). Hope the nurses are treating you well and letting you sleep when you can. (And giving you lots of support otherwise since you are alone some of the time). I know how much you must miss your babies and how awful the separation must feel. They are being well taken care of and catching up on rest themselves. I worked in the NICU for a brief period as a nurse and I'm sure you've realized by now that everyone there is in it for the love.

They are healthy and safe and just need a little time. And so do you. You have been through a lot!

Hang in there....

(Also, if you think there is even a chance the girls might stay past when you have to leave (even a few days), you might want to consider having Hal or your mom pick up a temporary disability placard application from the DMV and have your doc sign it. It only costs $6. Then you won't have as far to walk when you visit, since you'll still be uncomfy from the c-section. It will also help with your doctor visits while you are healing to have access to all parking spots. I don't know what hospital you are at, but I know UCLA all-day handicap valet is $3 compared to $11 for regular parking. I think you can get a $30 month-long parking pass from Cedars and perhaps use the valet b/c of your "disability". Not that you want to consider leaving without them, just something to think about to make your life easier if it does happen).

The Sentimental Suitcase | 11:46 PM

Oh Rebecca! Oh oh oh! You dear heart! They are the loveliest little darlings! I am praying that you all go home together soon!
By the way loving how Rev looks like Archer when he was a babe and Bo looks likes Fable!

heather... | 11:46 PM

You are a rock star, my dear. I am so looking forward to when you are home with your four, and we can have that picnic. Actually, I'll have a picnic and you can nap.


Angela | 11:48 PM

They look so chubby and adorable and healthy and fabulous!

Congratulations to all of you!!!

hayley | 11:51 PM

Bo + Rev look like they are loving life :)

elle | 12:06 AM

I'M an emotional wreck just reading this post, so oh boy, my heart goes out to you.

I'm sure your (OMG, how frickin' ADORABLE) baby girls have your strength, in which case, you'll all be home SOON.

wndl | 12:08 AM

sooo happy for your healthy babes! we survived a 6 wk nicu stay (3 of them at hospital an hour away), so i know how hard it is to be so SEPARATE from your babies.

I hope they've got you doing kangaroo care. It really made a huge difference with our 2 lb 9wk-early baby, and for my partner (the birth mom).

suzie q | 12:14 AM

They are beautiful and perfect.

Postpartum hormones are the worst. I think I cried for like four days straight after my c-section. I was completely engulfed in melancholy and perpetually on the verge of throwing up. And to top it all off, my eyes just would not stop leaking no matter what I was doing. Breastfeed (or try to) and cry. Snuggle baby and cry. Poke myself in numb and jello-like tummy and cry. Massage engorged torpedo boob and cry. I told my doctor I thought I had postpartum depression and she assured me it was just baby blues, "no big deal." I felt like shouting in her face, "don't minimize my pain! You don't know how I feel" But, instead, I just cried.

Thankfully after a week or so, my hormones started to settle down and I felt normal again. But, ugh, that sucked so hard.

Congratulations on your beautiful babies, you'll all be home together before you know it.

lula | 12:21 AM

Awesome! (well not awesome about the being apart and not at home part but awesome about the adorable babies and the safe delivery part!)

Best wishes to all of you! Looking forward to seeing updates as all of the pieces come together. Lots of love from another random reader!

Marie-Ève | 12:29 AM

They're so beautiful. And a huge hug to you (and Archer), dear. Soon, soon. x

pearmama | 12:32 AM

I don't know how you've done it, but all of your baybays have the most adorable little lips. Good job, mama. Take care of yourself. The dip in hormones are such a pain in the ass to cope with. But you'll be okay. I promise.

Emma | 12:33 AM

Love your "Bo-Rev" pun! They are indeed the sweetest, most beautiful dreams! Hang in there...

Jelena | 12:35 AM

They are too beautiful for words!! I just can't wait till you get to take them home, it must be so hard right now... Hopefully, you'll have them home sooner than you think. Kisses and hugs to the whole (huge!) family, and hang in there.

p.s. Reverie looks so much like Archer in some of those pics! SO cute!

Taryn | 12:40 AM

Just gorgeous, congrats to all six of you for winding up together, just where you belong.

Much love, a long term Aussie reader, Taz.

Rosstwinmom | 12:42 AM

Hang in there. This separation time will be but a blip on the radar soon enough.
They look stunning. They are doing really well. I bet they'll be free in no time.

Emma, UK | 1:12 AM

Sending your beautiful family so much love. Rest up, and know that you have people all over the world thinking about you and wishing you well. When my twins sisters were born, I too (aged two-and-a-bit) wailed the house down... 25 years later, they are my best friends. What a gift you have given Archer and Fable, and I have no doubt that the four of them will grow up to be happy, strong and decent forces to be reckoned with. Beaux reves to you, Mama.

Mia Freedman | 1:19 AM

Beautiful beautiful news. Possibly the most stunning, eloquent and elegant names I've ever heard.
Mazel tov.

Virginia | 1:25 AM

Oh they are beautiful! And gawd, those hormones--been a good long while since I've experienced those pregnancy-related things, but man, I cried at EVERYthing in those first few weeks...the baby's one day older! Wah! Somebody sent the sweetest card! Wah! OMG isn't she beautiful! Wah!

Hoping you are all home together SOON!

Anonymous | 1:28 AM

Congratulations! Beautiful names for beautiful babes. Hope that C-section heals freakishly fast and both Bo & Rev put on so much weight ridiculously quickly and have such amazingly resolved bilirubin levels that the NICU nurse in charge says "Wha the? Get these healthy babes out of here immediately and home with their crazy-fast-healing mumma". I'm a med student - it can totally happen. Sending you healing vibes.

Love Caitlin x

jenifer | 1:40 AM

Goodness! Beauty and amazingness in every new post! Wishing you all the best. Those babies are gorgeous. A million infinity hugs and kisses!!!!!!

gemini-girl | 2:27 AM

Oh you!
First off, MAZAL TOV!

Secondly, from a mom who has been there- twin daughters, born 10 weeks premature (4-6 weeks NICU stay) I can say that what you are feeling is so normal.

My girls were in seperate NICUs for most of their stay. It was hard. I felt torn. Then one came home 2 weeks before the other- and I died inside.

But it will be ok.
And you will all be together.
And you WILL be crying from lack of sleep sone enough sister.

They are so beautiful.

You rock mama.

A Brilliant Life | 2:38 AM

Hang in there. The NICU part was the hardest thing ever for me! Then having to leave with only one of them was even harder than that. BUT - as others have said, soon you will have your babies at home with you and they will be all YOURS with no hospital floors inbetween you!

Stay stong, you are doing great! Keep pumping!

famousamy | 2:50 AM

Sending more love and prayers your way! Everyday feels like forever when you're in the hospital.. and then it all goes by too fast once you're at home!

I love the girls names, and I love your screen caps! That was just too funny this morning, and frankly I needed the pick-me-up too. So thanks for making my day. :-)

Just one piece of advice about the C-section. I've had two and the healing on my second went much better because of two things. Mostly remember not to push myself physically. It takes time to heal! But also because I practiced coughing.. Sounds funny but it does two things for you. First, it keeps your lungs moving, which helps keep pneumonia away (especially since you're probably a lot less mobile right now than usual). And second, it also helps you get used to holding your belly. That way if you get an actual cough in a few weeks you'll automatically reach for your stomach to hold instead of being totally surprised, letting out a huge cough, and ripping your internal wound apart.

Hoping you and your whole family will be reunited soon. It sounds like the girls are doing well! Best of luck to all of you on this adventure and thank you so much for posting and sharing already. :-)

Anonymous | 3:01 AM

Never, ever have I seen such flat out exquisite babies. So so so beautiful. All of you! Wow. Just wow.

Congratulations. I'm so envious of your family.

Love and best wishes,


Christine H | 3:07 AM

I'm just so happy that they are both doing well. Gorgeous babes. I hope that you all get to be together soon.

Molly | 3:09 AM

Oh, ugh. The Archer thing made cry. My kids were born 4 days apart, to the day. Max came rolling into my hospital room rocking his VISITOR badge like he'd been dressed by Rachel Zoë and said "This is the best 4th birthday present anybody EVER got."

Love to you and all of your little all-stars. So thrilled for you all.

Molly | 3:10 AM

Make that four YEARS apart. Not four days. Me think good at 6 am

Decor Addict | 3:15 AM

So so SO happy for you all..i've followed you blog from when you were pregnant with are a huge inspiration to me....let's say role model actually, and help me be a good mom....keep 'em comin. (the blog, not babies, I think 4's enough?)

Margie | 3:24 AM

It makes me ache for you. I remember missing my son after he was born even though he slept beside me, I was so used to have him kick around inside me. Any wonder you are crying, your precious babies are away from you and the older ones at home. Big hugs. Xo

end | 3:41 AM

Its so hard to be apart but soon you wont have to be. So happy to hear your all safe and well. Your an incredible family. & I cannot wait to hear more about your adventure. much love.

EvilCleopatra | 3:43 AM

I don't think I've ever commented before, but I am beyond excited for you and your new family! You are my favorite writer on the internet; you always seem to have a way to put into writing the more complex emotions that many of us are unable to describe. I feel like a dear friend of mine has just given birth to twins and I am so excited for you guys to all make it home and be the big, happy family you were meant to be. Can't wait to hear all the details and see pics of all of you together. :) Here's to a swift and healthy recovery!

Anonymous | 3:48 AM

I've been there. And I mean : TWINS - NICU - OLDER SIB - CX (but in LA and not NYC)

I have these points to make:

Those babies are damn cute

CX are very painful and you recover so much better if you can allow yourself the rest. Don't rush to get home. You know how hard it is to go down to the NICU to feed?? Life gets 10x harder at home. At least try to sleep the night which is hard with the nurses.

NICUs are hard. So many fragile babies. Yours, like mine, look rock solid but it's hard to be in that world and not take it in. It's hard not to be both thankful and exhausted by that.

My older stayed at home the whole time with special time with dad and friends. I dont think you need to feel they HAVE to come (any more than you'd feel you couldnt go on a business trip for 4 days without a visit). That place is confusing for all peoples under the age of 25 and over the age of 28.

trish (from sydney) | 3:48 AM

you make beautiful, beautiful babies!! and all your children's names are magnificent! congrats!

Corri | 4:07 AM

They are so adorable!

Kayley Maybe | 4:31 AM

Will be keeping your family in my thoughts. Glad to hear that everyone is healthy - I know you will all be home soon!

Sky | 4:31 AM

Oh what gorgeously precious little darlings! I've always wanted twin girls and this just makes me want them all the more! Just from pics has anyone else mentioned that one looks a lot like Archer and the other like Fable? How fabulously miraculous! God bless your family :)

Caitlin | 4:43 AM

Look at those two perfect babies! Wishing you and the new fam massive amounts of love and togetherness asap. Keep healing GGC, you will rock the shit out of this!

Unknown | 4:44 AM

They are amazing- you are amazing.

I can sympathize with the NICU stay- my first was a 6 week preemie-and it was probably the toughest 2 weeks of my life- but they WILL be home soon- and your hormones WILL start to settle.
I wish you lots of peace with your new loves.

annabelvita | 4:46 AM

Oh my goodness, they are so beautiful. And that Archer slays me. It must be so discombobulating to have everyone in such different places and to be all alone with your crazy changing hormones at the end of the day.
So much love to you. Be gentle with yourself. Try to get some rest whilst your babies are in safe hands. So much love xx

Missy | 4:47 AM

What beautiful babies! I think Boheme looks like Fable and Reverie looks like Archer.. they are gorgeous! Great work mommy and daddy! I'm sure the kids are out of their minds with excitement to see and hold their new sisters. They will be wonderful older siblings. Must love to you all and enjoy every minute! GOOD JOB MOMMY! I hope you start to feel physically better soon. I'm sure your heart is bursting with all kinds of emotions. Sending some love to your family!

Silvy | 5:06 AM

ok they are born before the time, but the already look chubby! i'm sure in no time you'll be home, all together!! can't wait to see more pics, they are really beautiful! ps how cool is your mom?!?

Sam | 5:09 AM

Your captions made me giggle. Those girls!

I am SO sorry you are having to deal with the NICU sadness. It's so hard, because you just want to be with your babies. I felt awful everytime I had to leave them (like to go back to my room so they could take my blood, those vampire nurses!) but we always had SOMEONE there with the baby, which made me feel better. And awful for all the little tiny babes with NO ONE there to hold them or talk to them. But hopefully it will soon be over, and Bo + Rev will be sleeping and pooping and smiling back home.

I'm telling you, these babies have made my WEEK! I smile everytime I think about them and you, too.

Rebbie | 5:09 AM

You are amazing. Bo and Rev are amazing. Your family is amazing.

I don't know you, but your sweet blog allows me to laugh and cry with you every week. Thank you for letting me into your world. What a beautiful place to be.

sonja | 5:13 AM

Your girls are amazing and gorgeous and just from the photos look like such peaceful souls.

Also: Rev looks so much like Archer! It's craziness!

Hoping you're all home toute de suite!!!

Melissa Wilson | 5:17 AM

The girls are beautiful, Rebecca!! Big time congratulations to you and yours.

Christy / Thrifty Vintage Kitten | 5:22 AM

Goosebumps central over here! A thousand congratulations to you and your awesome family.

Emry | 5:23 AM

Your girls are beautiful.


Kate | 5:30 AM

The babies.. the names.. perfect! Love to you all.

Jack's Mama | 5:30 AM

What a blessed family, with beautiful babes :) Thanks for the updates you are a rock star! Try to pee often when your bladder gets full down there gets even more sensitive to the laughing!! Glad there are many smiles to go with the tears!

JenAHM | 5:31 AM

Congratulations -- beautiful pictures of two beautiful babies. I'm tearing up reading this as I sit here with my now 5 month old daughter on my lap. It feels like I was just there with a tiny one like yours....

Jules | 5:32 AM

Love the names, and the girls! Thanks for updating, I have been checking in non stop for the past few days :) Ive been singing la Vie Boheme for the past few days and thinking of your girls!

Anonymous | 5:33 AM

What great names! I love that Archers biggest concern is being together at home as a family!

Congratulations again! You are on a great journey with you family and I wish you all the best!

tweetsweet | 5:34 AM

I am insanely happy for you right now....I told my husband about your tweet about your water breaking the other night like it was a close friend. So excited for you all! Those are some gorgeous girls and you guys are a lovely family. Hopefully you will heal from your incision soon (I have had 2 c-sections), use pillows when you cough or does hurt, but it will fade.

Sarah | 5:38 AM

OMG wow congratulations!! I was out yesterday and missed the news! Your little angels are gorgeous, wow do they look like Archer and Fable too, so nix the mailman story :).
BTW .. I burst into tears when you wrote that Archer just wanted to see the babies and all be a family .. so hard for young ones to understand the whole picture, and must have made you so sad that all couldn't have been picture perfect. But .. all in Gods good timing! You will all be together soon. Sleep well, and cuddle your amazing babies!

Noelle Spooner | 5:39 AM

Oh my my my those darlings are beautiful. My ovaries are aching!! In just a few short weeks your incision will feel so much better, I promise.

Cindy | 5:41 AM

I don't know. I didn't recently have a c-section or babies and I'm crying right along with little Archer. The good news is that everyone is healthy and doing A-OK. The bad news you have to be patient and wait it out.

They are perfect little beings and a beautiful addition to an all ready gorgeous family.

Jessie May | 5:41 AM

Rebecca, you are a Viking! Well done on....everything. The girls are just perfection and their names are amazing (particularly loving Bo Rev/Beaux Reves/beautiful dreams- perfect!). Fingers crossed that all six of you can be home, happy and healthy, oh so soon (sweet Archer!). Thinking of you, Hal and your beautiful babes (all four of them!). Happy babyland wanderings, again! You are all beautiful :) xxxx

Melissa | 5:45 AM

And now I am sobbing over my coffee. You sweet, beautiful lady with your sweet, beautiful words. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Your girls are beyond lovely as are the rest of you. Much love.

Meg | 5:53 AM

Beautiful. Congratulations to Archer and Fable. You can tell Fable what I told my 2nd child when baby 3 came along last year. "You are extra special now because you are BOTH big AND little brother!"
Best of luck.

Connie | 6:07 AM

Your brightness of heart in this post is wonderful-

and have enough people told you yet what gorgeous kids you and Hal weave together? I mean. Come On.

(And is Archer the best brother ever or what? Jeez.)

You're absolutely right: You'll all be tucked back in that little lovenest of yours before you even know it!

Until then-you've got our thoughts and prayers.

Virginia-Ann | 6:13 AM

So sorry that Bo and Rev are in the NICU, but as a parent of 3 former NICU grads from way way back in the day, I want to tell you that in time you will actually appreciate the time you have now to heal from your C-section. The girls are doing wonderful, so a few normal 35 weeker issues is nothing compared to what it could have been!
I had a 2.13 (27 weeker) a 5.3 (34 weeker) and you know how this one turned out, as it is Emilee from SBW, and a 3.9 (30 weeker)
Before you know it all 4 kids will be grown and you and Hal will be wondering what happened to have it go by so fast... Much love to you all

Wading Patiently | 6:14 AM

Congratulations!! Their sweet faces look so squishy and kissable :-) I hope you can go home soon and all be together!

Kristina | 6:24 AM

My oldest was born at 32 weeks....3pounds, 13 ounces.....31 days in the NICU. Vent, c-pap, brain bleed, occupational therapy to teach her how to eat, etc. When you said you were "done" my whole body cringed, but I've learned that it's hard to convince someone something they know nothing about. Life in the NICU sucks and I'm sure as you look around at some of your childrens' bunkmates you've noticed that your girls are in pretty good shape. Thank your blessings and know that this is just a blimp on the radar of life. Good luck! And yeah....c-sections suck too. Hugs.

Mona A. Monzano | 6:26 AM

I've been lurking here a while and I just wanted to say that I can't believe how excited I am about the birth of two babies whose family I don't even know in real life.

Seriously, so excited! Can't wait to read all the wonderful stories that I'm sure you'll soon be telling about your beautiful girls!

Anonymous | 6:29 AM

My first was born (spontaneously and unexpectedly) 6 weeks early (via emergency c-section) and OMG I remember the hell the post-op pain was and the emotional struggle I had with the NICU. It was where my baby needed to be, and I was so glad he was somewhere safe, but I felt completely without power (not a feeling I am used to or like). Every time I would ask for a status update, I would be told unhelpful and ambiguous things, like "He wasn't even supposed to be born yet" further inducing mommy guilt for something I had no control over. Fortunately my OB was a Godsend and reminded me that I was the mom, and I had rights and I needed to step up and empower myself. My wee guy was only in the NICU for a week, thank God, but the night I went home and left him in the hospital was the hardest night of my life, even though I returned in the wee hours the next morning. I can't imagine what it would have felt like to have been ripped in more pieces by kids at home wanting me, too. In short - this part is so fricking amazing, but so heart-wrenching, too. You have every right to feel the millions of emotions you will feel, and no one (myself included) knows what you feel, because you are their mom (all 4 of them). Just a few words to hopefully remind you to feel empowered even when you may want to cry.

Katherine | 6:31 AM

They are beautiful! I know the feeling, hang in there. I also had a babe 6 weeks early and a C sec and all that. You will get through it and be home in no time. Congrats to you and your gorgeous family! X

Anonymous | 6:31 AM

SO thrilled your baby girls are doing so well! I am 28 weeks pregnant with twins so I am bracing myself for the probability of having mine in the NICU too, so I REALLY appreciate you sharing your experieince and feelings about it -your blog has really helped me with my pregnancy as to what to expect in the coming weeks...hope you all are discharged soon and get to be home together as a family!

mgreenmier | 6:32 AM

Congratulations! You have a such a beautiful family! I hope to hear you talk about them some more on TPE...once you've had some time at home relax and enjoy your new additions.

Melanie | 6:38 AM

Congrats on the babies - they, and their names, are beautiful. First time commenter, but I've been following your blog through this pregnancy and love it!

Melody | 6:42 AM

I'm sorry you're separated from your babies right now-- from all of them. It IS hard, even though you're totally blessed. Acknowledge the hard. Grieve the absence. It will be better soon, but right now sucks. Let it, and don't feel guilty for feeling crappy right now. Just know that this part will come to an end, and your life to come is already brimming over with love and happiness.

Sending you light. I'm very happy for your family.

Jenny | 6:42 AM

That "conversation" between the girls cracked me up. Future baby? Hahahaha!

They are wonderful and gorgeous. You have such a beautiful family -- here's hoping you can all be together at home very soon!

Rachael | 6:44 AM

I have read your blog since my first (unplanned)pregnancy. It has helped me get through a new baby, wedding and happily another new baby. You regularly make me laugh and cry. Looking at your beautiful babies made me cry. Again. Congrats to your wonderful family of 6!!!!

katiep913 | 6:54 AM

Tears are flowing here! For the happiness and the heartache both. I remember the uncontrollable sobbing being twice as bad with my twins as it was with my singletons--double everything! But I could laugh during it, too, just as you do. Sending so much love to your beautiful family, congratulations!!!! I can't wait to watch the girls as they are folded right into your family.

oh, jenny mae | 6:55 AM

oh, sweet archer! what a brother. you already know just how lucky you are with him as a big brother, but now he is keeper of dreams for your three beauties. such a thing, that is.

and just like that, you're back to a single vagina.

Kayla | 7:01 AM

OMG Remember when I said that you have two little baby fables.. I lied.. That is one baby fable and one baby archer.. OMG how cute.. This might sound awful because they are in the NICU and all but I want to bite Bo.. I want to bite her right on those cheeks!! If you are ever visiting NJ (and you have no problems with a stranger taking care of your troops) I will babysit.. Jack and Emily would love Fable, Archer, Bo and Rev.. OMG call her Rev Run...

All that aside, praying you guys are all home and in one home real soon.

Love and Peace

Alexandra | 7:02 AM

They're beautiful.
YOu'll be home soon,promise.

Mine were born at 34 wks, and were home within 5 days of the NICU.

You'll do it, mama.

In the meantime, your sense of humor will SAVE you.

Much love!

Abi | 7:03 AM

Your family is beautiful! Wishing you all the best!

Gwen Papp | 7:04 AM

Oh they're beautiful! I know it's tough having them in the NICU, especially when there are two. When my baby girls were in there (for 21 and 26 days), I used to feel so guilty about having to choose who to see first when I came in each time. Like they were keeping track. It was so tough when they came home, for different reasons, but at least we were together.

Hang in there. The NICU sucks, no matter what a blessing it is. But you have some awesome babies there. Yay for twins!!

Rosa | 7:10 AM

They are the cutest little bebes! I hope the NICU stay does not last too long and you can be a whole family soon. Congrats again!

Roberta | 7:12 AM

Welcome, Bo & Rev! Those names blow me away - so poetic and lovely and unique. (Can I hire you to name my next baby? I've named one already and I am fresh out.) You & your body were ROCKSTARS at carrying twins -seriously - you kept 'em safe, and grew big, healthy gorgous girls who will be home with you before you know it. Magnificent love to you all!

writermom | 7:12 AM

They are SO BEAUTIFUL, truly perfect! Congratulations!! What an amazing thing that such lovelies came from your did a great job growing these flowers. As someone who also experienced two vaginal births prior to C-section, I was laid extremely low by the surgery (physically, yes, but perhaps moreso emotionally). The recovery was hard and my feelings were intense (lots of tears, o god the tears). There were ways in which I could not care for my baby and my older children for that matter ... and that just about broke me. And when I was caring for the baby, I MISSED my older kids so so much. I cried for two straight weeks, probably longer. BUT. I'm here to tell you, as have so many others, that the other side awaits and things will get better, so much better. Of course, you know that...but I know it helped me to hear the reassurance from others. Ond day at a time. Hang tight, take good care. You are right, beyond blessed!

Anonymous | 7:14 AM

I know it's gotta be super-rough having your babes far away from you in the NICU, but Bo and Rev look like little warrior girls...much like their mama! I predict you all will be back together very soon at Casa de GGC. Until then, all 6 of you will be in my prayers.

Major East Coast love coming your way!

Bethany | 7:15 AM

Congratulations! and bringing back so many memories of holding my babe, who was born on time, but decided not to breathe so he got bucked over to the NICU. They had to use the glasses and light on him too, that UV blanket? it's called a wallabe. I thought that was such an odd name, but one that I will never forget.

Congrats, they are gorgeous and you'll all be home together soon.

Unknown | 7:16 AM

My son spent 8 days in the NICU after his full-term birth and had to do the bilirubin lights and such. I remember how hard it was to just ... not have things go like you thought, even though you'd been told it would happen this way. It'll be okay, I promise, and I can tell those girls already know how loved they are. Just a hiccup, mama. Enjoy the extra hands while you have them ;)

Bonnie | 7:23 AM

I'm so totally excited for you guys. I have 4 children too-all singletons though. Mine are 3 girls and a boy too! :)

Have tonnes of fun (I KNOW you will!). You're in my thoughts - all of you! <3

April G. | 7:25 AM

They are so beautiful! I am loving Bo's little arm chub.

I hope you are all home soon--your lovely family of 6 (OMG!).

makyo | 7:28 AM

My babe was 6 weeks early, 3lbs 4oz, born via emergency C, and spent 18 days in the NICU... meaning I had to go home without her. AND because of my preeclampsia/high blood pressure, I only got to hold her for about 5 minutes total for the first two days of her life, and that was only because the NICU night nurse snuck her into my room! It was heartbreaking to go home without my baby, and totally bizarre to know that I had just started a family but not have the actual PROOF where I could see and hold her. And yes, hormones out the wazoo. The second night I had a complete breakdown and told my husband I had to get out of the hospital and smell fresh air or I would LOSE. MY. SHIT.

Anywhoodle... You'll get through it. I just kept telling the nurses (and my husband, and my parents) that we just needed to get everybody home and then it would all be ok. And you know what? It totally, totally was.

Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy babes. The girls are gorgeous and the names are just perfect. Take deep breaths and remember that this too shall pass. Soon you will all be home together, one big happy family, and all will be right with the world.

Sending you as much love and comfort and good vibes as one stranger can send to another :)

Lindsay | 7:39 AM

Many blessings to the entire family! What adorable new babies you have. Congrats!

Melissa | 7:42 AM

Oh, how many of the same comments do you need from perfect strangers? Yet, I feel so compelled to leave you with my own good wishes. Those baby girls are wonderful and you are doing such a good job taking care of them already. I remember when my little man was in the NICU. I was sad but also too exhausted to be too upset. He's home and healthy and it's just the furthest thing from our minds.

Good luck with your beautiful -- and beautifully named -- kiddos.

Melissa in Washington, DC

Kris | 7:48 AM

Blessings to your whole, huge family. I know this is a tough time - so totally not "ideal", as it were - but you'll get through it and rock it the best you can. And then! Then you get to go home and cuddle up your four children and husband and live happily (if sleep deprived) every after.
Hang in there. You can do it!!

Berit | 7:53 AM

Oh, I never thought about this being away from each other part. So sorry. On the plus side, you'll be together soon. And your babies are perfect.

Anonymous | 7:54 AM

Rebecca, your babies are gorgeous and my heart goes out to you while your newly enlarged family remains seperated. Had to fight the tears when you wrote about Archer wanting you all to be together. My thoughts are with Bo and Rev as they work their way through the NICU!

Ami (Imanitsud) | 7:57 AM

Some sweet little baby cakes you grew there, lady! They are lovely. Many congratulations to you and your beautiful family.

Miya | 7:59 AM

AH! It seems I'm late with the CONGRATS! (see what happens when you leave the internet for 5 days!?!) The girls are so, soooo beautiful...and they knew it was time to be born, even if they have to stay in the NICU (stay strong little ones!). As long as everyone, INCLUDING YOU, is healthy that's all that matters :)

I can't wait to see them at home in their cute nursery! Lookin forward to the pics! Please get lots of rest now mama!

Anonymous | 8:01 AM

About a million years ago (or 3 years ago), I used to read your blog regularly. Have always loved your story of young motherhood and becoming a grown up because it's so similar to mine and (what to you know) we both actually became grown ups when we became moms. Anyway, then I had my third kid and sort of abandoned all blog reading for things like breastfeeding while chasing a 5-yr old and 17-mo old around. Randomly popped over a few days ago and BOOM you were extremely and beautifully pregnant! I am currently hugely pregnant with my 4th and final but we keep it simple and do our kids one at a time ;) So happy for your family - Love the names, the babes are precious and love your honesty and transparency. -jill

Sarah | 8:03 AM

They are amazing! Congratulations!!

Meg | 8:05 AM

What gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous babies! A million congratulations on your newly expanded family. Hope they get busted out of the NICU at lightening speed.

Maggie | 8:06 AM

I'll admit that for the first day you announced their names, I was thinking Bo's name was Bo-Heem. Then as a friend and I were texting back and forth about, you know, the fact that they were finally here, and it occurred to me I was humming La Vie Boheme from RENT. I should have smacked my forehead, and I'm thrilled because Bo-em is much gentler and more delicate than Bo-heem. Whew for her!
Beyond that, both my friend Amanda and I (who I've entered all the giveaways for, because her first is due in Nov) decided that we knew it would only be days before we couldn't imagine them with any different names (because of course, Archer and Fable could ONLY have those names!) Well consider that point reached, because all you had to do was wish me good night with Fais de Bo Rev and I started crying.
Sometimes I'm struck by how much joy and love I can feel for a family I technically don't know. So thank you for allowing me/us in on this incredibly personal journey and letting me have love for your family.
Hopefully Archer will get his wish soon to be home with all his girls :)

Jamie | 8:07 AM

I think I would be going ape-shit. I simply do not understand why we separate mothers from newborn babies in the year 2011. It isn't natural. I know that is "how things are" these days, but it makes me sad and angry on a very deep, primal level. Can they wheel your bed into the NICU? :-/

Can we please start building momma friendly NICU's?

Archer = Morning Cry

I hope your babies are strong and thriving (they LOOK so strong). I'm very sorry about your surgery pain and those awful hormonal shifts, I remember those well. I hope we get to hear more about your birth experience at some point.

Best to you, I wish you a fast and healthy recovery.

Anne | 8:08 AM

Oh my gosh, I was prepared for all the sweet baby pics but not for those hilarious captions on the pics at the end of your post. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. Gold!!

Emily Petrone | 8:10 AM

I lived in Paris a couple years, and my favorite word in French is the verb "rêver", to dream. I always thought a good girl's name would be Reverie, and when I saw you were expecting an "R," I was sure you had decided on Reverie. There's no one I would rather have co-opt my future-perfect-original name. Best wishes to you and your family! On espérant que tous vos rêves se réalisent.

Heather | 8:11 AM

Boo for the hormones & being separated, but those babes will be home with you soon! And, oh, the c-section! I know with multiples you end up with a vertical incision vs. horizontal, which seems like a longer recovery to me. I had a regular c-section with my son, the the first week was the hardest in terms of discomfort & finding a position to sleep that didn't hurt. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the c-section & an early dismissal from the NICU for your girls!!

kristofer and ivy | 8:14 AM

I know that happy-then-devastated postpartum roller coaster all too well. And my babies (three) were singletons who stayed in my room and left the hospital with me at two days old. Hang in there! They're so, so beautiful.


Lisa | 8:15 AM

Thanks for clearing that up, I thought before you said that Boheme was "bo-HEEM" as in "bohemian". How do you say "Reverie"? Like you would normally say "I had a reverie" or does the first accent go up instead of flat like "Valerie"? Or something else? Not sure how to say "Lux" either.

Double congratulations and they are so so lucky to have Archer as their big brother.

Steph(anie) | 8:17 AM

First, sounds like you need (more?) pain meds. Don't be shy about taking drugs at the hospital, they just cut you through the middle.

Second, love the little convo between Bo and Rev, dahling.

Courtney | 8:18 AM

Sweet Dreams! Genius names. I love it!

Mammy P | 8:24 AM

I had a wee one in the NICU as well... and though it felt like I had no arms and legs to be separated from him for a few days, looking back it was a blessing that I got loads of rest in those first few days to recouperate. You hang in there, and when you all get to go home it'll be because you're in the best shape and ready and rested.

And oh - THOSE LIPS! Gorgeous wee lasses!


Samantha | 8:24 AM

Oh sweet, sweet Archer. What a charming guy, you have! I can't wait to hear how Fable's loving on her sisters!

And is it just me or does Rev totally look like Fable? God, I love mouths on babies (is that totally weird?). They're such soft little petals and GAH it makes you just want to kiss all over the computer screen (not me, obviously).

Congratulations again, Bec! So happy for you. My fiance has been as into your pregnancy as I have and when we saw your latest picture Monday he whispered "That poor woman", but now that he's seen your babies, he's totally wanting us to have twins (so not true).

amanda | 8:26 AM

So happy for you and your family! Can't wait to see all 6 of you together! Sending lots of good thoughts for Bo and Rev to be together soon, and for you to heal quickly...

Diana | 8:26 AM

Congratulations! They're so beautiful!

Mammy P | 8:28 AM

And also? If you're really hurting, you shouldn't be really hurting. Get more drugs! In such cases as theses, too much is better than not enough. :-P

Jody | 8:28 AM

I wanted to wait to leave a comment until things settle a bit..but who am i kidding??

the babes are BEAUTIFUL (those lips!!) and I am so happy for all of you. I too was in the hospital delivering spontaneous triplets at 33 weeks and remember the NICU days. And having my 2 year old son walking away down the hallway to go home, looking over my husband's shoulder saying "I love you Mama." THAT was the hardest - all of us being apart at the beginning...BUT, the day WILL come soon when you are all home. I still have the photo of all my boys home that first day hanging on the frig - having everyone under one roof - you will be BLOWN AWAY at the love of it all (you already are).

Sending you lots of love your way and TRY to r.e.s.t just a little while you're there in the hospital. Use that big pillow for your sore belly!! All will heal with time.

You are such a rockin' Mama.


Dena | 8:32 AM

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but I read it religiously, and have followed your family's journey(s) with much joy over the past few years.

I just had my first (and likely only) child three months ago. He is the light of his father's and my lives. But WOW did those post-partum hormones throw me for a goddamn loop. Holy cannoli. I feel like I'm only just now free of that hormone fog.

He also had to be in the NICU, albeit for just 28 hours, but those were the most excruciating and discombobulating 28 hours of my life. "I just had a baby! I want to snuggle him and be skin to skin!" "WHERE IS MY BABY! WHY IS HE NOT IN MY ARMS" and then we'd go visit and I'd see him hooked up to all the tubes and monitors and just want to die.

I can only imagine how it feels for you and your family right now. I only have a little bit of insight, and I know it's not pretty and it feels awful. But it will be over soon, and there are so many people out here in cyberspace pulling for you all!

And What a kid. That is just heartbreaking. I hope he can hold his sisters as soon as humanly possible.

What I love about the twins is that they look like each other, but most of all (to me anyway), they look like Fable and Archer. What a beautiful thing.

Mazels to all of you, and keep keeping us posted. We're here, we're watching and wishing and hoping, and we're cheering you on, mama.

Stacey | 8:33 AM

I love that Boheme could be Fable's twin, and Reverie could be Archer's. Beautiful babies, ma'am.


Now I'm crying, too. They're so beautiful, Bec! (Also, could they be more yours and Hal's? Hello, genetics at work!)

Sending you lots of love and light (always!), and hoping for a short, sweet(-as-possible) hospital stay.

Anonymous | 8:34 AM

They look nothing short of perfect and I know they will be home so soon! Hang in there hormonal mama- you all are doing great!

TMW | 8:39 AM

Hang in there. It's a journey. YOu'll be together soon.

chesapeake | 8:40 AM

You have the most beautiful family. I cannot stop looking at these photos.

I want to nibble Bo's cheeks. Both babies look so plump and squishy for preemies! You did such an amazing job growing them. :-D

All the best to you, Hal, Archer, Fable, Bo, and Rev! Oh, and ps, I burst into tears when I realized the "beaux reves/bo rev" thing. And I'm not even pregnant, nor am I hormonal right now.

Ashley Austrew | 8:49 AM

Oh, sweet little Archer! That hurts my heart.

Congratulations on your gorgeous, gorgeous family! I know it's a stressful/emotional/crazy time, but soon R & B will take their wicked twin style to the minivan and you will all be going home together. I can't wait to read more about you and your beautiful family! :)

Zakary | 8:52 AM

They look so much like Archer!

Hang in there, xx-Z

Laura Holskey Chavous | 8:54 AM

Those are such lovely names!!!! I totally sympathize with you having a c section. Its awful. With my first daughter I pushed for 3 hours and she was face up head cocked to the side so they had to do a c section. I was devestated. And I never felt physically worse in my life. But it passes. Stay strong :) You will be just fine-because you have such a great sense of humor.

Shannon | 8:57 AM

My nephew had to be under the billi lights post-birth and they set him up in my sister's room. Maybe that is an option for Bo since she is doing great otherwise?

Take some time to rest before you go home where the pull of all of your normal distractions + the 2 new ones will make it seem impossible to do so.

Erin M | 9:02 AM

Hot damn, you make beautiful babies. I'm so happy for you and you family. SO thrilled to see how perfect they are and that they are healthy. Congratulations!

ChristinaD | 9:04 AM

They are beautiful, congratulations to all!!!

cora d | 9:04 AM

They are simply lovely. Great work, Mama.

So, when I think about the twins, I think first their names are Bohemian and Rhapsody. Then, I think, "why did she name them after a Queen song?" Then I remember their actual names - so lovely, esp. Revelry.

Kim | 9:05 AM

Your little ones are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations. It is heartbreaking to not be able to cuddle them every moment. NICU's make every mother cry. But they are perfectly healthy and you will be home soon to cuddle them 24/7. All the best to your family.

Anonymous | 9:10 AM

So happy for you! Great job on growing those babes. Congratulations on a safe delivery and two healthy girls! Go R&B!!!

Molly | 9:12 AM

Rev looks just like Archer and Bo looks just like Fable, seriously! That's so awesome! I'm sorry for these hard days not being able to have all your babies together. But I'm so glad they are doing so well! I hope you heal quickly and you're all home soon! Beaux reves!

Kerry | 9:17 AM

So sorry you have to be away with your babies :(

I have a bit of post c section advice: whenever you need to sit up/stand up/whatever, hold a pillow against your incision. Makes those ouch moves way easier.

Bless with a Boy | 9:18 AM

What sweethearts. They look just like their borther and sister.

You guys always come up with the coolest most unique names.

I so recall the roller coaster emotions. Laughing and crying and your like WTF??? haha

Praying all will be even healthier and home safe and sound soon.

Poor lil Archer. Poor mama!

mab | 9:22 AM

My sincerest condolences on NICU time. My son is five months old and he spent 62 long days in NICU. Believe me, I can relate.

You'll be home so soon, so you can treasure every expression and snorgle them all the time. It's so hard, and it still hurts me sometimes how much time he had to spend without me, but you are so blessed to have two beautiful daughters who are coming home very very soon. I hope sooner than you think, even.

BrownEyedNewlywed | 9:22 AM

Congrats again! You ladies are insanely beautiful, just like the rest of your family. Hope you all are home together soon. :)

Katie | 9:26 AM

They're both beautiful, so happy for you!

Lia | 9:31 AM

Congratulations on the safe arrivals of your little ones. I hope that they will soon be fit to go home so you can settle in as a family. I have been following your blog for several years now and I love it and you and your family!


Amanda M | 9:31 AM

They are both adorable. I can't believe how much Boheme looks like Fable, those lips!! I am glad both are getting healthier every day and they'll be home with you in no time. Archer is such a good big brother, made ME want to cry just thinking about it! Congratulations a million times over!!

Abilew-who | 9:34 AM

Your words take me right back to that emotional push and pull of the not-really-the-real-world hospital room. And man alive - I love me some new babies, love the beauty and promise of new life, love the hope and wonder, smells, baby breath - but Goodness do I not miss that whole rollercoasterofemotions thing. No matter how I've been prepared each time (you will feel like a raving lunatic, you will feel like a raving lunatic...) it doesn't matter. And you have an entirely different set of stressful new baby circumstances - what with a NICU, c-section, not to mention those darn glowing bilirubin blankets. Lord, do I hate those. Don't even mention bilirubin in my hospital room, I will flip the F out. But wow are those girls lovely. You'll be outta there in no time I'm sure! Good luck. Strength new-again mommy! You are tough! Strong! Stay Positive!

Betsy Hite Reddoch | 9:40 AM

NICU is hard for sure. Hang in there! My twin boys were born 5 weeks early this January and spent 13 and 15 days in there. But I hear that girls advance more quickly than boys typically, so hopefully you'll all be home together soon!

JoannaRSmith | 9:43 AM

Mazel tov! Mazel tov! and more Mazel tov! on the girls. They are beautiful and their names rock so hard. Viva la vie Boheme et Reverie!!!!

Lissa | 9:46 AM

Congratulations! What beautiful babies! I've been following your journey for years and appreciate your candor and joy in life. Since you found out you're having twins, I've been especially interested because I have twin nephews who were born 5 weeks early and are now crazy big 25 pounders at 11 months. They have brought our family so much joy and I can't imagine life without their beautiful smiles and belly laughs! Looking forward to following your adventures with R&B growing up. Many blessings on your family now and in the years to come!

Carlin | 10:02 AM

My heartfelt congratulations on the birth of "Bo" and "Rev". Terribly sorry you have joined the c-section club (been there twice, on my way for a 3rd in March). It sucks, but you will heal quickly. You are blessed to have such a close little (bigger) family.

Patiently waiting for more posts...when you have spare time (ya right!) :)


Lindserannie | 10:04 AM

Oh my gosh I want to kiss them all over their little faces! And Archer - what a heart. Best wishes for speedy graduations and homecomings!

Anonymous | 10:05 AM

I wish I was there to help and take your og's out for some ice cream and help them pass the time until your adorable babies are home.

Big hugs to you and your family! Rest up mama and enjoy those beautiful girls.

Dana | 10:05 AM

I want you to be home as a whole family too! Pulling for Archer's wish to come true soon. One day at a time. It's the only way with twins...

Tabitha | 10:05 AM


The resemblances are uncanny!!

Reverie looks like Archer and Boheme looks like Fable.

Jordan | 10:12 AM

I have been reading your blog and writing for years now and although I have always so phenomenally enjoyed and cherished it I have never posted a comment until now. Your journey to get here is so inspiring and at the same time humorous in your fantastic writing. I really hope to be a mother someday in the not so future and it is a true treasure to have your writing guide. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and workings with us! THANK YOU! Congratulations to all of you and know that you are being sent such phenomenal love and smiles from a total stranger :)

Becky | 10:12 AM

Congrats! I'm so glad your girls are doing well despite being born early. I was really rooting for you this entire pregnancy. Good luck to your whole family!

Molly | 10:14 AM

They are seriously, for real, gorgeous little girls. How do you make 'em so PRETTY?! :)

Congratulations, feel well soon, and TELL US WHAT THEIR NAMES WOULDA BEEN IF THEY HAD PENISES! :) (Pretty please? I love your name style but have such a hard time with boy names...)

Erin | 10:15 AM

Oh Rebecca, I remember well the first few NICU days, the pregnancy hormones fighting with the lactation hormones for who would make me cry THIS minute rather than a minute from now, the pain from the c-section, (physical and psychic, as mine was the very definition of emergency, get the baby out right now before they both die), the child at home who doesn't understand why little sister can't come home, why mommy hurts, why mommy can't come home. BTDT, got the stupid t-shirt.

Soon, it will all be a memory and you'll have those beautiful girls home with the rest of your beautiful family. (My NICU grad started K two weeks ago.)

Nothing useful to say, other than I hear you, I get it, I know how hard it is and what you're going through. You'll get through it. They'll be fine. (All preemies have jaundice. It's okay.) The fact that there are no breathing issues is HUGE. Hugs and love from the intertubes.

Kaisha | 10:21 AM

Yesterday my friend and I were having a playdate (I should mention that we're in Victoria, BC Canada) and we were talking about twins. I mentioned that this woman on a blog I read (religiously)just had twins. She said, "oh is it Girls Gone Child!? She had the twins!? Yipee!" and we both started talking about you like you were one of our best friends and how we're both SO excited for you and your family (We haven't actually even met you). So, lots of love being sent from our little island in Canada. Congratulations!

Jessica | 10:26 AM

Congratulations. I am crying with you and for you because I remember the extreme crying right after my c-section birth of twin girls. I was fine until my hoards of family left my room and then I was a weeping puddle of tears. I remember crying and the nurse asked me what was wrong and I said, "I am so grateful to be a mom, and so grateful to not be pregnant anymore but I miss the babies in my body, because at least then they were with me, but I'm happy they are here, but I am sad they are not here..." The nurse slowly backed toward the door and as soon as she left, I cried because she was gone! Then I laughed because I am so not a crier, then I winced from the pain of the incision. I remember it so well. What a roller coaster! But I am so happy for you guys. So jealous- I wish I could do it all again.

Much love and calm, peaceful energy sent your way.

Unknown | 10:28 AM

Beautiful. Amazing. I'm sitting in a doughnut shop in Seattle, 9-weeks pregnant, reading your blog and bawling with joy (and hormones).

Peace and snuggly wishes to you all.

Molly | 10:29 AM

I am a long time reader, but never comment. When I saw the picture of you holding your new baby girls it took me back to almost three years ago when we wlecomed our twin girls into our family! Congratulations, even though we already had a daughter, twins is something new entirely! Enjoy the journey!

Stephanie Mussell (Beal) | 10:31 AM

Love the updates, Bec! I am so happy for you and your family. Also, I LOVE the girls' names and can't wait to hear more about them. Hope you get well soon too - be ready for the endless love and hugs awaiting you (and already have, duh). xoxo

Leslie | 10:42 AM

so so so cute. I can already tell them apart. :) I hope you all get to be home together soon, so Archer can meet, hold, and cuddle his new baby sisters!

Jess | 10:45 AM

they're lovely girls, congratulations again. i hope they both graduate soon and you can all go home together forever and ever.

Emily | 10:51 AM

Sending love and good vibes your way in return for filling my heart with the same throughout the years of following your blog.

Paige | 10:58 AM

As someone who has lurked here for years and never commented, I am compelled to post. First, double congratulations on your beautiful girls. There is nothing better. Second, the 5 days my son (now 2.5) spent in the NICU were the worst of my life. He wasn't very sick compared to the other babies, but complications during delivery and jaundice forced our stay. It was so hard not to be with him (my first) every minute and I had never considered this scenario. You feel a little guilty being upset when you know there are really sick babies there and everyone keeps telling you to be grateful for your baby's good health. Regardless, you still just want them with you! I just want to say stay strong,keep looking ahead to the day you all go home and I will send good thioughts your way.

lauren | 11:07 AM

congratulations to you and your beautiful family!! :)
all the best to you!

Anonymous | 11:07 AM

first time poster here and just have to say it's so completely heart warming how much thought you guys put into the girls names. its beautifulness was capture when i read: "fais de beaux reves"

Alex | 11:11 AM

They are just so adorable!! Bo looks big to me too :-)

Hope everything continue to goes smoothly & you guys get to be home together soon!

Shay | 11:19 AM

Having a baby in the hospital and another at home is so hard. The older one misses you and wants you home yet you have to stay with the younger siblings. I only have 2 but DD had to be hospitalized several times. DS would wave to his sister through the glass ICU isolation doors. The responsibility big brothers have for their little sisters when they are so tiny themselves makes your heart swell. <3 All the crying and flip flopping emotions is completely normal. I am praying for you with the pumping - I hated it - for some reason I got this instant headache whenever I pumped. Your latest babies are as adorable as the first 2. Congrats!!!

Shalyn | 11:31 AM

I know how hard it is to be seperated from your child when they're in the NICU. I have two NICU graduate Sons one was there for 48 days and my second just came home from a long 77 day stay. UCI NICU let my son go visit and hold his brother daily...Archer and Fable aren't allowed in there? The twins are in Wonderful hands and will be home the meantime get some rest (because once they're home you won't get any) and keep pumping that Liquid Gold for your Precious Babes :)

Jill | 11:31 AM

OMG they are awesome! Its doubly awesome that Rev looks like Archer and Bo looks like Fable. Also, I feel like a total idiot for not realizing that Boheme was like La Vie and not Boheem which sounds, well, less cool than Boheme. I hope you all get home very soon so Archer can chillax with the new sis'. Congrats, again!! Your family rocks!

Sarah | 11:36 AM

Congratulations! Yes, c-section world bites, and I can't imagine how terrible it must be to have your girls away from you...who invented crazy-hormones anyway?@?! Soon you'll all be happy together at home. They are beautiful!!!!

B's Mom | 11:38 AM

They are both beautiful. Congratulations!

Anonymous | 11:41 AM

What beautiful babies! Congratulations, all the best to your wonderful family. You do so amazingly well with all you tackle Rebecca... Bravo.

Carla | 11:41 AM

It'll be okay! I had a twin in the NICU too. Aren't the nurses great? I cried on them all the time. Everything will be okay! With your funny captions, you know it will be. : )

Kate | 11:42 AM

As a mom of a 28 weeker who spent 3 months in the nicu, you can do it and some things we did for our 3 children at home were lots of photo's I made them each there own book and we had them decorate pics for our little ones incubator.

Hopefully your stay won't be too long, congrats! Enjoy!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 11:44 AM

Oh my goodness you have best attitude. Reading this, I'm giving myself some more grace today, and prayerfully thinking of your family together sooner than expected!

PS ivy loves seeing these baby pics.


Dawn | 11:44 AM

Congratulations!!!!!! I hope you can all go home soon!

Clandestine Road | 11:50 AM

What a testament to you and Hal that Archer loves his family so much. It totally made me teary. How beautiful and heartbreaking.

I am wishing all of you a speedy recovery and a trip home in the near future. (Your captions to the girls' pictures was awesome.)

Traci | 11:53 AM

Reading your post quite literally brought me to tears, I am so unbelievably happy for you and happy that the journey of pregnancy, now over, brings the journey of new life, now beginning! A thousand congratulations. What amazingly beautiful and original names.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You made this future mom slightly less terrified of the whole process!

Sabrina | 11:54 AM

Rebecca, I know first hand what it feels like to have your eldest want his family home together. When I hady son 4 months ago he was quickly transferred to the childrens hospital for heart issues. I stayed at the hospital we had him at since I had a c-section and couldn't leave and my husband went to be with our son leaving his big sister confused and scared with her grandparents wondering why we all weren't together. It was heartbreaking. Be strong. You'll be home soon enough.

Siaci | 11:59 AM

Dear Archer,
You are the Prince of Big Brothers.
Your tears prove it, Sir! I know if you could ride in on your gallant steed and rescue the princesses (your baby sisters) from the dungeon (NICU), you would bring them home with your pennant flying high!
Bo and Rev are such lucky little princesses to have a brother like you. Fable already knows, as bro's go, you are the best.
Keep the home fires warm, little man.
A Fairy OddAuntie

kristin | 12:23 PM

The NICU separation was the hardest part for me too. After longing for rest and solitude for so long, after my twins were born I was so lonely in my little room. Hope your stay is short and sweet.

Erin | 12:24 PM

I've told everyone in my whole family that you had your twins. I'm all, "Rebecca had her babies! Their names are Boheme and Reverie!" and they're all, "Wait, who had babies?"

Beautiful girls, beautiful names, and a soon-to-be-united beautiful family.


Robin | 12:38 PM

I can only imagine how hard it is for Archer and Fable. I mean, Archer especially since this is completely different then when Fable was born. Hang in there, you are such a great mommy and all your children are so blessed to have you and Hal.
(and cue tears...) Tears are good, they are happy tears, even when it hurts. :) Let them flow...

lizz | 12:41 PM

My daughter was in the NICU after she was born too. It was heartbreaking, but made her coming home ( healthy ) all the more sweeter.
Rock on Bo and Rev!

Jen | 12:47 PM

Congratulations to all! I have been so happy to watch how the week has unfolded! I hope you are feeling well, that your c section pain chills out (!), and that you are tucked in at home soon! xo

Anonymous | 1:01 PM

my most major meltdown of my LIFE was when I went to breastfeed baby in NICU and had to wait forever while they tested him for this and that, finally fed him and held him, staggered back to my room (c-section too) only to find that in the hours I had been gone I had MISSED LUNCH. I WAS STARVING. AND EXHAUSTED.

I nearly fainted in tears at the nurses station. I NEED THAT LUNCH!!!!!!

10 days. That's the trick to c-sections. Don't believe the "will be a lot better tomorrow". It will be a lot better in 10 days..

Harada's | 1:02 PM

Congrats they are beautiful babies even with all that stuff all over them! Love their names. =) Hope recovery is for you, although I know its sooo Painful while it lasts. Been there and done that.. 3 times
Much Love to you and your beautiful family. =)

Glenda | 1:02 PM

Love love the pictures of Bo and Rev.

Archer made my heart ache.

Hope your lil family of 6 are home soon...together... crying...laughing... bonding...enjoying each other...loving!!!


Jennifer P | 1:11 PM

So gorgeous! Welcome to the world R&B! What a difficult situation you are all in now, and c-sections blow, but it will all be better soon. Lots of hugs from Texas, and congratulations!

jdavissquared | 1:18 PM

Congratulations! They're beautiful.

Meghann | 1:27 PM

I'm a three time NICU parent veteran, myself, and it's not anything I'd wish on anyone. Even though it's been 5 years since I stepped foot in one, I'll hear an alarm on a tv show or movie, and it gives me such a jolt, and I'll be right back there in my head.

Your girls look like absolute rock stars, though. You need to rest and heal up quick, they'll be home before you know it!

Vanessa | 1:44 PM

I feel for you and your "separateness". Felt just the same when my third son was born early (31 weeks) and I spent the following x weeks (you don't want to know) dividing myself between my newborn and my then 2 and 5 year old. I, like you, only wanted us all to be under the same roof, dealing with the normal chaos that a new baby (or two!) brings. Here's to a speedy NICU stay for both your beautiful girls. You've got a sea of women who understand.

Stef | 1:59 PM

So happy for you and your family! I feel so invested in this pregnancy! :-) Hope you'll all get to go home soon (and once again, that Archer made me cry--so sweet).

As Prissy in Gone With the Wind said, "I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' babies." So I can't wait to hear about what all of Bo's Lady Gaga accessories are (the convo between the twins was hilarious, btw), and I can't wait to hear how the c-section differed from your other deliveries.

I love the names, especially the beaux reves pun, which I didn't think of when I first heard the name yesterday. Awesome. I see you've put so much thought and love into those beautiful, dreamy, musical names. I totally expected Reverie after hearing your boys' names.

I love the adorable little faces, the tiny lips and noses. I guess they aren't identical, then? Because you seem to have a mini-Archer in Reverie and a mini-Fable (and therefore a mini-Hal) in Boheme.

Rest and heal! Congrats again!

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