Archer and Fable got to meet their sisters today. Both babies were done with their various antibiotics and light treatments and Archer and Fable's back-to-school colds had improved, allowing for us all to be together for the first time.

Hal and I were already with the babies when Archer and Fable appeared in the window with my mom, their eyes wide and smiles big. They washed their hands in the hallway and moments later burst through the doors, towards Hal and me and their babies.
I'll never forget the look on Archer's face when he met Fable for the first time, and I'll never forget the expressions Fable and Archer wore today - faces I did not recognize, new expressions for the sisters they'd been waiting for, pacing the house wondering aloud what they'd look like and how small their hands would be. New looks with new eyes on new faces.
"Her hand is the size of my smallest finger," he said.
"She hasda smooshiest cheeks."
"I think she must love me because she won't let go of my hand!"
"The baby eat her baba all up?"
"Baby Bo, I'm your brother!"
"I help you with Rev-ah-rie?"
...And just like that, we were six.


Thank you again for the support and kindness you've shown our family this week.

...with love from all of us.



Dani | 7:07 PM

that right there was beautiful. I'm crying. And not just because I remember getting into the NICU to meet my twin baby bros for the first time. CONGRATS! what a beautiful family you have!

arol | 7:08 PM

Wow, I'm crying. Beautiful. I love the look on Fable's face. Congratulations again!

Anonymous | 7:10 PM

Blessings for all six of you. Truly, a beautiful family. Love from Toronto, Canada.

Tanya | 7:11 PM

What a gorgeous family photo! And now I am also teary-eyed. Those babies are insanely beautiful!

Tanya | 7:13 PM

Beautiful - pure happiness from me for you! xx

Tanya | 7:13 PM

Beautiful - pure happiness from me for you! xx

Lane | 7:14 PM

Oh crap! Crying, Rebecca and family congrats and much love via MN!

Jesse | 7:14 PM

You have a gorgeous family! Best of luck on your recovery, and I think I can speak for us all when I say that I hope to see many many pictures of them in the future.

Krazy Kiwi | 7:15 PM

Oh my goodness! Fable's face!!!!! It doesnt get any better than that. They are so cute. And Archer. It's like he gets to be a big brother all over again. I hope try can go home soon so they can be together all of the time.

Krazy Kiwi | 7:19 PM

I think Hal was meant to be a Daddy. It's a good thing you made that happen. He looks like he's in heaven!

Amber @ Backwards Life | 7:20 PM

As scary as the NICU was for us, those 5 weeks hold some of the most beautiful memories for me. I wish you didn't have to go through the process, but the experience can be amazing. Your family is perfection <3

Anonymous | 7:21 PM

one of the most beautiful families ever. hope all is wonderful. enjoy! sending love to add to the love of your 6!

mom2nji | 7:22 PM

Crying like a baby. Or like a 9 month pregnant lady who cant wait to have her moment when we are also 6 (12 more days). So happy for you all. Just gorgeous.

Molly | 7:22 PM

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. So many more happy days to come...maybe even with some rest involved!

Aubrey Anne | 7:24 PM

Stop making me cry!! She has da smooshiest cheeks is the cutest thing I've ever heard. New baby love is the absolute best.

findingmagnolia | 7:25 PM

Half a dozen, what bliss. You are all so lovely.

Loukia | 7:26 PM

So, so lovely.

julie | 7:28 PM

Doesn't matter how many times I see the first sib meeting--waterworks.

You make a beautiful six. Congratulations!

Erin | 7:31 PM

lovely, just lovely

Emily | 7:31 PM

And what a good-looking six you are! Many, many congratulations! I can't wait to see the rest of the journey unfold ...

A Serious Girl | 7:31 PM

Oh. my. gawd. The crying won't stop. I am so happy for your family. And also an eeensy bit envious because I WANT ONE! Your blog is my secret obsession right now. I check your twitter feed like an addict, waiting for the next new blog link. Thank you for sharing all of this, for letting those of us who have yet to experience this sort of love live vicariously through your beautiful words and your lovely photographs. Love to your whole clan. xoxox

marlene | 7:34 PM

I'm bawling. Seriously bawling. This is so beautiful. Your family is so beautiful.

Lynsey | 7:37 PM

You and your beautiful family are so blessed! Bo & Rev are too cute and look so healthy. They are already so loved by their big brother and sister. Fingers crossed you all leave together this weekend:) The next few weeks will be rough because c sections are a total bitch. But, you are clearly an amazing mother and very strong.

Lori W. | 7:38 PM

How wonderful! You make a beautiful family of six! Congratulations and many blessings for you all!

Jana | 7:39 PM

Gorgeous, all of you!

Emily | 7:40 PM

so beautiful. amazingly beautiful. congrats times six. your posts have brought tears (happy tears) to my eyes this week. sending your family all the love in the world.

ps - ordered your book, it came in the mail the day you had the twins. love.

Danielle | 7:43 PM

I just started last night and read all the way back from the beginning of this twin pregnancy. I love your blog and I love the names you've given your children.
Look forward to following your journey :)

Glenda | 7:46 PM

Beautiful family x6

The expression on the faces if Archer and Fable priceless.

Congrats again!

Madeleine Urion | 7:48 PM

What luminous little faces. Your family is utterly beautiful. I hope that you get a lot of tender loving care as you recover.

A | 7:49 PM

Have to comment. I love seeing the big bro and big sis. Their faces are priceless. How grown up they seem all of a sudden next to those tiny ones! They look so lovingly and excitedly and happily at those precious babies. You guys! Totally awesome!

Anonymous | 7:50 PM

Just Beautiful . . .many blessings from our soon to be 4 to your 6

Very Bloggy Beth | 7:52 PM

Oh, Rebecca. Your family is beautious. Bless you all :)

Anonymous | 7:53 PM

Another teary-eyed commenter. Simply beautiful and blessed.

Annika | 7:54 PM

This Archer and this Fable never existed before that moment! They will never again not be Boheme and Reverie's big bro and sis. Amazing.

Little Red Dog Studios | 7:56 PM

This is so moving. Just a miracle. What an incredible life you all have. So much love, you can just tell by the photos. From the point of view of the photographer (your mom?) to the expressions on everyone's faces. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Kristyn | 7:59 PM

Gosh, I'm teary too. Six looks great on all of you. Congratulations! You did it!...thanks for letting me peak in on the journey. It has been so fun.....with much more fun to come, of that I am certain.

Joann | 8:00 PM

I too am crying!!! the Woolf Six! I remember you posting pics of Archer when he was just like that. And then I remember his face when he first saw Fable like that. and now this, both of them seeing Bo and Rev for the first time. I am so happy for you.
Love from Manila, Philippines.

Anonymous | 8:04 PM

You are amazing. And hilarious. You inspire me everyday to be a better mother.

LindaB | 8:04 PM

Wow, that's beautiful! You are the luckiest woman alive and you know it!!! You and Hal birth gorgeous children and I'm so happy for your family and your willingness to share it with the universe...bless all of you.

Sarah | 8:05 PM

What a lovely post! Congratulations to your family!

Sara | 8:06 PM

So beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your family. Seeing this pictures totally makes me want another little baby!


Waterworks! I remember those early posts about wee baby Archer, and now...

Such an incredible, beautiful family!

marianne | 8:06 PM

wow.. life certainly has a way of smacking you in the head! i had the most horrible day ever.. and this makes me realize that is all about - mazel tov and thank you!

Jessica | 8:09 PM

Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. Your pictures and words are filled with so much love. Congratulations to the whole family & can't wait to see more!

Jillian | 8:14 PM

Congratulations beautiful family of six! So amazing! And incredibly happy for you!

Hang in there with the whole c-section thing. It does get better, I promise! But it does take a while and you'll cry because you laugh really hard and it hurts and then you'll cry because it's hurting and it's a never ending cycle---well, that's not true. It does end. It won't feel like you were sawed in half forever!!

Hugs to all of you!

Mama | 8:14 PM

I just check your blog a few mins ago WAITING for MORE... then you post. I love the "smooshiest" cheeks! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! So glad they finally got to meet them.

Emily | 8:18 PM

Tearing up here too. Such a special moment you were able to capture. I can't get over Fable in these pictures. Just so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, and here's hoping your family of six is home for the weekend!

Emily | 8:19 PM

I can't be the first who's mentioned how remarkably related you all look. It is obvious those four beauties belong to you and Hal, and to each other. So happy for all six of you!

Paula Schuck | 8:19 PM

Amazing. Especially the pix. Congratulations to you all. Gorgeous.

bbgHappY1 | 8:20 PM

Congrats to you and your family..
Love the pictures. I really like the newbies names, very creative and rock and roll.

Anonymous | 8:25 PM

I love, love, love you and your family. It makes my heart explode to see a father who loves his child but moreso to see kids who really love their newborn siblings. You must feel so blessed and I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous | 8:26 PM

I love, love, love you and your family. It makes my heart explode to see a father who loves his child but moreso to see kids who really love their newborn siblings. You must feel so blessed and I'm so happy for you!

Arianne | 8:32 PM

So so precious - sending you such love and light! <3

Rachel Louise | 8:34 PM

I'm excited to have my first pregnancy result in twins, but there's something undeniably magical about bringing new babes to wondrous, wonder-struck siblings. A million blessings. My live and I read your blog religiously in anticipation of our tiny girls.

P.S. I almost fell out of my pillow nest when I read the baby names, as one of our twins' middle names is to be Reverie. I've been guarding them so secretively! But it's so lovely that I'm more than pleased to be sharing it with another twin momma. xx

Zoë | 8:37 PM

I cried! So happy for you all. Much love. xxx

Rebekah | 8:41 PM

Oh my goodness. Those babes look like love all wrapped up! Congratulations, they are very lucky to be born into such a wonderful family. Those photos of Fable and Archer meeting their little sisters will be such a treasure for them years from now!

Krista Walton Potter | 8:42 PM

Tears! Love your way (as if there wasn't enough surrounding all y'all already).

Anonymous | 8:54 PM

*Sob* So beautiful. You and your family are such a loving bunch. Congratulations!

-Longtime lurker in Montreal

Amy | 9:07 PM

Midnight oh five in my Montreal, and I am laughing out loud. This is The Best. Congratulations! Fantastic... You did well.

Caroline Alexander | 9:10 PM

And que sobbing. God bless all six of you.

The Chapins | 9:11 PM

Just beautiful...congrats to all of you! Thank you for sharing all of these amazing moments with us! Your family is lovely. Xoxo.

Ashley Stetson | 9:30 PM


Anonymous | 9:32 PM

Thank you so much for sharing these precious moments with us. It's been so amazing to follow your blog all through this pregnancy and then to see those beautiful beautiful girls finally arrive. Much love to you all, from Australia

rosiewiklund | 9:41 PM

This made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing. It makes me want about a million more kids.

Tricia | 9:47 PM

your newest family members are beautiful as are all of you. thanks for sharing this precious time with all of us.

Shannon Dulaney | 10:14 PM

oh my god, i remember when fable was a newborn, and now she's such a little grown-up compared to boheme and reverie! i'm crying over here. you are all so beautiful--congratulations again.

Amy | 10:17 PM

This got me all teary remembering the first time we introduced my sons to each other- they've been inseparable ever since.

You have a gorgeous family, so blessed.

oh, jenny mae | 10:38 PM

tears here, mama. I remember the moment the 3 bigs met our miss James. she made us 6 as your sweet girls do for you.

Saryiel | 10:51 PM

omg, tears are streaming down my face with pure joy for you! As precious as the picture of Fable actually feeding Rev is, I still can't get over that ONE of her, with the index finger of one hand in baby's (not sure which one, sorry) hand and the other index finger coming up to her face - THAT is the eyes of an adoring big sister. Couldn't have been captured any better ;) So happy for you and yout ridiculously beautiful family!

Anonymous | 11:17 PM

So incredibly sweet. It made me ache a little, how much I'm looking forward to my son meeting his little brother and sister in December. What a beautiful family you are.
- Mary in pdx

Grace | 11:23 PM

Oh Bec- can I call you Bec?- What a beautiful moment. I have been refreshing all day waiting for more glimpses of your family with the new little ones. I devoured each image! The looks on your big little ones' faces is so amazing. Best, Grace

BOSSY | 12:19 AM

Kisses and hugs infinity.

The Sentimental Suitcase | 12:32 AM

Oh Rebecca you breakin ma heart over here!!!!!!! I don't even know what to say!

So beautiful, that is all!




cara | 12:35 AM

"She hasda smooshiest cheeks."

My heart just exploded ALL OVER my computer screen. And then I cried. <3

Roksalanna | 1:20 AM

Boheme and Reverie are just so beautiful and I love the expressions on Archer's and Fable's faces! You are Hal look so happy!

French Cannes Cannes | 1:25 AM

long time reader commenting for the first time - when I saw your "Introducing" post, I texted my Mom and sister in LA (I live in Paris) - we all texted back and forth, excited for your entire family. Un grand félicitations à vous six!

Sarah PingsAndNeedles | 1:29 AM

Wow! Rev & Bo are soooo beautiful ... such delicate fine featured faces ... what a lovely '6' you all are now ...

Hope you get some sleep Rebecca and that home is soon and lovely xxx

Marie-Ève | 2:27 AM

Thank you so much for sharing this... <3 Much love to you, beautiful family.

Jessie May | 4:06 AM

Oh wow, what beautiful moments! So, so special. You have such a gorgeous family (of six!).. Rev's profile is too cute. All of you being together for the first time must have been amazing :)

Robin | 4:38 AM

There is only one word: beautiful

Wendy Turner | 5:10 AM

My goodness...what absolutely gorgeous babies! Massive congratulations and I have my fingers crossed for you that you'll be able to take them home soon!

Sarah | 5:12 AM

And just like that, I'm happy-teary for you. xo x 6

Jo | 5:25 AM

I'm all teared up. Congratulations! Archer and Fable are clearly going to be the best big brother and big sister ever.

Jill | 5:43 AM

Holy Happy Family! Those pictures are precious. Made me teary. Congrats again.

lola + oliver | 6:27 AM

This post was BEAUTIFUL.

As one of five kids, I can tell you that there is nothing more wonderful than siblings. We are like a kick-ass tribe of awesome people that share the same genes, inside jokes, and history. Even now that we are all "grown," my siblings and I are still very close and I know they will always be there for me in a way others cannot (simply because of our shared understanding and connection, parts of me that others simply don't "get").

Not to mention, you learn so much growing up in a big family (conflict management, accepting others as they are, functioning in a "group" while maintaining individuality, etc). In a sense, you have given your children a wonderful gift by giving them siblings. I'm so happy for you all!!

Your family is beautiful & blessed. Thinking of you all and wishing you the best!

Samantha | 6:35 AM

Oh sweet, sweet babies. I love Archer's proud face in all of these pictures and I adore Fable with her chin propped in her hand just admiring her baby sister. I WANT SIX BABIES, TOOOOO.

Sarah | 6:39 AM

Tears of joy for your beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? | 6:41 AM

And a fabulous six you are. A beautiful post x

Momma | 6:52 AM

tears of joy for you! what a beautiful family!

dqsmms | 7:20 AM

Mais elles sont magnifiques! Beautiful family, All the best!

doahleigh | 7:20 AM

Most perfect family ever!

Junket | 8:04 AM

I'm either getting my period or that was the most touching post ever because I'm all choked up. Congrats, you six!

My Bottle's Up! | 8:27 AM

oh lady. oh oh oh lady. i am at my mom's house right now, as we are mid move. both of us read this with kleenex. surrounding your family in love and blessings. (and healing for you.)


Leslie | 8:33 AM

love love love your family! Best wishes for a delightful homecoming, and so glad that A&F got to meet their baby sisters!! :)

Bopril | 8:37 AM

Just beautiful---wishing nothing but love and joy for all six of you. Each just as gorgeous as the next. Thanks for sharing your journey!

vertigob | 8:47 AM

I am so happy you are all doing so well. It feels like tricky business adding more babies, but you are all adjusting beautifully. It is astonishing how your heart can expand.

Anonymous | 9:27 AM

Greetings from distant Spain! I've followed your blog for quite some time and been moved by your words more than once. Your twins are beyond beautiful, as are your other children. Wishing you all great happiness and togetherness and beaux rêves always...and remember to try to sleep and rest while you're in the hospital, it will help you heal faster.

Anonymous | 9:30 AM

Beautiful family. Congratulations.

Robyn | 9:47 AM

Wow, could not read this post without crying! Many congrats to the six of you.

Whitney | 10:31 AM

That post was beautiful! Thank you for letting us share this special moment with your family of 6!! Congratulations and welcome to a life with twins!

jessica | 10:40 AM

Ok let me just tell you that c-sections do hurt. anyone who tells you they were up shopping by day 2 is lying. I was in major pain and i am not a baby about those things. i had two other kids to take care of and then i had my first c-section and thought i'd be able to get up and clean the house, etc. just like i did after the other 2. let me tell you- NO WAY!! i thought something was wrong with me because everyone else seemed to remember their csection as easy.
also, laughing is the devil, yes! and even worse, choking on orange juice going down the wrong pipe. if someone wouldve handed me a gun in that moment i wouldve shot myself rather than keep coughing.
glad no one had a gun.

Anonymous | 10:40 AM

So, so beautiful & moving! Congratulations!

jessica | 10:41 AM

i love all your babies- the little one looks like a little tree monkey and i want to eat her face!!!!

Diane | 10:54 AM

cryin here too......blessings and peaceful thoughts to all

Aliesha | 11:08 AM

Crying over here too....

I know having four kids is going to be challenging, but God, aren't you guys just the luckiest family on earth? Congrats!!!

Unknown | 11:17 AM

beautiful! gave me chills...such special moments!

Jeannine | 11:38 AM

I don't get teary often, but that? Killed me.
You guys are all so absolutely beautiful and I'm so stoked for you all. Sending so much love to you guys! <3

lonek8 | 11:39 AM

so sweet. I am just so excited for you, and for Archer and Fable having these amazing new sisters, and for the babies who are so lucky to have such a wonderful family! I loved watching my kids with their new siblings, seeing how amazed and gentle they can be is just thrilling.

Congratulations again!!

Shay | 11:45 AM

That made me cry. Awesome. Congrats again!

Elizabeth | 12:06 PM

I'm joining the club of teary-eyed readers here! I have to say, we are all so privileged to be let into your lives. I know that so many of us readers feel a deep connection to you and your family. We are all so proud of you and happy for this amazing time in your life. Thank you for giving yourself so freely and with so much humor and wisdom. You are a blogging rock star!

MeQueen5 | 12:12 PM

That is the most precious picture in the world!

Kris | 12:14 PM

I love your posts, I love your blog, and now I'm in love with your family. You bring tears to my eyes. Strange to feel so much happiness for a complete stranger! Congratulations on a wonderful family.

Stephanie | 12:19 PM

What a beautiful family! Congratulations :)

Heather | 12:48 PM

Such a beautiful family! Your post made me cry today (in a good way). I have a 3.5 yr old & we've been waiting to adopt a sibling for him for a year now...I know he's going to be such a great big brother, and I can see him saying/doing some of these things, once our baby arrives. He asks about our baby constantly, so I know he's ready. If you had any doubts about how Bo & Rev would fit into your family, I think you've just set them to rest. It was meant to be. Congrats again!

Rosstwinmom | 1:30 PM

Crying with happy. Could those girls have better older siblings? Love, love, love in the air.

TheSpectrum | 1:30 PM

I totally cried at the end of this! I am one of four children and we were six too! I had the happiest childhood ever and I just am a mess looking at your beautiful family! Best to you!

rachel | 2:15 PM

beautiful! my favorite family portrait is the five of us, together for the first time. we all look a little rough; but man, are we happy. love to you.

TheThingsIdTellYou | 2:27 PM

Those are some smushy cheeks! Congratulations on your beautiful new family of 6. Beautiful.

Claire | 2:47 PM

The last line, the last photo... took my breath away. Congratulations! Such a beautiful, healthy, happy family!

Lauren | 2:57 PM

It is amazing to feel so happy at the blessings bestowed upon a complete stranger. But I am. So happy for you and your beautiful family.

Chantel | 3:09 PM

I'm so very happy to see you all together! Those are precious moments. Thanks you for sharing them!

Noelle Spooner | 3:32 PM

Beautiful family. Fable and Archer look so very proud of their new sisters. <3

Jo | 4:03 PM

Bec, sending you bucketfuls of love your way. The six of you are perfection. Also, the names? Absolute poetry. So happy for you.

Kacy | 4:05 PM

sweetest pictures ever....xxoo to you all

PopMommy Pam | 4:10 PM

And what a beautiful six you are! God bless all of you..

Ari Lindquist | 4:19 PM

Congrats, congrats, congrats! I'm so happy for you and your family!! The babies are beautiful and the names fit perfectly. Take it easy, mama. The c-section recovery is rough but you look wonderful. Truly happy for you and your family!

Mel | 4:34 PM

aww, congratulations!
I love the smooshy cheeks photo :)

jessica | 4:50 PM

OH AND.... i realize now that some of the pain from csection that had me doubled over may have been gas! but not the kind you can get out- just the kind that bloats you and feels like someone is stabbing you. no amount of beans can help.

Sherry Bruck | 4:51 PM

Congrats Hal and Becca. The Bruck family is very, very happy to have more relations! Can't wait to meet the girls.
Love Fred, Sherry, Chelsea and Quinny

Anonymous | 5:08 PM

This kind of love is the whole point of everything. :)

Sarah Oliver | 5:27 PM

Congrats! My son was born at 34 weeks 1 day in February. He had neonatal diabetes and spent 7 weeks in the NICU. Having a baby in the NICU is just absolute, total heartbreak. My heart goes out to you to have to go through that. But the girls are beautiful and sound like they are doing well.

Heather | 5:35 PM

Oh! This is so wonderful and I'm so very happy for you and your family. You are and will continue to be a wonderful mother.

Colleen | 5:49 PM

This made me tear up. Wow. Congratulations on two beautiful additions to your lovely family

Marisa | 5:54 PM

So adorably, beautiful! Love the pictures. Love from Seattle, WA...

sloppyart | 6:26 PM

That right there was the post I was waiting for. So, so amazing to see those new brand new kids meeting the already-there kids--all the kids who will be scurrying round your house meeting for the very first time. Thanks so much for including Archer & Fable's perfect commentary.

Zampano | 6:54 PM

So so happy for all six of you. Congratulations to a gorgeous happy family. I can't wait to watch them grow up! :)

Sara | 6:58 PM

Oh my goodness! Reading that was too much! I cried through the whole post. What a wonderful time in your life. I can't wait to see how my little guy reacts when he meets his new brother or sister. Not pregnant yet but hopefully soon. You have a gorgeous family. Enjoy every minute!

Fairly Odd Mother | 7:09 PM

Oooooo, frig, the cutest. THE CUTEST! Love seeing the kids' faces all lit up over "their" babies.

And hope you are feeling ok. C-section recoveries are not fun at all. Hope you are able to get some rest.

Erin | 7:21 PM

Made me cry. :)

Mindy | 8:10 PM

Congrats, so glad you can ALL be together!!

duck | 8:13 PM

And now you make me cry big fat happy joyful tears for six beautiful souls I have never met but oh so wish only good bright and beautiful things for.

robin | 8:40 PM

you are all so beautiful!

Anonymous | 8:57 PM

They are the super-cutest pumpkins of love. Congrats congrats congrats.

Rosa | 9:42 PM

Congratulations again! How wonderful for the older babes to meet the new babes! So so sweet.

Anonymous | 9:51 PM

So Beautiful.

Thanks for sharing with us.
NT Australia.

Kacey Haffner-Bruce | 9:55 PM

humina humina.. I dont check your blog for 4 days.. and you have babies! congrats to your fam!!

Frau Nelson | 5:07 AM

I have wanted to comment all week, but could never find words good enough. Still can't. Will have to settle for: Congratulations! Amazing! Beautiful! So happy for all of you! Wow!

Dianna | 6:56 AM

So happy that the girls are doing well and their siblings love them already. What a perfect little half dozen you all make!

The Tempest | 8:02 AM

The last time I read your blog, Archer was going off to school. Something niggled me to come check you out today and I'm gobsmacked. Congratulationsx2. You have a beautiful wonderful family.

Rachael | 8:40 AM

Rebecca, you just have the most beautiful family in every way. Congratulations again on your newest members. Thank you for sharing your kids and your journey with us!

Anonymous | 8:50 AM

So crazy. I've only met you in person once but I am crying over these pics. Esp the look of wonder in Fable's eyes. Can't wait to hear all the stories about coming home. xo Missy

Clandestine Road | 9:12 AM

This post was so moving. I don't know you but I am all teary.

Wishing you all the best and hoping you can all go home this weekend.

Haleynms | 10:21 AM

Aw, this makes me want to give my daughter a sibling, like RIGHT NOW! I am a longtime lurker. I remember when Fable was born and I have eagerly anticipated the birth of the twins. Congratulations to your beautiful family!

Abbe | 10:43 AM

is there such a thing as sympathy labor? my uterus hurts reading this. could be that i'm 37 weeks. so, so lovely!!

Meg | 12:08 PM

I was in Greece and I just got back, I KNEW YOU HAD THE BABIES, somehow. Love, love, love, love, love, to all six of you. MWAH MWAH MWAH!

Mrs. Brightful | 1:57 PM

Such a touching post, Rebecca! In tears over here. Blessings to all 6 of you!!!

Claire Gibson King | 4:28 PM

aww fabulous! and then you were six! Just perfect and meant to be. Congrats!

W | 7:20 PM

Many congrats! You are doing great!

i have to admit i stopped reading boards and blogs months ago because i was sensitive about having a difficult twin pregnancy and it seemed like all pregnant with twins people i talked to had big fat babies. i was so jealous and scared because i couldn't gain weight, my babies were beyond small and i had gestational diabetes, my dr told me i'd be lucky to make it to 35 weeks.
i am in LA also and i had my twins via c section at 34 weeks 1 was 2 lbs 12 ounce and the other 3 lbs 11 oz.that was 8 weeks ago and one of them is still in nicu. i have a 3 year old also and it has been a long, emotional road, i am still walking that road with my one little girl unable to take the bottle still. i am so torn in all directions. all i can do is take it moment by moment and know life will be so much sweeter because of all this.
Hope you girls came home.

Mrs. Q. | 7:46 PM

Oh, the love. Enjoy.

Whitney | 8:40 PM

You are awesome. <3

Anonymous | 12:57 AM

Congrats! Do you still have your dogs?

becky | 4:23 AM

Damn, woman, but you've made a beautiful family!

Emilie | 5:01 AM

So many happy tears... Just what I needed this morning. What a wonderful family of six--Bo and Rev are so blessed to have Archer and Fable as big brother and big sister. Your family is truly lovely--thank you for sharing this beautiful day with all of us (now must go sniffle some more and look at it all again).

Anonymous | 7:07 AM

Can't believe how emotional I am following this awesome journey of your growing family, best wishes and loads of love from a total stranger in Ottawa, Canada! The new arrivals are beyond beautiful! Your writing has touched me many times but today for some reason, I am compelled to wish you and the whole family much happiness in the future!

Jody | 7:17 AM

From one fam of six to groove with it all and it all will to you all.

Rebecca N | 7:35 AM

What a beautiful moment-- thank you for sharing!

Heather B. | 7:44 AM

Stop making me all weepy over here!

You have four babies! It thrills me to no end. xo

Jen | 8:08 AM

So sweet. So happy for your family.

Jess | 8:18 AM

such a beautiful post. the tears are welling up here, my pregnancy hormones are in full effect today:)

lisafoose | 8:20 AM

Archer and Fable's comments are so amazingly sweet, you must have been holding back tears (I WAS!). And Bo and Rev are just so gorgeous. Hope all 6 are home soon! You will clearly have lots of help from the proud big brother and sister.

Missy | 9:21 AM

Such a blessed and beautiful family of six!! So much love and care! BEST WISHES!

Meg | 10:33 AM

Congrats to your entire family! You are such a good team.

Sarah | 10:42 AM

Congratulations! Beautiful girls! You have a wonderful, loving family and I feel honored to know you through your words and pictures. Much happiness to you and your family always!

Alex | 11:34 AM

such a beautiful family & sweeeeet kids!

ps. hal has on some cute shoes

Lotus Moma | 11:35 AM

Great job Momma! Your girls are gorgeous! Congratulations on your new crew of 6! I so understand the c-section pain when you laugh or cough OUCH! Sending lots of grow strong energy to your little ladies.

ayesha | 11:40 AM

Tears of joy! I can't wait to show my little girl her new sibling (still many months away, but your photos of Fable just make me melt).

Bless with a Boy | 1:47 PM

My heart just melts at the sight of your beautiful family. The kids reactions are priceless. So glad you were able to get them down before they are forgotten.

Looking forward to even more stories of the older kids teaching R&B.

Hope you are doing well and are able to get some rest.


Jane | 2:15 PM

"And then there were six." Ahhh..sitting in work crying my eyes out.
Congrats beautiful family.

nicole | 3:00 PM


jessica | 5:51 PM

I always think its hilarious that the old navy banner on your page advertises a "baby sale $5" hahaha!!

i'm B. | 6:45 PM

damn they're gorgeous! GORGEOUS! and they look so unique from one another, which seems like a cool thing.

Anonymous | 9:00 PM

So fabulous.

Kerry | 9:08 PM

There's nothing more special than seeing your children meet for the first time. Your family is beautiful.

Ray | 11:05 PM

Beautiful family of six. I don't think life could get anymore perfect. Lots of love and blessings to you all. I hope the healing process is quick and easy for you, and that getting into the groove of six is smooth sailing. <3 With not much tears. =P

P.S. Archer and Fable already rock as big brother and sister, to Reverie and Boheme. ^o^

And you rock for getting them here!! <3

Michelle | 2:04 PM

I love their reactions to meeting their new baby sisters, completely priceless. Thanks for sharing!

Janice | 9:30 PM

I guess I visit a bit too infrequently! Congrats!!!! So glad to see the girls arrived safely! I agree on the whole Csection business - It sucks and I don't know why anyone would choose one! My twins arrived at 36 5/7 weeks and didn't have a NICU stay. I'm sure it's torture in many ways but at least this gives you a bit of time to heal up before having to care for them at home. I had a hilarious plan to borrow a motor home and park it in the hospital parking lot to live out of if my twins were in NICU. (We also live about 30 min from the hospital we delivered at). I knew I wouldn't be able to drive on pain meds and was super paranoid about all the what ifs?
Sending support for quick healing for you and graduating for the girls. They are beautiful!!!
:-) Janice of MommaWords

cissy la la | 2:00 AM

Dang, I'm crying too! What a beautiful family. Congrats!