You've Got a Fast Car... Giveaway

*updated with winners, below!*
Yes, I'm hosting another giveaway. 1. Because there are babies coming and this calls for giveaways. 2. They're fun to do and I haven't done one in a while. (ed: there will be another giveaway at the end of the week because... that's... what... she said?)

Anyway! Let us now talk about Hot Wheels! Which have taken over our house this summer! Archer didn't want to do summer camp so instead he's spent an average of fourteen hours a day building cities and tracks for his cars, filming them with my camera and cutting together videos with Hal.

A few weeks (months? I have no idea what time means anymore) ago I posted about Archer's stop motion car videos and then, about a week later some friends at Hot Wheels sent Archer the following items:

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks:
Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle:
... Which clearly made his day. And week. And summer... because hello, a Hot Wheels car WITH A BUILT IN CAMERA? Come on. So then I asked if Hot Wheels would be down for a giveaway or two and they were like, "Totally. Rock!" So here we are.

I have two sets of giveaways for the child(ren) in your life who like Archer, love them some car accessories. Each giveaway pack will include:

To win? Tell me how hard Tracy Chapman used to (and still does) rock.

... Or you can tell me something else. Your favorite road trip song, perhaps? A cute back-to-school story? (Archer starts first grade tomorrow. FIRST GRADE!) Anyway, good luck, all! I'll pick TWO winners next Monday, September 12th via Don't forget to include your email address and happy back-to-school, friends!



Updated: Congrats to commenters #123 "Brock, Lindsay, Adam & Jase" and commenter #91, "Heathir"! And much thanks to all of you for participating!


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The Girl | 8:22 PM

OMG, The Promise is one of my favorite songs. top 20 anyway.

Erika | 8:23 PM

I'm commenting not to win because I could use another Hot Wheel like I could use another Lego. I'm sure you get that. But... Fast Car is the greatest song ever written. It's like a horrible old country song. Any song with a deep sad story can't be beat. Fine. I'll comment to win. My kids would love me a smidge more. And really cars on a wall are pretty cool now that I think about it.

Dave | 8:24 PM

Oh my goodness a Hot Wheels car with a camera in it? My 4 year old will flip. He's obsessed. Not yet able to build the complicated things in his imagination, but he "plans" tracks all day long.

Sarah | 8:24 PM

I hear that song all the time on my fav Pandora station (Christine Kane) so I'm almost over it, but not quite. Another great road trip song: Anchorage--Michelle Shocked. Terrifying and awesome all at once.
sarah @

Julie Fievet | 8:24 PM

My little boy is starting preschool on Thursday! He's got a pretty significant speech delay so my hubs and I hope this helps him. He's our only child and live him dearly! He also loves cars, trucks, trains and everything that comes with those things. :)

Anonymous | 8:26 PM

love me some tracy chapman, but favorite road trip song is "two of us" by the beatles.

Anonymous | 8:27 PM

Oh my word. My little punk would FLIP if we won this giveaway.

Hmm a funny story? We go back to school tomorrow and just picked out an outfit for my 4.5 year old to wear. No joke, the kid told me one of his shirts was "too number one-y" alright then... I suppose after this long it's about time he started having an opinion on clothes.

Theresa | 8:30 PM

When I was fifteen, "Be Careful of My Heart" got me through my first real heartbreak. I listened to it non-stop for weeks. Then, in my twenties, The Promise was the song that made me realize that I wanted to be with my boyfriend (my husband) for the rest of my life. So, absolutely, Tracy Chapman rocks in my life for sure!

KateH | 8:31 PM

I'm entering this for this little man I know who I love BIG much and little much. (I used to ask him if he knew how much I loved him and I would say, "This much!" and stretch my arms out really far. Well he heard it as being that I loved him BIG much! Then one time I told him I loved him big much and he said, "and little much?" and - after my heart melted into a warm red pool of love - I said, "Yes! I love you BIG much and little much!" and it's our little ritual now. Anyways - he would LOVE these cars!

The Shopping Mama | 8:33 PM

I can't wait to have Fast Car in my head all night. Thank you for that. Seriously. And my son would lose his sh*t for a Hot Wheels with a camera in it - too cool!

Dana | 8:34 PM

my son would love this - thanks for the giveaway. and tom petty for roadtrips, all the way!

KK | 8:35 PM

Wow, I love Tracy Chapman so and my boy would love those racers. Awesome as always there GGC.

heather... | 8:35 PM

When do we get to see one of archer's videos?

Jessica | 8:36 PM

i lovvveee that reminds me of being a kid, my mom would play that. I have a three year old son that would love win this! Oh my goodness, and my little brothers would love to come over and play with this!
Thanks for posting that song...made my evening!
I always wonder what will end up being my boys' favorite toys as they get older!

Lisa V | 8:37 PM

My daughter is 17 and an aspiring comedian. She sometimes sings "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town" as sung by Tracy Chapman.

It's pretty rockin'.

Mama Bee | 8:37 PM

My son would be amazed by the camera car. My house is overrun by tiny cars, my purses have Ferraris and Custom 1977 Ford Vans in them and I find them in my boots when I put them on (ouch).

Jessica | 8:40 PM

Tracy Chapman is the soundtrack to my post-Cobain years... The Promise STILL makes me weep like a babeh.

Savvy Sarcastic | 8:41 PM

Tracy Chapman has always been my soul music. The album that has Fast Car, Behind the Wall, If Not Now, and more seems like the soundtrack to my life. I remember being 16 and having my first job ever. I spent the summer working at a Girl Scout camp, away from home for the longest I'd ever been. And farthest. Every morning while the camp was asleep we'd creep into the kitchen and start prep-ing breakfast. We usually listened to Tracy. Even at such a young age her music touched me. Now, at 31 I have been through a lot of horrific heartbreak, and her songs put words to these emotions buried deep in my soul. They are beautiful and soulful and help me express feelings that I can not find the words to. But she can. The depth and beauty of her voice soothes my fiery tears and cradles the broken pieces of my heart. I think I will be writing a blog on her tomorrow. Thank you so much for breaking my writers' block. You're inspirational and if you love Tracy the way I do, we must be destined for friendship!

Jessica | 8:41 PM

Tracy Chapman's music is the soundtrack to my post-Cobain angst years. The Promise STILL makes me cry like a babeh.

Excellent choice of tunes, as usual!

Mama | 8:42 PM

Hot Wheels are about the only toys that are safe when we clean house every few months. With limited space in our house, a wall track seems like a good idea. I'll have to check it out!

Jen L | 8:45 PM

The Boy would love the Hot Wheels paraphernalia. Also, Tracy Chapman rocks so hard that I thought she was a dude when I was younger.

Amanda | 8:45 PM

The wall cars are awesome! My boys would love them.

And Fast Car is an amazing song.

t. | 8:46 PM

My kid has a serious problem with cars. So does my stepson. And my husband. And well, I'm screwed. If he sees this, I will be spending duckets to buy it. So help a sister out. kthanksbye.

Abbey | 8:50 PM

At the moment, my favorite back to school story is my 4 year old every so gently introducing his 2 year old sister to her classroom on her first day of preschool. They are so adorable together (oh and he loves cars too!)

Suzie | 8:50 PM

"Fast Car" came out when I was in HS in Texas. At that point it was mostly country with some 80's music tossed in for god measure, but I took to Tracy Chapman's soulful singing almost immediately. It brought me home is the best way to describe it. I run across it on my Pandora station pretty regularly and it still makes me smile.

Mrs. Chaney | 8:50 PM

coolest. giveaway. ever. best road trip song is the wicked soundtrack. the hubs likes the belt out some idina!

(wongjk at

Melt Momma's Heart | 8:52 PM

I love sad songs in the car; Tracy Chapman's Be Careful of My Heart can pass the miles nicely.

h | 8:53 PM

Fast car makes me cry every. Single. Time. Love Tracy Chapman!

annika Voynow | 8:55 PM

Love, love, love Tracy Chapman! I remember playing her for my father when I was in college. He then introduced me to Joan Armatrading, who is amazing too.

Mazhira Black | 8:57 PM

Tracy Chapman is awesome! She is not only an amazing woman of color she is also one of the few awesome queer women of color that gets represented well in the media! My partner and I consider her song Open Arms to be one of 'our' songs.

Anna | 8:59 PM

My son would love these, thanks!

Back to school story - I think my daughter (3rd grade) was more excited about him starting K than he was, and he was plenty excited. She's been talking up his teacher (whom she did NOT have when she was in K) for days now.

Sadie | 9:03 PM

Tracy Chapman rocks! When my husband I first started dating our favorite thing was to share our favorite music with eachother. One day I brought over my Tracy Chapman cd to share and the exact same cd was already in the cd player! Anyways, happily married 9 years now, with a 4 year old that would love himself some hotwheels!

Emery Jo | 9:03 PM

myer had his first day of school today. i asked him what he liked about it and he said, "I tooted!" hahahahaaaaa

ps. word verification is "frarre". as in, Ferrari Testarossa. woo dang!

oh, jenny mae | 9:04 PM

i can't believe archer is just starting school! we've been back for 4 weeks!

and "fast car?" while i don't get the situation in the song from real life (i'm happy! i make some damn-good lemonade when handed lemons!), tracy sings it so that i feel it in my fucking bones. seriously one of the greatest songs ever.

cory | 9:04 PM

To Sarah - Michelle shocked?? Anchored down in anchorage? I didn't know anyone else even knew who she was. Memories of east Texas... piney green rolling hills.... ok, and my kid would love the hotwheels stuff!

lacey | 9:05 PM

hey hey hey! my favorite road trip song is "road buddy" by dar williams which is actually somewhat tragic 'cause the song is about how the two road trip partners are becoming rapidly disillusioned with one another. but. it is still wonderful. and THEN two songs later is "better things," or dar's cover of "better things," which is originally, i think, by the kinks, and is AMAZING, like THE MOST UPBEAT CHEERY UPPISH SONG EVER, SERIOUSLY, LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW, and omg, dar williams is the best. yay dar.

Anonymous | 9:05 PM

oh my 3 year hold would love that! he is totally all about cars right now. in fact, we just made a car out of the giant box costco sent our groceries home in. there's nothing better than watching your child create something they love and tell you, "this is AWESOME mom!"

-jamie c

Unknown | 9:06 PM

<3 Love the song and would love to win! I am sure my little monkey would too...:) 1smileymonkey1 (at) gmail (dot) com :)

Lawyer Bird | 9:08 PM

I've seen her twice, that's how much she rocks.

Anonymous | 9:09 PM

Just the other day I was camping with my 2 besties and their fam and kids and Saturday Night by Wakefield came on the radio and I had not heard that song in ages and the three mommies started dancing like we have never danced before. It was awesome and our kids stared at us like they have never seen this side of us before. So many great memories of many dancing hours....Denaye (

Megan | 9:10 PM

Tracy Chapman has the best voice...and Fast Car is one of my favs.

My son has been begging for the hot wheel wall track, he'd love it!

Michaela | 9:10 PM

First of all, my 4 year old would flip his lid over this giveaway, and I am therefore obligated to enter. Secondly, I saw Tracy Chapman live in high school and it. was. amazing. So, I think I deserve to win the most. (except...I need another hot wheel and/or complicated track to assemble like I need another mortgage so...)

Vanessa | 9:14 PM

My first day of grade 8, I got off the bus with a whack of highschoolers only to walk straight into a telephone pole. My first class was grade 9 French, where I suddenly didn't feel very "advanced". Then, on the walk home, I got my period for the first time.

Alaskabetty | 9:15 PM

I'm commenting on behalf of my husband, who is a hot wheel FANATIC. He has yet to interest his two daughters in ongoing play with the cars in the dirt as he did as a child, but I'm sure a track on the wall would blow them (and him) away. And, for what it's worth, Tracy Chapman just found her way back on to my play list a few weeks ago and I am loving some Fast Car. Makes me turn it up and sing.

Aimee | 9:15 PM

Give me one reason! In HS, we'd make up our own words on the way home from the beach. So much fun. I want the summer of 1996 back!

Rachel | 9:18 PM

Holy crap! Someone JUST told me about that wall track thing today and I immediately put it on my son's Christmas list. He is a total car enthusiast and has been since 2 years old when he would sleep with a Matchbox car in each chubby fist.

Also? Fast Car is the kind of easy, amazing song that sounds like a conversation, and it reminds me of the early days of my marriage.

In summary, this is pretty much the best giveaway ever. The end.

Amanda @ willful/joyful | 9:19 PM

My son would LOVE to win either of these. He's into cars like crazy these days. My favorite song to sing in the car is "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone" by Jewel. Loud and rocking and bluesy with wonderfully odd lyrics.

Your mother was a wolf bite
Your daddy was a cigarette
Your brother was a rose bud
Crossbreed with a car wreck

Can't help but sing it at the top of my lungs. And for the next five minutes I'm 19 and carefree again.

Lisse | 9:20 PM

True Story: July 4 weekend I'm in Target with my younger son. He often gets a new Hot Wheels car when we go on expeditions like this. This time he came up with Monte Carlo SS from the mid-80s; black with red and orange stripes. It brought a smile to my face because I once dated a guy who drove exactly that car - I hadn't seen one in over a decade and hadn't heard from the owner in almost two. So of course I bought the toy version for my son.

The very next day, the former owner of the real car found me on Facebook after 20 years.

Tracy's right though; The guys who drive the fast cars can be a lot of fun, but they are rarely the best life partners.

latelier de lisse @ yahoo

kim {the non-mom blogger} | 9:22 PM

I freaking love that song - it was on repeat for a good year or so.

So. The Hot Wheels. My boy started first grade TODAY, and is turning six on Thursday. How lame that he has to share a birthday with the first week of school? Apparently I wasn't thinking about that when I was feeling fertile in December of 2004. Anyhoo, he would freaking love his own Fast Car.

lilbellcade {at} gmail {dot} com

Melissa | 9:26 PM

I would love to win these Hot Wheels setups for my son. He is obsessed with cars. For road trips...I love '70s rock, mellow summer songs like "Brandy" and "Summer Breeze." :)

Magdalena Edwards | 9:28 PM

Fast Car is amazing - I spent a lot of junior and senior year in high school dancing alone to this song. And a classmate choreographed a three-woman dance to "Across the Lines" that I was in - we preformed it for the end of the year dance recital. I also remember dancing and driving a lot to Tori Amos (all the albums out then) and REM's Dead Letter Office and anything The Smiths, also PJ Harvey. One of my FAVORITE songs is PJ Harvey's duet with Thom Yorke "This Mess We're In."

My kids are too little for back-to-school as they are still young enough for daycare/preschool year-round. My almost 4-year-old boy would sing you anything you wanted for a chance with the Hot Wheels.

Hyatt | 9:28 PM

This would rock my son's world! Great giveaway!

Clark Parents | 9:30 PM

We all wold love those hot wheels. I think that my husband and I like them more then my son as he is still just getting into them.

I am the only one back to school here as I am a teacher but the kids are back to the day home. It is hard to tell who is more excited, us or the work from home husband.

Liz L. | 9:30 PM

I always let Fast Car play when it comes up on my iPod, thanks for the giveaway, I would love this for my little man.

Lindsay | 9:31 PM

Favorite road trip band is Of Montreal. Has to be tried to be believed!

Catherine | 9:37 PM

I can't imagine what it'll be like when my son finally goes to school. He's still little so I do have some time... but he is a huge car fan so he would love this!

Elizabeth | 9:43 PM

My boyfriend in high-school who listened exclusively to gansta rap LOVED tracy chapman. he actually introduced her to me. Though I was forbidden to ever mention this fact around his friends. So I guess Tracy Chapman rocks because she just that talented that even high-school boys concerned with their image can't resist her genius.
My boys would love these hot wheels.
Email is:

hayley | 9:45 PM

ooooh, fancy! my little bro would love this prize (his bday is coming...september 11th) anyway, hmmm, what to tell you. well, one roadtrip song i love is "the train song" by feist & ben gibbard. i had it playing while driving over to an old love's. for real thought i was in a fucking movie.

Rebecca | 9:45 PM

Just last night my daughters were asking us for some cars. "Why does Otto (cousin) have so many cars at his house and we have just 2 or 3 and they're broken?" Uh, good point. Hubby and I decided to buy them some cars. But neither of us knows jack about this kind of thing. But, are you kidding me??!! Racing cars that race up and down a wall??? Um? Awesome!!!

And, if this is helpful, I have made alotta sweet love to a lot of Tracy Chapman songs. Hubby and I started dating the year New Beginning came out. Aww yeahhh...

Goth, Hippie, Baby | 9:48 PM

I have to go with Jon Bon Jovi for road trips. Nothing beats driving down the freeway with the lyrics 'on a steel horse, I ride" blasting out the stereo.

Meemo | 9:54 PM

We always enjoy a little Bob Marley on road trips. Miles who is 3 just loves him.

My kids are 13 and 14, so no cute back to school stories. Just lots of stinky teen spirit.

Candace | 10:05 PM

I used to live on the California coast south of San Francisco and sometimes I would see Tracy Chapman *at the grocery store*. Also, she totally rocks.

Aloicoius | 10:13 PM

My little boy just started pre-school today. He would love this stuff! I might just buy the staker one anyway...

Ali | 10:17 PM

I definitely love me some Tracy Chapman, but we tend to listen to the Beatles (AHHH LOVE!) on our road trips!

Muffin Cake | 10:19 PM

LOVE Tracy. My road trip music of choice alternates between old (relatively) punk, corny 'story' music like Piano Man and American Pie, and songs you can really belt along to, which is where Fast Car fits.

And my son and daughter would DIE a death of giggle fits for those cars!

Emily Jacobsma | 10:32 PM

My husband had his first day of school today. First day of teaching high school chemistry! We graduated from high school 5 years ago and it's a trip.

My cousin is about to pop with her second boy and her first boy would love those hot wheel accessories.

Love you book, love your blog, love your babies.

kristi | 10:38 PM

Listening to Queen on road trips always keeps my husband in a good mood & always makes for a good time!

Diane | 10:51 PM

Tracy Chapman rocks so hard, her nickname should be Gibraltar. I've got a little dude who would TOTALLY dig those cars!

Stacey | 11:16 PM

My 5 year old (who just started in first grade yesterday!) would absolutely flip. A road trip song that reminds me of my childhood: Bad Moon Rising by CCR. Or, all five of us sang loudly everytime we heard it: "There's a bathroom on the right!"

LuLu | 11:24 PM

I remember the first time I heard Fast Car by Tracey Chapman. A friend introduced me to it and I remember feeling so free and visions of driving through the desert in a convertible, top down, with my closest girl friends running through my mind. Awesome song that now follows with many memories! :)

Angelica | 11:30 PM

Omgosh Give Me One Reason to stay here and I'll turn right back around :) these lyrics made huge impact on my life and his reason wasnt a good one!

Robin | 11:58 PM

the video just mesmerized my toddler, how's that for an endorsement?! I really love Tracy Chapman.

Carly | 12:07 AM

I actually DO love that song!
I would also LOVE to win the Hot Wheels gear...I'm a school-based therapist working with underpriveleged youth in Long Beach, and I work with mostly boys. Let me tell you, they LOVE Hot Wheels! :)

Laura | 12:10 AM

It was early July, and I'd just gotten over Mono, when I bought the Fast Car single at that shitty record store at Kenilworth Mall. Amy had just hooked up with Joe, and Marie had just been dumped by Chris, and I, pulling up my knees and writing in my journal, hadn't hooked up with or been dumped by anyone. Summer, at that point, was drudgery and overripe tomatoes, without any of the hickies or drummers or boardwalks or pot that would surface at the beginning of August. I was bored and lonely, and my throat was still sore, but I had my Walkman, and I had Fast Car, and I had, whether or not I wanted it, the rest of the summer before me.

Tanya | 12:17 AM

'Sorry' has to be my fav because I think the word is so useful sometimes.
I made the huge decision to change our son to a new school even though he only started in February (age 5). I was so worried about doing that as I had planned it right down to High School because that's how I roll. Plans, lists, routines...thrown out the window. So we took his Dad to see the new school the other day after hours. And in the middle of this massive school (picture a gigantic circle of classrooms surrounding a huge play area) stood our 5-year old. Arms out wide, voice full of pride and anticipation he said, "Welcome to my new school!"
Needless to say I feel a little bit okay about the changes.

kids always know how to make everything okay, especially when we are forced to say "sorry love, but..." (in case you will consider posting to New Zealand - please, please, please do....he saw the car and went "WHAT IS THAT?" and when I said he went silent...that good!)

Rebekah Amy | 12:29 AM

My first road trip was my favorite. I went with my roommate to Idaho and it was glorious. There was camping and hiking and good dining and beautiful skies and land.

Also, my son LOVES CARS. Its cute to see him take such an interest in something in such a young age.

Anonymous | 12:45 AM

During our uncomfortable awkward stage, my bff and I used to wail this song together, braces, glasses and all. This giveaway is almost too good to be true! I have two little guys who love all things with wheels.

BonJoey | 12:49 AM

Like so many other commenters, My 4 years old would also lose his shit (ha! that sounds silly saying that about my child) for those awesome new hot wheels toys. I've never seen either one, and they both look incredible. Hell, I even want to play with them! :)
Tracy Chapman is badass. I don't have a favorite road trip song per se, but I do love me some old Elton John records. I started listening to him as a child, so I know like every word to every song on "captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy" and "tumbleweed connection", "madman across the water" and his self titled. Those are my favorites, the best. I love singing along to them while driving, they're super nostalgic to me.
Oh, I almost forgot!
email is

Des | 1:27 AM

I just sent my middle son to preschool this year and he flipped his lid, completely losing his ever loving mind when I walked out the door. Kicking, screaming, the works. Worst first day of school EVER! My oldest on the other hand when I walked into her class to tell her goodbye looks up with a surprised look on his face and says, "Oh, hi mom. I didn't know you knew where my class was." kids!

Rosstwinmom | 2:27 AM

My kids think Mommy needs to go to school with them. Not a cute story. but, they do love them some Matchbox!

sam | 3:48 AM

We start preschool next week! Can. not. believe. it. :( sniffle.

Said preschooler would love some of these hot wheels goodies!

mathilda Dunn | 3:49 AM

My nephew loves hot wheels!
He is starting Pre-K this week, and when I was over there this weekend, we had the following conversation:

Auntie: Gah! I can't believe you are going to be in Pre-K! Time needs to slow down.

B: Well, I have to keep growing. Remember when I was born and I was all covered in goo and you cried? I loved you then, and I will still love you when I go to college.

And yea, The Promise still makes me kind of weepy.

Anabelle | 4:05 AM

Tracy Chapman? She's one of my favorite favorite singers ever!! She is quite popular in France, we've been having a love for her since her very first album, unconditionnal fans that follow her no matter what. I love her spirit, her strenght and fragility, her vision of life. "Fast car" is an amazing song. I must have listened to this album a million times when I was 16 and even to this day I listen to it once in awhile (still have it on my I-pod). I am not even writting to get anything, but just tell you from my heart that YES SHE ROCKS!

Edite | 4:11 AM

Ohhh, it is my boys 3rd birthday today! He got cars for his bday, a RC Lightning Mcqueen and all! Funny thing, neither me nor my husband are into cars, we dont even have a car! And our son, ever since he could comprehend what a car is, has been obsessed!!!! Everything is cars, trucks, trains, tractors, etc. He is now teaching his little sis who will be 1 in oct all about cars, she is already riding them on the floor and doing these cute motor sounds! :D

Anonymous | 4:29 AM

Tracy Chapman is AMAZING! Fast Car definitly ranks as one of her best! And my son absolutely loves Hot Wheels and building awesome tracks...he would love this!

Amelia | 4:31 AM

I love reading everyone's TC love, such a fun comment thread.
My personal favorite of hers is All That You Have Is Your Soul
So don't be tempted by the shiny apple, Don't you eat of a bitter fruit, Hunger only for a taste of justice, Hunger only for a world of truth. Cause all that you have is your soul
So thankful I had those words to listen to in the tender years.
And yes, my kiddle would go totally bananas over hotwheels! Hope you're feeling well!! xo

The Sekis | 4:36 AM

I am obsessed with Tracy of my all time faves. There are so many of her songs that I love, I can't pick just one. One of my biggest regrets is that I have only seen her live once.

Tirzah | 4:46 AM

Fast Car is one of my husband's favorite songs ever, as he can deeply relate to it... I remember when we met he had just dropped out of college to keep an eye out on his dad since no one else would. Fortunately he had more of a happy outcome than the song, though ;)

Krystle | 4:49 AM

Gimme one reason , oh Tracy, you crooner. My son is currently in the middle of a love affair with hot wheels, and he's only 2.5!

OL | 4:52 AM

For some reason, we always end up listening to the Mamas and the Papas on road trips! Awesome giveaway!
livyholmes @

Heathir | 5:00 AM

Tracy Chapman is pretty awesome. But wall tracks and video cameras for Hot Wheels? Those totally rock.

Buccinator | 5:03 AM

My fiancé's grandpa has a family reunion/VIP business clients picnic every year. TJ and I go early every year (this will be my third year) to help set everything up. I like to do a ton of work despite my lupus so that see? I'm gonna be great for marrying your grandchild. But last year, in the middle of tableclothing every table in the park, this song started playing and nothing makes a better microphone than a rolled up tablecloth...

Kendra | 5:14 AM

My oldest child started her last year of preschool this year. She told me that when she was in kindergarten she wouldn't need me anymore. How's that for a back to school story?

Danielle (elleinadspir) | 5:16 AM

That song will be in my head all day now. I loved that Archer did my son!

Sara | 5:17 AM

I saw your tweet, remembered you just bought a new van, and thought, Holy smokes she's giving away a car! Girl's gone Oprah!!!

Anyway, I have a frillion nephews, would love a set.

Allison the Meep | 5:21 AM

Oh, Tracy Chapman. I used to not like her. It's that way with all the musicians I end up loving more than air. I really dislike them at first. And now, I can't even hear "Fast Car" without getting all sobby and gasping for air. It's just too beautiful and sad.

Alecia | 5:25 AM

Fast Car is one of my favorite songs to sing... loudly... especially in the car when it comes on the radio... much to the chagrin of my husband and kids.

Ida Mae | 5:28 AM

used to LOVE that cd. Well still do, but it's not quite on a heavy rotation around the house, esp with kiddo.

ida_mai at hotmail dot com

ste | 5:28 AM

I never really got into listening to Tracy Chapman when the songs were first out. It wasn't that I didn't like them, I just didn't listen. Perhaps now that I'm older I'd understand them more! Those Hot Wheels that have the track on the wall are awesome!

Dory | 5:34 AM

Tracy Chapman instantly transports me to an easy place. I got a little dude who would love this stuff UP. Going to be checking out that wall thing asap

Carolyn | 5:35 AM

I have a almost 5 year old who would love these! I love Tracy Chapman, although I didn't know if she was a boy or girl for a long time!

nutmeg | 5:35 AM

Love the giveaway! Back to school always reminds me that Billy Madison is really pretty funny..

Brittney Gaspari | 5:35 AM

I agree with another poster that the promise is such a beautiful song. My 2yo daughter would love love love the cars.

Melissa | 5:42 AM

Roadtrips are Modest Mouse!! And Tracy Chapman brings back my teen years.

Aliesha | 5:42 AM

I don't have a lot to say about Tracy Chapman...but my favorite road trip song is Calling Baton Rouge by Garth Brooks. Who? Yes, that's right, Garth Brooks. My girlfriends and I used to listen to his Garth Double Live album on every road trip we took, and that was one of the songs we'd sing at the top of our lungs, clapping and screaming and having a ball. Ah memories...

Momma | 5:42 AM

LOVE THAT SONG! Drive, driving in our car, speeding so fast felt like we were drunk...

My little monster started preschool last week and our favorite thing to do is to move all the furniture and find the toys that got lost underneath!

Anonymous | 5:43 AM

Getaway Car by Audioslave is the best!

Desiree' | 5:44 AM

I have Fast Car on my Ipod, listen to it all the time...Brings back great memories....
and I have three boys who would love to have a new hot wheels toy!! (notto mention four girls who may just fight them for it..LOL

Hillary | 5:46 AM

The Boy would love those things ... if I don't win, I just found something for the Christmas list.

Loved Tracy Chapman, and I'm not sure why I haven't listened in a long time.

Anonymous | 5:48 AM

Love the song! My grandmother's house was "the place" to play with hot wheels... She had some other cool toys their, but it was always the cars that ended up out all over the living room floor.

Lisa | 5:53 AM

My nephew started Kindergarten. He said his first day was great BUT, "my teacher wants me to come EVERY day!" he said indignantly. We dig Hot Wheels.

caressa | 5:54 AM

She came to my high school the year before I was there because some kid won a writing competition through MTV. Because of this -- mind you, I WAS NOT THERE -- I've always felt a kinship.

Anonymous | 5:59 AM

we like anything we can all sing to for road trips - red hot chili peppers are a must. carmensebert (at) gmail (dot) com

LiciaLee | 6:08 AM

I know a couple kiddos who would LOVE those cars. My favorite road trip song is anything by bowling for soup or barenaked ladies. :D

OneRadMother | 6:14 AM

You gave me one reason to stay here (besides offering up bad puns) - my three year old is so obsessed with his MB cars that he sleeps with them at night...all 12. This would be awesome!

LB | 6:16 AM

Rock on! A giveaway that you can set to Tracy Chapman! My son is asking nicely, Plllease!
laurenobrennan [at] yahoo

emily | 6:18 AM

first day of school (kindergarten)
me: soooo?! how was it?
cub: good.
me: did you meet any new friends?
cub: sure.
me: wellll?! what are they like?
cub: well, there is this one kid, kevin. he looks like he is from china, but really, he's from charlotte.
me: that's great! (thinking oh shit, is this my cue that I need teach a life lesson on diversity?)

fourth day of school (kindergarten)
i meet kevin. his last name is portillo and he is clearly hispanic.

this is funny. not racist or offensive. please see it as such.

adrienne... | 6:24 AM

Gotta love some Fast Car. I remember my parents playing it in the car... On cassette tape.

Connie S. | 6:26 AM

When we were younger and we'd go on long car rides, my dad always put in his cassette (And later cd) version of David & David's "Boomtown" album. Whenever I play it, I think of how safe and happy it was, sitting in the backseat next to my sister listening to my dad singing along to that album.
For my husband and I, we don't go on road trips without Van Morrison's greatest hits. The collection is something like 20 songs (So it helps while the hours), and like "The Bright Side of the Road" isn't exactly the right song to start up a road trip?!

Amy | 6:30 AM

When I was little my brother and I would play with Hot Wheels cars. We'd spend a lot of time dividing them up into "my" cars and "his" cars. Then, I'd spend the rest of the time driving mine around in a line, each one inching forward just a bit at a time, which my brother fussed at me that I WAS DOING IT WRONG. I guess the cars weren't supposed to just all go in one long line? Or something? I'm still not sure. But they are fond memories nonetheless.

Grace Miller | 6:31 AM

1) Tracy Chapman does indeed rock.
2) My fav road trip song is "Come on Eileen". I have fond memories rocking out to that song with my big sister in our Wally Wagon.
3) I would LOVE to win these cars for my little boy Jonah, who is just now showing interest in anything with wheels
Thank you!

Unknown | 6:32 AM

LOVE Tracy Chapman. Love Hot Wheels too (And so does my son!)., Must go find my old Tracy Chapman CDs now and see if our CD player is actually hooked up so I can have a listen!

Linds | 6:35 AM

My Adam is sitting here with me looking at the pic of the wall track! Wants 3 of them!
He had his very very first day of preschool yesterday, he told me I wasn't allowed to stay with him Thursday because I was too big for the chairs! LOVE.MY.KID!!!

Diurla | 6:38 AM

Tracy Chapman rocks. He rocks my socks off.
Now, let's get down to business!
My son would love this... Even if he's only 6 months old and his mother might be the one who really secretly wants to win this.... ;)

Diurla | 6:40 AM

Tracy Chapman rocks. He rocks my socks off.
Now, let's get down to business!
My son would absolutely love this, even if he's only six months old and does nothing but squeal and roll around and ya know.. Typical 6 month old stuff. Secretly his momma might be the one who really wants to win this......

Anonymous | 6:43 AM

Woah, that wall track is cool! Our first day of bilingual school in the south of France was yesterday. And, for some reason, the French don't like to have school on Wednesdays, so we had another day off. But, it is back to school again tomorrow! I wonder how working mothers deal with kids home on Wednesdays all school year long?

Katie | 6:45 AM

Tracy Chapman's songs have gotten me through moments in life when I have needed music. My mom and I go to see her when she is in town. She is one of the three people we always go to see. Tori Amos, Indigo Girls and Tracey Chapman!
P.S. You look amazing! And ready!

Andi | 6:46 AM

WOW. That is a sweet Hot Wheels set up. My son couldn't play with them yet as he has a hard time keeping the FLOOR tracks together without sitting on them, but I'm sure he'd love it for his birthday in the future!

Fast Car is a song that I enjoy but my husband hates. And I can't even look at him when the song comes on because I know he will be making some sort of face about how it is displeasing him so much, and it ruins my enjoyment. It used to be that he would openly disapprove, but then he made mecry last time I waspregnant and hormonal and now he has to hide it... lobsterandi at the email awesomtastic company

SpillingOutBeautiful | 6:47 AM

Fave roadtrip song? How about fave roadtrip album? Rumours- Fleetwood Mac. It's a fam favorite.

Hawkeyegirl | 6:47 AM

My first road trip song was Willie Nelson's 'On the Road Again.' Classic!
We used to travel a lot when I was a kid, first because my parents were in the military, then between Mom and Dad after the divorce. We'd make the 1000 mile trip between them four times a year for more than five years. I still love to travel by car :)

Anna | 6:50 AM

My son, who just started 4k yesterday, keeps asking if we can go to the Grandma and Grandpa's house that has the car with the "stable" wheels. Apparently, he was playing with a die cast Volkswagen Beetle whose wheels kept coming off. Grandpa traded it out for a Valvoline racer whose axles were more stable.

And now, since Grandpa explained Hot Wheels vs Matchbox cars to him, he looks for the logo. Then he tells me if they're Hot Wheels cars.

Janel Brennan | 6:51 AM

OMG I have an 8 yr old that would flip if he knew that there was a car with a camera and a crazy wall track thing! TC rocks!

Ali | 7:02 AM

Oooh! the wall tracks look so cool. And the camera car is just amazing!
I'm sharing that my son has now learning (after a 1,500+ mile epic car trip this summer) to yell "ROAD TRIP!" whenever we're inthe car for more than ten minutes. It's the best.

CallieAnnie | 7:05 AM

"Fast Car" is what I used to listen to when I
was first married and waiting for graduation to get a real job.
It rocks because it's like angst for adults.
My four-year-old started Pre-K a month ago.
He loves it. His favorite part is riding the bus.
The hardest part was when he asked someone
to be his friend and the boy said no. My son
is really social, so I don't think he knew that could happen. I felt so sad for him. Life lessons.

Cheers to Archer!

Rebecca | 7:05 AM

I love Tracy Chapman. I love to think about her singing "Talkin' bout a Revolution" for Nelson Mandela. Crossroads is one of the best underrated albums of all time. Hot Wheels are pretty cool, too.

Melody | 7:06 AM

Not only does Tracy Chapman rock, but she is on my "list"-- you know, the imaginary list your partner and you keep (ala Friends) of people you are allowed to get well-acquainted with despite your couple status should the opportunity ever arise? That voice-- shivers. And those lips! Sing to me, Tracy. Sing all night long.

But seriously-- my daughter would freakin' love her those hot wheels wall tracks.

Berit | 7:07 AM

My son would love, love, love this. Cars and trucks are a big deal (as you know). Fast Car is so awesome that I wish TC would reappear and sing it, then give us another such rockin' song that we can reminisce about in 20 years.

Angie Elliott | 7:10 AM

Oh my goodness, my three year old son would would LOVE the racetrack on the wall! He started preschool yesterday, not particularly fond of it, so announced that he can't go to school because he thinks he is getting his period. Rubbed his tummy and everything. My husband thinks a little time away from mommy would be a good thing ;).

Jen | 7:10 AM

We put Hayes Carll albums on repeat whenever we hit the road. Add in a dash of Shovels and Rope (trust me, you listen and you'll be converted.) Some Avett Brothers, a little Johnny and Rosanne Cash, and we are good to go. Somehow country and folk seem to suit the road for us! But Fast Car takes me straight back to college and driving back and forth from BGSU to home. Corn fields, bean fields, wheat fields, barns and more barns. That was part of the soundtrack of those trips.

And thanks for the brain bug this morning now:)

Meg C | 7:11 AM

Love this song and want the wheels!

PopMommy Pam | 7:19 AM

My son Daniel LOVES "Fast Car" because he is obsessed with cars too. And I don't mind playing the song for him, over and over again. I love Tracy Chapman and he loves that she sings about a car. So...Win-Win!

PopMommy Pam | 7:21 AM


duck | 7:22 AM

Its funny how 5 words and you get sucked back to a time and a place. I read the title of you post and began singing that song to myself. I remember being a teen ager when it came out just desperately wishing I had someone to offer me a fast car to "get outta' here."

Angela | 7:29 AM

I love this song! It makes me wish I had a better voice so I could do it justice when I sing along to it in the car. I have an almost 5 year old son who loves all things cars, especially Hot Wheels. He would LOVE the wall track, and has already put the video car on his birthday list. This is the same child who once asked me to "let the song on the radio sing by itself" which validates my earlier point!

Toraason | 7:29 AM

I think we rocked this song in a white cabriolet in the year 1997!? Maybe a road trip to SB? XOXOX Car/electronic obsessed over here at my house full of boys;)

Cyn | 7:31 AM

Best road trip song is (obviously) The Open Road Song by Eve 6. This song is imprinted on my memory forever since it launched every road trip my friends and I took in college. *sigh* those were the days :)

Ami | 7:31 AM

Oh, my 7yo second-grader would totally dig this. And his birthday is in November. Awesome.

My favorite road trip song? Tough choice, but maybe M79 by Vampire Weekend. My email is afsullivan (at symbol) att (dot) net.

Lea Wenski | 7:33 AM

I really have no idea what to comment, but I can say my son would LOVE for me to win this giveaway. Good road trip song?? hmmm...anything by Morrissey

Dranrab | 7:33 AM

My nephew just turned 5 and is obsessed with all things cars/trucks/motorcycles/and even garbage trucks.

tlr | 7:34 AM

OMG - love Tracy!!
OMGG - my son spotted the Hot Wheels pic on my laptop and came running across the room. "Cool, what's that? Can I get it for my next birthday?" (which is next August!) Like Archer he is obsessed with cars and starts 1st grade tomorrow. He loves Legos too so now he builds garages for his cars. I actually prefer the cars since they're easier to see - those $^$@* Legos kill when you step on them.
Thanks for the great contest!

crystal | 7:35 AM

I like my car songs to be upbeat, guilty pleasures.
American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,
Take it Easy by the Eagles
and of course
Truckin' by the Grateful Dead.

By the way, my son would love these tracks.

Borderless Imaginings | 7:48 AM

I immediately started singing the song as soon as I read your Twitter post. Tracey Chapman still rocks!

Mamalang | 7:49 AM

I love that song, and recently Colbie Callait did the Script Breakeven over the chords for Fast Car. Love it.

Joel and Maria | 7:54 AM

I have spent the last week in potty training hell, but I think my little race car loving boy has turned a corner. There would blow his mind. Wow!

Nicole | 7:56 AM

my son's favorite song right now is Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. It's hilarious. He simply cannot contain his need to dance if you turn the song on or even just start singing it. At least he has good taste.

mommaruthsays | 8:00 AM

Oh, Tracy Chapman. For the longest time as a kid, I wasn't sure if she was a woman or a man. But I loved her so much either way!! No one compares.


Sonya --Dime Store Thrift | 8:00 AM

I am SO wanting this...well, not me, so much, as my 6 year old son who promptly squealed when he saw the pics:) Yep, I got a Squealer.

I LOVED fast car and loved Baby, can I hold you, even more...she was the coolest thing to come out of the 80s.
Fav 'Road Song' would be Life Is A Highway from Cars:)


Anonymous | 8:02 AM

To this day every time that song comes on my husband and I both say "best song"
My daughter would LOVE those toys.

Abi | 8:03 AM

I love Fast Cars! But my fave driving songs include The Promise by When in Rome, anything by Tears for Fears, or anything by Spandau Ballet.

My 3 yo Reeve would love a Hot Wheels set. If I win, it can be part of his potty training reward pot. :)

bellastitch AT gmail DOT com

The Litzenbergers | 8:05 AM

My 2 year old has started playing very intensely with his 2 hot wheels cars so I suspect there will be many more in our future. That wall track looks awesome.
I hadn't thought about Tracy Chapman in ages. Can't say she is my favorite but that is a great song to sing along to.

Allyssa | 8:10 AM

I love Tracy Chapman. However, when I was about 15, I went on vacation with my BFF and her family and they let us take the car out by ourselves (with only learner's permits) b/c we were in a really small town, and we blasted Brooks and Dunn's Brand New Man the entire time, doing donuts in the gravel and whooping it up. I'm from Texas, can you tell? LOL!

Krystal | 8:10 AM

When I saw the title of this post I instantly thought of Tracy Chapman's song, Fast Car. Along with her song, Changes, these are two of my all time favorite songs.

Meghan Elaine | 8:11 AM

My son Maxwell (a twin!) LOVES playing cars. He's only two but he races them up the walls, down the chairs, across my legs. A track would be amazing!

Thinking of you all the time. My twins were born at 36 weeks and every post of yours makes me smile and want to hug your baby girls. You're almost there!

Melissa | 8:14 AM

I am leaving for the wedding of my best friend tomorrow. She is marrying a wonderful woman and as my way of saying "welcome permanently to our crazy, kooky world" I made her a mix tape (cd) of all the songs my friend and I used to sing after the bars each weekend. The first song on the cd? Yup, Fast Car.

Mary | 8:14 AM

A hot wheels car with a camera in it? Forget my son, my husband would flip! Also, Tracy Chapman is fairly awesome.

Liz | 8:16 AM

Some of my first musical memories are of listening to Tracy Champman in my mom's car! My three-year-old would flip for these :-)

Great Googely Moogely | 8:20 AM

Tracy Chapman still rocks it out, no matter her age. Some think she was a has-been, I think she's a is-now!

Anonymous | 8:20 AM

My son would love that racer car with a camera in it. He would also love that hotwheel wall track too.
I have shown you the videos he makes about his Lego toys. Back to school story: This year my son got his school schedule. He went the first two days and each night we got a call saying he missed his 6th period. He told his teacher he was there. By the third day I asked the office what was wrong, why were we getting calls. His schedule had the wrong room number on it and his teacher didn't wonder why he had an extra student.
He was in the wrong class.
My email is


Wading Patiently | 8:31 AM

Back to school... I never wore my newest, coolest outfit. I thought that was over-eager. I tried to be real... and gradually build up to my newest, nicest outfit. I thought people were so silly when they wore all brand new clothes and shoes that first day. I felt this way even in Elementary school. joannawade1 (at) gmail (dot) com I hope I win!

Harada's | 8:32 AM

I will never get over tracey chapman and especially that song! Its always been a fav of mine... Funny back to school story? I have 3 BOYS ages 6,5,2.. My six year old is in first grade now but when he strted kindergarten he peed his pants on the first day because he was afraid to tell the teacher he had to go to the bathroom.. Before that moment it had been a good 2 years since he had an accident. i felt so bad bad for the poor kid.. After a long talk with him, it has not happened again. Thank God.. On the other hand my new kindergartener son this year raised his hand last week in the middle of litteracy class and announced he had to poop in front of everyone.. lol..Very different, my boys are.. =) HOw sweet are those hot wheels!! my boys would be nonstop fighting over it I am sure! =) Good luck with those baby girls. Your gonna need it. =)
Much Love,

Cape Cod Dolans | 8:35 AM

Oh how i would love to give my boys those cars!!

Berlyns Mommy | 8:36 AM

My little boy loves hot wheels!My favorite back to school story is when my little girl came home from kindergarten the other day and told me she played with a boy. I was all right on girlfriend! She said the reason she played with him is cause he lost his marbles....the marbles in his head. I think it's the funniest thing that she has ever told me!

Nakia | 8:39 AM

ONE....Tracy Chapman is BEYOND awesome. Really, really.

TWO...My son started first grade yesterday. All last week, I kept thinking "How the heck did I get old enough to have a first grader?!?!"
Yesterday morning, while getting ready he kept asking me if I would just drop him off in front of the school instead of walking him in. Uh, no. I should get at least one day to be smothering, helicopter mom. This morning I pulled up to the drop off line in front of the school and he looked like he was about to do a cartwheel he was so happy to not have me embarrass him by giving him a goodbye kiss in front of his classroom.

And yet, despite being shunned by him, here I am still entering your giveaway because I can just imagine the "Oh my gosh!" yells from him if he were to see that we won a Hot Wheels car with a camera on it.

Nakia | 8:41 AM

Oops! I totally forgot to include my email address in my entry -

I'm kinda ditzy here and there (blaming it on pregnancy brain) so it may have automatically been included because I posted my entry comment using my Google acct.

christine | 8:44 AM

oh my gosh! my 2-year-old would go nuts over either of those! who knew they even made hot wheels with cameras in them?!

Zee | 8:47 AM

I have the best memories from when I lived abroad… my friends and I would always listen to TC together and, as a testament to how talented she is, my friends were from all over: Jerusalem, Berlin, Rio de Janiero, Nairobi… it was amazing.

Sarahptitiously | 8:47 AM

Tracy Chapman will always make me think of the summer of '98...

Bobbie | 8:48 AM

Love Tracy Chapman! She has such a unique and almost calming quality to her voice. Give Me One Reason is my favorite song of hers. My 5-yr old is always driving cars on the walls. With the Hot Wheels wall track, I won't have to tell him to stop. :)

Loonstruck | 8:56 AM

Road trip song - Get Out the Map by Indigo Girls. It's exactly the right beat and movement for that jerky getting started on a road trip feeling. That's so exciting that he's started first grade!

Johi | 8:57 AM

This reminds me of how angry I am that someone stole my Tracey Chapman CD. Love her! And my two boys would LOVE some HotWheels!

Tara | 9:00 AM

We LOVE Hot Wheels! My son also started first grade -- I feel your pain!!

Cave Momma | 9:02 AM

Tracy Chapman gives me goosebumps. Her voice is just so raw. Fast Car and Promise are a couple of favorites.

My son loves his cars and tracks so this would be totally awesome.

Priya | 9:06 AM

You look great for being 34 weeks pregnant with twins!

Katie Richins | 9:13 AM

Giveaway? awesome.
Fast car? awesome.
Celebrating your two babies? awesome.
School starting? awesome.

ktrmama at msn dot com

Shay | 9:14 AM

I remember that song! I was in middle school I think. My Mom used to listen to it and tell me her car 'liked' going fast. Yeah Mum I believe you.

shaylene.crabtree @

My nearly 5 year old son would FLIP OUT over a hot wheel car with a camera in it. So cool. He builds cities and roads too.

the king of carrot flowers | 9:14 AM

DUDE- my son would LOVE LOVE LOVE this giveaway- and maybe i should bust out my old T.B. cds- ahh the mid 90s

Krystan | 9:26 AM

I'm gearing up for my very first long roadtrip with my 10-month-old daughter in a few weeks - Cincinnati to Superior, Wisconsin, aka 13 hours of entertaining a child not old enough to face forward or do anything to pass the time. I'm looking forward to that! Did I mention my husband isn't coming with, so it's just me taking care of the kid? The things we do for family! ...Which is why I'm writing this: I have two nephews who love race cars and tracks and techy stuff and watching videos of themselves. This would be the perfect gift for them to fight over, and I will be able to conveniently get up and leave mid-argument because I don't live with them. My sister-in-law will thank you SO VERY MUCH. ;)

Brandy H | 9:32 AM

Love Tracy, so beautiful, calming yet with angst.

My girl would love some Hot Wheels.

A. | 9:35 AM

Fast Car was the very first video I remember loving the summer I that I discovered MTV. I still love the song!

If I win (and my gowing-up-way-too-fast-almost-5-year-old would be so excited if I do), my e-mail address abjenk at hotmail dot com.

Nicole | 9:36 AM

My daughter is obsessed with anything on four wheels. Her dad is a mechanic and she would flip out if I won these for her!!!

Also - her fave road trip song is anything on the Juno soundtrack... I think I've heard "all I want is you" about 20000 times.

Nicolejlhannah at hotmail dot com

LissaCris | 9:37 AM

I was just listening to her this week. I love her raspy voice so much! I too have a car loving first grader who just started building these wild lego/car combo creations. I love to watch it all play out. He would love the wall track so so much!

Mary O | 9:39 AM

I just dropped my oldest off at his first day of kindergarten. I don't know what to make of this quite yet.

Rhia | 9:40 AM

I love road tripping to the Beatles, played loud, and Vampire Weekend.

And oh, I know a little boy whose mind would be entirely blown by these cars and tracks.

Anastasiya | 9:43 AM

My fav is I'm Not Contagious by Chromeo. My son's, on the other hand, is Dream On and I Feel Better by Hot Chip. Sold choice if you ask me.

BBG | 9:46 AM

My three-year-old loves Hot Wheels! He picks two every night to take in the bath where he and daddy make up all kinds of scenarios with them. A few of our Hot Wheels have even had the honor of going to church with us. Although this was not ideal since they were sent "racing" off the pew and into the aisle of the church and I had to retrieve them. :) Regardless, I can see his interest in their racing abilities growing and I know he (and my husband - who has a degree in film) would LOVE to invent, create, and play with such cool Hot Wheels items!
Thanks for the giveaway fun. Hope your comfort level is a good one today!

Anonymous | 9:47 AM

Hot wheels video car- my son's head just exploded. This is our starting school story.

This is how James’s first day of Kindergarten kicked off.

3:30am- James taps me on the shoulder and crawls into bed. Puts his cold feet on my arm and complains about not having a pillow.

6:00am- Alarm goes off. I hit snooze. James rolls over muttering.

6:10am- Alarm goes off again. I get up, James rolls to Daddy and starts to cry. Daddy mellows out the pre-kindergarten jitters by tickling James into laughing.

Regular getting ready to leave activities take up the next 30 minutes. James comes in first and I lose the getting dressed race.

Cats are fed, James grabs insulated lunch sack (filled the previous evening) from the fridge and stuffs it into his brand new, not the least bit babyish backpack. The backpack takes up almost as much space as James does, but he picked it out and loves it. The Backpack includes small pillow and towel for naps, a plastic folder with two pockets, dry erase markers for school. Name, parent emergency phone number, teacher name, class room number, and bus details are listed on a yellow laminated card pinned to the outside.

6:40am- Out the door into the car. I forget Leapster batteries and promise to rectify the situation by the afternoon. I read the Guardian’s of Ga’Hoole in the car.

7:00am- Arrive for first morning of before school care. Pictures taken.

7:05am- Kisses, hugs, high-fives, knuckle and wrist bumps goodbye. James heads off to play with space ship toys.

7:10am- Off to Starbucks to get morning coffee, I try not to lose it while Tim tries to ignore me not loosing it.

8:15am- Drive to elementary and hang out to watch buses arrive. Try to hover without James realizing that we are hovering.

8:40am- James’s bus arrives. James disappears into a sea of children. I hyperventilate. James re-emerges with an assist from a very nice lady carrying a bullhorn, he makes it to class successfully. We know this because like paparazzi we took in all the action from behind some shrubbery and a small pine.

8:45am- I sneak a peak into his class. They are having circle time on a mat on the floor, lots of little faces turned up to their teacher. I hear fragments of what she says – words like “first day” and “lots to to” and “fun”. I can’t see James and would sneak closer but fear that if he sees me he’ll dart out of class. Tim signals frantically from outside to wrap it up and I do.

Tammie | 9:50 AM

OMG, Tracy Chapman rocks! She is THE cd I listen to when I'm alone in the car and get to jam (which is not all that often, but still!) My just turned 6 year old today (and started 1st grade today) would love a hot wheels with a camera. I don't think it gets any better than that for a 6 year old!


W | 9:50 AM

Commenting because my little boy turns 3 on Friday and is starting to discover the joys of cars :) He loves to 'drive' his parents' cars (we rarely let him, or he'd insist on driving EVERY TIME we get in the car) and has been thoroughly enjoying his old style fisher price little people + cars + garage.

And speaking of songs, he's also beginning to sing along to the pop songs on the radio. One has not lived till one has done an acappella duet with one's toddler, to the tune of Hot Chaelle Rae's 'Tonight Tonight' ...

Laurie | 9:53 AM

Love "Fast Car" My boy loves fast cars. And he's got a birthday coming up. This would be an excellent present for my soon-to-be four year-old!

Just me. | 9:53 AM

So um, Im not so hot on Tracy Chapman, but my boy sure does love his hot wheels!! He spends hours with them, I stopped buying other toys because, well, he just doesnt play with them. What an awesomme give away!!

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