You've Got a Fast Car... Giveaway

*updated with winners, below!*
Yes, I'm hosting another giveaway. 1. Because there are babies coming and this calls for giveaways. 2. They're fun to do and I haven't done one in a while. (ed: there will be another giveaway at the end of the week because... that's... what... she said?)

Anyway! Let us now talk about Hot Wheels! Which have taken over our house this summer! Archer didn't want to do summer camp so instead he's spent an average of fourteen hours a day building cities and tracks for his cars, filming them with my camera and cutting together videos with Hal.

A few weeks (months? I have no idea what time means anymore) ago I posted about Archer's stop motion car videos and then, about a week later some friends at Hot Wheels sent Archer the following items:

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks:
Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle:
... Which clearly made his day. And week. And summer... because hello, a Hot Wheels car WITH A BUILT IN CAMERA? Come on. So then I asked if Hot Wheels would be down for a giveaway or two and they were like, "Totally. Rock!" So here we are.

I have two sets of giveaways for the child(ren) in your life who like Archer, love them some car accessories. Each giveaway pack will include:

To win? Tell me how hard Tracy Chapman used to (and still does) rock.

... Or you can tell me something else. Your favorite road trip song, perhaps? A cute back-to-school story? (Archer starts first grade tomorrow. FIRST GRADE!) Anyway, good luck, all! I'll pick TWO winners next Monday, September 12th via Don't forget to include your email address and happy back-to-school, friends!



Updated: Congrats to commenters #123 "Brock, Lindsay, Adam & Jase" and commenter #91, "Heathir"! And much thanks to all of you for participating!


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Keri | 6:38 PM

oops, my email: kiwibrooks (at)

DeafMomWorld | 6:47 PM

Wow, my son would LOVE this. He loves hot wheels! He began 1st grade two weeks ago and he loves it. I had decided to transfer him to a new elementary school because it's closer to home and my kids come home everyday after school vs being closer to their dad and I having to drive to pick them up daily. It has been two weeks and I'm relieved with my decision to change schools. His teacher who was director of a summer camp by YMCA during the summer and couple familiar faces at his school from his neighborhood friends. The kids can be together too. (His sister is in pre-k at his current school, couldn't at old school) So his little sister puffs up with pride that her brother is at her school now. It's so cute. Not a 'funny' one but I can't comment on the song because I'm deaf but I'm pretty sure my boyfriend loves that song. I hope I win for my son. He'd freak.

gwen | 7:17 PM

fast car always reminds me of going to the roller rink! it was my bff's moms favorite song and she played it loud and rocked out to it like it was van halen! bawhahaha!

btw, my 2 year old is obsessed with cars, he god father lives in japan and sent him a tomica set for his bday, i love how he can play with his hot wheels with it!

gwen | 7:19 PM

fast car always reminds me of going to the roller rink! it was my bff's moms favorite song and she played it loud and rocked out to it like it was van halen! bawhahaha!

btw, my 2 year old is obsessed with cars, he god father lives in japan and sent him a tomica set for his bday, i love how he can play with his hot wheels with it!

Jennifer H. | 10:23 PM

Tracy Chapman is great, but lately I'm enjoying the Rural Alberta Advantage in the car. Perfect road music, thought they only have 2 albums out so far. My son loves Hot Wheels, and loves to put together videos with his Dad.

Izze | 12:02 AM

Must. Have. These. Tracks. How cool are they? My husband who is 51 wishes he had them as a kid, and my 2 y/o will love them.

My sweet son said "I love you" for the first time last night, while he was curled up on my lap with a double ear infection. Only first words he's said that have made me cry.

Suz | 8:45 AM

My son just saw a commercial about these cars - I would love not having to buy the set!

I agree with another commenter - Tom Petty for road trips. It's been fun to follow along your transformation!!

The Hojo Family | 9:00 AM

I freaking love that song! Tracy Chapman rocks! And my son has been begging for those camera lego cars!! :-)


Sarah B. | 11:05 AM

My son is obsessed with anything car and would love to have either of these toys. So, my favorite road song is "Life is a Highway." It makes me drive a little too fast every time I hear it! sigh...
If I win contact me at Thanks for the fun.

M | 11:26 AM

Fast Car is my jam <3

Deb | 9:18 PM

My 5yr old told me tonight that I liked for all the children in the world to be unhappy and that is why I say no to all the toy requests at the store. Ahhh, it is a tough job to keep so many so unhappy ;)
She rocks because she makes me dance the same way today as she did 15yrs songs and old.
dcrowley30 at

Tricia | 11:09 PM

My son has almost every car, truck, or train out there. But we have never seen Hot Wheels like those before. He would absolutely love them! He has just started kindergarten. He started that as he has every new adventure...stood in line and waved goodbye and off he went. The tears were mine alone!

Andi | 12:07 AM

Totally rocks!

thedalyn | 2:18 PM

My boys would love either of these and tracy Chapman is a goddess.

thedalyn | 2:19 PM


thedalyn (at) gmail

Jule Ann | 4:04 PM

Last Christmas, we were visiting my kid-less cousin, and he apologized for not having any toys in the house for my (then) two-year-old. Then he said, "Yeah, the closest thing I have to toys is my hot wheels and tracks from when I was a kid." I laughed, and told him to grab them. My daughter LOVED them, and they kept her entertained for ages. Ever since then, whenever we visit friends without kids, I ask if they have hot wheels hidden away somewhere. My daughter has a few cars, but she would love some tracks of her own!
jule ann wakeman at gmail dot com

alice | 5:12 PM

TRACY CHAPMAN ROCKS!!! My son is a car aficionado. We're frequent visitors at the Peterson Automotive Museum Hot Wheels display.

Donna | 6:58 PM

Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite back to school moment was this year, my daughter's first year, when she declared that she would miss us all. Even her little brothers, the older of which will receive the Hot Wheels set if we win.

amy | 10:35 PM

Cowboy Junkies for a road trip. My little man starts preschool on the 19th!! ahhhh where did the time go?

Tatiana | 11:17 AM

Tracy Chapman and Fast Car was my anthem.
My boy would love this set. Hot Wheels rock but not as much as Tracy.

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