You've Got a Fast Car... Giveaway

*updated with winners, below!*
Yes, I'm hosting another giveaway. 1. Because there are babies coming and this calls for giveaways. 2. They're fun to do and I haven't done one in a while. (ed: there will be another giveaway at the end of the week because... that's... what... she said?)

Anyway! Let us now talk about Hot Wheels! Which have taken over our house this summer! Archer didn't want to do summer camp so instead he's spent an average of fourteen hours a day building cities and tracks for his cars, filming them with my camera and cutting together videos with Hal.

A few weeks (months? I have no idea what time means anymore) ago I posted about Archer's stop motion car videos and then, about a week later some friends at Hot Wheels sent Archer the following items:

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks:
Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle:
... Which clearly made his day. And week. And summer... because hello, a Hot Wheels car WITH A BUILT IN CAMERA? Come on. So then I asked if Hot Wheels would be down for a giveaway or two and they were like, "Totally. Rock!" So here we are.

I have two sets of giveaways for the child(ren) in your life who like Archer, love them some car accessories. Each giveaway pack will include:

To win? Tell me how hard Tracy Chapman used to (and still does) rock.

... Or you can tell me something else. Your favorite road trip song, perhaps? A cute back-to-school story? (Archer starts first grade tomorrow. FIRST GRADE!) Anyway, good luck, all! I'll pick TWO winners next Monday, September 12th via Don't forget to include your email address and happy back-to-school, friends!



Updated: Congrats to commenters #123 "Brock, Lindsay, Adam & Jase" and commenter #91, "Heathir"! And much thanks to all of you for participating!


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Christy | 9:59 AM

Love, love, love TC!! And my son loves Hot Wheels just as much!

kerrie | 10:01 AM

My son turns 2 years old in a month and I think this would be a great introduction to Hot Wheels. I promise to only play Tracy in the background while he plays with these so he can fully appreciate the art.

Anonymous | 10:02 AM

GREAT song!!!

My first born started preschool today and HAD to have cars in his book bag. He knew he couldn't take them out in class, but was comforted by their mere proximty to him in the room.

Jenna -

samantha | 10:07 AM

The Promise can make me cry just thinking about it. Actually, I'm off to download it after I hit publish.

Cindy | 10:07 AM

Luna, my 3 year old, started preschool yesterday. I was worried she would cry. She did cry.....when I came to pick her up and she didn't want to leave! Oh my!

Marcea | 10:10 AM

I didnt know about this hotwheels with camera in it? My son would be THRILLED with this!
I dont listen to music since Im hearing impaired :(

The kids started school last week and it is going well!


Angie | 10:13 AM

Fast Car makes me cry every time.

ckhalifa | 10:13 AM

We need this in our lives... my son is a car fanatic!

KellyJ | 10:13 AM

That is one SUPER COOL toy!!! My nephew would go CRAAAAZY!!

Ariel | 10:17 AM

Where has Tracy Chapman been lately... I miss that soulful voice on the radio. I also think that she should do a duet with Adele!

Mary | 10:17 AM

Oh yeah, totally rocks!


Don Mills Diva | 10:18 AM

Fast Car still gives me chills.

And those Hot Wheels would give my 5-yr-old conniptions. (sp?) In a good way.

Michelle | 10:19 AM

My son's first three words were (in this order)
1. car
2. crash
3. cheers
He'd LOVE some hot Hot Wheels!

mommica | 10:19 AM

Offspring, Road Rage. What can I say? I'm an angry driver. But I like me some Tracy Chapman, too.
mommica at mommica . com

Morgan | 10:21 AM

Love that song and I bet my son would love those Hot Wheels!

KatDinsmore | 10:27 AM

Love this song! Thanks for bringing it back!!

katdinsmore at gmail dot com

Sarah | 10:35 AM

Hot wheels with a camera would MAKE my 10 year olds day, truly .. he's a Hot Wheels aficionado!

But this song, OMG .. Fast Wheels sends me back so quickly to my carefree days, heading off to a 3Day Event with my horse, and my friends .. just driving through the country side heading to our adventure. Its a song that makes me feel happy and sad all at the same time, sad for those innocent times gone, but happy that we could have them at all!

Debbie | 10:35 AM

Oh, I love Tracey Chapman almost as much as I love HotWheels! ;) I had no idea they'd made one with a camera in it, that's freakin' awesome!!

Kate | 10:36 AM

Traci Chapman and Ani DiFranco DEFINED my first year of college. So, yeah, ROCK on.

Cool giveaway...katepeaslee at gmail dot com

Sarah | 10:36 AM

email is

KristenBieber | 10:39 AM

I have a boy and a girl who love cars! They had their first day of school yesterday, we homeschool, and my sweet Kindergartner promptly came down with hives!

Courtney | 10:44 AM

Oh, my son loves Hot Wheels! Now that he's building a sweet collection we've been talking about accessories.

My son and I spent much of this summer singing "Take Our Cars Now!" by Saves the Day. Definitely my favorite road trip song for sweet singalongs! xoxo

tongue-tied | 10:47 AM

My son loves hot wheels - anything with wheels, really. Last night at dinner, when contemplating the fact that he will be attending Kindergarten in one year, my son said, "if you send me to Kindergarten, I'll just act really weird and do the penguin dance."

Anonymous | 10:54 AM

nice give away! I'm actually wondering where Archer's grey track/city is from. I browsed around google to see if I could find it, but no luck. Really appreciated if you can help me out. My son will love you for it.


Amy K | 11:03 AM

I love rocking out to Lindsey Buckingham's Holiday Road (yes, of National Lampoon's Vacation fame) on road trips, at least until it gets to the weird "bark like a dog!" part at the end of the song.

My toddler just discovered Hot Wheels last week and loves rolling them around, so I think she'd go nuts for these. Thanks for the giveaway!

Peggy | 11:08 AM

My little Amanda turned 3 on Friday, and she loves Hot Wheels. In fact, we've found some in her pocket from time to time, and have had to return them to her preschool!
P.S. Love TC! Now with the kddies, we have Elizabeth Mitchell playing on our roadtrips...

shelly | 11:11 AM

Love, love love your blog. That is all. Oh, and my son really loves Hot Wheels.

Anonymous | 11:13 AM

Even if I don't win, now I've got great gift ideas for my kids' upcoming birthday - thanks!

Elizabeth | 11:24 AM

My son came home from his first week of 2nd grade and asked me if he was old enough for cologne because apparently, "everyone at my school wears it". When I told him I didn't see anything wrong with that he said "good, because I bought some from a kid at school for 50 cents." He pulled out a bottle of BOD from his backpack. His cologne of choice? "Totally Ripped Abs". We both laughed and laughed and then said "Mom, it's time to face facts; I'm growing up!"

jj | 11:26 AM

My favorite car song is I Drove All Night, the Roy Orbison version. Cyndi Lauder's is good, too. If anyone says Celine Dion, though, I'm throwing down.

Becky | 11:30 AM

My nephew would think the wall tracks are the coolest thing EVER. Even cooler than being a ninja (that's his benchmark for coolness these days).

rma910 (at) gmail (dot) com

p.s. Yes, Tracy Chapman rocks!

anna | 11:35 AM

fast car always will remind me of champagne colored nissan sentras, a hs boyfriend, and sunday drives. glorious memories.

Kathryn Humphreys | 11:40 AM

Awesome song, yes. Also my kid will love me forever (or at least for a good 10-15 minutes) if these items are given to him.

Me | 11:43 AM

Obsessed does not begin to describe how my 5-year-old feels about cars. Die cast are his favorite, but we have many Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.

Paula&Sofia | 11:44 AM

Hello... I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog for a while now...even tho im not a mom, not a wife...but i just think the way you write is so funny, sarcastic , it reminds me of me and just cool :) anyway... I don't want to comment to win but just to share that Tracy Chapman is awesome... and specially that song. My parents split when I was really young so I would go spend the summer with my dad and he would always play that song when we were on the way to his house from my city to his city, and many other Tracy's songs... I haven't seen my dad in 10 yrs bc we live in diff. countries now. So Tracy Chapman is like a connection between me and my dad even tho we are far from each other and everytime I hear one of her songs, it brings me back to those summers with my dad in his car. : )

Leah | 11:49 AM

"Sorry is all that you can say/years go by and still . . ." So many years have gone by since my late-80s, high-school obsession with her music! How did they? I'm a 40-year-old mother with a seven-year-old daughter and two-year-old son, but inside, I'm still that girl, full of emotion and feeling like anything is possible in my life.

Katie | 11:53 AM

Love shack is an all time favorite road trip/dancing so much while I'm driving that I almost wreck song! My 3 year old would love this give away!

PS I seriously love you! Read every post and am sending positive vibes for your delivery. Xo

Anonymous | 12:04 PM

My 22 month old daughter is currently LOVING hot wheels. I know, not age appropriate. But she loves them so she has a (growing) basket full of them. And that wall track would be better than my banisters that she is currently using to race them.

(audreycoslew AT

kateypie35 | 12:06 PM

Ohhhhhhhhh, my boy would adore those cars. Hot diggity hot wheels! I am not sure this is funny, but he started preschool today. I was all worried he was going to cry when I dropped him off. Um no, he SOBBED and threw a hot fit when he had to leave school! Like, I had to drag him out by his armpits. Nice. It was quite a scene. Good times!
kstapleford at yahoo dot com

intrepid librarian | 12:07 PM

Tracy used to rock it diamond hard! Fast car, baby!

Robyn | 12:07 PM

CCR's gratest hits CD for roadtrips is a must. My son would L.O.V.E if I won this giveaway!

Rochelle | 12:09 PM

My daughter just started 8th grade and we're learning to allow her to not tell us everything. It's not a "cute" story, but it's something we're learning. My 2 year old son, however, loves cars!

L V | 12:15 PM

Great giveaway!!! I don't usually try for the giveaways much for myself, but this would be SO great for my car obsessed son!!!

Best song about a car (kind of... when you're a kid you think it's about a car anyways!!!) is Prince's Little Red Corvette!!!!

Nikki McCaslin | 12:17 PM

I was JUST telling my husband how under-rated I thought Tracy Chapman was while listening to the 90s station.
I've got a little boy who doesn't have a single hot wheel yet - he's 3 weeks from 1 year old! I think he'll be into them before I know it.

Trisaratops | 12:23 PM

Tracy Chapman is from Cleveland! And hey, I am too. Which is pretty sweet.

My son starts preschool on Monday and would LOVE LOVE LOVE those cars. And he turns 4 on October 2nd, which is Fable's birthday, right? So basically, I am the perfect person to win this giveaway.

You're welcome.


marienkafer | 12:24 PM

I'm due at the end of November. My family has been collecting Hot Wheels since they found out it was a boy. My husband loved Hot Wheels growing up too. He'd flip if he knew there was a car with a video camera! Heck, I may just have to buy one for *him* until the kid is old enough. :) So cool!

Anonymous | 12:26 PM

Tracy Chapman has always been a favorite. Free Fallin' by Tom Petty is a great roadtrip song. My step-daughter would LOVE the hotwheels!

Mreffey | 12:31 PM

Love, love, love Tracy Chapman! Fast car is such a great song! And I know my son (and husband) would love the Hot Wheels!

lonek8 | 12:32 PM

I actually really never liked that Tracy Chapman song, but heey, different strokes for different folks, right?

I saw these wall tracks at BlogHer, and i have been sqeeing in excitement ever since because my son turns 4 on the 20th and he has about 100 hot wheels and no tracks! He is getting these for his birthday no matter what, but winning them would make it so much more fun! For me at least.

Anonymous | 12:32 PM

I have to win that camera car or my child will die!! Just kidding. Well, maybe not..anyway...Tracy has helped me through break ups and hard times and I LOVE her so!!! Thanks for reminding me how awesome she is. Now I have to go so I can listen to her!

Francesca | 12:36 PM

I love Tracy Chapman! And I love watching my little boy play with cars.

Francesca | 12:37 PM

Tracy Chapman is awesome! And I love watching my little boy play with cars. He also turns 4 (FOUR!!!) a week from today and this would be the ultimate present!

Things of August | 12:38 PM

My little brother (two weeks into second grade - when in the world did THAT happen?) is crazy about Hot Wheels. His nickname since he was about two-and-a-half is actually "Cuda" because when he first started getting into them his favorite car was his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. Seven-years-old and we're still calling him that.

I keep telling my Dad that he's gone soft in his old age because MY nickname growing up was Maynard. Yes, you read that right - and, yes, my Dad DID used to be a jerk.

candace | 12:44 PM

I personally LOVE to roadtrip to the Cars. Something about Ric Ocasek and driving a Car go hand in hand!

Linden | 12:45 PM

"Fast Car" is one of my favorite songs of all time. I loved watching the video - even better than just listening...

Unknown | 12:46 PM

My 5 year old boy would love those hot wheels. Especially with his first sibling coming soon, and his only child-ness coming to an end... he'll need some fun things to do on his own while we get used to a new baby.

Unknown | 12:49 PM

My girls would LOVE the Hot Wheels track and I would LOVE to see some of Archer's videos!!


Rachel Eby | 12:55 PM

My oldest just started kindergarten and the highlight of her day was walking into school all by herself. She wouldn't let us come! I mean isn't that a parental right? So I cried on the first day of school. Not because she was going but because I couldn't go too.

anonymous | 12:57 PM

favorite road trip song - a bit cheesy - but Roam by B52s!

Amanda Brown | 12:59 PM

Oh, Fast Car. It's in my top five songs of all time. LOVE. The cars look so cool; I saw them at BlogHer and my middle daughter would love them!

Glenda | 1:03 PM

landslide by stevie nicks = love = my fav song!

Anonymous | 1:03 PM

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but my bf and I loved Shake your bon-bon by Ricky Martin for our road trip years ago. It somehow is still our fav song when driving together.

Gina | 1:05 PM

My dad gave me a Tracy Chapman tape when I was 10, and I was SO not yet ready for Tracy Chapman. At 15, I rediscovered it and played it nonstop until the ribbon wore out.

gina [at] ginademillo [dot] com

Tara | 1:15 PM

I love that song. It's often my song choice when I imagine trying out for American Idol (which I would never have the guts to do). And my son would LOVE those cars. Tlverdi AT

Lauren | 1:16 PM

My almost-5-year-old saw that track in a magazine the other day and immediately fell in love. He spent the entire summer building car tracks, reading car magazines, taking pictures of cool cars with my phone camera. Now that he is starting to pay attention to song lyrics he loves "Fast Car" which makes Mama happy since otherwise his musical tastes tend toward hip-hop. I am a lifelong Tracy Chapman fan :)
Laurenmichellemiller99 (at) gmail (dot) com

MamaMeg | 1:17 PM

Great song- takes me back to summers in high school when I definitely drove so fast felt like I was drunk! "Hotwheelers" are all the rage in our house this month so this would be well loved. We started first grade yesterday too...according to my son, the coolest grade ever!

Donna Y | 1:18 PM

This is driving related... When my family moved from CA to TN the summer I turned 12, I kept a roadkill log. Yes, I had a list of different animals with a tally of how many.... I was especially excited about the armadillos. I was a weird kid. :)

rachel | 1:20 PM

I just started working full time again, and there's been a little adjustment to the transition for all of us - it's working okay; but still hard sometimes. My son is obsessed with cars, trucks, semi's, anything with wheels really. He's planning on being a garbage/recycle man when he grows up. He doesn't really get what I do at work; but he did give me one of his prize flat-bed loaders with a mini mighty-machine to play with while I'm here. I have it sitting on my desk next to phone and am happy every time I see it. He'd love it.

Anonymous | 1:23 PM

My oldest (of six!) is 14 and this past spring she entered a contest that had a talent portion. Let me just say that you know a singer rocks when your 14 year old knows a song, quotes that song on her Facebook, and learns to play her first song on the guitar using that song (Yes, of course it was "Fast Car"...) And frankly, what other song would you want to discuss when talking about Hot Wheels anyway? That is a true statement above, though. My two oldest girls (14 and 13) adore "Fast Car" and "Give Me One Reason"...
My two boys (ages 11 and 9) would love to win this Hot Wheel Giveaway!

Anonymous | 1:24 PM

My oldest (of six!) is 14 and this past spring she entered a contest that had a talent portion. Let me just say that you know a singer rocks when your 14 year old knows a song, quotes that song on her Facebook, and learns to play her first song on the guitar using that song (Yes, of course it was "Fast Car"...) And frankly, what other song would you want to discuss when talking about Hot Wheels anyway? That is a true statement above, though. My two oldest girls (14 and 13) adore "Fast Car" and "Give Me One Reason"...
My two boys (ages 11 and 9) would love to win this Hot Wheel Giveaway!
Gah...guess I have to give an email in public:

beyond | 1:34 PM

tracy chapman's fast car takes me back many many years! my infant is too tiny for hot wheels, but my nephew would flip out if i won for him...

Cathy | 1:36 PM

My favourite back to school memory is getting treat bags from my neighbour. Each year she would package a cute eraser, fun pencil and a yummy treat (usually something that my mom wouldn't buy us, like sugary fruit snacks) and give it to s on the first day of school. It's the back to school memory that sticks out the most. My email is layoffthebooks(at)

ChefSara | 1:41 PM

I used to love road tripping to Billy Joel or Eddie from Ohio. Now that we have kids, it's one of the TMBG kids' albums or BNL's Snacktime. And maybe the Animaniacs soundtrack. How times change ;-)

Roxanne | 1:41 PM

I'm entering on behalf of my almost-5-year-old (birthday is in less than a month, what a great present this would be!). He started pre-K and came home the first day telling me he was getting married. Sigh. They grow up so fast, don't they?

anne | 1:41 PM

My kid would flip if I won your giveaway! The only time he gets new toys is Christmas or his birthday, so this would be EXTRA special! Road trip songs...must be fast-paced to keep the driver awake!

Becky | 1:43 PM

Oh my. Tracy how I love you. Her voice is the lulling of a hammock in summer, the kind you want to fall asleep to. And my son would poop his pants to have either of those hot wheel options.

Abigail | 1:47 PM

Tracy Chapman was one of the first CD's I ever bought. True story.

Myssie | 1:51 PM

We heart Hot Wheels!
My kids love kimya dawson's album, Alphabutt. If you do not have the alphabutt song at the ready my daughter (21 months) will scream "cat butt! My listen to cat butt! Sing cat butt! My love cat butt!"
The lyrics start "A is for apple. b is for butt. C is for cat butt..."

tracy | 1:52 PM

Way, way, waaaaaaaaaaay back in high school, a boy (who wasn't my high school boyfriend. Oops.) took me for a ride on his motorcycle. In between spurts of going fast for no reason, he'd drive slowly. He was singing "Fast Car" in this impossibly sweet voice.

This set would go to my best friend's boy, because my best friend is the one who had a small coronary when I hopped out of the car at a red light to take that ride.

Heather | 1:54 PM

Tracy Chapman has been one on my favorite artists since I knew music existed. A few years ago I was lucky enough to see her at The Roxy in L.A. There were maybe 100 people there- not even sold out. So intimate and warm and she was so so great singing all of her classics. Easily in the top 3 shows I have seen in my life.

Mama | 2:00 PM

My son Kyler also started FIRST GRADE this week. AAAAHHHHHH! FIRST GRADE!

Alabama's Cheap Seats in my road trip song!

Mama | 2:00 PM

Blast ..... forgot to include my email....

Miss Kris | 2:04 PM

Road trip song: "Moving Right Along" by Fozzi Bear and Kermit the Frog.

My 4-year-old loves Hot Wheels. He never goes anywhere without at least one car in his hand or pocket. My purse probably has 6 Hot Wheels in it right now. He only likes Hot Wheels because "the fire makes them go fast!"

DES | 2:25 PM

So I love This song!! One of my all time FAVORITES!!
My lil dude would love to have some cars. He loves them sooo much he sleeps with his!! He wont go anywhere without a car/truck/cycle(motorcycle)....He would FLIP for this! And also it was just his it would be like icing on the cake for my lil 2 yr old!! If I could upload a video I would of him talking about where his sissy is (she just started 1st grade) and he will tell you that sissy went on the bus and she is at school in class! (more or less!) it is the cutest thing!!

LibraryKerri | 2:37 PM

For road trips, I love "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The whistling is great to whistle along with while breezing down the road.

For a funny school story: let's just say, allowing your kindergartner to have two Fiber One bars in an evening does not make for a good next day at school.

MadEnoughWorld | 2:42 PM

Tracy does, indeed, rock. I rememember my first day of first grade, oh wait, no I don't. I'm too old. But, as a teacher I've seen many on their first days...Archer seems like a born academic so I'm sure he will do great. But sadly, he will liekly not have 14 hours a day for Hot Wheels, anymore. RIP Hot Wheels summer '11.

nicole | 2:55 PM

OH MY! A few years ago, I found a Tracy Chapman TAPE (as in cassette) in my Dad's truck and I popped that sucker in and relived being 13 again. Holy Jeez, what an awesome time. I (we) would love to win the tracks - what a rad idea! My almost 8 year old son would go bananas! And the car with a built in camera? Genius!

Ray | 2:58 PM

I heard that song, "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman on the radio a long while ago. It's a great song, because Tracy Chapman rocks for telling a story of unrelenting truth. You cannot get away from it. It hits you hard.

Ichiko | 3:02 PM

My 3 year old is starting pre school on Monday. We we t for orientation on Tuesday and e "didn't want to do to school" before we got here the. I couldn't get him tobleave and he wanted to go back!!! He loves car all cars!

Unknown | 3:04 PM

Tracy Chapman does ROCK. Fast Car is one of my all time favorite songs.

And Hot Wheels rock because I have a boy that loves cars! With no prompting from me, so I'm thinking it's a love he was born with!

Deidre | 3:07 PM

For a while I rocked out to the band something fierce in the car. And yet I always heard the song "life is a carnivore" instead of life is carnival. whoops.

Kelsy | 3:08 PM

Tracy Chapman rocks almost as hard as my three year old daughter who uses her tea pot to catch Hot Wheels as they fly off the track and through the air. My dad collected Hot Wheels when he was a kid, and she is obsessed with all his old cars.

bethany | 3:22 PM

Tracy Chapman is amazing!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Jessica | 3:51 PM

My 2 year old plays exclusively with toy cars - although the Cars (movie) cars are his favorite, he LOVES the Hot Wheels tracks (did you know they make one for the bathtub, super awesome). , the Ikea road rugs, heck he'll even take a road I drew on the magnadoodle!

The Jorgensen's | 4:08 PM

The Promise makes me cry every time I heard it! My son is 2 and just starting up his love of cars. I am sure it will just get crazy from here on out!

Very Bloggy Beth | 4:10 PM

I love "Fast Car"! It makes me think of high school. My freshman English teacher played that for us a zillion during our unit on poetry, and we had to dissect it and analyze the poetic form, etc. I will always remember that. I went on to get a Bachelor's in English, so it's a fond memory :) I'd LOVE to win some cars, my 3 year old son is, how do you say, THEIR NUMBER ONE FAN. :) (

keight dukes | 4:16 PM

once i heard on 'i love the 90's' that tracy chapman has been spotted driving a lexus around san fransisco. funny considering her "revolution." still love her stuff, but i always have to smile to imagine her new "fast car."

veronique | 4:19 PM

my little boy would be in heaven he has been asking for tracks but alas no budget for it now.

Desiree | 4:27 PM

My nephew started grade one this week too! It is blowing my mind how big he is. I'm so proud of him though, he had such a great first day.

He and his brother are crazy for Hot Wheels and I think I might solidify my place as "Favourite Auntie" if I could give it to them :-) Thank you for the opportunity!
deedmonds [at] hotmail [dot] com

JCF | 4:31 PM

Oh, I have two little boys who looooove Hot Wheels (granted one is 14 months and too young for the wall track, but the other is turning 4 in a couple of weeks).

My favorite back to school story is from a few years ago when my nephew started preschool at almost 3. His mom asked him how his day went and his response? "I saw Jesus on the playground, and I was freaking out! Mom! That really freaked me out!"

Katie | 4:32 PM

My son is the Hot Wheels company's biggest fan. And I'm not exaggerating. Road trip songs: Free Fallin' (duh), Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz, Somewhere North - Caedmon's Call and I better stop because you better believe I.have.a.list.

Kim | 4:40 PM

I love me some Tracy Chapman, and I would love to be able to give this set away for my 7 year old cousin!

Mama Skates | 5:11 PM

my son would DIE if he/i won this!!!

megan | 5:16 PM

I've been into Queen's greatest hits album recently. Love all of their up tempo songs!

Leah | 5:26 PM

Tracy Chapman is the soundtrack to my high school love story. Which is either incredibly awesome or incredibly lame depending how you look at it.

Shannon c | 6:02 PM

Oh, wow!! How I love 'Fast car', yes it played on repeat many days. Reminds me of driving out to a campground with friends, summertime, beer in the cooler!! These cars look pretty awesome, I have 2 boys who would love them. I think you're doing an amazing job growing those babies!!! :)

Sheila | 6:02 PM

Baby Can I Hold You is my FAVE Tracy Chapman song...actually had to go to Spotify to listen to it as I write this. Sad but so good.

Megan | 6:18 PM

A few years ago when I was single and living alone, someone left a recording of a whole Tracy Chapman song on my answer machine, I don't remember what it was now and I've spent the last half hour trying to find it. I never found out who did that but I saved it for ages. Also, my two boys would LOVE some Hot Wheels stuff. x

Natural Momma | 6:37 PM

Soooooooo, I doubt this qualifies as entry material for the contest (though my boys would probably worship me a little more if I suprised them with some new cool car stuff!), but I wanted to say I just heard you on the Parent Experiment and LOVE YOU! I'm new to the blogging world and am always looking for new whitty ladies to follow :-) That being said, God bless you and that belly! I can't even imagine! Good luck with the delivery and I look forward to reading more!

Marcie | 6:49 PM

My husband writes about Hot Rods for a living so around here, 'Fast Car' is an all time favorite. And while our son isn't totally into cars, which is okay by his hot rodding daddy, our daughter is CRAZY for cars. She rocks the Hot Wheels all the live long day....

Celina | 6:53 PM

My 4 yr old would love these! We've been eyeing the Wall Tracks for some time...

He just started PreK and had his first frnch lesson. I picked him up and had a sticker with his french name on it. Of course he couldn't remember so it either sounds like Adam or Alan...French doesn't seem like it'll be our second language...oops
cmendez25 at gmail dot com

amanda | 6:59 PM

i chose "across the lines" to learn to sign (asl) while i was a high school student, because i thought it was so powerful. i still think it is powerful. and i can still sign the whole thing.

Anonymous | 7:08 PM

My son just started kindergarten and my daughter started preschool! I also love Tracy Chapman. I would love to win this for my son.

Aaron & Cassie | 7:13 PM

Love this idea! I've never seen the wall tracks before! My 4 year old started preschool last week and has been doing amazing with it. I'm excited to see all that he will learn! And, also excited for you to have your babies!

Brenda Hoskin | 7:18 PM

Tracey does in did rock, then and now! My boy would love these cars! Way cooler than when I was little!

c a l e y 2 2 @ h o t m a i l .c o m

Amie | 7:20 PM

1st grade rocks! I'm a brand new 1st grade teacher. Archer and I could bounce some ideas off of each other! :)

Sam | 7:22 PM

My internet is being a pain so I can't watch the Chapman video, but I can hear the song in my head, so it's ok.

There's a special little guy in my life who'd adore these.

Stefanie | 7:59 PM

My little boy (he's a week older than Fable) lives and breathes cars. We spend a large part of every day designing and playing with train and car tracks. What a great giveaway!

Margo | 8:08 PM

Tracy Chapman must rock: she's the only CD of mine that my dad "borrowed" so he could listen to it when I wasn't around. Still makes me smile to think about it!

MamaFeelgood | 8:08 PM

How awesome are those hot wheels? My son would lose his mind.
I'm stuck in the 80/90's lately listening to Tom Petty and Talking Heads.

Miss M | 8:10 PM

Oh we totally want to win these fast cars in our house! Boys and girls here alike love them :)

Dani | 8:15 PM

When fast car came out I was too young to appreciate it. The Wilkinsons did a cover of it a few years ago, back when I was working on a dairy farm and regularly listened to country (I still listen to country, just not like 24/7 like back when it blared through the barn at all hours). Their version was ok, but it reminded me of hearing Tracy's when I was a kid, I rediscovered it and fell in love! It's totally a regular on my ipod (or was til I lost it! :( come back ipod!!).

Dani | 8:15 PM

oops, hehe

Meg | 8:18 PM

My boys love hot wheels cars. They spend hours playing, lining up and putting them away in their hot wheels wheel carrying case (a must for any hot wheels enthusiast)

Yoga Susie | 8:21 PM

Max, my almost two year old, just discovered Hot Wheels thanks to dad. He now loves to zoom his cars down the track we have, counting "Two...two...TWO!" (His favorite number.) I would so love to give him this set for his October birthday!!

Jana | 8:23 PM

Oh, man, I love me some Tracy Chapman! Fast Car is a song that comes on the radio (or two remaining mix tapes from college that still work, if you're me) and just creeps up on you, gets into your veins and then you're bellow-singing AND REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE DRIVING?

Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, my son is the car guy in my family, and he's only 2 1/2 so we haven't really gotten him much yet. This would be amazing!

Shannon | 8:32 PM

My mom and I scalped tickets outside the Santa Barbara bowl and sat in the 3rd row at her show. That was in 1996 and I still remember every moment. One of my greatest memories. I still listen to her on a regular rotation.

Hot wheels here seem to have little Hot Wheels babies while we are sleeping. But those wall tracks and the video car? I would play with those and I know my boys would freak the f out.

andrea | 8:42 PM

my boys love hot wheels! what a great give away... a good road trip song....hmmm, so many to choose. Willie "on the road again" or my childhood road trips consisted of a lot of Boney M....

Beth | 9:04 PM

I would really like to see you post some of Archer's car movies. Fast Car is good, but The Promise is my favorite Tracy Chapman song. It's more calming than rocking.

The Green Goat | 9:56 PM

No way! Trick tracks for the wall! AND a video car?! Really. I am homeschooling the little man, and this would be an awesome add-on to our collection. Next months lesson plan: Friction, Motion, & Gravity. This would come in very handy. Thanks for the opportunity!

robin ( | 9:56 PM

Oh my gosh this is the perfect giveaway for me!!! Not only do I have a nephew who is in love with hotwheels, who also happens to have a birthday coming up, but Tracey Chapmen is also the singer of "our song." Meaning, my husband and I. The Promise has been our song since we were dating and we lived for a bit in different places. It isn't as well known a song as Fast Car, or some of her others, but it is beautiful, and can still bring a tear to my sappy eye!

The Green Goat | 9:58 PM

Oopsie! My email...

Barb | 10:05 PM

Oh man, I have a 2.5 year old who would die of happiness with those Hot Wheels tracks! And I just had my second baby boy on Sunday so we are all about cars and boy stuff around here.

Annika | 10:19 PM

Oh man, Sam needs that so bad.

My favorite driving song used to be Eve 6's "Open Road Song." I say "used to be" because I have no idea when I last heard it, but I bet I'd still love it.

...and actually, I could say the same about Tracy Chapman.

Jamie | 10:27 PM

My little man, budding hot wheel lover - has watched his sister get on the school bus for the last 2 years. She's starting 2nd grade! And I have an older daughter starting 7th!!1! Anyway - he's always watched her getting on the bus and has talked about going to school like his sisters. Last week, he actually got in line behind his sister as if to get on the bus. Almost broke my heart! Such cuteness!!

B&B | 10:43 PM

Oh, high school memories driving along the ocean listening to Tracy Chapman...

My daughter started preschool this week--she's almost three and I guess I'm supposed to a big sobbing puddle because MAH BABEH is growing up, but honestly, she was so damn happy the moment she stepped inside and started playing with the other kids that I am more tearful from joy and pride.

I know my daughter and son would flip for those Hot Wheels!


Autumn | 4:17 AM

My mom bought her album when I was him middle or high school. Even though I liked it, I wouldn't admit it. I was driving yesterday in the car and listening to one of her songs. Really felt it at the ripe 'ol age of (almost) twenty-nine. "Do you remember when we were young driving in your car..."

Bah, I'm still young! :D

My son saw the picture of Archer's wall track and was amazed.

Althea | 5:09 AM

Those wall tracks are bad ass. I grew up on Tracy Chapman. Fast Car brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it

Sarah of the Jones family | 6:54 AM

This would be so totally perfect for my car-loving 2 year old boy!!! This would definitely keep him entertained when I start homeschooling his 4 year old sister next week. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous | 6:54 AM

Funny, fast car reminds me of Health/Social Studies (taught by the same man)because every year he would haul in this ancient tape recorder and play a tape of "Fast Car" and get choked up. Every year.

T | 6:59 AM

My son would LOVE the wall track and Hot Wheels car!

Fast Car is one of my favorite songs. I love to sing along really loud in the car. My kids aren't as enthused.
: )

lastdogz | 7:10 AM

My son would love this!
Tracy Chapman does indeed rock, and you've forced me to add a bunch of songs to my Spotify account now.
My favorite on-the-road song is Windfall by Son Volt. I'm from Louisiana, and they mention it in the song, but it's a lovely song all the same. Admittedly it's even lovelier driving along the Mississippi with your boyfriend (now hubby!) in a big red Dodge pick up, windows down, with a bottle of Big Red and a shared pack of smokes.

Andrea | 7:14 AM

I love me some Tracy Chapman, and my nephew is the car lover in our family he would flip over this, my son well he likes balls you know the kind you can throw.Not sure why I felt the need to explain that one lol.

MrsNurse | 7:15 AM

Oh I love me some Tracy Chapman! I like to think I can sing along and sound all soulful, but in reality I'm pretty sure I sound like a tonedeaf cow...alas, I might make a good backup singer. Anyway, thanks for the chance - my girls would LUV this!

Andrea | 7:15 AM

see there I go talking about balls and forget to leave my email. 3osterbergsatgmaildotcom

btw this is the first time I've commented and I found you via mommapundit and you've sucked me in.

wendy | 7:19 AM


Jules | 8:11 AM

I love Tracy Chapman! And I have a five-year-old girl who is into everything pink, all princess-y toys, and... Hot Wheels! I would love to encourage the non-girlygirl toys!

~Erin~ | 8:14 AM

I must admit I would sing Fast Car or Give me One Reason out loud and anywhere like I was the one that wrote the song. However, you cannot deny that Counting Crows - August and Everything After album is the best ever. I love every song on that album.

Blaine Family | 8:38 AM

I love Tracy Chapman. My son looves cars! And I really enjoy your blog (I'm sort of a newbie). Have a great day and keep on writing. I love it!

Wendy | 8:56 AM

My son has been very excited to go back to school, but after 8 days of first grade, he said he needed a break from first grade. Not enough play time. Too much work. Luckily, he just had a 3 day weekend.

Lia | 9:22 AM

I love Tracy Chapman and the Fast Car song is known to my entire family. My son who is 4 and loves anything cars sings it daily. He would love the camera car and track!

I love your blog by the way and good luck on the upcoming arrival of your little girls!

crime watch in the column | 9:54 AM

Wow, the wall track and car video camera look awesome! My 2 and 4 year old boys would love them summa that. Fast Car reminds me of a summer spent in Greece with one of my dearest friends who lives there. Tracy Chapman was our soundtrack! That and Public Enemy. We had eclectic tastes, what can I say ... Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Sonja | 9:56 AM

My cute back to school story... my son started Kindergarden this year and my husband and I were hovering a little when it was time to leave the class. My husband leaned down for one last hug and to remind Mitchell to use his manners, and Mitchell said "Just GO already"... at least we knew that he was excited and ready for school.

Christina @busybmommy | 10:27 AM

Tracy Chapman rocks because...duh...she just does ok. No explanation necessario.

P.S. this song came on last night via Adele radio on Pandora. I was packing my newborn (er..I mean my 2nd grader...OMG when did this happen!?!?!?) lunch and I promptly burst into tears. I don't know why, I just did.

P.S.S. (or is it P.P.S? I never remember) Best all time road trip...L.A. to Pittsburgh in my '99 white Jetta with my soul mate/bff. There and back in 6 days. We were young and crazy (and stoned. Don't judge.) and it was amazing.

Kisses on your cheecks amazing woman you!

Anonymous | 10:51 AM

I love reading your stories week after week and hope that my little guy will also spend hours with his cars and tracks. Tracey and Fast Car do indeed rock hard...I must admit though my favorite road trip song is usually whatever horrible radio song makes me sing out loud at the top of my range. Songs I remember from road trips as a kid, 80's hair band ballads... all the way to songs from the 90's that remind me of college. There you have it!

AnsonJonas | 10:54 AM

The exciting 4 door Saturn SOUNDS really fast right now. I guess we will get the muffler replaced, but it's fun to at least PRETEND we own a hotrod.

Kendra | 11:13 AM

LOVE this song....especially IN a fast car!

Car with a camera? What will they think of next??

Kendra in Dayton
tunesgirl aT AOL DOT COM

Alicia | 11:19 AM

OMG - my boys would LOVE this! Our road trips generally revolve around Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson, per our kids' request!

Tisha | 11:50 AM

To two little boys, I am Aunt Tish. My sister's oldest, Uriah, started kindergarten this year, and we weren't sure he liked school until one day... I was on the phone with my sister while she waited at his bus stop. The bus arrived, and he didn't get off the bus...?? Then she saw him. Hanging out one of the back windows, waving cheerfully, yelling, "Hi, Mom!" as if he had no idea why she was hanging out in this church parking lot. And because my sister is a no-nonsense kinda mom, she shouted back, "Uriah, get off the bus! Mom's pickin' you up!" And then, to me on the phone, she said, "Well, I don't know about school, but he sure likes the bus."
Uriah and his little bro LOVE their Hot Wheels!

Tisha | 11:52 AM

And my email is Thanks!

-Tisha aka Aunt Tish

Anonymous | 12:06 PM

Best road trip: Fast Car blaring, us singing on the top of us lungs, Sedona speeding by outside our windows.

I miss college.

Chris | 12:16 PM

haven't heard that song in ages - need to dig out my cds and do something modern with them and load them onto an ipod or something...
and how cool are cars on the wall?! we've made marble runs out of cardboard tubes and taped them to the walls, but haven't tried cars...

Pat T | 12:24 PM

I love Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, don't know too much more about her - but the Hot Wheels cars are awesome. My son AND daughter would love them. Funny stories - I have - My Francesca has been good with the one liners recently - leafing through an American Girl catalog she said "Momma, can you buy me these, cuz I'm pretty sure Santa knows I been naughty!" and last night in the car she yelled "momma, someone must have fixed the moon!" because it looked more full to her. Thanks for the chance

Christina | 12:25 PM

Um yeah...I forgot my email. I don't know how to follow directions.

Christina @ busybmommy

Trisha | 12:25 PM

This is so awesome!! My little girl LOVES cars! All kinds of cars and trucks and buses and tractors! (oh and some fairies and bunnies too... for good measure.) ;)

My favorite road trip song changes just about every season... this summer Zoey (she's 3) and I rocked out to Adele's 'Rollin' in the Deep.'

***and can I just point out that my security word for this comment is "unhag" - I mean, c'mon, REALLY!?!

Trisha | 12:28 PM

Ah, forgot the ol' email...

*fingers crossed!!* :)

Anonymous | 12:37 PM

I love her. I love her. I love her. I remember seeing her first on SNL when I was little, and thinking she was just the coolest lady. Her lyrics are so haunting and true. Your giveaways are fun, by the way. Just love your spirit!

Rebbie | 12:38 PM

I love Tracy Chapman and I clearly remember turning my car around to go see a cute bloke while "Give me one reason" was on the radio.

My son would go Ba-Zonkers for Hot Wheels on the wall. He eat, sleeps and dreams Hot Wheels. Literally.


Kelli | 12:44 PM

What an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

Leigh | 12:46 PM

Favorite road trip song -- King of the Road! The Hot Wheels wall tracks would rock my 4-year-old son's world.

patty | 12:55 PM

I am crazy for Lucinda Williams "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" album for road trips. I have always liked Traci Chapman, but am goofy about Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin in the car...

jocelyn | 1:13 PM

I was just saying to my husband that I could not think of one more thing from Hot Wheels our two boys could have, and then I read this post. These look like so much fun. Or family likes They Might Be Giants for road trips. It brings back memories for me and the kids love the funny songs.

jocelyn | 1:16 PM

I was just saying to my husband that I could not think of one more things our two boys could need from hot wheels. Then I read this post. These look so fun. Our family loves They Might Be Giants for road trips. It brings back memories for me and the kids love the funny songs.

Elise | 1:26 PM

Oh, man, I have serious memories of riding around in my best friend's Buick Skylark in high school listening to Tracy Chapman. Both of us desperate to get out of our small town and her with the added burden of belonging to a family that didn't believe in educating girls. Tracy is the soundtrack of despair and powerlessness for me and hard to listen to now.

turqocean | 1:38 PM

A Tracy Chapman CD was a staple in high school and college. I had one of those portable CD players that sat on the passenger seat and plugged in with a cord through a faux tape. When we hit a bump, the CD would skip and it sounded like she had the hiccups. My nephew and his film-making momma would LOVE the camera car!

Jack's Mama | 1:46 PM

During a very busy summer, I got married! We discovered the movie CARS, about a month before our wedding when I had about a million things to do, Jack ended up watching CARS about once a day. Now it is about once a week but still! And his Lighting McQueen & Mater car were in each hand our whole honeymoon(family vacation) and kept him so happy! I spy a Lighting on Archers race track! We love us some hot wheels in this house!

Jody | 1:54 PM

Tracy! love her. What is the name of that slow beautiful ballad she did maybe 12-13 years ago?? before I met my hubby. don't have time to look it up...but LOVE it. my 4 boys would LOVE the cars!!

Amy | 2:21 PM

Hot Wheels rock! My 3-year-old son has at least one car in his hands every second of the day. What a great giveaway!

Also, I saw someone mention The Promise. That song got me through a serious breakup in college. Well, I should credit lots of Tracy Chapman songs for that, actually. What a great musician!

Email address: amy(at)veen(dot)com

Amanda | 2:57 PM

I've always moved around a lot. I left home when I was 16 and from that point on, my life has been defined by the friends I've made where ever I go. "Fast Car" is a runningtheme in my life. I always seem to meet those 'other half' people and I know them when the song comes on and we stop what we're doing and sing at the top of our lungs.

Love her!

Leah | 4:05 PM

I love Fast Car, but it is now forever associated with a painful presentation on youth culture thanks to a history tutorial in university.
My little dude would love that track!

Erika | 4:12 PM

oh my 3 year old Orion would flip over anything Hot Wheels. Literally, I think he would do his famous "I'm Orion let me entertain you" flip.
And Tracy Chapman, oh my goodness! That voice, that guitar, those lyrics! "Give Me One Reason" is a favorite of mine.

Erika | 4:17 PM

Hot Wheels rock and so does Tracy Chapman!

Erika | 4:18 PM

Hot Wheels has a car with a camera?! Fun!
Tracy Chapman is awesome!

Anonymous | 5:34 PM

My nephew started kindergarten the other day and insisted that he dress himself. My sister in law gave in and let him. When he got up in the morning he did not want any help since he was a "big boy headed to ssskoool!" He came downstairs with a tie (from Daddy's closet), a polo shirt inside out, pants not buttoned yet they were the hard ones to snap : ), and of course his briefcase (toy one). He explained he wanted to look just like Daddy when he went to school!

He would love a hot wheel car! So cool it has a camera in it!

katiep913 | 6:46 PM

We have just survived our first experience with public school, my oldest graduated from Montessori Kindergarten to public 1st grade, and my 2nd started in K. My amazing 6 year old, with his whole 3 days of experience in the big school (K starts later) held his little sister's hand through getting on the bus, finding a seat, getting off, and took her to her classroom. All holding on to her. My heart hasn't come back from its swollen state at hearing this from the guidance counselor.
And that sweet boy, my oldest, would SO love the Hot Wheels, he watches stop motion videos on You Tube all the time!
As an aside, the pictures of your belly are killing me! My twins are 19 months old today--old enough that I can look back FONDLY at my pregnancy with them, believe it or not! (They were born just shy of 37 weeks and were both over 6.5 lbs)

Checking daily for baby news!
Katie (

Rachel | 7:05 PM

I don't even think I knew who Tracy Chapman was before college. Boy did I find out I was missing out. She was one of the few (Indigo Girls, Jewel, etc.) that became the soundtrack of my 4.5 years of college life. I still love her and love singing to her songs.

By the way either would rock my sons world. He is a car junkie. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and snaptite cars everywhere! Though that video one would be cool because I'd love to see the cars point of view when he plays. Would be real interesting.

Kirsten | 8:49 PM

Oh yeah, I totally had Tracy's first album on cassette. It was just AWESOME!

The Kellys | 10:18 PM

My son is a HUGE fan of Hotwheels. His birthday is coming up soon and the one thing he wanted was a new blue racecar. (Has to be blue, mom!) :)

Anonymous | 12:55 AM

oooh! my 2 y/o son would FLIP if he got to play with his Hotwheels --- that we recently bought---- on the WALL. wow. If we don't win this I'm buying one lickity split. He will love the car camera in a few years.

First day of school story: twin one, double ear infection, twin two had to go to school on her own. Skipped first day b/c she was too nervous but went today for 1/2 day and was a super trooper. Came away telling me all about her new friend "day go" (Diego), sang me a song on the way home, and is obsessed with carrying her little lunch sack by herself. Pretty sweet for a 26 month old.



viki | 2:05 AM

I LOVE thís gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. We usually spend our sunday afternoons with my husbands big and loud greek family, so when the night falls and we head back home with the kids sleeping in the back seats this is the perfect song.
Btw my son Nikolaos would flip over these Hot wheels he is turning five next Wednesday and loves everthing on wheels.

nitsudima | 7:30 AM

Wow. Fast Car brings back lots of high school memories. And Hot Wheels -- all of grade school. Hot Wheels and Lego were all over my house. As for a good road trip song, how about White Limo by Foo Fighters? You'll get there in half the time (I challenge anyone to drive the speed limit with that song blaring), although you'll be pretty spent.

Warrior Woman | 8:07 AM

I have three girls but who says girls can't play with cars??!! I would totally love to win this drawing for them. Your son seems very creative, I can totally see him as an architect someday!

agirlnamedmel | 9:49 AM

dude, love her voice. Still enjoy that song as much as when it was first released.

Stephanie | 10:57 AM

How hard does she rock? SO HARD!

Becky Lynn | 11:23 AM

My boy is a car boy! He has to have at least 3 and develops elaborate stories each time he plays. I love listening to how each car interacts with the other. Thanks for the giveaway!!

Margaret | 12:38 PM

My son loves all things related to cars. This would make his day!

Each Day Anew | 12:49 PM

Despite the deep and burning love my son has for all things wheeled, I have been avoiding hot wheels tracks because I am certain my 4 yo would cause mayhem by leaving it set up across the living room and I'd trip over it in the night while carrying the new(ish) baby on one of his many pilgrimmages to the changing table. The wall gig? Perfection. So cool it just might entice my 5 yo daughter out of her princess fugue state to rock and roll with something mote active.

The baby's favorite activity right now is sitting inside the French doors watching the chickens we raise on the other side. It only took a couple hours to train them to run up and peck the glass when he whacked the doors. This causes much chortling. Thankfully, the chickens do not tire of repetitive games. This ought to carry me through at least another few weeks.

Jennifer Laird | 12:51 PM

When that song comes on, my almost 4 year old ALWAYS asks me to play it again!

My son (8) loooves hotwheels. He's been eyeing the wall track and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know they make one with a video camera in it. He'd go crazy for it.

Thanks for doing such a cool giveaway. : )

Jennifer Laird | 12:53 PM

Ahhhhh! I forgot to leave my email with the comment I just left!

Keri | 6:37 PM

wow, what a blast to the past moment! i was involved in a Road Show in high school-we performed a variety of things: mimes and songs. one of these songs was tracy chapman's "mountain o' things." =)

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