...while Hal was out working late, I bathed the kids, got them into their pajamas and took them to their new, empty-until-tomorrow house.

It was dark but Archer found the light-switches. We inspected every room. Window. Closet. Trespassed through the yard. Said goodnight and locked the doors against strong winds with our new keys.


I'm not sad anymore. Or even nostalgic.

Just really fucking excited.



Krystal | 9:51 PM


AscenderRisesAbove | 9:54 PM

I have tried to remember moving into houses but for some reason come up blank; love that you captured it in photos and that the kids personalities come out so well.

Steph(anie) | 10:29 PM

That house is so very beautiful.

Anonymous | 11:08 PM

this looks f*ckin gothic. but also awesome

Barbara | 5:28 AM

It looks amazing. California houses are so cool. Good luck with everything, and yes be excited! It's exciting!

Hef | 5:43 AM

Love the house. So exciting.

I'm in awe of people who are able to pick a home, settle into said home, and hesitate to leave. I hope to develop this trait soon. We're on the twice-yearly-moving-plan. We're moving at the end of May and already considering our new home "temporary." With baby #2 on the way, we're going to have to find a way to settle down eventually.

beyond | 5:59 AM

and i'm excited for you. yay for new chapters! | 6:15 AM

oh my god that house is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! so curious what you are paying for something like that. just give me higher or lower - i'm in NY paying 1,800 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house where I have the basement (aka laundry room) and we share a yard with the people downstairs and also the weirdos in the basement!

Anonymous | 6:16 AM

It looks awesome. I'm so excited too, and it's not even my place! Ahh, all the fun of decorating a new place, finding all the hidden quirks! :) Have fun!

leel | 7:42 AM

that's the good part about saying goodbye whie it happens, like you did. now you get to have some real fun. Enjoy today! I'm so excited for you guys!

Unknown | 8:32 AM

That house looks amazing! I'd be really excited too.

Ray | 8:58 AM


(Sorry for the all-caps comment. I'm just happy for you!)

candace | 9:12 AM

Hell yeah, new places rock!

Jessica | 9:18 AM

Congratulations. The entry is beautiful!

WasStephHere | 10:16 AM

Even the empty house looks beautiful. Congrats on the new place and hope you and the family make many new memories there.

<3 Stef

Meg | 10:54 AM

So excited for you and your family! The house looks beautiful. Wishing you lots of energy and patience for the unpacking.

Lauren | 10:58 AM

I was just outside in my postage stamp of a backyard and thought 'wow, GGC is moving today and soon she will have a backyard, too!" Sending good vibes and quality funk your way on this most stressful of days --

Anonymous | 11:07 AM

idk how excited you'll be in 10 yrs. This is how it starts...home-maker central here you come...

Kayla | 11:34 AM

The house looks amazing.

I know moving can be hard, I have done it four times in the last seven years, but it always ends up being exciting the night before! You get to start fresh and get things in order.

Rebecca | 1:00 PM

We moved from the hood to a nicer neighborhood....from a tiny tiny house to a bigger (though still small by todays standards) house. We were (every single one of us) very excited.

Congratulations and good luck with everything else!

Taking The Journey | 1:20 PM

Yay! What a great idea to visit your new house the night before you all move in. It looks super cute with cool details. Good luck!

emily bilbrey | 1:40 PM

VERY exciting, lady! muchos happy for you. the house looks positively amazing - can't wait to see you guys make it a HOME!


Amy | 1:42 PM

Holy shit, your house is beautiful! Move in quickly and then have fun!!!!

Jessica | 3:32 PM

I'm so excited for you! The house looks so gosh darn cute!

mommymae | 4:52 PM

oh, bec. it's beautiful! i can't wait to see what magic your dreams bring.

wonderchris | 7:29 PM

KICK ASS!!! Go get 'em! That house looks awesome!

Claudia | 7:43 PM

your archway: pure perfection.

Your escalator operator | 11:48 PM

Way to go!

Anonymous | 12:37 AM

You are the coolest mother... ever.

the bellyacher | 3:20 AM

I'm really excited for you!! I hope moving day went well. :)

Amber, The Unlikely Mama | 1:37 PM

Can't wait to see it after you unpack!

Mrs. Q. | 5:45 PM

Yippee! Enjoy and ride that high as long as you can; hopefully it will get you through the unpacking portion of your grand adventure.

Jess Kiley | 6:59 PM

I'm adoring your transition.

littlerowboat | 6:01 AM


Constellation | 6:40 AM

Atta girl. From just these couple of photos, I'm really stoked to see what you guys do with the place to put your fingerprints on it. Hope this past weekend had nice weather for your move! :)

Anonymous | 7:49 AM

Such fun! Looks like a fantastic house, I'm so excited for you!

mommica | 11:26 AM

Isn't it amazing how quickly you go from saying goodbye to saying Heeeee-llo!? The house looks amazing. Enjoy moving in!

Robyn....but call me Rob | 12:29 PM

So happy for your family!! Hope the unpacking goes smoothly and fast~ :-)

Joanne | 3:05 PM

The house looks AMAZING! You totally have to do before and after room posts!

I got a feeling you guys are gonna be very, very happy there.

Good luck with the move!

Anonymous | 5:44 PM

I love that tile in the entryway with the turquoise or blue highlights! I hate that all the new houses now totally lack that kind (or any, for that matter) of detail. I just moved into my first place a couple months ago--it is definitely exciting to get to a new home! Good luck with your move!

Alexandra | 9:26 AM

It is so beautiful! And all that room!!

Unknown | 9:42 AM

I can't wait to see wonderful the first glimpse is.

emily bilbrey | 12:39 PM

wow, lady. the house looks positively AMAZING! can hardly believe the progress you made in just a couple of days... but i CAN believe it cause you rock like that!

i have a massive love affair with california. adore visiting and absolutely would be happy to move there. my husband and i will be vacationing in san clemente soon and i swear it's the most wonderful place i can think of to raise babies in. and your beautiful new house is doing NOTHING to curb my cali obsession!

ps archer has great taste in shower curtains.


Chelsea | 1:35 PM