New and Improved

Four and a half years and (almost!) one-thousand posts later, I have finally upgraded Girl's Gone Child, thanks to my designer and dearest friend since 7th grade, Danielle Hull (she also did my homepage, which will be getting an upgrade eventually as well) and the totally rad and patient Schmutzie from Sweetblog designs who worked tediously with us, stayed up into the wee hours with me Wednesday night to transfer the new template. Thank you, thank you. You ladies so totally rule. (All fonts are via typekit, by the by.)

The content will not change except for some new additions. In the future I hope to update Gone Style posts weekly and this summer will be shooting and editing together two-minute "Good Eats" how-to vids with my mother who is an incredible vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free cook. The idea is to get you guys excited about vegetarian/vegan cooking and also, to get acquainted with my new kitchen. (I've been without a proper kitchen for the last four and a half years so having counter space that isn't an ironing board is big time exciting.)

Other than that, I've created a/an FAQ in the making, so if you have a question you'd like answered please ask, here. Great restaurants in Los Angeles? Bang-trimming tips? Where to shop for toddler girls? (ED: For those who asked, the dress from The Garden post is Liberty of London for Target.)

So that, my friends, is that! Thanks so much for your kind words and support. You make me feel like a pro.



Jess Kiley | 8:10 AM

It smells as fresh as Oh My Stinkin Heck from Pioneer Woman.

A Serious Girl | 8:18 AM

OMG SO EXCITED for your good eats section! Been dying to learn how to be a vegetarian. It's always felt so complicated ... YAY! (And the site looks fantastic. Congratulations.)

toni9jean | 8:22 AM

Oh, it looks beautiful! Congratulations!

Adriana | 8:24 AM

I love the new site! Its easy to navigate and looks adorbs. Always a loyal follower here!

Heather | 8:26 AM

You are a pro. Love the new layout! Here's to a thousand more blog posts. | 8:29 AM

Hi Rebecca,

Love, love, your re-design, and your writing! I've been reading your blog for several years now, and I continue to look forward to your posts. Also, I really enjoyed reading your book. It is really beautiful writing. Congrats!

Eva | 8:29 AM

The site looks amAzing!!!! I'm super, super excited about the vegetarian/vegan cooking vids coming up!

And also, <3 Liberty of London ...

Amber | 8:35 AM

the layout looks great! i don't really have any questions right now, just think you are totally awesome:)

Boston Mamas | 8:47 AM

Congrats on the new look! xoxo

mosey (kim) | 8:51 AM

Looks lovely! And personally I can't wait for your Good Eats feature... we cook gluten-free around here too, and I love seeing what other people are doing...

Anonymous | 8:56 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout! Rock on Mama! :-)
~Carrie @ Oh Baby O

Barbara | 9:30 AM

The site looks great! Love.

Amanda | 9:35 AM

I'm so excited for the eats! My friend has been a vegetarian for I'd say over 10 years now and has been transitioning into full on vegan. She bought Alicia Silverstone's book and I've been lucky enough to try out many of her finished products and let me just say- vegan food can be absolutely delicious!! Almost more so because you don't feel guilty after eating it.

Theresa | 9:37 AM

Looks great!

Rashel | 9:49 AM

gorgeous, gorgeous, goooorgeous!!!!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 9:52 AM

Love it here. You ARE a pro.


Danielle (elleinadspir) | 9:54 AM

It looks great! It's reading great blogs like yours that inspired me to recently start my own. Keep up the great posts...I know we will all keep reading!

leel | 9:55 AM

gorgeous changes! go rebecca!

Jasie VanGesen | 9:58 AM

This looks GORGEOUS. A lot of times when I see my favorite blogs re-vamp, I get a little grumpy and miss the old design, but this seriously looks fantastic. :)

Thomasin | 9:58 AM

Hey, I LOVE the new look. Hurrah!


Thank you all so much!!!! Danielle is a design genius! It's crazy how much time and energy it took to get here but so SO worth it.

As for Good Eats - Hooray! I'm passionate about vegetarian eating and hope to pass some great recipes, tips and all around excitement re: preparing meat-free meals. And my mom? Is very excited. She's an animated one, she is.

Your escalator operator | 10:11 AM

Looks ultra superb.

samantha | 10:16 AM

Well you ARE a pro!

Love the new site--so beautiful fresh and breezy!

Marisa | 10:24 AM

i love it!!!! love the site and congrats on your new home!
:) awesomeness! excited about the cooking vids also.

Esther Crawford | 10:24 AM

Great new design - very sleek! :)

LouEffie | 10:26 AM

Love the new layout! It suits your personality really well. Congrats!

mommymae | 10:44 AM

sweet. you guys did a fab job. looking forward to the next steps

Prasti | 11:38 AM

looks fantastic! looking forward for the eats...i just made vegan brownies for the first time the other day and man, they're reeeaaalllly good.

Christina Rosalie | 11:51 AM

It looks AWESOME!!!! It fits you so beautiful. Love it.

(Also: am sending you an email. Subject: Sal Glynn's book you recommended. So happy about that.)

Rachael | 12:16 PM

It looks amazing!

Still Life With Coffee | 1:29 PM

It looks awesome and I absolutely loved your garden post.

Gina | 1:57 PM

I am in awe of that photo! Great work, GGC!

Amy | 2:29 PM

I love the new clean look. Just my kind of aesthetic.

Anonymous | 2:56 PM

So rad! Love the layout!

My nutritionist pal Shannon has an online cooking show called Dishin Nutrition. You should check it out! It's not strictly vegan or veg, but it's pretty darn close:


Kristin | 4:25 PM

Looks so great! I am psyched for the veggie cooking. daughter turns one this June and I bought her that same dress for her party. It is so great to actually see it modeled on a beautiful little girl!!

Looking forward to more GGC!

Rose S. | 5:28 PM

I'm so excited about the food section! Really want to improve my diet towards those areas so it'll be great to get some recipes! Yaaaay!

Jessica Peck | 5:58 PM

They layout is beautiful and I saw that dress in Target and thought of your little girl, seriously. I must read your blog way too much. My kids are close in age to yours and was *this* close to moving from chicago to la so, until i get there, i'll live through you and yay! new house! :)

k5brown | 6:52 PM

You are a pro!! I am looking forward to the food section. I've been all organic for years now, but food has become even more important with a baby. Can't wait!!

Sarah | 7:22 PM

love the new site - so fresh and clean. are you no longer a part of blogher? not really any of my business, but was just curious :)


Hey! Yeah - no longer with Blogher. Have switched networks to Federated Media.

Re: Lib of London - OMG you guys - I bought the ENTIRE line for Fable to rock this summer. Everything was GORGEOUS.

And thanks, Rebecca for the link!

And once again, thank YOU ALL for your kind words!!! I'm so glad you like the new look! I'm thrilled!!!

GingerB | 10:08 PM

OMFG your new design is almost, almost as beautiful as your daughter.

Ray | 11:11 PM

I can't wait for the "Good Eats" videos with your mom. I'm a BIG-TIME CARNIVORE, but I want to start eating more healthy so those videos will be a big treat. And a BIG YAY on your new-soon-to-be kitchen! Awesome. =D

jenelle. | 11:14 PM

LOVE the new layout. but i was just on my way to look up your post on cutting your bangs and i don't see a "search" box? am i missing it or is it not there? if its not there... bummer!

p.s. my bangs? atrocious.

Jenn | 1:53 AM

Every thing is beautiful and fantastic.

Except the rollover ads.

Rollover Ads make me get the interent equivalent of road rage, they accidentaly activate all the damn time

Argh. But I love your blog, and other then that the layout is fab.

eskimojo | 7:56 AM

love, Love, LOVE the redesign! As said before, it looks absolutely stunning, Lady!

Hope this inspires you into a fantastic new realm of writing =D

Pres. Kathy | 8:56 AM

It is beautiful!

emily bilbrey | 12:07 PM

congrats on the new page! looks pretty! love fable in the liberty dress - bought that one for my poppy, plus another that she just wore on her first birthday! they are irresistible. (:

excited for your cooking tips! i've been veg for ten years now, and it's always fun to see what others are coming up with.


ads | 12:08 PM

love the new clean design. it doesn't seem to load up all that nicely in firefox though...may want to check that out.

littlemonster | 1:23 PM

Rebecca, your pictures are beautiful! What kind of camera do you use?

littlemonster | 1:24 PM

Rebecca, your pictures are beautiful! (As is your new blog design - kudos!) What kind of camera do you use?


ads - I don't have a problem with firefox. loads same for me as with safari.

anyone else having an issue with firefox and the new design?

also, my word verification is farpant which is my new band name.


and littlemonster - I use an old canon powershot sd6oo elph - its only 6 mp so its not an incredible camera by any means - i make due by editing in post with iphoto. thanks :)

whoorl | 4:22 PM


Maggie May | 8:57 PM

I look forward to the gluten free recepies as i am doing gf my whole preggo. Nice clean look :)

Unknown | 1:18 AM

I ADORE the fresh new look and content! You are all kinds of heroic to me. Please keep it up! Visiting your blog is an absolute joy every time.

i'm B. | 1:16 PM

it looks amazing! totally love.

Nicole Francois | 5:09 PM

Congratulations on the move. Moving is always a huge pain in the ass, all the more so I'm sure with little ones, but it will be so so worth it.
Just posted on the monarchs:

Anonymous | 5:23 PM

Yes, I use firefox and it is also not loading properly for me (most noticeably the title/date/recent entries link text looks wrong and the Rockabye book pic is missing) - but otherwise I really like the new design!

- Michelle

Sam | 6:01 PM

So excited about the cooking feature. Been a vegetarian for 5 years, love to cook at home, and can always use some inspiration. Plus, I am a big fan of your mom--she's so adorable, and I know it will be fun seeing you two working together!

Angie | 11:33 PM

Oh I can't wait for the cooking vids! I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I'm not opposed to meals that way at all, especially if it's an opportunity to introduce some new healthy meals into our meal rotations.

I feel you on the kitchen. We just moved out of a closet of a kitchen into a REAL kitchen and it's so amazing!!

mrs.notouching | 10:19 PM

Finally! Finally I can stop saying "I love love GGC, I just wish somebody would give her blog a makeover!" woot! woot! Love it all and can't wait for all the new additions.

Amy | 6:31 AM

The photo with the butterfly is amazing. It's great to see such a delicate touch of nature so close to the young ones.

pamela | 7:44 PM

wow!!! i love it. it's a bittersweet moment. i will miss your old simple blog... but this looks soooo amazing!!! i'm so glad i found you almost three years ago now!

kittenpie | 6:19 AM

I like the new design!

And also am totally unthrilled that Target is not in Canada, so I missed the whole Liberty line.