FAQ #1

Q: What camera do you use? Do you use filters? Edit in post?

A: I have a four-year-old 6.0 megapixel Canon Powershot SD600 with a cracked-viewfinder that Hal bought me for Christmas four years ago. I edit most of my photos in post using iphoto. (Upped the exposure and contrast in all of the photos, below.)

Here's an example of some photos before and after post-production tweaking:

Au Natural =
Edited =
Au Natural =
Edited =
Au Natural =
Edited =
Au Natural =
Edited =

Post-production works wonders, yes?

One of these days I'd like to treat myself to a fancy camera with a pro lens collection. (Especially after seeing what a truly amazing lens can do.)

For now? This is what I'm working with. And also, this. Thank you kindly for asking.


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Andygirl | 12:20 PM

I knew I loved you. Love for Canon Powershots AND iPhoto!

Ann Lienemann | 11:23 AM

I have a decent camera but had no idea iPhone was so awesome post production. I need to play around with it and see what happens.

Thanks for the tip!


Anonymous | 11:52 AM

I also use a camera that is several years old (7, I think). It was pretty fancy when I first got it, but you know how quickly that stuff is out-dated. Dream camera is a Nikon D200. For now, I have a Sony Mavica MVC CD500, 5 megapixels... and no one ever knows the difference. It's been good to me and I'm not ashamed. ;-) Good lighting and post production (photoshop 7 here) are amazing, indeed!

Nicole | 1:08 PM

Another good tool for post-production is Picnik. They are linked to Flickr if you choose to edit a photo. For free you get access to various tools, but for $24.95/year you get access to their whole suite of effects. It's fun to play around, cheap and easy to work.

Anonymous | 6:58 PM

Wait.. the before and after for the second and third set are easily not the same photos...


Some ARE different, Anon, yes. Because I don't have the original photos (once I edit them, that's that) so I had to find similar outtakes to compare.

-A | 9:55 PM

Rebecca - did you know that you can ALWAYS go back in iPhoto and choose a 'revert to original option'? When I edit I usual create a copy so that I have the original and the new edit.


WHAT? No! I did NOT know that! Thanks for the tip! Even after you've already saved the new copy?

Surfer Jay | 11:56 PM

Something to consider: The canon EOS cameras, (you know the big black ones with interchangeable lenses that are super high quality and totally rad) become outdated very quickly. When I got my 40D 2.5years ago, it was $1,500. It's 10 megapixels, and an awesome camera. Now you can buy a used 40D on ebay for $400. Same rad camera, for quarter the cost. The new tech has replaced the old, but the old is still good. I would recommend buying a used older model. Then you can get those awesome lenses and get even more awesomer photos than you allready do. And the lenses that go on the EOS camera, can be used on all the EOS cameras, so when you upgrade with a newer one, you can still use the lenses. awesome.

Anonymous | 5:42 AM

I just got a mac a few weeks ago and started fiddling with iphoto! It was good to know that my computer came with something so awesome. It totally saved me the $ of buying Aperture.

Also, you can always choose revert to original in iphoto as long as you haven't exported the edited copy to overwrite the original. I did that once and there was a big OHMYGOSHTHATPHOTOISGONEFOREVER occurrence. It was not pleasant.

Good to know you use iphoto too & too see which editing option you use to spice up your photos!

Kathleen | 7:00 AM

Post production is wonderful for my photo too! I use Picnik too and I love it.I have a Cannon Rebel XT that's about four years old. but my new love is my Cannon S90! It's a lovely small camera that takes better pics that the big boys! for proof see this pic :http://tinyurl.com/2bdvhxm It was 3:30am stumbling down Las Vegas Blvd. That's a good camera!

Tracey | 2:56 PM

I kinda like your unedited ones. Especially the one where Fable is laughing. But a good photo is a good photo unedited or not?

-A | 8:35 PM

Totally! I'm pretty sure, anyhow. I know I've gone back after I've closed iPhoto and reverted to original!

Anonymous | 10:08 PM

I had a canon power shoot which I loved. Now I have a fugi which I hate (it came highly recommended by a photographer from Last Nights Party).
I only use point and shoot for taking picks of my kids. I don't want to carry a heavy camera with a giant lens around with me everywhere, and I don't want to miss a thing.

I do have an old Konica film camera with a HEXANON AR 70-150mm lense, which I am learning to use.

Kate | 9:35 AM

Oh God, the PIGTAILS!

Unknown | 3:00 PM

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