For the last week, every night before bed, Hal has whispered to me, over my wall of pillows, things about the past, things about the future.

"Bec?" he always begins. "Six years ago I was living in someone's pantry."

"Yes, I know." I whisper back. "I was there."

We stare at the ceiling, make eyes with its cottage-cheese faces, old friends soon to be strangers, and we talk about how "this is the last Saturday we will spend in this room...

...the last Sunday

...the last Monday

...the last Tuesday morning."

It's kind of like the final days of December and how we used to say, "see you next year!" even though, "next year" was only days away. I always got such a kick out of saying that when I was a kid. Still kind of do.

45. Priscilla Ahn, Living in a Tree (she also has a blog = thanks for the tip, TKTC.)



Anonymous | 5:45 AM

That must have been a big pantry. My pantry is just big enough to walk in and turn around in.

hope smith | 7:35 AM

HOw sweet!!
Sometimes it is good to remember the past.

Anonymous | 7:40 AM

It's scary thinking about times before your children existed. Sometimes it makes me cry just thinking about it (I'm a big wuss).

The year before my oldest son was born I was couch surfing all over California. Four years later, I own my own house, I am married, and have another son. It's scary how much life changes sometimes, but it's fantastic too.


The pantry was huge for a pantry. Tiny for a bedroom. Fit only a mattress. We literally slept with our feet out the broken screen of its tiny window. Such a thin line between poverty and romance.


And I agree, Anon - it's overwhelming. It's like trying to understand the expanding universe. I have a hard time with the dust that swirls when moving. Too many memories best kept hidden in the closet with the skeletons.

Birdie | 9:02 AM

Sometimes your shortest posts are your best posts. :)

TKTC | 9:35 AM

Pfunk is a friend and a wonder- she cowrote a song on Jason's EP with him. Hard not to love a dreamy voice with a filthy sense of humor. Her blog is great too- http://girlinatree.blogspot.com/

As always, I love this series.

The Wh0le Story | 10:13 AM

It's obviously not as major as your big move, but I felt the same way about my first place (one apartment ago). We needed a place fast, and settled on a complex. I think both of us totally hated it, it was hot and my car got damaged by a jerk in the parking lot who never fessed up. But now? We remember the first night we had to sleep in the living room floor because it was the only room with a working window. Watching Manhattan, and sipping wine. Good times.

Rebecca | 10:43 AM

We want to see pictures of your new digs. =)

Taking The Journey | 11:21 AM

Sweet post!

leel | 11:47 AM

i am so excited for you. can't wait! wow, i might need a life. :D


Ray | 2:33 PM

You guys are too cute together. <3 It's crazy how so much can change in six years. I'm glad for you both.

Anonymous | 9:04 AM

Have you ever seen that movie My Life Without Me? Talk about thin line between love and poverty. That's when you know you can really be with someone. When you can be dirt poor and still think you're lucky.

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

My pantry is full of shelves. Babies could live in it as a multilevel home I guess...

Sarah Bregel | 10:17 AM

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Alex | 10:43 PM

Reading this post made me cry! My husband and I have been reminiscing about a similar type past for the last few weeks as we literally stand on the brink of a brand new way of life. Thinking back always makes me smile, but so grateful for what is in front of me. Sheesh I wish hubs wasn't asleep because now I want to remember with him!