one and a half

1. she follows him to the top of the slide...

... but goes down all by herself.

2. She pursues every moment with a smile...

...and dirty knees.

Happy half, Fable.

You make our family whole.



Amber | 12:45 PM

she is just lovely

wonderchris | 12:47 PM

What a delight. That picture of her look-back as she heads to the slide is AWESOME!!!
Happy 1 & 1/2 Fable!

BubbleTeaResa | 1:05 PM

I know I'm pregnant and all but, "You make our family whole." made me seriously tear up.

Summertime | 1:27 PM

I started reading your blog right before Fable was born. I can't believe it's been that long. Happy 1 1/2 to Fable!

And thank you, for continuing to share your outlook and your gorgeous family with the rest of us.

Haley | 1:27 PM

Simply beautiful! Both Fable and your written word.

Lauren | 2:33 PM

Please tell me that hoodie exists in adult size.

Jessica | 2:38 PM

I love the way you write about your babies. I have an 18 month old daughter who also has an older brother. It's like magic watching them interact and lead one another!

Beautiful girl! Happy half birthday, Fable ;)

...and I'm crying as well at the line "you make our family whole".

Margie | 2:38 PM

Bless, what a little sweetheart.

mommymae | 2:41 PM

geez, she's cute. did she get a bang trim? or am i just seeing that her hair isn't in her eyes & thinking my doll needs one? 'cause she does.

happy 18 months to your fam.

Tiffany | 4:21 PM

Too cute.


Unknown | 5:30 PM

Freaking beautiful. And when did she grow up? I swear you had her like five minutes ago.


I love the way her love her.

Tanya | 7:23 AM

She's precious. Lovely photos. I love her little outfits.

Adriana | 2:15 PM

what a doll!

Marcela | 3:55 PM

She is so beautiful, like her mother!

Desiree | 9:09 PM

Beauty! She looks just like Archer here!

MamaBang | 10:11 PM

you were all worried about her not walking and look at her, like a month later and she's climbing stairs and going down slides! Fable kicks butt! xxoo

WarsawMommy | 6:23 AM

Can I just say: that is the most gorgeous little hoodie/sweater/cardigan thingy for a child ever made?? Actually, I think I'd shamelessly wear it myself (dress it up with a fab black skirt and high-heeled boots; dress it down with jeans and brown high-heeled boots!).

I love me some high-heeled boots ;)

Michelle | 5:43 PM

Aww...happy half birthday Fable! She is adorable.

Ray | 1:55 PM

Your daughter is beautiful and I love how you're chronicling her life. Happy half-birthday Fable! <3

emily bilbrey | 12:15 AM

she just really is a simply beautiful little creature. happy halfer, lovely fable!