Yesterday, at the Farmers Market...



...we ran into my friend, Eva who runs HiStyley, a(n) LA Street Style blog. She snapped these pictures of Fable outside our favorite destination de hang, The Little Seed and I'm in love with them. Fable = happiness on two legs.

1. Romper by Liberty of London for Target
2. Cardigan by Splendid (consignment)
3. Legwarmers by Baby Legs
4. Sandals by See Kai Run.
5. Flower clip from Flicka boutique



BubbleTeaResa | 9:18 AM

She is SO adorable! I hope my next child is as happy and delightful as she is.

Unknown | 9:34 AM

Her smile is really something else. She just glows with happy.

Mrs. Melberry | 9:43 AM

I have yet to see Liberty of London anywhere but the women's/girls sections of my Target...I'm crossing my fingers they have baby/toddler stuff in soon! I have a niece coming in May, and I love their stuff.

Fable is the cutest!

Angryworkingmom | 9:46 AM

Super cute! Love taking the kiddos to the farmers market..they have a cooking segment for kids w/ what you just bought- the kids love it!

Jewlzy | 9:49 AM

She's gorgeous! What a happy little blessing :)

Anonymous | 10:24 AM

Re: your garden post.

Where is your grandmas garden located? Like what city? How does she get it so wild and magical? How can I make my garden look just like that?

Thanks :) Great blog!

mommica | 10:24 AM

Two perfectly chubby wubby legs! Love it!

Unknown | 10:26 AM

She is soooo cute! Fable got style :-)

emily bilbrey | 11:08 AM

oh my WORD, fable - you are the happiest kid EVER!! that outfit on her is just stinking adorable. don't you just love getting surprise awesome pictures of your kid? what a treat!


Tiffany | 11:10 AM

That romper is ADORABLE! I haven's seen Liberty of London at our Target either, but I just checked online and there are some really cute pieces. Thanks for sharing!

Kara | 11:29 AM

Those little chubby thighs are just too much!


Thank you all!

Anon- re: Nana's garden. She lives in Del Mar (a beach town in San Diego) and has given tours of her garden in the past - it's world famous! She's a garden author/writer/speaker/pro. You can check out her website, here:

videos, here:

And her books, here:

She writes all about gardening, specifically Southern California gardening, re: how to make your garden do all sorts of amazing things.

Good luck with your garden!!

Steph(anie) | 11:41 AM

Damn she's cute.

L.A. Stylist Mom | 12:11 PM

This pic of fable also turned up on one of my fave style blogs Mondette...FYI.

Rebecca | 12:23 PM

I think covering up those chubby little legs should be against the law.

MommyLisa | 12:37 PM

Totally Awesome! I love See Kai Run shoes...Boo Boo had the most awesome red mary janes from them.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 12:54 PM

Man... she's one super cute lady!

Don't you love their little thighs. Ah the delight.

My 2 year old is killing me with her cuteness of late! x

Kristin | 1:26 PM

Adorable! I put my infant son in BabyLegs all the time. I can't enough of those things.

R1B2 | 1:34 PM

Your children are ridulously gorgeous and your style is inspirational......I love your blog - enough gushing????
Thanks Fable (and Rebecca) for making me smile :)

My Bottle's Up! | 1:51 PM

your beautiful fable is SUCH A HAM!!!!!! she just LOVES that friggin camera lense, doesn't she?!?!

she is simply happiness manifested in a little lady.

Ray | 2:27 PM

Fable really is looking more like a little girl. No longer a baby. ;o( But boy is she ADORABLE! And I'm loving her chubby little legs! ;D That romper is adorable as well. Hell, she rocks the whole outfit.

sabrina | 4:35 PM

Sweet Jesus! Your daughter is by BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Jessica | 4:40 PM

Fable is so sweet! She rocks those leggings too. I'm a little ticked that there isn't a Target in Manhattan (or at least there wasn't when LFL hit the stores), I totally missed the boat. Online they sold out overnight!

She's adorable!!

Walter Helena Photography | 7:25 PM

Oh my goodness, her little chubs over her thigh highs is the sweetest thing I've seen on any fashionista in a long time!

If you’d like, please stop by my blog for a chance to win an original giclee art me :)

Christina Rosalie | 8:20 PM

It might be impossible for her to get any cuter. Seriously.

And I so wish I lived in LA where I could beg you to become my fashion consultant and personal shopper. <3

Lilli | 8:20 PM

She is SO freakin cute it's ridiculous! I want to meet her! Miss you!


Anonymous | 10:06 PM

I wish my BBs were still little! A 122 year old won't let you anywhere NEAR her wardrobe :(

Anonymous | 10:07 PM

I wish my BBs were still little! A 12 year old won't let you anywhere NEAR her wardrobe :(

Elena from Greece | 10:37 PM

God, I wanted to have a girl just to choose outfits for her! Well, nope. 2 boys!! one still in my belly!
by the way, I loved the Gone style episode. so much better having the 'after picture' beforehand.

Kari | 6:01 AM

Holy cow, she's adorable! Love those little chubby legs.

Barbara | 6:16 AM

Such joy in her face! How can you not eat those legs all day???

Anonymous | 10:17 AM

Thanks so much for the info on the garden.I really appreciate it!

Taking The Journey | 11:24 AM

Her smile is so cute! Great picture!

Kat @ | 7:36 PM

She is the essence of happiness. How beautiful.


Laura Negus | 4:04 PM

Tres chic! You do such a good job helping her dress, Rebecca!

Desiree | 10:05 PM

Oooh I heart Soleil Moon Frye! I wish I could shop at her store ^_^

ps. Fabes looks SO CUTE!

tracey clark | 11:45 AM

dang girl, those are some cute pix of the little lady! so good to see you yesterday. you and the fam and beyond adorable. xo

gwen | 10:58 PM

i havent been able to find any good consignment shops here in la, just twice a year sales. can you share the shops that you like?