Gone Style: Amelia Goes Mod (and a giveaway!)

*updated with (new) winner, below*
hint: yellow

First off - this week's month's* Gone Style: Five Minute Makeover features a blogger I've known and loved for many moons. Her name is Amelia and she blogs at Chefs Widow and she's awesome. Also? After pictures in this episode which is how we're going to rock the Gone Style vids from here on out. I know, I know. I know.

As always, makeup generously provided by Josie Maran and Josie Maran Cosmetics. Hair styling by the stunningly pregnant Sarah of Whoorl/Hair Thursday.

Amelia? We love you. You're the rockingest.

Ellington was kind enough to ship me one of their new slouchy hobo bags which I've been wearing ever since as my go-to purse/diaper bag combo situation. (It took until Fable was born for me to recognize that diaper bags are totally arbitrary. Any bag works as a diaper bag so long as it has tons of pockets and a good ol' hefty-strap.) This yellow number? Makes my wardrobe smile.
Want the bag? Awesome. Tell me what you're wearing right now. One winner will be selected at random via random.org to spice up their wardrobe with an identical hobo full of sunshine. You have until next Wednesday (4/28). Good luck!


*These videos may not look like it but they take hours and hours of work, which is why I'm unable to edit/post them as often as I'd like. Sigharumph.

*UPDATED: Congratulations to commeter #154, Kate 7:53, who was wearing:
"Old Navy PJ bottoms, random tank top and Roxy sweatshirt. So sad but in my defense, it's 7:40AM, I'm 7 months pregnant with my third and am spending the next three days attempting to potty train my second, so....yeah, I desperately need a pretty bag."
**UPDATED (after a week passed and Kate didn't claim her prize) - Congratulations to commenter #226! Charlotte? The bag is yours, mama. Enjoy it!

Email me your deets so we can send you your new bag! And thank you all for participating in the giveaway! So fun hearing all about your daily wears. Much love to all.


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Christie Hinrichs | 10:34 PM

Urban Outfitters "root" tee in honor of Earth Day,white lg sleeve layer, black knit skirt, tights and brown biker boots.

I love that bag!! Pick me.

Sarah Yvonne | 10:37 PM

I am getting ready for bed after trying on clothes for a fashion show so I'm in a bit of an odd outfit. Currently wearing: thigh-high pink and black socks, a thrifted silk lounge coat with chinese dragons and tigers tied with a silk tie.

I love this bag. Perfect for summer!

Sarah Yvonne

Meagan | 10:42 PM

I'm wearing slate gray jeans, a flowy, empire-waisted black top and some rockin' gladiator sandals.

alexclark | 10:46 PM

Currently wearing black yoga pants, black socks, a blue camisole and a grey old navy t-shirt that reads "Aspen Snow Boarding" in rainbow letters.

Annie | 10:50 PM

I'm not going to lie. I'm not wearing anything cute at the moment.

But I am going to give you my excuse as to WHY I'm wearing this non-cute outfit. I went running tonight after work, came home and showered, then ate subway with my husband, and by that point it was already 9pm.

So now I'm sitting on the couch watching some stupid television show wearing black stretchy pants and a sweatshirt. Yeah....

carrie murphy | 10:50 PM

i'm wearing my brand new urban outfitters $5 sale BDG skinny jeans, a forever 21 hippie-print lace back top over a weird stretched out black tank top from arden b, and brown stacked wooden heel cowboy boots from ebay.

i adore yellow!

Heather Bauer | 10:50 PM

Well....my pink jersey-knit bathrobe! But earlier today I was in a fabulous pair of AE Artist Jeans with two layered tanks and my favorite pair of steve madden sandals. :o) LOVE the bag!

Amanda Hoffman | 11:00 PM

I am wearing blue sweatpants and a pink shirt. It's sick day in the house of Lee and we rockin the slob chic.

Barb | 11:00 PM

I'm wearing my first ever pair of leggings! I have yet to wear them outside the house but I'm taking baby steps here, people. I'm also rockin' the self-pedicure and yesterday's mascara. Because that's how I roll.

Ashley | 11:02 PM

I am wearing a yellow Mad Steeze shirt from my sisters closet and some pink and orange stripped way non-sexy panties.

Petunia Face | 11:04 PM

Dude. I'm wearing a nightshirt and a face mask, but if I had that bag this here nightshirt and face mask would look AWESOME (pretty please).

eskimojo | 11:06 PM

Love that bag! It would contrast nicely with my black + white outfit today:

I'm in black Grab jeans, a white 3/4 arm scoop neck top with a black and white fcuk scarf and black and white bangles.

Amanda | 11:06 PM

I'm wearing kids shorts from target (yay for being short) and a homemade t-shirt from senior year of high school. It is about bed time!

Can't wait for more makeup/ fashion updates!

LuLu | 11:11 PM

I'm from Australia so some of the brands may not sound familiar!

Black Tights - Target
Black Boots - Novo
White T-shirt With Leopard Face Imprint - Bardot
Long Necklace - Equip
Long Grey and White Thin Striped Cardigan - Glassons
Green/Black and White Large Checkered Scarf - Dotti
Purple Nail Policy - Inglot! =D

Leah | 11:11 PM

I'm wearing a teal tshirt and my favorite, perfectly work in jeans. I love yellow but it looks horrible on me so this purse would be the perfect pop of yellow in an outfit.

Megs | 11:14 PM

You would have to ask that question on a day that I really did not care less about my outfit! But nevertheless I am wearing black knee length maternity shorts (22 weeks), and a white t-shirt - pretty boring! Love the bag though and Yellow is HOT!

Y | 11:15 PM

Good morning everyone:) burlington knee socks, grey shirt with red stripes, mad as a hatter nailpolish ('cause it just makes me smile). Great, great bag. Great, great color. AND beautiful site! this is what happens when you only read blogs with your google reader, you just miss (i certainly did) beautiful new layouts. good job, girl.

Christina | 11:22 PM

(Hoping I can enter even though I am from Tasmania!)

I am wearing old maternity jeans and a black nursing top. The only clothes I can fit into. Real attractive!

I am guilty of lurking and am ashamed that I am commenting for the first time in the hope of a free bag. But I could really do with a gorgeous nappy bag!

lepisosteidae | 11:30 PM

Jeans and a sweatshirt. But I have plague, so I think it's totally excusable. ;)

WaltzInExile | 11:30 PM

What. It's 2:30 in the morning here. No, I don't know why I'm awake.

Lin | 11:36 PM

Currently wearing: Black yoga pants, maternity t-shirt in brrrright blue, maternity sweater in grey with a pretty flower on the front. Still only 4 months pregnant, but these clothes are way more comfortable! ;)

LOVE the new website design!

Boulder | 11:58 PM

My favorite 2 sizes too large Polo t-shirt which doubles as my sleepwear.

Sadly this makes me quite happy. :)

ZDub | 12:06 AM

I'm wearing my husband's blue Avia warm-up pants that he stole from his mother (true story) and a t-shirt from my old college.

P.S. These were also my pajamas LAST NIGHT and I wore this outfit all day, only leaving to pick my daughter up from school where I didn't exit the vehicle. The. Shame.

Amy Thomson | 12:18 AM

Tie dye.. a whole freaking out fit :) Tee-shirt and skirt! Circa 1993 when my sister and I decided to spice up our wardrobe with a little bit of blue dye.
There is no chance that I would let anyone see me like this and it's oh.so.comfortable.

PS Love the new site!

Jessica @verdemama | 12:31 AM

I'm wearing PJs now, but just moments ago I returned from my first night out on the town in FOREVER and I was wearing dark blue Joe's Jeans, a fitted soft n' fuzzy white sweater I got in Scotland, a green military/marching band-inspired jacket, a scarf (because it's fr-fr-freezing in LA this week) and brown Born boots. And, of course, I can't forget my giant mama purse/diaper bag (in boring brown leather) that is inching perilously close to retirement.

Unknown | 12:45 AM

Sadly, just boring old jeans and a sweatshirt at the moment, having just walked the dog before bed... but I was totally wearing a cute sweater and my favorite heels at work today, I swear!

Also: little secret, but yellow goes with SO much more than you think. My favorite color.

EB | 12:54 AM

Pajamas, probably from target :) Usually, however, jeans, cowboy boots and a t-shirt.

Anonymous | 1:30 AM

Ugh, boring outfit! A UCSB sweatshirt and boy underwear.

But I do luuuuuuhve that bag.

AnnabelVita | 1:39 AM

Grey and purple stripey dress, big old spanish lady flowery black scarf, black leggings and daps.

Auglaise | 1:41 AM

I'm wearing a white shirt with ruffly neckline, a brown jumper (sweater) that I've knitted, a brown and beige skirt that ties via a lace-up section on the side, and gold gladiator sandals in honour of the first good weather we've had this side of the pond.

Love that bag!

james and rach | 1:42 AM

Heyhey. Gorgeous bag. I'm in.

I'm currently wearing:

- Dunnes Stores (Irish brand!) cream cotton palazzo pants
- Next (UK brand!) cream shirt with wee pink and green flowers
- Sketchers brown sneakers

You didn't mention whether people outside of the States can enter, so fingers crossed that I, living in London, am eligible!

Kara | 1:58 AM

I am unfortunately wearing my incredibly uncomfortable and unsexy work outfit. Puke yellow polyester button-up shirt that flatters no one, black pants that are too short and a nametag.

Super hot!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 1:58 AM

I'm in bed already with my little toddler by my side. So one of Hubby's tees and that's about all.

Trendy, no. Comfy, yes. x

L | 2:00 AM

I was just going to buy one, but they don't ship to the UK! :(

So here it goes:

Skinny jeans from Zara.
White singlet from Banana Republic.
Long 'silver' necklace from Banana Republic.
Red cardigan from PhaseEight.
Black ballet pumps kind of shoes from River Island.

Jen | 2:41 AM

Baby #2 will be here any minute and I refuse to wear anything that binds. (and I need a cute new bag for all the baby crap!) I'm rocking in a black Old Navy maternity cami and pink boy shorts. And did I mention the belly? Ugh.

Eilidh | 2:48 AM

I am a girl in the UK currently wearing boden uptown jeans, clarks funny dream shoes (duck egg blue)and a boden tunic top in a mad blue flower pattern (can you tell I like boden?) E x

Jennifer | 2:50 AM

Underware - it's in the middle of the night and I'm in bed - sadly not able to sleep.

toni9jean | 2:57 AM

Wearing... favorite dress, leggings, flats, fish necklace from forever 21, and 13 bobby pins in my hair.

On an unrelated note, I thought that the k12 ads on your page were ads for Avatar. Awesome.

Little Miss Moi | 3:03 AM

Dear rebecca. Hmm... will you ship to Australia? If I pay?! I'm wearing a black shirt dress with a black belt and bare feet. This is what I wore to work today, except I wore blue birkenstocks and some lovely big lacey metallic dangly earrings.

I'd love to wear more clothes, but it's just too hot in the tropics, so a dress with no frou frou it is!

(PS my authentication word is 'frobbing'. Ewww dirty!)

Little Miss Moi | 3:06 AM

Oh and Rebecca, knowing how much you loved the Liberty of London range for kids at Target, I thought you might like these little pretties made from Liberty fabric!

Unknown | 3:54 AM

A silver crushed velvet tee my mother used to wear in the 70s and a pair of worn CK jeans, bare feet.

AMD | 3:54 AM

Oh! I love it! I love your blog!

Ready to tackle another day with Philadelphia high schoolers--black shirtdress with gold flats and a fushcia cardigan. Look good, feel good, do good!


Christy | 3:59 AM

My husband's tee shirt. I am so stylish.

Anonymous | 4:02 AM

I just got out of bed, so I'm wearing a red t-shirt and black underwear.

Anonymous | 4:23 AM

I'm wearing green stripped pajama bottoms and a t-shirt from a 5k I supervised this past weekend. And, there's a cup of coffee in my hand - which is essential to the outfit!

Adriana | 4:31 AM

im wearing leopard print thermal PJ one piece from VS because its 7 30 am here and my little booger has been up since 6 am...errrrgggg. does the giant coffee i have attached to my hand count as an accessory?

Ann Lienemann | 4:40 AM

At the office wearing-
-black peep toe platform heels
-navy blue Gap trousers
-white cap sleeve cotton shirt
-gray wide collar short waisted sweater
(i forget my jewelry this morning)

Kari | 4:48 AM

A bath robe and pajama bottoms. Excuse: It's 7am!

Elle | 4:49 AM


SomewhatVoluble | 4:51 AM

Honestly? I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt right now. Nothing too exciting. (I'm at work, though.)

amy | 4:55 AM

giant grey and white sripey scarf a la old navy, white maxi dress, silver and turquoise chandeleirs, and pewter sandals.
that yellow bag is da'bomb!!

Maddy'sMama | 4:59 AM

Express jeans, a tunic length pink T-shirt from Kohls, and Merrell hiking shoes. It's definitely casual Friday here, but I'm having an awesome hair day so that makes up for my boring clothes choice...

Unknown | 5:01 AM

Coca cola vintage tee with a lace undershirt, gap boyfriend jeans, brown beaded sandals.
please pick me!

Rhea | 5:03 AM

as i nurse my morning bowl of oatmeal, i'm sporting a fall/winter 2009 collection pair of stripy gap body pj pants complemented by a slouchy heather gray racerback tank (braless wonder, no doubt). my feet are tucked in to llbean rag socks, a gift from santa. wakey wakey.

Beth Noel | 5:07 AM

I am wearing a yellow AA t-shirt with 'difficult' written across the chest layered over a purple nursing tank. SJU women's basketball sweatpants. (my pj's in case you couldn't tell) GGC!

Amber | 5:13 AM

mmmm, I WANT YOU beautiful yellow bag. I'm wearing cropped jeans, a flowy yellow mini dress over the top, and multicolored heels for as extra pop of color :)

Lulu | 5:15 AM

Not sure if I am elligible since am in Japan but hey, what the hell...

Wearing black pants that fold down at the top (but are dressier than yoga pants), a long sleeved black under layer and a grey top/dress with spots, lace and a pattern on parts.

And am contemplating putting on a jumper because it is fricken cold despite been the middle of April. What is happening with spring?

kirsten | 5:17 AM

what a great bag!! I'm in a black sheath dress from Martin & Osa, a b&w houndstooth swing jacket fron H&M and black pumps...the best pumps i've ever had and they're from...(wait for it...)...JC Penney!!

theopenletterlady | 5:22 AM

Pregnant reader wears:
Black fold-over skirt: Gap Maternity
Black tank top: Gap Maternity
Blue and white flower print top: Old Navy (their regular stuff is cut pretty huge, so no need go maternity there)
Shiny bronze flats with a big fun blow on the toe: Blowfish
Purple/white/rust Missoni knockoff scarf: Some teeny, fun shop in Charlottesville, VA.
Earrings: Whole Foods (I know right, I can't believe I bought jewelery at the grocery store)
Purse: An absolutely rocking Japanese paper handbag in yellow from Matt and Nat.

Yellow is so my colour! And I am having another bub in August, so this bag would be perfect for me!


Jasmine | 5:22 AM

This will be embarrassing, but honest: monkey slippers, gray yoga pants, and a T-shirt and jacket. A hobo bag would make it so much better :)

Laurie Elaine | 5:24 AM

So I'm babysitting, and I'm a grad student who has to spend some time in the lab today...therefore I am wearing yoga pants and a long sleeve comfy tee. And a hanes tagless wifebeater - which I am usually always wearing in some way.

tlr | 5:24 AM

Tahari jeans, "Think Green" T-shirt because I didn't get to wear it yesterday, flip flops
Not very stylish but today is cleaning/yardwork day. Love the bag - would use as a diaper bag/toy repository also.
Love the new look!!!

divrchk | 5:28 AM

I'm wearing a polo and shorts. Boring!

What was the hair serum recommended in the video????

Erin K | 5:30 AM

A bathrobe. And I took my shower 2 hours ago...

How did the day get away from me already? I clearly need a great bag to get me motivated to get dressed.

Angie | 5:31 AM

Valentine's pajama bottoms and an old t-shirt I got for free. See I really really really need your help!

Anonymous | 5:31 AM

Black 'wet' leggings (BIK BOK), nude tank top, under nude chiffon tunic/dress (Zebra), Black leather studded belt (thrift), multi-colored hand dyed scarf (from India) black lace up 8 hole docs (originals from HS 1993)

That bag will match my living room :)

Unknown | 5:34 AM

Right now I am wearing: Jeans, Old Navy; Top, Dana Buchman from Kohl's; shoes, A2 Aerosoles black wedges also from Kohl's. Earrings from Etsy, and ring from Claire's. (and that bag would totally go with this outfit perfectly!)

Homegrown {& the Bug} | 5:34 AM

Oh squizz, really!

I'm wearing my typical work uniform: a slub tank, one of 10 Gap cardigans I got on sale for 2 bucks at our outlet, and a pair of raggedy jeans with my trusty vintage leather belt I've worn nearly every day since college. My favorite part though? My uber-comfy, totally worn in mocassins.

Not the most stylish but that bag could fix it!

Lisa | 5:38 AM

MUST HAVE THAT BAG (already clicked on the website link before I even got to the giveway part).

I'm wearing Ann Taylor skinny pants (super awesome workwearable pants that feel like leggins) purple tee and a comfy short sleeve cardi. Can you tell it's casual friday?! Oh, and my Steve Madden ballet flats.

KatieI | 5:39 AM

I'm wearing pink and white striped tee with a grey and white striped super thin cardigan, high waisted new york & co leans, gray converse type kicks and clearish headband with bed head. Off to work!

kefuller77 | 5:39 AM

happily wearing a pair of jeans and a plain black T with black flats. plus a beautiful jade necklace my MIL brought me from China.

Rae | 5:40 AM

At the moment a towel. But I am about to put on jeans, grey slouchy ankle boots, a tank top and a long grey and white striped cardigan

Micha | 5:44 AM

I am rocking some Slyvester boxers and and Incredibles tee-shirt- my pj's are beyond sexy! #2 is due in August and I would LOVE that gorgeous bag to tote all my gear around in! That color is gorgeous and about as close as I can get to wearing yellow!

Martha | 5:48 AM

Um, I wish I was wearing something better than my plaid pajama pants and a blue wool sweater (it is cold here in Western NY)!

Laurel | 5:48 AM

I'm wearing white capris (brand new so they're still bright white!) with a button-down lilac shirt with different sizes of white polka dots, and my favorite black heels from Kohls.

Martha | 5:54 AM

i wish i was wearing something cooler than plaid pajama pants and blue wool sweater!

Robin J. | 5:54 AM

I'm wearing Levi's, an old black skull T-shirt I bought at Target a few years ago to match the black skull T-shirt I bought for my son, hoop earrings, and beat-up black corduroy flats... AND? I'm pretty sure I am the only person posting from a 'love motel' in South Korea, where I am staying for the night with aforementioned and now 6-year-old son. Do I also have to mention how much I like the bag? Because I think this $3 purse I bought in the Taipei subway last week is going to fall apart before we get home!

Unknown | 5:57 AM

target maternity clothes. could totally use the stylish "diaper" bag.

Bec zekeandrebecca@bellsouth.net | 5:58 AM

TOday, I'm cleaning the house... so, black yoga pants and a t-shirt...

Emily H K | 5:59 AM

Great bag! (lots of pockets, you say?)

What I'm wearing *right now*: American Apparel knee socks (it's a chilly morning & these are the all-time best tall socks ever); too-large maternity jeans and a black maternity empire-waist t-shirt from Thyme; approriate undergarments. Wedding ring, amber ring, and amber earrings. I'm sad, though, that I seem to have lost my Celtic pinky ring :(

Clare | 6:01 AM

Vintage puff sleeve blouse, levis, brown ankle cowboy boots-- this bag would be an outstanding addition!

CrazyBeans | 6:01 AM

jeans, black tee shirt and a scarf. It's finals essay time. the wardrobe takes a hit.

sabrina | 6:04 AM

I am half dressed while I read your post on my laptop that sits atop my dresser. So I have on some dark blue long and lean jeans, (with a rip in the butt, thank god it's casual friday) and my staple old navy white tank top. Your post distracted me from finding a top!

Cara | 6:07 AM

Right now, Jeremy Fisher t-shirt and dark jeans. Perfect for playing and picnicking in the park with my girls. My daughters....not my boobs.

Andrea | 6:09 AM

I am getting ready to go for a run, so I am wearing my favorite black adidas shorts, a grey crew neck tshirt from target, a gigantic green starting line hoodie, and white socks.

Andi | 6:09 AM

I am wearing a nasty old nursing bra, a white tshirt and running shorts. I think my wardrobe could use a little more smile...

Hi, I'm Natalie. | 6:11 AM

Really ugly pyjamas.

Nili | 6:12 AM

My new fav...7 Jeans and a gray and yellow Free Bird T. Love the new design of your site and that yellow bag is beautiful...like having sunshine and happiness on you arm!

Sara | 6:14 AM

I'm wearing a skirt/shirt combo for work because it's more comfortable than wearing pants. It's black and white spotted and looks a bit like a poodle skirt.

Love that yellow bag!!

hand pecked debb | 6:14 AM

Oh I wish I have the skills to make myself sound like a J. Peterman Catalog...silver/gold silk scarf, oatmeal cardigan, apple green tank top, brown denim trousers and apple green patent flats.

Seven2Seven8 | 6:16 AM

I'm wearing a thrifted short- (puff-) sleeve white blouse with tuxedo ruffles on the chest, dark rinse Gap trouser jeans, Born Stowaway champagne (metallic) flats, and a collection of silver bracelets, earrings and rings.

Adrianne | 6:17 AM

I'm wearing jeans and a light pink shirt (I refuse to say "blouse") from the Limited. And a pearl necklace (not THAT kind!). Geez, I sound like a little old lady with my blouse and pearl necklace. I really need some style help!

Erin | 6:17 AM

Work appropriate...black wrap dress with an aqua tank underneath, black peep-toe pumps.

Tori | 6:17 AM

Denim pencil skirt with black silk ruffle tank, light grey cardi and black heels. Could definitely use a sunshine bag.

Shuggins | 6:19 AM

I am wearing a fifties tea dress with a heart neckline and a pink and white print of lots of apples. Very cute.

Got my zip sandals on for first time this year as it's so beautifully sunny in London today.

Loving the bag on you. Got my fingers crossed!

Unknown | 6:19 AM

Love it, yellow is my fav! I am wearing black leggings, brown cowboy boots, a floral skirt (that I made), a black fitted tee layered with a cream shirt with a gause flower detail and a slouchy UO jacket.

P.S. Love your boots!

Anonymous | 6:21 AM

The bag is fantastic! *crosses fingers and toes* I'm wearing a lavender floral sundress trying to will Spring into being here on the East Coast. :-) Thanks, great give-away (and style)!

Catherine | 6:24 AM

It's possible that I'm still in my PJs, but let's pretend I'm rockin' the great blue maxi dress I just got. Agreed? Great. That's better.

beyond | 6:24 AM

um... my nightie. after i shower i will get dressed in all black to work.

Andrea | 6:25 AM

Considering it is 6 a.m. I am wearing what I wore to bed last night. White tank and gray work out pants.

The bag is gorgeous!

Mo | 6:28 AM

Brown linen drawstring pajama pants

a purple t-shirt with a fairy on a swing that I've had since high school

black FOTLs

two hairties on my right wrist

chipped purple nail polish on three toes

You are now jealous of my hottness. It's okay. I get that a lot.

Rochelle | 6:32 AM

A small men's Kermit t-shirt from JCPenney and awesome jean shorts I found at Goodwill! I love spring in Texas.

Marianne | 6:32 AM

I'm wearing a turquoise striped dress, a wide brown leather belt with studs, and brown sandals. That yellow bag would look fantastic!

Sara | 6:33 AM

Ugh... I'm wearing Gap Maternity Jeans, an Old Navy Maternity tee and some precious ballet flats. Casual Friday at it's finest!

claire | 6:33 AM

t shirt and underwear. its hot outside.

Chef's Widow | 6:35 AM

I am wearing Premonition boyfriend jeans & my husband's "I survived my family reuinion '77" ring neck tee. I am also rocking rose gold flats. Rose gold is my new jam.

Thank you a million times over for the delish makeover. I had a blast and that dress is one of my new favorite pieces. Plus the introduction to theoutnet.com has significantly changed my life ( & my bank acct).

Love you girl!

xoxoxoxoxoxo a million

pseudostoops | 6:37 AM

I'm wearing my boring casual Friday outfit- gray slim fit pants, navy scoopneck tshirt, chucks.

Courtney | 6:38 AM

My favorite anthropologie kimono - the perfect work from home attire. Though not getting much work done at the moment!

Blair | 6:38 AM

Right now I am wearing blue jammies. :) Hot... I know!

My diaper bag is driving my nuts so I would love to win a new one!!
Pick me! :)

Elizabethwi | 6:38 AM

Navy shirtdress, white cardigan, red shoes. It may not SOUND like a yellow bag would go well with this outfit...but I know it would! :)

Anonymous | 6:41 AM

I'm wearing a smile.
And some socks.
Oh yeah, and glasses.

MJ | 6:42 AM

Chocolate brown Splendid top with yellow, baby blue, brown, & magenta print skirt from French Connection (circa 2003) and brown tights. Topped off with Simple brand grey booties, and a simple choker made by a local artist.

Jill | 6:42 AM

Believe me, I need anything that could help perk me up....at the moment I am still wearing my pajamas....old yoga pants, hospital green t-shirt and a gray housecoat. Oh, well at least my son doesn't seem to notice! Love the bag though, it's inspired me to go through my closest and find my old trendy self!

Courtney | 6:45 AM

I'm wearing a Ben Folds t-shirt and jeans. Pretty much t-shirt and jeans is my uniform as a grad student, but someday I hope to finish school and actually get some style and so I love picking up inspiration at your blog along the way!

Michele | 6:49 AM

What am I wearing right now? Maternity clothes. *sigh* Shirt from Pea in the Pod and jeans from Motherhood.

Lin | 6:49 AM

my go-to "grandpa" grey wool cardigan; a black tuxedo silk blouse from YEARS ago; dark jeans; grey slip-ons.

all this black & grey... i think i need some yellow! :)

ainsley | 6:53 AM

black skirt suit, white v-neck, grey scarf, black tights, whitish-marbly bangle, black pumps... pretty much my work uniform. but a yellow bag! my mum would be so glad for an infustion of colour in my wardrobe.

Mina | 6:53 AM

DKNY skinny jeans and a silk/linen cardigan from ann taylor. i have been on the hunt for a new bag and this one is PERFECT!!!!!!

Rachel | 7:02 AM

Old Navy Peace T, Express straight legs, and my running shoes...very trendy...I know.

Rosalie | 7:02 AM

Keds flats, grey straight-legged trousers from the Gap and a white tight-fitted cable-knit sweater also from the Gap. I call it 'work-appropriate but oh-so-very lazy Friday attire'. :)

an other mother | 7:04 AM

I'm wearing dark blue BDG skinny jeans from urban outfitters, an oversized short-sleeved navy/white striped Michael Stars shirt from Olivia and Bette's and brown Born ankle booties. Fingers crossed for that bag!!!

Michelle | 7:05 AM

Right now: Guess jeans, gray t-shirt from H&M, a Madewell purple cardigan with metal detailing (which I got for a steal!),and platform espadrilles.

Feeling very cute on this Friday morning :)

Unknown | 7:08 AM

I'm wearing jeans, purple flats, and a white ruched 3/4 length sleeved shirt, with a silver leaf necklace.

rosemarie | 7:10 AM

I loved your post! I am wearing dark jeans, a black thin sweater (because cleveland can't make up it's mind) black shoes and my tan michael kors trench coat. I love the bag!

sawyer | 7:10 AM

Right now I am still wearing my pajamas. So shorts and a t-shirt.

Lacey Jane | 7:10 AM

Oh I am totally wearing a bright blue skirt that you would catch 11-year-olds sporting, no panties, and a bright green tank top that screams "WHYYYYYY ARE YOU WEARING THIS!??" I like abuse. AND that yellow bag :)

Abbey McGrew | 7:12 AM

banana republic jeans. orange 3/4 sleeve cardigan. vintage nike sneakers. and my favorite kate spade back.

yep. im a grad student. and this is how we dress when we "go to work".

lisa | 7:14 AM

Blue and Grey striped top, skinny jeans, and cobalt blue flats - and my husband's chunky watch.

We just bought a house and all my money goes to things like outlet covers and flower pots now. Pick me! (please) :)

mainlyclearskies | 7:14 AM

Wearing trouser jeans and a wrap sweater for casual Friday.

What a great bag!

Mrs. Melberry | 7:15 AM

I'm wearing my work-pris (dark denim skinny capris I deemed fancy enough for Fridays at work)an aqua blue tunic shirt from good ol' Target and gold strappy sandals.

That bag completes me....pick me.

Laura | 7:16 AM

Ann Taylor black and white A-line skirt. Ann Taylor khaki top with Express cashmere short-sleeve sweater.

Denita | 7:16 AM

dark wash, skinny jeans - mimic brand
long sleeve button up striped shirt
my mom's old gold chain belt
black high heels

Jesse K | 7:19 AM

Grey yoga pants and a cute blue tank top with colored flowers up the side

Kim and George | 7:24 AM

a gap tee, ella moss vest, and j brand jeans. stay at home mom = no shoes.

Megan | 7:25 AM

That's the perfect summer bag!! I'm wearing a fluffy green robe right now.

Unknown | 7:26 AM

Am currently rocking a white tank (for the boobs) with a purple maxi dress from Target. I found after hunting for the dress online to buy in different colors that it is actually a swim cover up, ha! Whatever, its cotton and I adore it, it looks great at work!

oh and some silvery flip flops.

Anna | 7:28 AM

Gah, I wish I had something better to put here but I'm wearing comfy yoga pants, a purple sweatshirt and fuzzy socks so at least i'm comfy. I looooooove this bag. Yellow is my favorite color.

Jennifer | 7:29 AM

Dark jeans, green top and gray sweater with necklace from my husband for our 5th anniversary. Nothing too exciting... :-)

mommaruthsays | 7:29 AM

Flowery tunic, light-wash denim jeans and my favorite red espadrilles!

I LOVE that bad, so so much, it isn't even funny!

Kristy | 7:31 AM

omg love the bag! I'm wearing a white sundress with seychelles espadrilles.

Anonymous | 7:37 AM

I'm wearing a flower printed, ruffle-collared, Liberty of London for Target top with wide-legged white jeans, silver ballet flats, and some spangly vintage thrift store earrings.

Jody | 7:37 AM

Soo not hip as all of you.

just PJs. Comfy, so comfy.

Beth | 7:38 AM

Black heels, Black dress pants and an aqua 3/4 length sleeve top with darker aqua color flowers (with a touch of bead work on the flowers)...I feel so pretty (and springy) today!

Kirdy | 7:38 AM

I'm a huge dork and am heading to my old college town of Madison, WI for the weekend. Therefore I am sporting my favorite old "T" from back in the day, a white zip hoody over it since MN is so chilly and some seven jeans. Thank goodness I work at a place where 'casual Friday' is seriously casual! Love the bag, and love these videos!

Sarahd | 7:40 AM

A work appropriate but still hot-looking navy blue Polo dress (scored at TJ Maxx for 65% off!); also, blue and white flats that make me feel like I'm in the 6th grade again and still own my Sam and Libby collection. Hee.

Amy | 7:40 AM

I'm wearing dark skinny jeans, an oversized American Apparel grey tri-blend t-shirt, long silver chain necklace, and bare feet (my black flats with ruffled toes are kicked off in the corner!).

Anonymous | 7:41 AM

Black zipper tank top from Forever 21, layered with turqouis old navy tank top underneath, Skinny Jeans from old navy, purple flip flops.

Have a 20 month daughter, would love this bag!
Molly momol1229@yahoo.com

TMW | 7:43 AM

So, either this is going to go over terribly well or terribly, uhhmm, not. I'm preggers with my third (ahhh unexpected) and have refused to buy maternity wear, yet. Not becausee I think it stinks, but because i'm so cheap (and I gave all my clothes away because I thought i was done---the universe thought otherwise). And while going to work (I'm a high school ENglish teacher) I like to look professional---it's Friday and I am starting to pop, well earlier than I ever imagined so I'm wearing: A long sleeve white tee, and adidas knockoff black pants. I told you I was cheap. And now I'm just looking sad. it's the truth if nothing else.

Jess Kiley | 7:46 AM

Clearly not still in my pajamas...that's gross!!

Heathir | 7:46 AM

I'm wearing too big, faded jeans with a worn out green slouchy shirt. In my defense, I'm getting ready to paint a ceiling.

Birdie | 7:49 AM

black leggings, knee high boots, a long sweater and a bright scarf...its snowing here today :(

t. | 7:49 AM

Free people slouch tunic, urban tank top, american apparel leggings and spit up (my always accessory).

You are totally right about the diaper bag. I have one but it sits in the car. I normally just pull something out of it and jam it into my bag.

Caitlin | 7:49 AM

I loooove this bag! The yellow! Oh m'stars.

Right now...if we're being honest...I am wearing sweaty cropped running pants and a tank top and socks. I just got back from a run. Healthy is sex-ay!

Kate | 7:53 AM

Old Navy PJ bottoms, random tank top and Roxy sweatshirt. So sad but in my defense, it's 7:40AM, I'm 7 months pregnant with my third and am spending the next three days attempting to potty train my second, so....yeah, I desperately need a pretty bag.

Jennifer | 7:56 AM

*long sleeved light yellow striped (horizontally) shirt (the opposite stripe is sheer, so I have to wear a tank under)
*red vintage belt with beautiful metal work on it
*straigh-legged jeans
*red flats

P.S. Can you send me your mailing address? I want to send you something!

Anonymous | 7:59 AM

I'm painting today, so I'm wearing flip flops, an old t-shirt and yoga pants...not exciting.

Letti | 8:00 AM

I'm wearing a navy blue American Apparel deep v-neck t, dark wash skinny jeans folded up into capris, white vans, and a sparrow necklace. That bag is LOVELY.

haleycakes | 8:01 AM

leggings, a stripey sweater, and aloe socks. :/

kelly | 8:01 AM

so my outfit is completely unmentionable because i am @ work in scrubs but the exciting part is what i am wearing under. i am a total "wife beater" girl in gray & black but last night i found men's tanks by FOTL. hello wtf was i doing this whole time! they are awesome & fit much better. so thats it. the rest is crap.

Unknown | 8:03 AM

I'm wearing grey pea in the pod maternity pants, a one t-shirt with bit black floral graphic, and a black cardigan. I have a yellow clutch and brown flat boots (the only shoes I can still wear to work).

Sarah | 8:03 AM

I'm wearing a black 3/4 sleeve cardigan, kelly green tank, jeans and my fave sneakers.

That bag is amazing and yellow is my favorite color. I need to do a better job of incorporating it into my wardrobe!

onemagictrick | 8:08 AM

Adidas classic white stripe sambas, 7 for all mankind boot cut jeans, dark blue v neck tshirt, three dimensional owl pendant, tortoiseshell sunglasses :)

Love that bag! Love this blog!

Jen | 8:09 AM

nursing pajamas from the gap and my 4 week old in a moby wrap. not stylish but very cozy. i think we're going to snuggle all day.

Gina | 8:09 AM

I'm wearing a tent. Haha. No, seriously, I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I'm wearing gray dress pants and a black, gray, and yellow top.

Love the bag! I'll take your word on it being perfect for diaper bag duty!

Katie | 8:10 AM

I COVET that bag.

Delurking to give the contest a shot. I'm wearing Gap jeans with the hem rolled up, a black and white striped sailor tee with a boatneck and three quarter sleeves, and yellow ruffled flats.

Little Dude's Mama | 8:11 AM

A Boston Redsox hat ... in a place where the logo should instead represent the Minnesota Twins. It's just me; I think I like the attention!

Susan | 8:12 AM

A neon green and yellow polyester bathrobe my mother made in the 1970s. So, that's classy and stylish. Yup.

Susana | 8:12 AM

Strappy sandals, brown, jeans, dark blue, straight-legged and ancient, stretch-knit sleveless top, dark purple, cashmere sweater/wrap/thing that ties at the neck,taupe-y grey. Dusty rose bag, huge, and filled with baby things. The whole ensemble is tied together by the stains and wrinkles from said baby!
If I win the bag, I promise not to let her smush banana on (or in) it.

Unknown | 8:12 AM

work outfit, trying to navigate comfort while entering my 4th month of pregnancy:

black wool jcrew shift dress
grey and black striped uniqlo leggings
grey target tissue long-sleeved tee
orange cotton uniqlo cardigan
black leather ballet flats-- lacoste
red and white striped cotton scarf- H&M

Sandra Pree | 8:14 AM

Today is my FAV day of the week, Friday AKA casual day! So I'm super comfortable :) I have a black Lacoste polo on with a white cardigan, I paired that with some boyfriend jeans and silver sandals.

The bag is GORG!!!!

Mamacita | 8:15 AM

I'm wearing a frumpy work outfit because my job doesn't require me to interact with other people and, therefore, gives me no motivation to put any effort into my outfits. I love that bag!!! I'd also love to win it ;)


Mary | 8:19 AM

Jeans, maternity v-neck from Old Navy and sneakers because cute shoes make my ankles swell :(

TexasBobbi | 8:24 AM

I am wearing an old save by the bell t-shirt and boxer shorts (just woke up). Casey let me sleep in this morning since it is his first morning home after the lay off.

mommymae | 8:24 AM

i love amelia's look. that hat is too die for! and i like how the striped material was cut at the seam better on her dress than the picture you originally showed. i would worry that the juxtaposition of the stripes would be all wacky on me, but her dressed looked great & the stripes weren't so wonky.

also? i'm wearing pj pants, an obama mama t-shirt &liberty of london ruffled undies.

a beautiful vignette | 8:25 AM

J Crew long sleve shirt with a short sleve shirt over it, paired with Diesel jeans and metallic snakeskin pumps - I love to mix styles!


Marlena | 8:27 AM

I am wearing a men's H&M striped sweater (stolen from BF), grey leggings from Forever 21 and Old Navy flip flops.

My only excuse is that it's friday.

ALC | 8:29 AM

floral Primark (British version of Forever 21) dress, black cropped leggings, black Privos flats, black JCrew cardigan :-) loving spring this year!!

Kara | 8:30 AM

Grey flat boots, red jersey skirt, and brown hoodie sweater from UO circa 2002. I'm a grown-up, I swear. And I love that bag!

This is how it is | 8:31 AM

Basic tank dress from Urban Outfitters and some adorable seafoam green Jeffrey Campbell heels. Love.

And I'd LOOOOOVE that bag!!! :)

Clark Parents | 8:32 AM

Red Ricki's t-shirt and hand me down jeans form my best friend who just lot a lons of weight ( I just had a baby so I was more then happy for "new to me" clothes)

Katie Lee | 8:35 AM

I'm wearing pajamas. I need that awesome yellow bag to brighten up my work wardrobe. Mostly I need it so I can wear it messenger style. My silly purse always falls off my shoulders and gives me a neck ache. Love your style!

Jme | 8:35 AM

pin strip preggers pants and a butterfly maternity top..

Annika | 8:35 AM

Oh dear, I am wearing sweats and a maternity tee (I'm not pregnant). Can I redeem myself at all by telling you I threw this on to take out the recycling?

Kat | 8:35 AM

I'm wearing my favorite grad-student-writing-a-paper-in-the-library-all-day look:

My favorite pair of jeans, a loose pink tank top and a well-worn pair of havaianas. Can you tell I live in FL?

Rachel F | 8:36 AM

Skinny jeans, slightly sparkly ballet flats, white t-shirt with a hipster-cliche bird on it. And a crummy tote bag as a purse. Ahem!

Anonymous | 8:36 AM

I am currently wearing gap ripped jeans and an AA tshirt with toms in charcoal grey with an old olivia harris hobo bag that is now currently stained by an 8ounce bottle of soy formula which is why I NEED a new bag badly......

Unknown | 8:37 AM

oooooo - pick me pick me!! I'm wearing skinny jeans, star wars return of the jedi t-shirt (from Old Navy's little boy section - score!), vans, and a yellow scarf.

Unknown | 8:40 AM

That bag is so pretty!

I'm wearing a green fitted tee with a red/pink cardigan & jeans. I feel like a reverse watermelon today!

Autumn | 8:40 AM

A rather tattered and paint stained pair of sweat pant shorts and a tank top that keeps rolling up over my twenty-week-along-in-this-second-pregnancy belly. What can I say? It's been a spring cleaning morning.

Unknown | 8:41 AM

Silk blouse, jeans from Express, black flats.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

The Wh0le Story | 8:44 AM

Black booties, grey skinny jeans w/burnout white tee and a deep red hoodie.

LissaCris | 8:45 AM

Some new gladiator wedges and a pair of jeans I just now can fit back into after my pregnancy. With a grey t-shirt with cute buttons. Yellow would complete my outfit!

Misha | 8:45 AM

Dottyspeck earrings, white Target T, Boden teal cardigan and Boden dark blue cord skirt with brown tights and brown boots. Yellow bag would POP!

Trysha | 8:48 AM

The black eyeliner in the crease scared me until I saw how it all came together. I have a date with my husband tonight. <3

Just finished school drop-off and morning run, so I'm in cropped yoga pants and a knit long sleeve. Not adorable enough for a Pinkberry date at all.

Risa | 8:50 AM

Hmmm... something about this seems dirty. Haha. I'm wearing black skinny jeans (Old Navy) with knee high wedge boots (Hush Puppy... but I swear they're cool), a grey burn out tank (from a street vendor in Peru) with a black ruffled sleeveless shrug (from Urban Outfitters) and almost all the necklaces I own. It's just that kind of day. All I'm missing is that bag. Hehe.Happy Friday!

Tatiana | 8:50 AM

Not a strong fashion moment right now: I'm at work and the kid skept me up last night. I'm good to be here with clothes on.

black pants
black tshirt
kakhi cardigan
chunky coral bracelet
MBT shoes that I just found at Norstrom Rack for $70. Trying to decide if I can take the ugly for supposed benefits.

Kerri | 8:51 AM

My new Lia Sophia ring and necklace. I am in love with that bag!

JessicaToday | 8:51 AM

dark blue denim skinnys
black knee high slouch boots
wife beater
multicolored scarf
black headband
pick me plllleeeaaasseee!!!

LauraS | 8:52 AM

Just woke up, so PJs!

Unknown | 8:52 AM

H&M coral tank and yoga pants. I am working from home so fashion is not top of mind!

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