Gone Style: Amelia Goes Mod (and a giveaway!)

*updated with (new) winner, below*
hint: yellow

First off - this week's month's* Gone Style: Five Minute Makeover features a blogger I've known and loved for many moons. Her name is Amelia and she blogs at Chefs Widow and she's awesome. Also? After pictures in this episode which is how we're going to rock the Gone Style vids from here on out. I know, I know. I know.

As always, makeup generously provided by Josie Maran and Josie Maran Cosmetics. Hair styling by the stunningly pregnant Sarah of Whoorl/Hair Thursday.

Amelia? We love you. You're the rockingest.

Ellington was kind enough to ship me one of their new slouchy hobo bags which I've been wearing ever since as my go-to purse/diaper bag combo situation. (It took until Fable was born for me to recognize that diaper bags are totally arbitrary. Any bag works as a diaper bag so long as it has tons of pockets and a good ol' hefty-strap.) This yellow number? Makes my wardrobe smile.
Want the bag? Awesome. Tell me what you're wearing right now. One winner will be selected at random via random.org to spice up their wardrobe with an identical hobo full of sunshine. You have until next Wednesday (4/28). Good luck!


*These videos may not look like it but they take hours and hours of work, which is why I'm unable to edit/post them as often as I'd like. Sigharumph.

*UPDATED: Congratulations to commeter #154, Kate 7:53, who was wearing:
"Old Navy PJ bottoms, random tank top and Roxy sweatshirt. So sad but in my defense, it's 7:40AM, I'm 7 months pregnant with my third and am spending the next three days attempting to potty train my second, so....yeah, I desperately need a pretty bag."
**UPDATED (after a week passed and Kate didn't claim her prize) - Congratulations to commenter #226! Charlotte? The bag is yours, mama. Enjoy it!

Email me your deets so we can send you your new bag! And thank you all for participating in the giveaway! So fun hearing all about your daily wears. Much love to all.


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Unknown | 12:32 PM

dark skinny jeans, v-neck t-shirt and long cream colored boyfriend cardigan. But oh how that bag would make my life! :)

Anonymous | 12:57 PM

Hooded, striped sweater and black pants that I can't button b/c my husband and I are expecting a second wee one. The joys of mommyhood! An adorable, sunshine bag could make a pregnant woman feel that much more special!

Lindsey Morner

Unknown | 12:57 PM

Black sweaterdress, black leggings, black knee-high leather boots. You don't even need to check my IP address to know that I'm in NYC :) I need a splash of color in my life for summer!

Heather | 12:59 PM

Jeans, Rising Sand concert tee, blue zip up beach sweatshirt and Morello sandals. The perfect finals week attire!

Helen | 1:03 PM

nightie, old dressing gown and sheepskin slippers. very elegant.

teh_Duchess | 1:04 PM

Red leather flats, Gray trousers, Ben Folds 2010 concert tee, bright yellow sweater with crochet detailing at the neckline. Love that bag!

Veronica R. | 1:15 PM

Jeans from splurge at Anthropologie sale rack this weekend; Gap scarf; black American Apparel T; brown Saucony sneakers. Love your blog! Love the bag! Pick me!

Leah | 1:17 PM

Mustardy, slouchy goodness--love that bag, especially with your shoes! :) Currently wearing black, cropped Boden trousers; sleeveless ruffle top in raspberry; sheer, black cardigan; and Calvin Klein Olive pumps in black leather.

missalibeth | 1:32 PM

Black and white stripe swingy cardigan, black tank top and black slacks with bright white pumps.
And a big old orange ring!

AKstanley | 1:53 PM

I am wearing dark blue jeans from Forever21, a navy blue ruffly top with white polka dots from H&M that makes me feel ULTRA feminine and this great sort of dark seafoam coloured cardigan from Esprit. The one thing that would make this outfit better is if I could have the wonderful shoes I've been lusting over, but I'm waiting for them to go on sale.

That yellow bag is FANTASTIC. I've been looking for something that colour for so long!

R1B2 | 2:01 PM

So agree with you on the diaper bag thing....second time around it has been a Rip Curl day bag for me and so much better!
Wearing: my staple Glamourmom nursing tank (black), anthropologie (RicRac) skirt in black with mustard flowers - must be a sign as the same color as the hobo!!

The Lees | 2:07 PM

Skinny jeans, long sleeve puple tee and a vintage vest.

Melt Momma's Heart | 2:22 PM

Mossimo plaid pants--Target.
Calvin Klein with beads--Costco
Teva "mom shoes".

alliehallmarr | 2:24 PM

I'm wearing:

dark wash jeans from UO, a flowery top from Forever 21 and my baby (on my boob!)

Miranda | 3:34 PM

I'm wearing possibly the most boring work outfit ever: light weight 3/4 sleeved navy blue v neck sweater, a pair of dark gray with blue pinstripe trousers and I'm at my desk so I'm currently shoe-less.

Hannah | 4:06 PM

I love yellow! I'm wearing an H&M balck cotton top with brass double military style buttons and puff cap sleeves, a denim pencil skirt from Old Navy, a crazy "everything necklace from H&M in Denmark and green flower flip-flops from Born.

Jessica | 4:37 PM

I'd love the Hobo, but there isn't any way I can make it look as good as you! (and ALSO? My diaper bag is a hobo from Anthro, and I LOVE it)

I'm wearing my go-to NYC rainy day outfit: Daddy Long Legs Jeggings, American Apparel t-shirt, Banana Cardi and my Hunters.

S. Montgomery Houghton | 5:14 PM

An incredibly awesome "Members Only" shirt courtesy of my father circa 1985, skinny jeans from the local thrift store and an old red knit cap from Urban Outfitters.

4068sabina | 5:55 PM
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4068sabina | 5:57 PM

a black splendid lg sleeve t, under a free people grey t with a picture of a deer on it, a pair of skinny fidelity jeans and cream ugg slippers.

suzanne | 6:08 PM

Husbands tee, running pants & my comfy slippers...boy am I tired ;)

Amy M | 6:31 PM

My favorite brown & blue pajama trousers that have a William Morris-like pattern, a grey tank dress with, ahem, easy access for breastfeeding my 8-month old daughter, and the GORGEOUS peridot & silver ring that I bought to commemorate her August 2009 birth. I feel good!

Walter Helena Photography | 7:28 PM

Black tights, thigh-high pink v-neck t-shirt, gold, and an animal in my lap.

I'm having a contest on my blog too! (For a giveaway of a piece of my custom-made art)


D | 7:34 PM

Target Nursing bra. Forest green old navy tank top. purple cardigan and pink victoria secret pj pants.

Sarah Magnuson | 8:42 PM

Beautiful bag!
I am wearing really old teal lounge pants and a white tshirt. Exciting, I know. I love your blog.

Justine | 8:58 PM

My Fleming's Steakhouse button down black shirt splattered with creamer and scalloped potatos, DKNY black dress pants-wine key in my back pocket, floral patterned black dress socks and Urban Outfitters black flats that I have recntly purchased for the third time.

Love Love Love the bag. You would be saving me a couple nights worth of tips so I don't have to go and buy it myself!

Molly | 9:57 PM

Hmm.. Sadly I am wearing hospital pants (with real doctor's phone numbers written on them) and a grey t-shirt with a black lace tank top underneath. It doesn't look any better than it sounds. But that bag rocks!

Sonja von Franck | 10:19 PM

white nightgown and fancy panties! ;-) And I NEED a new diaper bag!!!

B | 3:23 AM

I am 7 months pregnant so I'd love the hobo as a diaper bag! I am wearing Top Shop black maternity skinny jeans,a black target maternity T, and a sleeveless cardigan from Primark in London. Hair in ponytails makes it all feel more fun.

the king of carrot flowers | 5:41 AM

coral skirt (gap), brown boots (palladium), and yellow/white striped boatneck tee (fossil)

Anonymous | 5:43 AM

Black Gap pants with a white t and a blush colored cardi with 2 flowers from old navy. Blah I know, but it is a workday.

Anonymous | 5:46 AM

Oh no! My post doesn't have my name! Jen C was the blah work outfit poster!!

Scrappytbear | 5:54 AM

Super cool fashion ;) Im wearing a home knit sweater and a pair of jeans Im pretty proud of since I have not seen that size since college before 3 kids! I have nothing cool in my wardrobe whatsoever. Bit of a bag and shoe fetish going on tho ;)

Bridgette | 6:03 AM

Lucky T Shirt, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Frye Motorcycle Boots, an seriously padded bra as I have no boobs post-baby and a thong

Ruthy T. | 6:05 AM

At work wearing black pants and blue hoodie! It's cold this morning.


LittleCyndiLou | 7:38 AM

Goodness, I'm not really wearing anything special. Mossimo jeans, a gym t shirt, and a hoodie.

LoL maybe I need that bag to give me an incentive to be a little more stylish.

In love with the bag.

AAWolf | 7:59 AM

Dark wash Ann Taylor jeans, dark green long sleeve v-neck tee, cream corduroy blazer with belt and some boring black loafers, sadly. I love that bag and would love to be able to not carry a diaper bag and purse!

Mamalang | 8:02 AM

graphic tee with a beautiful tree and jeans with sandals. Comfy casual for the rainy day.

Pam | 8:46 AM

Dark rinse Levis, pink sweater, black boots. I want that bag! It's lovely.

kerrieg4 | 9:26 AM

plaid top, short jean shorts, charcoal leggings, no bag...need a wicked bag for this outfit!

Unknown | 9:45 AM

I'm wearing jeans, a walmart top and a jacket I found at a second-hand store this weekend. It's so boring, I need an awesome bag to spice things up!

Mary | 9:52 AM

Grey striped essential scoop neck T from Boden
Skinny jeans from Gap
Grey/black/apricot/pink tweedy cropped jacket from a store called Apricot in the UK
Black flats from Target
Cream colored rose earrings from Forever 21

That bag would be a perfect work bag for me--love it!

Chelsea TB | 10:31 AM

Bought a HOBO bag myself when I was a nanny for three kids because I REFUSED to carry a diaper bag...Now that I have my own one-year-old, the bag's looking pretty sad. Wearing gray skinny jeans, old purple vintage heels, white tank top and big cozy blue sweater because it's currently FREEZING up here in the East Bay.

Kayley Maybe | 10:31 AM

I'm at work at my office job, so I'm fairly conservative: Ann Taylor black dress pants, black cardigan, purple sleeveless blouse with ruffles at the neck. My outfit's saving grace: my silk zebra print flats.

Martha | 10:41 AM

Currently wearing: navy and grey striped tunic over skinny jeans, cozy eggplant jacket, and my glasses (since I am supposed to be studying after all :)

And that bag would compliment my outfit perfectly!

Unknown | 10:56 AM

I'm wearing an Anthropologie nightgown...haven't gotten out of bed yet today.

Unknown | 10:57 AM

What a beautiful bag! I'm at work, so I'm currently wearing dark brown slacks, tan and brown peep toe pumps, a light blue blouse with a tan cropped jacket over it. Oh and a blue-ish multi-colored pearl necklace.

Sepideh | 11:05 AM

This bag is supercute!

I'm wearing BDG high-waisted black leggings (Urban Outfitters), flat black leather riding-style boots (random Italian brand from a random store in NYC), a gray men's undershirt from Uniqlo, and... a frilly floral cardigan from Coldwater Creek, of all places.

Now I just need a bright yellow bag to finish the look. Here we go, random.org!

Amy K | 11:15 AM

I'm still in my pajamas, but my excuse is that I was up very late with the kid (teething - MOLARS!).

Shanna | 11:25 AM

Khaki trousers, a cocoa 3/4 sleeve boatneck sweater, and bronze flats with a little flower embellishment.

Kate | 12:19 PM

Loving the "Gone Style" posts!

Right now I'm wearing a black cotton tunic-style top, a coffee-coloured open knit shrug, and my favourite pair of jeans. And as awesome as I look right now, I would look sooo much better with that gorgeous bag slung over one shoulder. Just sayin'...

Anne-Katherine S | 12:31 PM

For whatever reason, this didn't work when I tried to post it yesterday. And I'll repeat what I was wearing yesterday since it was much cuter than what I'm wearing today. Dark jeans from Forever 21 with a navy blue ruffly top with white polka dots that made me feel ultra feminine. It's made from really shear and light fabric and has these cute little buttons in the front. It's from H&M. And to top if off, I had a dark seafoam coloured cardigan. Very cute. And I would love love love love love that yellow bag!

anne-katherine s | 12:32 PM

oh no! i was able to see it after. Sorry for the double (triple) post :S

akstanley or anne-katherine s

Margaux | 12:54 PM

I'm embarrassed to say I'm wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, because I work from home. I actually change into something nicer when I go pick up my kid from daycare!

Unknown | 2:21 PM

A comfy dress and leggings that made me look pregnant when I bought it...even though I wasn't. Now I am pregnant, and I have gotten mutltiple compliments today alone!

SuZ | 2:35 PM

White peasant top, denim capris and bare feet. :)

Liz | 3:16 PM

I am wearing blue wool slacks with a maroon pinstripe, a maroon long sleeve boat neck top, a fitted jean jacket and my 6 year old scuffed but adored motorcycle boots. I went to a job interview today, frightened but determined to move my son and I out of my Mom's house.

That bag makes me smile.

triple e | 3:39 PM

grey skinny levis
black peasant-y barney's top (what up warehouse sale?)
short slouch frye boots

sad face for rainy day in the bay

Flora | 3:56 PM

My favorite Banana Republic jeans, black biker boots, black V-neck tee shirt, and heather grey hoodie!

leaner | 4:05 PM

Black tank top (Gap Outlet) and a calf length green and orange prairie skirt. (No shoes, but earlier it was a pair of Keen flip flops). Yes I know pretty lame.
I love yellow, and that bag looks awesome.

Katrina Dula | 4:14 PM

life is good nightshirt and khakis!

Ashley | 4:40 PM

Currently wearing by absolute favorite Rich and Skinny boyfriend jeans. For some reason, I can't take them off - they are so comfy!

I love this bag and need a new diaper bag/purse combo. You are SO right about diaper bags being arbitrary.

Kate | 5:57 PM

Yellow skirt with gray embroidery, gray shrunken cardigan, and about 10 hours of work grease. Yuck! Love the bag!

autumn | 7:17 PM

silver headband- J. Crew
floral print blouse- Anthropologie
gray cardigan- J. Crew
dark wash skinny jeans- Gap
black flip flops- Havaianas

Aisha | 7:33 PM

Pajama bottoms from Target and a tee from Old Navy. End of day wear. :)

Sandy F | 7:40 PM

I'm wearing my college sweatshirt, striped pink pajama pants, and white socks.

Love your blog and good luck with the new house!

RookieMom Whitney | 7:58 PM

black and white j.crew printed shirt, same one i'm wearing on the headshot on rookiemoms.com

grey skinny cords, also j.crew

black h&m long cardigan


(removed) bright coral large beaded necklace

(removed) grey riding-inspired boots

Breezer | 8:01 PM

Just got home from the gym, so I'm wearing my workout clothes :-)

breannesbellavita at gmail dot com

Renee | 8:03 PM


Molly | 9:05 PM

I am wearing pajamas with huge red and pink roses all over them.

While the bag would be awesome, I mostly wanted to comment to say that I love the Gone Style videos! I know they're a ton of work, but they are super-fun to watch, like What Not to Wear except not excruciatingly uncomfortable. It's also pretty amazing to see how much your editing has improved since the first one!

Beth Anne | 2:42 AM

just back fron the gym...nike yoga pants and a target tank

Unknown | 8:13 AM

I am wearing my "Simply Vera Wang Dot Babydoll Chemise" (read: pjs) and drinking my morning coffee. Ahhh.

Chelsea | 10:02 AM

wearing black skinny express jeans, and a black and white victoria secrew plaid tunic.... nothing too fancy.

I'd LOVE to win! Loving that yellow!

Keri | 11:11 AM

To be honest? I'm a slob today: Old Navy long-sleeve tee in dark pink and Old Navy black yoga pants. I love the color yellow...it makes me smile.

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