Gone Style: Amelia Goes Mod (and a giveaway!)

*updated with (new) winner, below*
hint: yellow

First off - this week's month's* Gone Style: Five Minute Makeover features a blogger I've known and loved for many moons. Her name is Amelia and she blogs at Chefs Widow and she's awesome. Also? After pictures in this episode which is how we're going to rock the Gone Style vids from here on out. I know, I know. I know.

As always, makeup generously provided by Josie Maran and Josie Maran Cosmetics. Hair styling by the stunningly pregnant Sarah of Whoorl/Hair Thursday.

Amelia? We love you. You're the rockingest.

Ellington was kind enough to ship me one of their new slouchy hobo bags which I've been wearing ever since as my go-to purse/diaper bag combo situation. (It took until Fable was born for me to recognize that diaper bags are totally arbitrary. Any bag works as a diaper bag so long as it has tons of pockets and a good ol' hefty-strap.) This yellow number? Makes my wardrobe smile.
Want the bag? Awesome. Tell me what you're wearing right now. One winner will be selected at random via random.org to spice up their wardrobe with an identical hobo full of sunshine. You have until next Wednesday (4/28). Good luck!


*These videos may not look like it but they take hours and hours of work, which is why I'm unable to edit/post them as often as I'd like. Sigharumph.

*UPDATED: Congratulations to commeter #154, Kate 7:53, who was wearing:
"Old Navy PJ bottoms, random tank top and Roxy sweatshirt. So sad but in my defense, it's 7:40AM, I'm 7 months pregnant with my third and am spending the next three days attempting to potty train my second, so....yeah, I desperately need a pretty bag."
**UPDATED (after a week passed and Kate didn't claim her prize) - Congratulations to commenter #226! Charlotte? The bag is yours, mama. Enjoy it!

Email me your deets so we can send you your new bag! And thank you all for participating in the giveaway! So fun hearing all about your daily wears. Much love to all.


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alyce | 6:08 PM

Ancient jeans, dark teal t-shirt, purple vest, and socks. It was a long and comfortable day.

Monica G | 6:27 PM

Jeans and a white camisole with a mauve cardigan.

I love the bag!!

lauraseth | 6:27 PM

maternity jeans from japanese weekend and an anthropologie tee with embroidered flowers.

that bag will be perfect in sept when my new little one arrives!

Sarie | 6:28 PM

purple crocs, sweatpants and t-shirt with baby spit all over it. (sexy, eh?)

Whitney Duvall | 6:28 PM

sperry topsider knock offs, skinnies, tunic blouse and a very worn in cardigan....my go-to weekend get up!

Helen Amanda | 6:52 PM

my standard ninja outfit - black, black, and more black. And a suckling babe.

erica | 6:58 PM

Jeans. Black nursing tank top. Simple.

Love that bag!!

Kelli Scott | 7:24 PM

Pajamas. At work I wear scrubs...at home Pajamas...always!
Perhaps I need some help

seekingclarav | 7:30 PM

Navy blue maternity sweats (I am actually pregnant!) and a black t-shirt. It's hawt, I know. I just really want the bag.

Laurie | 7:31 PM

It's late. Old black jammie pants with pink flowers and a black tank. And a black headband...

Sarah | 7:46 PM

I'm wearing a blue dress! It's been ages since I've worn a dress and I am relishing every minute!

jami | 7:50 PM

Black tee and some grey cropped cargos. Boring, but comfy.

LaurenH | 7:52 PM

I'm wearing dark blue scrubs (at work now)- not super stylish

Meagan | 8:01 PM

Old Navy sweatpants and an old maternity tank. Pleeeaasse don't judge...my baby and I are both sick this week (and it's 11:00 at night ;))

I LOVE this bag!

lonek8 | 8:06 PM

unfortunately, I have to admit that I am still wearing the yoga pants and white tee shirt I hit the gym in this morning. I really need that bag (and a Gone Style makeover!) to draw focus off of this sartorial misstep.

stargazermama | 8:13 PM

i am wearing yoga pants and a shirt that says "i heart vaginas" (v-day campaign shirt) you know, your standard "mommy wear" hehe.

The Slick Mom | 8:16 PM

I'm wearing Black skinny jeans, Black Maternity top from Old Navy and a blue leopard print cardigan with black flats.

Rosanna =) | 8:22 PM

Before bed for me too!

LiveStrong shorts & Esprit tank top!

I think I might just go order that bag online right now anyway and if I win, I'll have another color! I LOVE bags that work as diaper bags!

Kerry | 8:27 PM

Love the bag! It would be very nice to replace my funky gray bag with the double zippers. It's been a couple of years.

I'm wearing brown cords and a blue shirt, both Eddie Bauer. It's washable and covers the goods, which are both important when you teach kindergarten. I've got a Lululemon yoga sweater on top cause dang, it's cold out.

Emily | 8:46 PM

Wishing I had come by earlier today...

Because NOW I'm wearing a pair of cotton Gap pajama pants (blue checked), and an old blue t-shirt.

lauren | 8:57 PM

my work uniform: black pants, white button down collared shirt, black socks, black shoes.

Gabriela | 9:16 PM

I'm wearing my teal blue Converse high-tops...and nothing else! I think the yellow bag would go fabulously with this ensemble, don't you? ;)

Kristen | 9:18 PM

Tried to be cute, beachy mom today.

Lavender racer back swingy tank (Target!)
Oldest, most faded, comfortable Citizen jeans
silver hoops from my mama
beaded necklace from a local shop

Just taking a shower this morning gave me motivation to look good. Amazing....the power of a shower for a stay-at-home mom.

Janie | 9:32 PM

Purple Gap v-neck t-shirt, VS yoga pants and smart wool socks. Yeh, it's a happening Fri night here in my world, taking care of sick little ones and perusing favorite blogs!

Lana | 9:33 PM

Pyjama pants and an old Old Navy polo top - because I'm classay like that! (and I'm sick and tired - I had a much better outfit on earlier, I swear!)

Abbe @AbbesRoad | 9:44 PM

NAKED!! Need the bag to hide my naughty bits, please.

Portia | 10:24 PM

Just took a bath, so to be perfectly honest I'm not wearing anything.

Diana | 10:26 PM

I'm wearing dark blue jeans, a black T, and a grey cardigan.

lovely birdy | 10:31 PM

Orange yoga pants + grey tank + slouchy maroon vneck. LOVE the bag, and I would totally rock it!

Linden | 10:32 PM

I'm 39 weeks pregnant, so it's maternity clothes all the way. Black skirt, tank top with multicolored polka dots, and green zip-up jacket.

I love Ellington! My husband bought me one of their bags when our first child was born and I've been using it ever since. Would love to have another for #2!

Chiconky | 10:33 PM

Stretchy panel pants that fit my ginormous 38 week belly, black tee, no shoes (thank goodness). LOVE the bag.

Mama Bee | 10:40 PM

Jeans that need hemming, a cheap Old Navy pink tank and a slouchy boyfriend style purple sweater.

Celina | 10:40 PM

A white Old Navy tank top and faded black workout/pj pants. Help! I want a wonderful yellow bag, please!

em | 10:52 PM

So working from home today/tonight in a 'vinyl is forever' sweatshirt, wife beater and super stretchy skinny jeans. And really dirty hair, I am a hot mess.

Stacy | 11:05 PM

I am wearing Victoria's Secret pajama pants...they're white with different colored lips all over them. I have paired this with one of the bright yellow XXL LSU t-shirts that my husband typically does yard work in. There is a large hole in it over my belly button.

I am all kinds of sexy right now.

Meagan J. | 11:10 PM


becky | 11:37 PM

reading over breakfast in london so pj bottoms, white tank and ancient holey navy cashmere sweater.

mishupishu | 11:45 PM

Those are nice bags, but please tell Ellington that twould be so very nice if they would let me search their site by style i.e. long strap/short strap, big bag/small bag, &tc vs scrolling through 3+ pages of a very broad range. I know this is persnickety, but somewhat of a pet peeve. Sorry.

What am I wearing? A black hoodie, black t-shirt & black pants. Very simple. Very comfortable.

Anonymous | 12:13 AM

i am wearing my work scrubs...red and a snuggie...just pulled my bra off before...i clicked on my bookmark to your blog...lol

Anonymous | 12:36 AM

Queer Allies t-shirt (light blue), See Thru Soul trousers, J.Crew grosgrain wedge flip flops, and bleachy sun-dried hair to my waist. It was a good day.

Chrissy Johnson | 12:56 AM

Yoga pants, bakelite black and white ring, b/w striped t shirt/grey v neck sweater with holes in it, black framed glasses

Unknown | 1:59 AM

beat to death dark brown juicy sweat pants my grandma bought be for christmas several years ago before her death (I will wear them until there is just a patch left, then I will sow it onto something!) and a stretchy blue half backless top that ties across the shoulderblades with two lace ribbons! Pajamas of sorts, but ones that make me happy :)

Unknown | 5:02 AM

My new vibram five finger KSO shoes, floor length green skirt from india, tight black t-shirt. Yellow bag would nicely match the yellow detail on my shoes. Thanks for the chance.

sprout | 5:10 AM

striped pj bottoms, purple 'carolina girls - sweeter than the tea' tshirt, and a brown zip up. I just got up. :)

I'm in love with yellow.

Trisaratops | 5:19 AM

Just woke up and feeding my 8 week old daughter, so you can imagine how INSANELY HAWT I am right now...currently rocking a ponytail, some purple flannel pajama pants, and a blue button down henley shirt. And no, I don't plan on wearing that all day...I swear!

But this new mommy sure could use some style...and that bag fits the bill. :)

angie | 6:23 AM

saturday morning cleaning! sweatpants and a tank top!

Harleen | 6:51 AM

Blue lululemon shorts, neon green volunteer shirt from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (wearing to bed).

SaraC | 6:59 AM

I. Love. That. Bag. SO MUCH that you are going to completely ignore the fact that I am wearing a (kinda cute?) gray jersey knit sleep shirt, and picture me in what I am ABOUT to put on: skinny jeans, a flowy black and purple silk top with an empire waist, my trusty black Rocket Dog's, and a wish in my pocket that this HOT yellow bag was on my arm! Plus, it would hold tons of spare micro-sized boxer briefs! (We are in the potty training process...yay!)

TheGirl | 7:05 AM

Currently I have on Ben Sherman capri pants in dark grey, a striped 3/4 sleeve golf shirt from Penguin and a nursing bra from target but maybe that is too much information? lol.
this is just my comfy outfit, going out will require more thought

Michelle | 7:11 AM

pjs - comfy blue pants and a ten year old tank top

Unknown | 7:16 AM

i'm wearing a black hanes tee-shirt and a grungy pair of sweats... yay for saturdays in bed!!!!!

suzannahmarie | 7:30 AM

Lole sundress, purple/orange/white retro-ish flower print. dainty "s" charm necklace. freshly shaven legs. hooray for springtime!

Cindy | 7:31 AM

I'm wearing pajama pants with owls all over them and a tank top. Still early!

Unknown | 7:41 AM

Yoga pants and a hoodie. All black, natch :)

orngpikkle | 7:44 AM

black t and maternity lounge pants.
thing is I am not even pregnant anymore. Haven't been in 2 1/2 years.

Jen | 8:03 AM

I'm wearing long denim shorts with a cuffed hem; a brown strappy top over a teal strappy top and flip flops.

The Hojo Family | 8:14 AM

I have a purse addiction and this one is amazing!!!

I am wearing skinny blue jeans with an old navy white and navy blue striped shirt with a white tank under.

Marcela | 8:17 AM

It's Saturday morning and I'm still in bed.

A cami and sleep shorts. I feel good ( :

kerrieg4 | 8:38 AM

Yoga pants, Urban graphic tee, no bra and breakfast

Mea | 9:05 AM

6 months pregnant is NOT the cutest look, but I've been handling my girth by stealing my husband's late 80's Ralph Lauren plaid dress shirts and belting them over skinny jeans or the only non-maternity jean I can wear--Ralph Lauren's Kelly jeans (which are not low rise, but are big enough on me to work). Plus J Crew flats, which accomodate my pregnant Flinstone feet, that are the skinniest part of my body thus far.
I never thought I'd go Ralph Lauren retro in this final phase of maternity! And dang, would that bag look great with this look!

Mog | 9:35 AM

I'm actually wearing skeleton pjs from Gymboree - not one piece footie jimjams like my daughter has but still pretty rad and not just for Halloween. I love the bag - yellow is great especially in accessories.

jess | 9:48 AM

um. not proud of my current lazy saturday am kid wrangling ensemble....black terry juicy lounge pants (circa 2001...) built in bra lacey tank from american eagle. black haviannas, nike sportswear AW77 hoodie. goody hair clip. YIKES.

jess | 9:49 AM

let's see....super lazy saturday am outfit going on here. black juicy terry pants (circa 2001), built in bra tank from american eagle. black haviannas (the best), grey nike sportswear AW77 hoodie....goody hair clip. YIKES-o-RAMA!!!!

Stephanie Precourt | 9:56 AM

Yes, please!! I am wearing a black Converse dress (target) with black leggings and cute gray/black felt flower necklace.


Robyn....but call me Rob | 10:23 AM

A robe. :-) It's only 10 am though, there's still hope, right?

Jacey Rayne | 10:28 AM

heather grey v-neck, purple high waisted shorts, lots of dog hair
i love that bag

Kristen | 10:39 AM

Pink JCrew blazer
White Target Tshirt
Christopher Blue jeans
Black balet flats
Only makeup is moisturizer, Nars blush and Nars mascara.

Fingers crossed for the hobo o' sunshine!

Anonymous | 10:44 AM

I'm currently wearing my favorite pair of jeans, my Dooce tshirt and gold flip flops. And that bag would totally make this outfit.

Carrie | 10:54 AM

I'm wearing low-slung jeans, my favorite mustard yellow and gray top, and my green ninja Saucony kicks.

Lindsey Fyfe | 11:37 AM

hi there,

I am wearing

1. dark denim stretch pants with 3 inch elastic waist band (my flatmate asked if I bought pregnancy pants by accident!)

2. white linen tunic top

3. floral head wrap

4. hair in a bun held by tweezers (works amazingly well)

5. barefeet

Cas | 11:38 AM

Pjs...its a rainy southern saturday and were all taking a nap in about 5 mins...lol

Unknown | 11:42 AM

Lucy workout pants, a gray t, and silver thongs. Not so fancy this morning...

amazedlife | 12:02 PM

Wait, it's Saturday. I thought pajamas were a given until two or three? Apparently some people get up and actually do things. Hm. Well, I'm still in pajamas.

rosiewiklund | 12:04 PM

I'm wearing my husband's outgrown white tshirt and a pair of blue shorty shorts. It's getting summery in Nor-Cal and I love to buy the first shorts of the season. I love that bag.

Unknown | 12:10 PM

Damp workout clothes!!
Just got home from walking six miles for the March for Babies walk here in Olympia, WA. I loved every minute of it even though it was pouring for parts of it. :)

oona. | 12:22 PM

I am wearing:

-thrifted cowboy shirt
-jeans with a copious amount of dirt
-keen boots
-my husband's socks

Loving that yellow bag, thank you.

kaitlyn sage | 12:23 PM

H&M red striped tank with black yoga pants. It's a writing day here in adventurekaitland...

Stephanie | 1:18 PM

Gray bermudas, turquoise T-shirt. In desperate need of a makeover!

Brandi | 1:31 PM

My work uniform...blah, lol. I work in a hospital, so today it's black polo shirt with black pinstriped pants and charcoal Perry Ellis shoes.

DrL/K | 1:38 PM

black tank top, thrifted black and grey striped cardigan, REI cargo pants and black mary janes - ready for work!

I was just looking for a new bag - and this would be perfect :)

molly | 1:42 PM

I love the hobo bag!! So frickin cute! Crossing me fingers and wishing for luck.
I have on:
Black v neck t-shirt(target circa 2007)
Khaki skirt (ann taylor loft circa 2008)
Fitted denim jacket I scored at costco 3 years ago!
and red cowboy boots (Durango)

Kait Evans | 2:07 PM

Im wearing a bluenotes tank (perfect for nursing my newborn) and my maternity pants (Can't wait to get back into my pre-preg pants!)

Leigh | 2:22 PM

Joe's Jeans, black boyfriend fit pocket tee from Target, featherweight gray cardigan that I have no idea where I got it and I am too lazy to take it off and look at the brand.

Danielle | 2:49 PM

What a goegeous bag. Well it's 7:47 and I'm lying in bed with my sexy black undies on and a white tee. I bet you wanted to picture that. My daugther is curled up next to me in her fav Minnie mouse tshirt.

Brianne | 2:50 PM

I'm wearing black pin stripe shorts, with a black lace tank, and cream colored t-shirt. Too bad it hailed today :( Brianne

Katie | 2:52 PM

I am currently wearing white and yellow striped yoga pants from J Crew and a white ribbed tank! It's a lazy, rainy Saturday. Was so excited to hear that you're still considering me for Gone Style after my medical leave from work!

Kimmy | 3:09 PM

After spending 19 hours in a pair of stiletto hells yesterday, I'm hanging out in blue basketball shorts & a t-shirt I got the last time I donated blood.

Laura Negus | 3:16 PM

Emerald green shirtdress with full skirt, mandarin collar and wrangler sleeves circa 1970's, gigantic brown pleather belt with equestrian-like hardware and matching brown pleather wedges with round toes. Great outfit for dancing!

deborah | 3:37 PM

The best part of what I'm wearing is a gorgeous green pearl Honora bracelet...

Amanda | 4:07 PM

Currently wearing my weekend uniform version 1: white v-neck and some wide-leg gray trousers. (Version 2 is a white v-neck + dark skinnies - so my wardrobe obviously needs that pop of color!)

Erica | 4:09 PM

PJ pants, and a t-shirt. Getting ready to do some cooking for the week!

Amanda | 4:33 PM

Just got home from a couples massage (my first ever!) and I'm in 5 year old gaucho pants and a hoodie. For sure I'll be chosen so everyone can see how horrible of a dresser I am.

kelly | 4:39 PM

frump fest - khaki capris and a fleece. m-o-m.

Jessie | 4:46 PM

I wish it weren't so but I am in my pajamas! Black tee, fleece pants, which I also wear NOT as pajamas. I think I need to rethink my mama fashion.

Stephanie | 4:54 PM

I'm wearing a LC tunic, grey cardigan, and dark jeans.

Brant & Elsa | 5:08 PM

Faded red capris and an equally faded charcoal grey t-shirt. They're not pretty, but they are my painting clothes.

Melissa | 5:21 PM

I'm wearing sweats and a blanket because I'm home right now waiting for pizza, but that bag is awesome and I would totally use it every day!

tawnya | 5:35 PM

barefoot, jeans and a downeast basics tee.

Anonymous | 5:53 PM

Can I just say... are those your legs? Your are such a skinny Momma! Tips... please? You are awesome Rebecca. My first baby - a son - I`ve just given birth too 4 months ago and am worried about the weight - 10 pounds. You put everything into perspective for me - I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hope | 6:01 PM

Ann Taylor loft flowery top with white (JCrew) capris... Love the cute bag...the color of the bag matches the yellow in the shirt I'm wearing today...maybe it's a sign? LOL! :)

Whitney | 6:04 PM

My oldest and favoritest rock and republic jeans (with new and not so improved hole in the thigh)and a black beaded tunic that makes me feel very tall.

Kristina | 6:19 PM

I am wearing red white and blue converse ($15), M&O jeans (50% off), olive green BR cap sleeved t shirt (outlet store) and big chunky silver earrings (World Market, 50% off). I am a horrifically poor graduate student and could desperately use an acceptable purse that once I'm in the baby making stage could double as a diaper bag!!

Make a girl with over $100K in student debt smile!!

(love your blog - xo!)

Lis | 6:53 PM

Nike capris, t-shirt, new balance shoes.

Ann | 6:55 PM

Lady Gaga outfit - leotard, fishnets, blazer, toy-pegasus-on-head, for theme party tonight.

Krista | 7:36 PM

I'm wearing yoga pants and a really soft black pajama shirt-- the only things that are really comfortable when you're 8.75 months pregnant!

Rachel | 7:51 PM

Gap 3/4 sleeve shirt and Jeans! Boring but comfy!

Anonymous | 7:58 PM

you are a douchebag

meridith | 8:16 PM

currently 7 months pregnant and in my lavender and gray pj pants and a gray tshirt...lounging at home and wishing i could win that beautiful bag to use for a diaper bag purse!

Melanie | 8:21 PM

Love this bag. It would work perfectly for me as a teacher! We carry lots of papers to and from school...

Nancy | 8:37 PM

I want one!!!!!

JenniferB | 8:38 PM

Unfortunately I'm wearing my Lane Bryant jeans and a lavendar v neck t-shirt. The best part of my outfit is my awesome silver and purple earrings, made by my friend Krista (who rocks). A fab yellow bag would ratchet up my "cool" a TON right now.

elizabeth b | 8:55 PM

Black sweatpants and a loyola law tshirt....because it's finals. thanks for providing a study break!

The bag would make a fantastic addition to my wardrobe for my summer adventures in europe.

Unknown | 8:55 PM

Love yellow!! Jeans, tee, and flip flops. Excited to be able to wear flip flops finally, I must add!

Rusthawk | 8:59 PM

Sleep clothes - man's cotton boxer pants, long sleeved black tshirt.

Stesha | 9:11 PM

My husband's boxer shorts and an old navy tee.

Hugs and Mocha,

Susan | 10:08 PM

3/4 black shirt, black scoop neck tank with pretty purple circles that I bought at express last summer and will cry over when it dies, which is soon; jean skirt.

Julie | 11:20 PM

Nothing fancy this Sunday afternoon - jeans, and a layering of three shirts - gray, black, gray.

I LOVE the bag- and hate traditional diaper bags and would love something fancy to lug around with #2 (who's on the way)!

kelsrenee | 1:45 AM

GAP skinny jeans (with old Christmas socks underneath, complete with snowflakes).

Merell Tetra launch boots (best investment. . .ever)to protect from the unpredictable Seattle weather.

White shirt with a homemade fabric flower pin.

Grey, American Apparel circle scarf.

The perfect outfit for a cozy Seattle, almost Spring, day.

christine | 4:26 AM

Having been up since before six when my oldest insisted that I get up and search her hair for ticks after she found one in her bed, I'm in black yoga pants, a grey and blue Richmond t-shirt, and a blue zip up sweatshirt-type jacket. Wish I could say that I'll look more stylish once I get dressed for the day, but I'm a librarian with three small kids and these days I kind of look like it.

Sarah | 6:27 AM

Dressed for yoga!

And, sadly, I'm a brand whore this morning:

Brand new Lululemon Astro Crop pants (black) and a Cool Racerback tank (beachy turquoise), and an ancient black hoodie. (The Sanctuary Hoodie, I think it's called). Paired with Saucony running shoes to break up the "I only shop at one store" look.

I had a yellow bag back in 1988 - a gold Liz Clairborne one, covered with those little triangles. And it's high time I return to bold, yellow fashion choices! Love the bag, thanks for sharing the link to it.

ohsweetjeebus | 8:04 AM

Sweatpants! In my defense it's 11AM and I rolled in last night around 3AM.

But that bag? I would forswear all elastic banded pants foreverandeveramen for that bag...actually that's false. But I *DO* love the bag.

Lindsay | 9:34 AM

a black maternity shirt (the ONLY shirt i own that shows any part of my prodigious chest at all.. sigh) and black maternity gouchos.

... I'm 5 months post partum.

I thought breastfeeding was supposed to melt all this baby weight right off?! I am angry with every single BFer i talked to during pregnancy as I ballooned up and they all said "You'll lose it in a week" OH YEAH, REALLY!?

Ahem. That bag is awesome. :D

Julie | 9:40 AM

One of my husband's t-shirts. Waking up sick at 4:30 in the morning will do that.

Daphne | 9:51 AM

It's been a stormy weekend so I'm refusing to get dressed. I bought a fab new bathrobe from Target for $11 so that's it for me! If I had gotten dressed today, it would be a grey knit tank dress from Target for $15. I am completely in love with Target and think this yellow bag would compliment all things grey beautifully!!

Anonymous | 10:49 AM

Love the Ellington bag!
I've got on Gap jeans with a small hole in the knee (I love Gap jeans but they sure do get holes easy) with a belt on that I made out of Joel Dewberry fabric and a white long sleeve tee.

Lovey Dovey Mama | 11:36 AM

This prego is wearing my ol' college sweatpants and a threads for thought organic tee (super soft). Would love the purse/diaper bag for when my baby boy arrives in 8 weeks. Love it!

Beth | 11:44 AM

Yellow and white striped boat tee (see I love yellow!), extra long khaki shorts and no shoes. So boring, pick me! My old yellow fake patent target diaper purse broke last summer...

Caleal | 12:22 PM

I love this purse!!!

I'm wearing pajamas. Lame. But it's my one day off. Victoria's Secret sleep shirt and track shorts.

Kiri | 12:44 PM

This is depressing to admit, but dark-wash jeans and my old, red Wisco sweatshirt. The shame!

andrea.d | 1:23 PM

I'm wearing my first pair of skinny jeans, a nursing tank, and a little short-sleeved belted jacket. I also am rocking some new bangs - I brought a picture of you to my stylist, and they turned out great!

The yellow bag would be a great replacement for my current diaper bag, which is falling to shreds!

Unknown | 1:23 PM

LOVE the bag...and Gone Style!

I just got back from the farmer's market with my one year old, so I'm not wearing anything spectacular. Just gray/silver jcrew flip flops, a pair of paige jeans and an ice blue tshirt with a gray design on it.

RhapsodyInBlue | 1:58 PM

black tshirt with the neckline cut off that says ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE in gradient rainbow letters and white pj shorts with green and blue mittens on them. its a lounge sort of day

Caroline | 2:15 PM

Scrub pants, Danskos, fleece top- yes, I'm surfing the internet from work (hospital). I swear I'm stylish enough for the bag normally!

Danielle | 2:16 PM

Not sure if you've already given away this awesome bag, but...

It's a rainy Sunday and I'm wearing lounge pants and a thermal shirt hiked up over my 43 months (at least that's what it feels like) pregnant belly and, damn if comfortable doesn't just win.

Love this bag! Perfect for an everywhere, everything bag, and so much cooler than a "diaper" bag.


Kerry | 2:19 PM

Oooh, LOVE the hobo bag!
I'm wearing dark straight cut jeans, a white singlet top, pastel pink knitted cardi with puff sleaves and black ballet flats.

Lara | 2:48 PM

anthropologie striped sleeveless tank w/ frilly thing around the front, jeans and a smile.

Megan | 3:09 PM

sun dress with a peachy colored flowery print, a vintage white lacy-knit cardigan, black leggings, and way frizzy hair because of this afternoon's rain.

what a yellow! it's lovely.

Alison aka Baby B | 3:15 PM

I am wearing soccer shorts and my Camp NaNoWriMo shirt. It's a warm, beautiful day and I am spending it comfortably. :)

Heather B. | 3:24 PM

Black running tights
blue longsleeve tee

(just came from a long run)

Ger | 3:27 PM

GAP jeans, purple long sleeve tee, black jackety thing, no shoes :)

Janna | 3:50 PM

Work-in-the-yard jeans
Target sleepwear beige T
Target green tank
Blue flip flops

This is a Sunday work clothes outfit, love the yellow bag for Sunday and other days!

Lena | 4:32 PM

Bootcut jeans, a flowy black tank top, and a light black sweater with a ruffle hem.

EMQ | 4:52 PM

i'm wearing my 'goodbye austin, hello world' t-shirt from chad raines, aka rad chaines going away gig on july 31, 2005 at the hole in the wall. (good times). below are the grey pre-pregnancy skinny jeans that I refuse to throw away, even though I should probably admit to myself that I need to get a size up in the waist. shoes? on the floor.

Vanessa | 5:00 PM

I'm wearing a stereophonics t-shirt and my boyfriend's comfy pj pants with Mario all over them! Yes! Mario! Hahaha. That bag is gorgeous!

Ashley | 5:15 PM

I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and wearing flip flops, a black WFMU radio t-shirt belonging to my husband and jeans with a belly band from hell. I can't wait to rock it in post-pregnancy clothes and that bag would be an awesome accessory!

Kristin | 5:32 PM

2 target long and lean tanks and Gap essential jeans. Dear Lord pick me! :)

Emily | 6:25 PM

stripey boatneck shirt in cream and navy, greyish high-waisted pocket skirt, yellow wedge sandals, and a college-exams-induced frown :(

Sara | 7:20 PM

I'm wearing jeans and a Capitals tee shirt

sam | 7:28 PM

I'm wearing old navy "Sweetheart" jeans and an old navy 3/4 sleeve grey top. Super casual today, did a LOT of driving and needed to be comfy. :) The bag is gorgeous, totally you! (And hopefully totally me!!! ;)

kelli c | 7:54 PM

Pajama bottoms and a comfy t-shirt!

Olivia Singleton | 7:57 PM

I am wearing a brown and white baby doll dress with brown flats.

Today I realized just how much I could use that bag. Just the right size!

Absolutely Kathy | 7:59 PM

Sadly I am wearing my favorite red with white stripes jersey shorts and a pink Topsail Island shirt. I am a SAHM and this is usually my go too outfit if I am not leaving the house. So I would really love to spice things up with this yellow bag!

Superdumb Supervillain | 8:03 PM

white wife beater, black and white striped foldover waist mini from american apparel, black leggings and frye boots. obviously I need a bit of color in my life!

K├Ąthe | 8:18 PM

Um. White cropped pants from uniqlo and a black cami from American apparel. (I'm lying in bed nursing a la side lying. Sexy, oh, yes.)

Elly | 8:21 PM

Grey Skinny Jeans, a black singlet, my favourite misery hoodie and some nike kicks. :)

Pat T | 8:50 PM

PJ shorts and a t-shirt. Not very exciting but I am off to bed soon. Would love this bag!

Madeleine | 9:18 PM

What am I wearing? Oh MY Rebecca! So forward!
Basic black tank top, gorgeous cream grandpa cardi, skinnies and red nail polish.

I want that bag!!

Christina | 10:19 PM

Levi's 501 cut-offs, Smiths t-shirt, black and white striped cardigan, and robin's egg blue toenail polish :) the bag is totally adorbs!

Anonymous | 10:54 PM

wearing a fossil tee, with my favorite black urban outfitter jeans. barefoot, and some cute gold leaf earrings from etsy!

love the bag!!!!

Meemo | 2:35 AM

It's 2 am, I'm at work and I'm wearing a uniform, which includes jeans and a navy blue polo shirt. I could really use a splash of color. Plus, I work in an ER and our room has black walls. Must have color.

Unknown | 4:11 AM

Gap Boyfriend jeans, rolled at the ankles for summer time fun. Black light v-neck t-shirt sweater with a hot pink tank underneath. All topped off with some gold flip flops!

helen mclynn | 4:31 AM

grey herringbone wide leg trousers, white long sleeved fitted top, pinstripe waistcoat, brown heeled lace up shoe boots.

your bag is gorgeous!

Mara Z | 6:28 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
nicole | 6:36 AM

Currently wearing vintage plaid shirtdress, brown woven belt, and cork wedges. Pick me! I need that bag! It'll be just perfect for me!

Maria Donahue | 6:45 AM

Ugh. I am not wearing anything cute. Boring work khakis. Purple striped button down with a ruffled tank and peep toe high heels (blue and white. I feel very sailorish).

I love this bag!

maria dot donahue at gmail dot com

Shelley Senai | 7:30 AM

About to grab a coffee and beignet at Cafe du Monde so dark jean skirt, a charcoal gray Free People tshirt, a chunky turquoise necklace and navy and gold Havianas.

Unknown | 7:37 AM

White button-down shirt, gold Turkish dangly earrings, black capris, purple and gold flats.

kerrieg4 | 7:56 AM

Black DKNY leggings, electric blue oversized T from local botique, blue pendant necklace, shoe-less

emily bilbrey | 8:10 AM

oh, oh, i wanna cool hobo bag! but i'm going to enter with my outfit from yesterday - navy tee, vintage print skirt, brown leggings, fave old cowboy boots, seagull necklace (i think it's guess)... don't worry about the target hoodie and oversized pajama pants i'm wearing right now... don't worry about those AT ALL.



emily bilbrey

Unknown | 8:17 AM

amongst other things... I am wearing a navy and white striped shirt that I stole from my sister approximately 12 years ago. It doesn't have a tag any more, but I love the shirt and love finding ways to wear it with the changing styletimes.

buttercup649 | 8:57 AM

I'm at work, wearing brown pants, blue and green flower patterned shirt and blue cardi.

I love some of the other outfits...they sound so stylish and chic!

abbersnail | 9:17 AM

I'm home today after a 70-hour workweek and haven't changed yet, so I'm wearing a college sweatshirt and yoga pants.

That bag is divine.

Dani | 9:22 AM

dark blue skinny jeans , a plain white tank from h&m with a pink long sleeve t from bootlegger over top :)

Jamie | 9:44 AM

A robe. just got out of the shower!

Ashley Davis | 9:46 AM

victoria's secret pj bottoms, thrifted t-shirt from 1989.
(taking care of my sick child and husband isn't glamorous!)

My wardrobe NEEDS this bag!

Anonymous | 9:47 AM

Of COURSE right now I'm wearing candy cane PJ bottoms and a 5 year old hoodie sweatshirt. Hey, it's not lunch time, who says I have to be dressed for the day?

dolly | 9:49 AM

Brown sweater dress I scored at a lady's clothing swap yesterday, black leggings, brown slouchy Frye boots with thermal socks pulled up. Pick meeee!

ttsc | 9:50 AM

fuschia sweater, teal scarf, jeans and mocassins.
love the bag.

Unknown | 10:02 AM

black cotton dress from Forever 21 with zebra print ballet slippers and a denim jacket from Gap with an over sized yellow glass bead necklace

Meg | 10:22 AM

A purple print jodi arnold silk shift dress (from a sample sale!), black opaque tights and black flat boots. It is still cold here in Chicago.

I am so over using an actual diaper bag. Boring! I love the yellow bag. Everything could use more yellow.

Donna | 10:31 AM

Rainy day outfit today. Gap cardi and t shirt with dark wash old navy denim.

samantha | 10:38 AM

I'm at work so I'm wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a black 3/4 length cardigan, black pants and a green and white scarf. I've never done the scarf thing before and now I'm addicted. I'm also now not so afraid to add splashes of color so this bag would be fabulous!

samanthajocampen at gmail

roni | 10:40 AM

violet satin top with big buttons a la Target, black work trousers, fish net trouser socks and patent leather ballet flats...

why'd you make me fall hard for that bag?!

Cait | 10:43 AM

First: I just discovered your blog- and this whole "gone style" thing is an awesome and fabulous idea. For those of us who are a little fashion challenged, it's good to see how the WHOLE look comes together. So, kudos.

Second: I want to win this bag! I'm wearing my commemorative World Cup Cricket tshirt (go Windies!) and skinny jeans cuffed into capris. No shoes, no socks, no jewelry.

Veronica Vaughn | 10:54 AM

Brown long sleeve shirt, Lucky bootcut jeans, a yellow slouch hat and flip flops.

The purse would match the hat perfectly. :)

Tess | 10:57 AM

-Nick & Mo gray ruffly blazer
-Caslon royal blue long sleeve scoop neck tee
-Gap real straight dark wash jeans, cuffs folded up
-silver flats

So excited about the chance to win a cute yellow bag!

SDMueller | 11:00 AM

Black dress, black cardie, black boots and a clear lucite necklace. My god I could tuse some color.

rella12 | 11:02 AM

Black Simply Vera ribbed tank
dark blue Banana Republic long jeans (and because I never hem or roll jeans...)
Gold Vantage platform flipflops
Stella and Dot locket pendant with my kid's pictures in it.

molly | 11:11 AM

Jeans, black t-shirt, leopard print flats. I love the bag, hoping so much to be picked! I love you blog!

Unknown | 11:40 AM

Just undies. would like that bag though

Mirela | 11:44 AM

Amelia looked beautiful!! All that for less than $200.00?!? Impressive...!
And I'm wearing:
Wedge sandals by Grasshoppers;
Blue and beige floral skirt by Lapis (consignment);
Turtle neck yellow tee (can't remember where I got it)
and 3/4 length green V-neckish jacket from NY&Co.

Also, I love her mod makeup... super cool!

Unknown | 11:52 AM

Hi! I'm wearing dark jeans, brown Diesel sneakers, a gray/blue flowy shirt, and earrings that my grandmother gave me when I was 11 years old!

My Name Is Jonas | 11:55 AM

Black jeans, dark green cap sleeve top with a funky black phoenix design on it, lovely gold and army green dangle earrings my dear friend made for me, and (OH WOO!) a breast-milky puke stain on my left shoulder to complete the look.... sigh.... now the decision, change tops or just assume the 6 week old will re-offend?
Yay to yellow by the way. :)

Raddit | 12:02 PM

OMG I love that bag soooooo much. I am wearing a lazy Monday work outfit. Light blue shirt (Old navy I think?), denim skirt, big brown boots, purple scarf because it's cold in my office. Fingers crossed!!!

ThisKalilLife | 12:07 PM

I'm wearing very old and very worn out denim shorts from Old Navy (they are my fav). A studded black belt. Black flip flops. A fitted gray v-neck t-shirt with a black cardigan ... both from Target!

Amy | 12:08 PM

Fashion is low on the list today while running after the kids and recuperating from a weekend in Palm Springs. Wearing some slouchy jeans, lacy cami and a yellow scoop neck tee.

Also, that bag is delish!

Carrie | 12:13 PM

Olive green cargo pants, a dark brown cotton strapless shirt, denim jacket and brown and copper strappy shoes.

Ashley | 12:16 PM

Yep, I'm boring. I just verified tags. Everything I have on is from Ann Taylor Loft: brown velvet cami with ivory lace on top, cream hoodie sweater, cream wide-leg pants. And a pair of Hot Kiss brown leather wedges with some cream stitching details.

Love that bag! And I'm due in November ... so definitely need a good un-diaper bag.

Anonymous | 12:22 PM

I'm wearing a black tank top from The Buckle, with a burnout over it, cream, from The Buckle and a pair of jeans, worn in just perfectly, also from The Buckle. Apparently I need to shop there less.... (or maybe more, I HEART their clothes.)

That bag is fantastic. I need more yellow in my life. AND my sister would be so jealous. She's usually the stylish one.

Anonymous | 12:23 PM

I'm wearing a black tank top from The Buckle, with a burnout over it, cream, from The Buckle and a pair of jeans, worn in just perfectly, also from The Buckle. Apparently I need to shop there less.... (or maybe more, I HEART their clothes.)

That bag is fantastic. I need more yellow in my life. AND my sister would be so jealous. She's usually the stylish one.

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