Gone Style: Amelia Goes Mod (and a giveaway!)

*updated with (new) winner, below*
hint: yellow

First off - this week's month's* Gone Style: Five Minute Makeover features a blogger I've known and loved for many moons. Her name is Amelia and she blogs at Chefs Widow and she's awesome. Also? After pictures in this episode which is how we're going to rock the Gone Style vids from here on out. I know, I know. I know.

As always, makeup generously provided by Josie Maran and Josie Maran Cosmetics. Hair styling by the stunningly pregnant Sarah of Whoorl/Hair Thursday.

Amelia? We love you. You're the rockingest.

Ellington was kind enough to ship me one of their new slouchy hobo bags which I've been wearing ever since as my go-to purse/diaper bag combo situation. (It took until Fable was born for me to recognize that diaper bags are totally arbitrary. Any bag works as a diaper bag so long as it has tons of pockets and a good ol' hefty-strap.) This yellow number? Makes my wardrobe smile.
Want the bag? Awesome. Tell me what you're wearing right now. One winner will be selected at random via random.org to spice up their wardrobe with an identical hobo full of sunshine. You have until next Wednesday (4/28). Good luck!


*These videos may not look like it but they take hours and hours of work, which is why I'm unable to edit/post them as often as I'd like. Sigharumph.

*UPDATED: Congratulations to commeter #154, Kate 7:53, who was wearing:
"Old Navy PJ bottoms, random tank top and Roxy sweatshirt. So sad but in my defense, it's 7:40AM, I'm 7 months pregnant with my third and am spending the next three days attempting to potty train my second, so....yeah, I desperately need a pretty bag."
**UPDATED (after a week passed and Kate didn't claim her prize) - Congratulations to commenter #226! Charlotte? The bag is yours, mama. Enjoy it!

Email me your deets so we can send you your new bag! And thank you all for participating in the giveaway! So fun hearing all about your daily wears. Much love to all.


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Jewlzy | 8:56 AM

my comfies...i love yellow.

raven | 8:57 AM

Pretty dull for me, but I'm at work. Deep plum Limited short sleeve blouse with panels on the front along with a pair of my Guess jeans. Also wearing patent leather rounded toe pumps by Restricted. One simple diamond (fake!) band from the limited would be my only accessory. Makeup by MAC/Nars. :)

Katie Jane Parker | 8:58 AM

Love that bag!! What an awesome giveaway.

I am wearing a sort of flowy brown skirt that goes just past my knees, slouchy brown boots, and my favorite purple tshirt.

cmeehan | 8:59 AM

shout out to Ellington! great people, great bags. their shop is right around the corner from my house in Portland. That EXACT bag has been hanging out front of the shop and I covet it each time I pass it by...

AlbertaMom | 9:00 AM

High waisted raw denim Marc Jacobs jeans (found them for $40!!!), mini puffed sleeved mulberry scooped neck tee.

Please please pick me! My diaper bag is canvas and hideous!

melbournedreaming | 9:00 AM

Blue shirt dress with puffy sleeves from a Jag outlet in Melbourne, grey marle leggings inherited from my flatmate in London, black Gap flats with patent toes and a heart necklace from Accesorize.

Working the relaxed boho/nautical vibe!

Alisonian | 9:00 AM

I'm wearing panties and earrings, and that's it. Whoops.

AmberSometimes | 9:03 AM

Banana Republic gray wide leg trousers (awesome goodwill find), turquoise sleeveless ruffly shirt thing from H&M, black flats and my favorite tree of life bracelet from etsy.

Logan Square Freeborns | 9:05 AM

Floreat dress, vintage green cardi, and brown Vialis sandals.

Love your site...my favorite!!!

jmoetruden. | 9:05 AM

Oh, yellow. Sweet Springy Sunshine. Love that bag and your site. I'm wearing half of my yoga clothes (so I can sneak off on my lunch break for a class before a dreadful afternoon of work) and a work appropriate tee.

Crossing my fingers!

Carra Nicholes | 9:08 AM

Green cargo capri pants
black sleeveless tank
black cardigan

Monica | 9:13 AM

Gap maternity jeans -- pulling them up every two minutes? Yes, but cute nonetheless.
Lavender slouchy tee -- hmm, target, maybe?
Brown ballet flats; brown shawl/sweater.
Hugs from the Sierra,

Scout798 | 9:14 AM

So ... my "handing in my resignation today" outfit is ... a brown tee from a local Northern VA artist with the cutest rose tattoo on front, a wicked drapey brown knit shrug ... my "work" jeans (boring) and brown leather flat sandals ... nothing hot but makes me feel empowered.

Welcoming a new phase of my life ... one where I enjoy myself!

heatheradele | 9:16 AM

On this lazy morning, I'm wearing my bright orange puma shorts and a Northeastern University t-shirt. But! It's beautiful outside, and I plan on throwing on a red & white striped sundress (it makes me feel like I should go on a picnic) and heading outdoors soon.

WaterMind | 9:17 AM

Despite it being after 12pm, I'm still in my pajamas - old navy t/night shirt with an asymmetrical button up gray sweater from the gap. And boy am I a sucker for a bag with lots of pockets!! (and I don't even have a baby...yet!

stephanie marie | 9:17 AM

Thrifted navy sweater, vintage brown shirtdress, crazy floral tights from Anthro, Frye riding boots, and the most beat up purse EVER. Therefore, I need this yellow purse! Not to mention mustard yellow is my absolutely favorite color ever...

Jen | 9:20 AM

I LOVE that bag!

I'm at work right now so boo for boring office clothes.
I'm wearing:
navy blue pencil skirt,(H&M);
White GAP tee
Gray slouchy sweater (ZARA)
Tan Strappy, stacked heels (Target)

eva | 9:20 AM

Black tank, blue vintage lace overshirt, skinny stretch jeans (with a whole in the knee from a bike accident...), slingback black wedges with cork heel, black beaded necklace.

Mrs. Horton | 9:22 AM

I'm wearing my go-to jeans and a blue checkered button-up shirt. That bag would look awesome with my outfit!

JadeElizabeth | 9:24 AM

Oh sweet yellow! No idea if you'd ship to the UK, but that bag is too gorgeous to not try.

I am wearing:

Long sleve breton stripe top, Topshop dark blue skinny jeans, black riding boots and a long antique gold acorn pendant. My uniform!

CaliJen | 9:24 AM

Today's outfit is pretty blah because I'm home with a sick baby.

Dark Wash Gap Jeans (don't know what fit)\
Long Sleeve Old Navy White Tee
Short sleeve Old navy Black tee

All of the above is accessorized with generous amounts of baby snot!

Emily W. | 9:25 AM

I am currently wearing old silver dangle hoop earrings that I stole from my sister, a red cashmere sweater that I hate but nothing else was clean, American Eagle jeans that make my butt look great, and 3 inch peep toe black and white heels.

Lauren | 9:26 AM

Black Audrey Hepburn cigarette pants; French Sole ballet flats (black with toe bows); White embroidered tunic from Anthropologie, skinny black headband. OH: and a huge, man-eating zit on my right cheek.

Eva Hamowska | 9:30 AM

torn up jeans...black boots.. white tank top and a huge smile!! :) pick me! the bag is gorgeous. p.s. LOVE your blog. I am so excited for you and your family. :)

Leslie | 9:32 AM

I'm a complete mix today:
-Gap skinny jeans
-Black boat neck/cap sleeve tee
-Bright pink blazer
-Black ballet flats
-Silver & turquise necklace & braclet (from my mom's old hippie jewelry collection)
Not sure what style I was really going after today... but that purse could certainly give me some better inspiration!

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 9:33 AM

OMG. I'd kill for that bag. Otherwise, I couldn't afford it, anyway. But will it match the orange jumpsuit once I'm in prison?

Right now? Jeans, dark pink boho shirt with tie backs, light tan cowboy boot mules. And mascara, of course.

Allison | 9:34 AM

Old torn jeans with paint on them and an old white tee shirt with paint on it.... I just got finished painting O_o

But tonight I'll be wearing a prom dress :D

Houpley | 9:37 AM

I am wearing charcoal Ann Taylor Loft slacks, strappy black sandals and a drapey purple knit top from Old Navy. Finished with a long, large gold, silver and copper chain necklace.

Unknown | 9:37 AM

Just woke up, wearing an old navy long sleeve tee and some cheapo Walmart lounge pants. Oh and Walmart cheapo old lady slippers in pink.

shoe | 9:38 AM

I'm rocking the awesomeness of 37 weeks pregnant:
-GAP maternity jeans, unable to stay up
-White GAP maternity T-shirt, unable to cover my belly
-Red Keen sneakers, actually succeeding in their role of covering my feet.


Lou Lou Belle | 9:38 AM

I have BLUES today - a slouchy blue cowl neck cardi, and a blue tee w/a light blue tank poking out, dark blue jeans and a pair of flip flops...nothing terribly special - but I would LOVE this bag b/c I've been looking for a great bag with a cross body strap for AGES.
have a looovely weekend!

Lori Cavanaugh (Boston) | 9:39 AM

Karen Walker Pearl Print Tshirt. (white with black printed pearls)
Gap Distressed Boyfriend jeans (rolled at bottom)
Banana Republic black shrunken 3/4 sleeve blazer.
Black\White stripped ruffle infinity scarf. (Etsy)
American Eagle silver sequined flower ballet flats. (Payless)
Michael Kors black\leather square cuff watch. (Nordstrom Rack Outlet)
Slouchy Apple Green Handknit beret from an Etsy Friend (when outside, its still cold in Boston thus the need for hat\scarf).
And lastly....A Huge Smile because I love bags especially yellow!!!

Almost all the clothes were purchased at "Frugal Fannies" which is a designer discount outlet in the Boston area (if you ever come for a book tour). I am hoping to need a diaper bag alternative in the coming months (fingers crossed).


Al East | 9:41 AM

Gray skinny jeans and a yellow tshirt with some ratty vans. love your blog!

Amy | 9:41 AM

What a neat-o bag! Would cheer up any outfit! It's Friday casual so I'm in J jeans, sweater and Anthro scarf. But I do have on my favorite boots purchased from my last trip to Italy! (4 years ago... sigh)

gabrielle | 9:41 AM

I'm in my comfy robe. I've been having a rough morning, so I thought I'd give myself a break. It feels like a big hug! :)

Christy | 9:41 AM

I'm wearing some really old faded jeans and a gray t-shirt.

Amelia looked great.

katiepaisley | 9:41 AM

red tank, white tee, black cardigan, old jeans and black crocs ballet flats. Its rainy and im at work. blah!

Rach | 9:43 AM

gap boyfriend jeans
two white camis
long beaded necklace made by my 7 year old
brown braided belt from ae
old navy boyfriend sweater
sparkly zebra print shoes from target

MommyLisa | 9:49 AM

My "fake diamond" studs set in white gold, my two-tone Tag, My fake citron Yurman ring and real Yurman diamond bangle, wedding rings, Old Navy white gauzy top with Banana Republic tank under in grey, black pants I got at TJMaxx, and my FAVORITE flats. Nine West LuvMyFlats in leopard.

Borderless Imaginings | 9:51 AM

It's Autumn here in Cape Town, South Africa, I am wearing black skinny jeans with, knee high black boots and gold and black print long tee by a local designer, rocking oversized ring bought in Egypt,getting ready for date night with my man. Would be fantastic for the bag to debut in SA.

Megan | 9:52 AM

I WANT THAT BAG! I am wearing leggings with an oversized plaid button up top, a hand knitted oversized rust colored scarf, bronze flats and an antique button ring.

Melissa | 9:53 AM

At the office at the moment so I am wearing dress slacks and a button down shirt also one of my oldest and most comfortable pair of shoes.....boring, need wardrobe inspiration(like that bag!)

Amanda C. | 9:53 AM

A pink, striped t-shirt, jeans, and a grey hoodie!

That bag is the cutest and would be SO much awesomer (it's a word) than the non-diaper bag I carry around now.

Claire | 9:57 AM

I wish I could say something really cute! Boo. But today is for comfort, as it began really early and I haven't gone anywhere yet. So, for me it's gray sweatpants and an orange tee-shirt. It's a cute tee, at least! :)

Entwined Essentials | 9:57 AM

Hmmm, I think I'm in comfy mom attire.

Dark blue jeans, royal blue pleated tunic top, with dark grey Mary Jane's.

Fun, fun, I love your blog btw!

Julie Roberts | 10:00 AM

I'm wearing a hoodie sweatshirt with my kids school logo (lame i know) but have to support the indians. jeans levi and black boots. it's friday here at work jean day:)

Claire | 10:00 AM

Ohhhhh....love the bag!

Right now I'm wearing a shirt that I love...but the first time I wore it my coworkers said "I can't decide if I love your shirt, or hate it. I think I hate it."

Hasn't stopped me from wearing it though!

... | 10:01 AM

Pajama style. H&M full neck zip up, lavender. h&m cotton pj' pants with grey polka dots.
it's early. I have a toddler. who has time to shower?

Lisa Morgan | 10:03 AM

I just checked out Josie Maran Cosmetics and I was suprised to find that it's natural products. I've been looking for natural cosmetics and would like to have some to wear at my wedding in July.
Can we only buy online? I'm not so sure about buying eye shadow and stuff online. I'm in Canada not far from Toronto.

Also, I'm wearing a pair of Old Navy jeans that I bought fro $10 a few years ago, and Suzie Shier pink sweater top and my favourite shoes:fuchsia Joe Fresh flats from their 2009 collection.

Sara B | 10:05 AM

I'm wearing an interesting ensemble from my freelancers uniform wardrobe: Grey cotton shorts that used to belong to Pete Rose, that I borrowed from one of his nephews at a party I went to in college, and a purple tee with a red chick screenprinted on the back from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten collection.

I do dress up when I leave the house in the afternoon and I'd love a big yellow bag to use for my schelps through nyc. :)

Sherrill | 10:06 AM

The Dreamer jeans from Old Navy (finally a fit that doesn't make me feel like I'm trying to look like a teenager again) and a dark navy t-shirt with some applique flowers on it. Cute, but way casual.

Unknown | 10:07 AM

I'm wearing gray skinny jeans, a black & white floral silk tank, and a red cardigan. Oh, and black flats, and red teardrop glass earrings. Too bad, too, because it turns out that what I'm doing at work today involves crawling around on the damn floor.

Kim | 10:11 AM

Green maternity top, black capris and black cush keens. Bag would be great addition!

MamaMeg | 10:14 AM

I am lovin' a good pair of jeans, a JCrew cardi and silver flats with baubbles any little girl would love. Perfect Friday work wear!

MamaMeg | 10:14 AM

I am lovin' a good pair of jeans, a JCrew cardi and silver flats with baubbles any little girl would love. Perfect Friday work wear!

Unknown | 10:14 AM

Gap 1969 dark skinny jeans, black pintuck short sleeve blouse, cashmere sweater from ideeli.com, where my bank card spends all its time lately...
great bag. yr a lucky gal, and now you share that with us!

~ Julia

Dena | 10:15 AM

Currently wearing my first pair of skinny jeans, blue long sleeve t-shirt, and multi-color flats.

vicky | 10:18 AM

Yoga pants and a slouchy pink sweater, with a little baby drool accessory. I would love to win:)

Unknown | 10:20 AM

Wearing a charcoal-gray suit, long sleeve teal, fitted knit shirt with twisted scoop neck, black sock-tights with black heels, big chunky necklace of polished stones and faux-jade drop earrings... I'm a little more of a t-shirt and jeans girl when I'm at home, but I'm at work and I'm all business when I'm here. :)

That bag is awesome - I hope you pick me!

Catalina | 10:21 AM

Brown Minnetonka Mokassin Boots, a skinny blue jeans, a vintage belt I stole my father, a blue shirt with white flower applications (H&M), a blue and simple cardigan (Zara), a scarf with flowers in EVERY colour, which was a present of my lovely argentinian boyfriend and my ebay-oldschool-leather-university-bag.

Uh, I want that bag...

eva goodwin | 10:25 AM

OMG. Mustard yellow is my FAVORITE color. I WANT THAT BAG.

Unfortunately, since I work a boring office job (but only for three more weeks! yay! and then grad school!), my outfit today is not very inspiring:

Adriano Goldschmied dark wash denim skinny jeans
Jeffrey Campbell gold flats
a sleeveless fuchsia ruffle tee from Gap
a black button-up cardigan from Express like 6 years ago
gold button earrings raided from my grandmother's jewelry box

and that's it!

Shannon | 10:26 AM

Black yoga pants, black nursing tank, black slouchy t-shirt, and sandals.
That bag rocks!!

Meagan | 10:30 AM

Anthropologie knotted detail sale shirt (because who can afford their regular priced shirts?), dark denim straight leg jeans and converse sneakers.

Hailey | 10:30 AM

I'm still in my PJs at 1:30 in the afternoon.

My favorite accessory is my Michael Kors watch. I even have it on with my PJs. I never take it off.


makyo | 10:32 AM

i'm wearing wide-leg jeans from jjill (the only ones that fit my post-baby body), a navy and white nursing top from motherhood maternity, and privo slip-on shoes in tan and green. yes, i do need help. also? that bag is amazing.

S.H. Huynh | 10:33 AM

wearing skull and bunny dark jeans by citizens of humanity and a royal blue apple shirt, with pink argyle socks with a pair of extremely old chucks.

i'm B. | 10:33 AM

ahem, well....
red plaid flannel pj pants, husbands white v-neck tee, granny panties.
it's a rainy day here in the midwest and i have no plans to leave the house. please forgive my slothfulness. i swear i'll shower and change if i leave the house!

SoMo | 10:33 AM

Wow, I just got a bag from Ellington. Their outlet section. It is the pink knit/diaper bag. It is so perfect, I can't even tell you. When using cloth diapers you need a little more room. While, my Fleurville Rerun bag did very well, I like the roominess of the Ellington. Loving their bags. Hopefully, when I am out of the diaper bag stage I can get one of the regular purses.

Katie | 10:34 AM

a tee shirt from lucky brand jeans. It has a large lotus flower painted on the front wih 1967 air vietnam flying high to paradise written in paint below.
dark blue skinny jeans from circlo
leather brown sandal birkinstocks


Cass | 10:36 AM

How adorable are you guys?!?! (And that bag!) Love the video.

I'm rocking a pair of bootcut jeans, a white flowy shirt with a shades of purple scarf. Of course paired with some sassy black pumps, casual Friday at its best.

Restless Mama | 10:37 AM

That is a slick bag. I'm rockin' my Michael Kors jeans that make me feel like a skinny person in my mommy bulge body. In about 2 mins I'll be sportin' my big blue shades from Target. Sunglasses rock my world.

Milaxx | 10:40 AM

Wearing the sundress i wear around the house in case I have to run out. I don't really like the fit, but if I have to make a quick run to the store and run into someone i won't be embarrassed.

JessieD | 10:46 AM

My husbands worn out t-shirt and herrlicher jeans :)

Megan Stuke | 10:46 AM

Black crop pants and a leopard tee. And my new "Heidi Klum" haircut!

Domestic Diva | 10:47 AM

I'm wearing jeans and a nursing tank (a nice fitted one) -- not very creative, but it seems to be my uniform of late.

karen | 10:48 AM

I'm wearing white socks, black pants, and an AC/DC tee shirt.

Unknown | 10:51 AM

I'm wearing a lightweight grey long cardi over a tee with a pen and ink peacock feather with dark skinny jeans tucked into grey suede boots with lots of straps that my husband says just remind him too much of the 80's!

Amelia's blog and The Greenhouse Tavern rock! Love them!

Chrissyfeen | 10:54 AM

DKNY jeans, cream colored target empire waist tunic top with floral design, black cardigan, leather reef sandals. Work, work work. Love that bag!!

Kirsten | 10:56 AM

Skinny jeans, flowy top and flats. Perfect for a working Friday.

jennie.w | 10:57 AM

Casual Friday for me! That means a ponytail and jeans is okay for the office, right? From the bottom up, red flats, dark wash Joe's jeans, violet cashmere sweater over a grey long sleeve, and a burburry scarf tied jauntily around my neck.
Love the double duty diaper bag!

E | 10:59 AM

Lucky jeans, H&M plain grey T-shirt, and Split sample-sale hoodie. Fancy! :)

racher | 11:01 AM

Robin's egg blue tee + gray running shorts and my Nike Frees.
(But on the inside I'm wearing Prada.)

Kate | 11:03 AM

Skinny jeans and a t-shirt, just hanging out at home before I head off to teach my class this afternoon.

Brandy G | 11:07 AM

Dark grey top with scoop neck and rosette detailing (cuter than it sounds - I swear), dark wash skinny jeans with the turned up cuff, bare feet. Rock on!

Steph | 11:09 AM

LOVE that yellow bag!

Right now I'm wearing jeans, a tank top, and a gauzy scarf which not only looks cool but hides the fact that I spilled coffee on myself (again) this morning.

Ms. K | 11:18 AM

Since I am at work now every piece of clothing I have on (minus my shoes)is from New York and Company. In my area they are the only store with decent clothes at an affordable price for my budget, not to mention because I am so tall they only place with pants long enough for me.

I love the bag, it would be perfect for my Disney World trip coming up!

sierra | 11:18 AM

white tank
turquoise v-neck tee
black gaucho pants
red flats

am 21 weeks pregnant and this is my second day wearing maternity pants, i ♥ them.

House of Jules | 11:19 AM

I'm wearing black yoga pants and a long sleeved black t-shirt. I could SERIOUSLY use some color, and that bag would be perfect.

Julia | 11:21 AM

Wearing a striped sun dress in honor of the gorgeous day we're having out east!

Kelly | 11:25 AM

Vintage 80s gray skirt with a sparkly overlay
Black wifebeater with a black wrap sweater over it
Black tights
Red Fluevog maryjanes
and big, wavy, messy Friday hair.

Love the blog, as always. And those fantastic boots! The makeover is smashing!

Andi | 11:31 AM

Blue pants and white tank top. Exciting!

KateFitz | 11:33 AM

I am rocking some sweet old navy khaki pants and a 10 year old jcrew tee shirt. We are on our way to go finger painting and cookie decorating at friends house so I'm wearing nothing I would be sad to ruin.

New fun purse please!!

Marisa | 11:36 AM

Still in PJ's. Pink pj bottoms with flowers on them and a white wife beater :) I know, I need to get dressed!!!

Katie D | 11:40 AM

I'm at work, so pretty boring. I'm wearing black pin striped pants, a greenish sweater and black boots. I also have on some pretty turquoise earrings a coworker gave me yesterday!

Aaron & Cassie | 11:43 AM

Nothing exciting being worn here, but a cute Levi's jean skirt and a white shirt from Target with pink flowers on it. And, my favorite accessory: a matching headband!

Bekah | 11:47 AM

oh man...i am the epitome of sloppy right now. but for the sake of honesty here goes....my husbands pajama pants, a milkstained nursing tank, and a 5 month old baby boy attatched to my boob...

and amen about the diaper bag nonsense..wish i had known that before now

Nicole K | 11:48 AM

Yikes. Well it's not that bad I guess: MEC (mountain equipment co-op) t-shirt with cute flowers printed on the lower left side. Also hand-me-down lu-lu lemon capris. Comfy and casual for caregiving at home (currently looking after my ailing father). Oh! Plus I'm sporting a new pixie cut after cutting my dreadlocks off last week.

Jamie | 11:49 AM

I'm wearing dark jeans and a pink t-shirt. Low-key for watching the babies. Very cute bag!

jkaye | 11:50 AM

I just dug out my summer clothes.. am going with a black tank top (cute straps and front pocket), my favourite buffalo jeans, gladiator-ish sandals, sun-dried hair and red lipstick.

Anonymous | 11:54 AM

LOOOVE the bag!
I am wearing a black fleece hoodie that is about 10 years old, flannel PJ bottoms with dogs printed on them, music note printed socks, sheepskin slippers and a bathrobe to complete my lovely ensemble as it is FREEZING in here- 62 degrees F. and we don't want to turn on the heat, being it is April.
I will change before teaching, later.
Yellow is my FAV colour!

anna marie | 11:56 AM

LOFT Coral V-neck shirt
LOFT Skinny jeans
Target floral ballet flats
Huge pearl earrings
Sterling silver bracelets

Love the bag!!

aclearcutsign | 11:57 AM

an old tee and sweatpants..(hangs head in shame..)

Ryan and Janelle | 12:01 PM

Wearing MEK jeans with light yellow forever21 t-shirt and gladiator sandals. Good luck to me!

Unknown | 12:05 PM

Charcoal grey long sleeve tunic tee in organic cotton from H&M,
White burnout cardigan with black stripes from UO,
Dark skinny jeans in ankle length,
Dolce Vita grey lace-up gladiator wedges

Very cool bag! It would complete my outfit.

Hespyhesp | 12:06 PM

Currently at work and wearing blue slacks from NY&C and a blue and white polka dot shear top from Ross. My favorite part of the outfit is my polka dot flats from Payless of all places!

wanderingbella | 12:08 PM

Black Gap short-sleeved tshirt, black Michael Kors knit empire waist jumper/dress I scored on the clearance rack at Macys, capri-length leggins, Birkenstock Gizeh sandals, and green scarf from street vendor in Belize.

Kate B. | 12:10 PM

Yellow is me new favorite wardrobe color, and all these years I thought I hated it.

Right now I'm wearing an old, old jean skirt from Gap, a ruffly-shouldered black lightweight sweater from a.n.a., a red scarf, silver hoops, and my new yellow flats from old navy! The yellow bag it would look so, so nice. :)

Heather | 12:13 PM

Target maternity leggings, complete with ultra-stylish belly band, my husband's old Misfits tee shirt, a denim jacket and ballet flats. At five months pregnant, this is about as stylish as I get these days!

tracey | 12:13 PM

cozy gap yoga pants (navy)
white forevs 21 off the shoulder t
old navy ribbed tank (white)
ginormous weaning-a-baby boobs (ouch)

Mammy P | 12:14 PM

Okay, I'll be honest. It's been a long week at work and I'm in the comfiest clothes that I own, namely:

Very old (and consequently probably a bit stinky) zebra patterned slippers that are kinda like flip flops.

Navy blue (shexshay baybay!) pyjama bottoms with the word "CANADA!" emblazoned down the left leg.

A tank top with a picture of Wonder Woman on it. No bra.

Hooooo baby! Reading that, even *I'm* turned on.


Sarahviz | 12:16 PM

Jeans, seafoam colored tee w/ black cami underneath and pink scarf. With black ballet flats.

Love that yellow bag!

yeah, alright. | 12:18 PM

i'm wearing jeans and a "boyfriend" sweater from old navy. super casual, got dressed in the dark. i love the purse (and am on purse buying restriction) so i had to respond.

The Fam | 12:24 PM

Ugh, the official Mommy outfit:

Lululemon Groove Pant (black)
Columbia zip up fleece (also black)

I need help!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com


Right now I am wearing Jbrand cigarette jeans in an ink wash, a white button up, and the Gap shruken boyfriend blazer with Frye engineer boots!

Heather | 12:27 PM

Pajamas at 2pm. Because of the newborn.

Ray | 12:32 PM

Right now: I'm still in my pajamas! I know I'm CRAZY! I'm wearing a purple, "Little Miss Sunshine" t-shirt with white pajama pants that have navy blue, light green & dark green four leaf clovers on them (in honor of St.Patty's day, last month) and on my feet I have purple flip flops to match my t-shirt.

Yeah, oh-so-glamorous! LOL! =P

Jennifer | 12:33 PM

I'm pregnant and heading out hiking with my toddler, so I'm wearing: long-sleeve green T that still stretches over the belly under a white linen loose top and these Gap modern fit, boot cut maternity pants (which are the BEST: they don't give me the weird "maternity booty" look that almost all preggie pants do), and my new cutie hiking boots!

I love the bag and could use a little So-Cal style in my Nor-Cal life!

Emily | 12:36 PM

Currently wearing some dark boot cut jeans, a purple tank top with some interesting macrame toward the top, and a shorter black slub knit cardigan with half length sleeves. When I finally leave my apartment today I will be adding some awesome patent grey peep-toe flats and a black scarf!

That bag looks fabulous! Yellow has been surprisingly tempting as of late.

Lauren | 12:36 PM

mismatched sandals, carhart pants, yellow tee with kellog's cornflakes logo, JH Collectibles tweed jacket :D

bribrough | 12:36 PM

Old Navy diva jeans, lace Gap tank, long yellow Saja cardigan, long necklace made by local designer and metallic sandals.

Shelley | 12:39 PM

I'm wearing my favorite jeans and tee that has a kind of henna/India print. 3/4 sleeves since it is Spring in Cleveland and still a bit chilly.

Happy moving!!!

Traci | 12:40 PM

Some jean capris, a green peasanty top with a black cardigan and cute black sandals with short heels.

Megan | 12:41 PM

I haven't been up long, and I'm eight months pregnant so I am wearing XL men's flannel pj pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt from Thunderwear (New Zealand) with a damask rabbit print and a white(ish) bathrobe with a raspbery jam splotch on it. I look amazing.

Jamie | 12:42 PM

Not stylish today, I'm afraid - was volunteering in a CPS 3rd grade class, teaching the kids about banks, buildings, and general business theory. So, suitably, I'm in khakis w/sailor front (buttons), grey suede flats, and a grey sweater.

Katie | 12:42 PM

Flat knee-high black boots, a flowered thermal shirt, and skinny jeans with pockets on the butt that I bought because I was told that "my butt needs volume."

So obviously my butt also needs a good yellow hobo!

Lori | 12:42 PM

Strappy red sandals. Jeans. French sailor shirt with kid pee and snot on it.

Elisabeth | 12:50 PM

It wasn't until I started typing out this comment that I realized my entire outfit has been purchased from The Gap.

*hangs head in shame*

Oh well. It's casual Friday here at the office and I'm wearing a beige cardigan with a floral tank top and teal straight legged jeans. I'm wearing brown flats by Blowfish, and my favorite earrings from a STL Vintage shop called Rag-O-Rama.

Sarah Y | 12:53 PM

black leggings
black tank
delicate white blouse with ruffled collar bee earrings with pearl inlays.
black biker boots
wedding ring
Nike sports watch

Love reading these comments


I am wearing black slacks, a black &white blouse...ugh all black all white and maybe some browns are a part of my wardrobe...I would LUV some sunshine!!

Jessica | 12:55 PM

Oh God. I've been in the garden. I'm wearing dirty cargo pants, a tank and old running shoes..

JB | 1:09 PM

The most boring outfit imaginable: a white polo shirt for work and dark wash trouser jeans. I'm managing a big volunteer event for my job today and casual is kind of essential. Normally I look much more interesting!!!

dawn | 1:09 PM

I really wish it was something more exciting than a pair of jeans, camisole and a brown sweater, but alas....

alisha75 | 1:12 PM

Brown and Black dress from marekt in Thailand, black tights, brown boots, black sweater, black underwear and black bra. Purse would look great!

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

Lucky Brand Solid Flowy Top and J Brand dark skinny jeans:)

Codie D | 1:24 PM

Even though it is the middle of the day I am wearing black sweat shorts (had a c-section 4 weeks ago so very comfy) and a yellow t-shirt that says "I'm just one big freaking ray of sunshine aren't I?"

Love the bag!!

wonderchris | 1:24 PM

How funny that I'm wearing an all black ensemble and sparkly glittery silver shoes that would rock with the yellow hobo bag!!!

Side note: I can't wait to see your new place and the B-A-C-K-Y-A-R-D. You guys are going to be on memory-making overload!!

Cheers for a wonderful weekend!

kristen | 1:25 PM

I have a blue top from anthro under a white jacket with some dark jeans....i had to work today so i'm a bit on the plain side...

I need that bag!

Sallie | 1:26 PM

I'm looking really good! Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit black cords, Motherhood Maternity red v-neck long sleeve t-shirt. I'm nine months pregnant, okay?

Shelley E. | 1:31 PM

Today is casual day @ the office so I'm rock'n my red flats (urban planet only $10!), dark denim (dish jeans) and a blue cotton 80's inspired jacket (Forever 21) with oversized clasps... I'm feeling good & looking forward to a date night with the husband!

paula | 1:34 PM

i loved emilia's look!

right now i'm wearing a pair of oxford jeans and a black, weird in the shoulder's black t-shirt...
black leather flats from hush puppies

well.. i don't do many brands, and seing as i'm from Argentina you wouldn't know the ones i do use :)


Unknown | 1:36 PM

Brown pants, purple shirt and green sweater.

The Doll | 1:39 PM

light blue scrubs. I'm blogging at work, ssshhhh don't tell.

Anonymous | 1:42 PM

Yoga pants...a hoodie and flip flops..wish it was cuter!

Love the bag, and my old purse is on it's last leg!!

Anonymous | 1:49 PM

Work clothes: Black, pin-striped, wide cuff pants; White cammi; Spring Green cotton sweater... It was White and Green day today.

carol | 1:49 PM

mirano wool sport tank (that cost waaaay too much, but so worth it) [Icebreaker from N.Z.],yoga crop pants [Prana], and leather flip-flops]. What can i say, this is perfectly acceptable day-wear where i am from; i live in Vancouver, Canada! **hoping, hoping you pick me**

Hillary | 1:51 PM

I'm wearing my favourite GAP jeans and a black tank top with my most comfortable pair of ballet flats. I'm taking full advantage of "casual Friday" :)

Kaylee | 1:56 PM

purple v-neck tee, black dress pants and homemade purple anemone flower pin in my hair.

Rebecca | 2:00 PM

I have been searching high and low for the right sunny yellow bag. It would go perfectly with what I am wearing right now, which is:

Cute and comfy dark wash skinny jeans. (Target)
Navy blue and white striped 3/4 length sleeve top (Urban Outfitters)
My current favorite scarf - loaded with color. (Vintage find picked up on a trip to New Orleans mere months before Katrina - don't clothes make the best travel souvenirs?)

hetherington | 2:02 PM

i'm wearing grey maternity jeans gettin' stretched out to the max, rainbow flip-flops and a tank top i screenprinted a stencil of michigan onto.

love that yellow bag!

SKB in OKC | 2:03 PM

I am wearing my casual Friday version of "corporate drone"....black dress pants, leopard ballet flats and a red peasant blouse with a funky embroidered neckline. come quickly weekend!!

robin | 2:09 PM

Jeans, powder blue t shirt, green zip up sweatshirt, socks. Booorrring!

Unknown | 2:09 PM

I am wearing right now....long ankle length, navy blue, "hippie" skirt. Olive green, low cut, ruched with cap sleeves blouse. Maroon, 3/4 length sleeved knit sweater with large buttons. Brown leather Born sandals and maroon "dreadband" (to hold back my dreads). Gray chandelier earrings. Wheew.

Shoozy | 2:18 PM

Woo hoo; I've been searching for the perfect summer bag! Just got home from work, so I am wearing argyle socks, magenta flats, blue and white seersucker pants, a blue t-shirt under a coral ruffled sweater from Banana Repbulic...the socks are merely there because I work in a medical facility where foot covers are required! :)

-Maria- | 2:29 PM

workout clothes- yoga pants (gap), v-neck boyfriend tee (target)

Virginia | 2:32 PM

An UO skirt, UO white tank, sky blue old navy T, American Apparel sweatshirt with headphones I screen-printed on the back w gold flip-flops!

jessicaj75@aol.com | 2:32 PM

i am wearing gym pants and a black cami- not very exciting but i was wearing my new victoria secret underwire/pushup tankini top a minute ago!
i LOVE that bag!!!

Courtney | 2:35 PM

Now? A t-shirt from the Mangy Moose in Jackson Hole, WY - home in bed sick!

Earlier today? Brown slacks, off white fitted shirt that scrunches at the neck, long amethyst pendant and killer snakeskin pumps.

I need yellow!

everyday amy | 2:36 PM

Jeans, Sketchers and a t-shirt!

That bag would really pick up this outfit! =)

JenAHM | 2:36 PM

LOVE the bag!

Right now I just changed into my old comfy worn jeans, a white tank from Target with a soft grey very light sweater over top of it....and my favorite kick around (though quite smelly) herring bone patterned sneakers.

Cassie | 2:48 PM

Yellow Liberty of London for Target tunic, black leggings, and my brown boots that I scored at Mervyn's right before they closed down.

Ugh, I NEED this bag! My diaper bag has seen better days and this one is a gazillion times cuter (sorry Skip Hop). Love it!

Susan | 2:50 PM

a band tee and sweatpants from the production of West Side Story I was in.

Jackee | 3:02 PM

Just got home and changed into my favorite yoga pants with a bright coral cotton top. Let the lounging begin!

LiciaLee | 3:05 PM

Not too stylish. Wearing mohterhood maternity bluejeans and a turquoise motherhood tank, with black flipflops from payless. :D

Nicki | 3:05 PM

Old hooded sweatshirt, seven jeans, ugg houseshoes. But I'm at home with my one year old and he's learning to use a spoon. It isn't a time for cute clothes right now.

Kiki | 3:11 PM

green tank top with ruffles, black tank underneath, black cardigan, black pants, and gold flats :)

Pick me!! ;)


mathilda Dunn | 3:28 PM

I am wearing a black shirt dress with aqua tights (love) and black flats. I stuck a vinage-y flower in the knot I tied my hair into with the intention to hid the fact that --whoops-- my hair has gone unwashed for a few days. The dress is work appropriate(ish...maybe a little short) and perfect for after work happy hour!
I love big colored bags!

Unknown | 3:28 PM

PJs :):)
I love that bag!

DeeAnn | 3:30 PM

Urban Outfitters "Shortie" jean shorts with a black and white plaid fitted button-up shirt.

K | 3:30 PM

Currently wearing Banana Republic organic cotton tee with flower embroidery, brown 3/4 sweater from Target, Gap dark wash jeans, and a cute pair of flats - Ross special :)

Unknown | 3:33 PM

Thrifted lightweight grey cardi w/pen & ink drawn peacock feather tee, dark skinny jeans tucked into thrifted grey suede flat boots with lots of cool straps. (My husband says the boots remind him too much of the 80's! But I love them!)I've been shopping for a bag like that -- and in case I get pregnant (fingers crossed) -- it would make a terrific everything bag

Also, love Amelia's look and blog and The Greenhouse Tavern. They are awesome!

Unknown | 3:37 PM

yoga pants and a tank, it's Friday night and I have to work alllll weekend - time to reeeelax!

Toraason | 3:46 PM

a kimono style cotton robe from Anthroplogie that is yellow and green with nothing underneath!! so cute and springy!

Nutella Nutterson | 3:47 PM

I'm 6 months pregnant, so: maternity tunic and maternity jeans. I like to think the tunic is quite chic, though - a sort of retro color-block in purple and black. :-)

satiate | 3:55 PM

white hanes tank top with jean shorts and my beloved flip flops

katie w. | 3:56 PM

it's raining here so i'm looking like a bum :) dark uo legging jeans, oversized (probably from a middle-age man...) baseball tee, flower-print high top sneakers, and a zip-up white hoodie. so comfy!

such a great bag. i hope i win. :)

Emma Jane | 4:03 PM

Amela! Lives in Cleveland! Like me!

Overlap, yay.

I am wearing black leggings, a high waisted dress with plaid skirt and gray top, a blue puff sleeved cardigan... dangly copper and wood earrings... a black headband... cat eye glasses... and a sleeping Boston Terrier on my lap. Whew.

Christy | 4:04 PM

I'm wearing a pair of those "destroyed" Gap khakis, or whatever the hell they're called, and a black maternity t-shirt over a gray nursing tank. It's exactly as glamorous as it sounds. I wish some designers would make something hot in a size 16.

Oh, well. I'm not looking especially sassy, but I just bought my seven month-old girly a Marc Jacobs dress today. She can be fab enough for both of us.

Dayle | 4:04 PM

I'm wearing.......navy scrub pants, and a salmony/coral scrub top with Green Vans slip-ons. Classy.

Ashley Evans | 4:12 PM

Lets see, a pink Express shirt and jeans from Forever 21

The bag looks so cute!

Home Sweet Sarah | 4:16 PM

YAY! Fun game!

I am currently wearing:

White boyfriend tee from Target
Army green bomber jacket from Target
Supah Sexy jeans from GAP
Brown platform sling-backs from Target

(This outfit brought to you by Target. And co-sponsored by GAP.)

Zee | 4:24 PM

I'm pregnant -- SO: yoga pants. I always change into them as soon as I get home. But earlier, at a conference, I wore super-wide leg olive green pants with a black shirt with tuxedo ruffles down on the front and my favorite black pumps.

Fabs | 4:38 PM

I am wearing jeans (yay for "jean friday's in the office!) from Liz & Co which I love a J.Jill cotton cream blazer with flowered turn over cuffs that come to 3/4 length with a white tank underneath and a cream & flowered scarf that matches my cuffs. Doese that make sense. I know wayyy too long of a desription, but I was so excited about your post and giveaway!

Maile | 4:39 PM

Gap Long and Lean jeans, Liz Lange Maternity tank in teal and magenta plaid button(snap) up, accented by a lovely spit up mark

candace | 4:41 PM

I am wearing a vintage wrap skirt with an aplicae giraffe, under my newly popped baby belly, with a cute stripped tank.

Jessi | 4:57 PM

Lavender pajama pants, a purple tee shirt and socks. Yeah, I am a paragon of fashion.

Ginny | 5:07 PM

Ugg boots, leggings, 15 year old hoodie and the air of a slight hangover. Sexy!! Haha

Anonymous | 5:19 PM

I'm a teacher and just got home - so I'm in a dorky school tee shirt and jeans. About to change though for a date night. :)


Ethel | 5:20 PM

Right now I am wearing banana republic skinny jeans and a bobi gray and black stripped tunic. no shoes!

Mrs. Q. | 5:22 PM

Yoga pants. And rather than doing yoga, I spent the morning raking mulch in the garden. Therefore, stinky yoga pants. Yeah, I need some help.

Jenny | 5:29 PM

Um, I'm wearing pink striped fuzzy socks, pink sweats, a white tank with lace on the bottom and a pink button down that I wore with a skirt and plaid wedges earlier today.

Keri Zipay | 5:37 PM

The "Target Couture" t-shirt from Shop Intuition, MEK jeans, Keen sneakers. My current diaper bag is a Dakine tote I got in Maui, but it's pretty yucky now since the bottom is filled with raisins and multi-colored goldfish cracker dust. :)

Krista Marie | 5:38 PM

I'm at work right now so, Black tulip skirt with blue flowers from forever 21, white tank top from Joe Fresh, oatmeal cardigan from H&M, black tights and greyish/beige flats from urban outfitters

Erica | 5:39 PM

Today I am wearing GAP head to toe... with the exception of the baby barf stain on my chest.

always skinny jeans and a purple-nurple polo tee

Rachel | 5:41 PM

Now I wish I'd dressed up.

I'm wearing a very boring blue scoop neck tee from ON, BR jeans flip flops from LL bean. (I love their flip flops.)

Tracey r | 5:50 PM

I just left the beach so I'm super simple with shorts, flip flops and a tank with a cute envirosax tote! That yellow bag would look way cuter, though!! :)

Anna | 5:53 PM

I'm wearing the opal ring and earrings from my recently deceased grandmother.

Kudret | 5:55 PM

I am wearing my cozy pajamas!!!!!!

And I loved the gone style video!

zack & penny | 6:00 PM

sadly, i am wearing maternity sweat pants (nope, not pregnant....just too comfy to toss), a polka dot tank top and pink pom pom slipper. frump city.

Myssie | 6:03 PM

My before bed uniform, black yoga pants, comfy-est gray long sleeve shirt and fuzzy slippers. All of these items are relatively spit up free. My daughter is five months and this bag would help to set a very nice fashion example for her.

Myssie | 6:03 PM

My before bed uniform, black yoga pants, comfy-est gray long sleeve shirt and fuzzy slippers. All of these items are relatively spit up free. My daughter is five months and this bag would help to set a very nice fashion example for her.

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