New Home

Thursday afternoon we booked the movers. Yesterday we signed our lease, paid our deposit, celebrated as a family with mango pinkberry and a much later-than-usual bedtime. And three weeks from today we get to move in.

I feel like I've been pregnant for a thousand years and am about to give birth to a 1920's Spanish Haciendita.

... Without drugs.

Although I have a feeling champagne will be involved at some point.

Maybe even cigars.

On the deck.

In the backyard.

Oh my gosh.


ED: Please forgive me if posting is a little on the light side these next few weeks. A lot of moving and changing and new-site launching and busy, busy life stuff all happening at once. Because isn't that always the way... ? Hey!


Nadia | 8:51 PM

So very excited for you! A celebration is definitely in order :)!

Hope the move goes smoothly and easily for you all.

Kara | 8:52 PM

I'm so excited to finally have a backyard that I go out in it randomly and just sit there and grin like a mad woman. And a driveway! And no neighbors pounding on the walls. Oh, houses are heaven. haha Congrats again :)

mom2nji | 8:56 PM

Super congrats are in order! So happy for ya'll.

Natalie | 9:03 PM

Congrats - a new home is the best! (And a horrific amount of work to move in to!)

Mrs. Cline | 9:10 PM

Congratulations! So happy for you!

Julie @ The Mom Slant | 9:10 PM

Reading about your new home and the changes it will bring to your life reminds me of our move out west five years ago. Expect to gaze around you in wonderment, and enjoy it.

Meagan | 9:12 PM

Best wishes and congrats to you and the family. I hope the new home turns out to be everything you've always wanted!

Unknown | 9:21 PM

OMGOMG so cool. Congrats. It is stressful, and time-consuming, and if you're anything like my husband and me, at some point you and your husband will want to strangle each other. But it's way worth it.

Formerly Gracie | 9:22 PM

How exciting! Fill it with happiness and fun and laughter, but most of all enjoy it. Congratulations, GGC!

Cave Momma | 10:00 PM

I'm so very excited for you! I will live vicariously through you till we get into a house ourselves. With room for all of us. With a backyard. Omg, you have a backyard!!!!

Sorry.. the excitement got the best of me! Happy packing and moving and unpacking and ENJOY!

mommymae | 10:04 PM

i can't wait to see more. the top looks super-rad.

agirlandaboy | 10:49 PM

So awesome. I feel like I'm waiting for the first set of REAL photos after those first few grainy newborn ones taken at the hospital--you know, the ones that only leave you wanting MORE.

Elena from Greece | 1:32 AM

hey, congratulations!!! new setting for your ou lives. that s what a nwe house is! I wish you lots of happy moments in this house!
When we moved to a house I thought I would miss our old flat but, no, I didn't!

Mammy P | 1:35 AM

Good things happen to good people, girlfran. :-)

Adriana | 4:39 AM

very excited for you! We are in the process of looking for a new place and its been a bit discouraging so far but you have given me hope.
Can't wait to see what you do with the place.

stephanie | 5:15 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so excite for you guys!

Danielle (elleinadspir) | 5:37 AM

So excited for you. Congrats. I love those Spanish style ones in LA in the small neighborhoods. When we lived there we drooled over the ones back behind melrose. So, so excited for you guys.

julie. | 6:05 AM

I am SOOO excited for you! It is my absolute dream to get out of our teeny tiny digs in Atlanta (no yard equals no dogs; 2 bedrooms for husband, me & 2 boys; did i mention a leak in the bathroom, behind the dining room wall & in the laundry room that our landlord won't fix?) & move into a place with a yard, an extra bedroom for son2 & a little more breathing space. I can't wait to start living vicariously through your clan's grand adventure!!! Many blessings to you guys!

beyond | 6:56 AM

i am so happy for you. congratulations!

hand pecked debb | 7:24 AM


Could it be? It almost reminds me of the Walsh's house from 90210?

Shoshanah | 8:41 AM

Congrats Rebecca!!!

k5brown | 9:47 AM

I will surely miss your posts but I'm so excited for you!!!! Have fun!

Unknown | 10:48 AM

I'm SOOOO excited for you and the fam!!!! Question: Do they NOT allow champagne during childbirth??? That was my whole birth plan! Damn.

leel | 10:54 AM

yay! this is the stuff dreams are made of. yay! I am so happy for you all & can't wait for some moved-in-its-ours! pictures :)

Alexandra | 11:02 AM

Super congratulations. I'm envious of all the good feelings you're feeling right now.

May you always remember the joy of your new home, even when the day to day gets to you.

Just sit in your yard and relish it all

Congrats to ALL! Looking forward to more pictures. It's beautiful.

Annemarie | 11:17 AM

I´m so happy for you and your family!
looking forward reading your blog

Desiree | 2:47 PM

I'm SO stoked for you guys!
Having just moved from apt. life to HOUSE WITH A YARD like last July I can totally understand the excitement yo're feeling right now!

Marisa | 5:52 PM

super awesome!! wheeeee!

Michelle | 6:36 PM


Ray | 8:34 PM

Again: I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY! BIG WHOOHOO to the upcoming move! =D Just that small portion of your house in that photo reminds me of the house from Beverly Hills 90210. Great house you picked out. ;o) I can't wait to read about your decorating skills and see your new site launch.


Thank you all so much!!!

Loran | 9:05 PM

Hooray! A house!!! Hang in there for the "moving experience."

Anonymous | 1:28 AM

I await the pics with baited breath! I love moving. I love redecorating. I love the promise of a new beginning and the excitement of it all. Good Luck!

luna pie | 1:33 AM

Ahhh, looks like the house that dreams are made of... :)

I've been reading your blog since about midway through your pregnancy with Fable, and, having just found out that I was (SURPRISE!!) pregnant myself, your story was somewhat of a comfort and an encouraging force in the way that I too wanted to be so much more than just my son's mother... I was, and still am me after all.

Also, I ordered and read your book about a month ago, and enjoyed it thoroughly from cover to cover! You have such an authentic voice - you definitely left bits and pieces of your heart all over the pages.

Congrats on the big move, and all of the steps (big, small, forward, side and back) that you took to get there.

Look forward to reading more!

Jessica | 4:08 AM

Many, many congratulations are in order. I am truly excited for you.

robyn L. | 6:42 AM

Congratulations! Moving is exciting! :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:49 AM

Many congrats to you! At least you don't have to worry about sore nipples & colic with this one!



Steph(anie) | 10:34 AM

Gasp! That is beautiful!!!

Anonymous | 12:07 PM

I love hearing all the "light" (happy) posts! Have a great pack/move/unpack!! It'll be SO MUCH FUN for you!! :)

Amber | 2:30 PM

ya, it is finally happening!! so happy for you and your family

Amy | 4:55 PM

Congratulations!!! I have to admit when I saw the photo I got a little sad cause your new home looks a bit like our Spanish bungalow we owned in Eagle Rock--the house that still has my blood, sweat, and tears in it-- and had to give up. But we are moving on too and we just signed a lease on our new home! Moving on.

Happy Backyardom!

Lauren | 5:42 PM


Anonymous | 9:13 AM

Congratulations to you and your wonderful family! I hope your home is all you dreamed it will be. With love, life, and laughter ringing throughout the halls.

Best wishes,
Jackie Hall

GingerB | 11:16 AM

Hooray for you and yours, playing in your yard and house! We'll wait to hear from you, don't worry.

EMQ | 7:48 PM

So exciting!

Anonymous | 8:30 AM

Oh I feel ya! I move on the same day! New home, new man, new life...the only constant (and my most favourite in the world...)is my littleman. :)

Good luck with the move!