Treasured: Archer in Hollywood Book Lamp

Hardback Book Lamp - Archer in Hollywood-2
Archer in Hollywood lamp via typewriterboneyard

A lovely reader named Rachel sent me a link to this lamp last week. "When I saw this lamp I knew I had to pass it on..." she said and I promptly bought it for Archer without hesitation. It felt like it was made for him. Like kismet in the form of handmade goods.

I started chatting with the artist and found that he lived around the corner from my parents' house so instead of him shipping the product to me, my mother met him last Saturday at the local Anthropologie with the lamp. He was lovely, she said and he emailed me promptly after their meeting to thank me for my purchase and tell me how rad and supportive my mother was. How nice it was to meet her. Philip sent me a link to his wife's etsy shop and blog and suddenly I felt like I knew him, his family, like they were people I wanted to invite over for tea. Friends of mine I had known for ages. The lamp suddenly became even more wonderful. It had a birth story, a family history.
Hardback Book Lamp - Archer in Hollywood-1
And then I thought about my mother blindly meeting a young man who I purchased a lamp from whose link was sent to me by a woman I've never met, a lovely blog reader who stumbled upon the lamp and thought of me. Of Archer. How we're all wandering in and out of town, colliding with one another, sharing and creating and being reminded of all the creatures we wander with and bump into and pass into present. How perfectly normal and everyday it is for a young man to see a lamp in an old book and make it so, and then, four exchanges later it's happily resting on the shelf of the boy it accidentally describes.

I love when that happens.
Hardback Book Lamp - Archer in Hollywood
Thank you, dear Rachel for the tip on this piece. And for those equally as excited about Philip's book lamps, here are a couple still available for purchase (Philip is constantly creating so be sure to check in on his shop over the weeks and months.) :
Hardback Book Lamp - <span class=
"Masham's stack" available, here
Hardback Book Lamp - <span class=
<span class=
"tree of language" available, here.
Hardback Book Lamp - Tree of Language
And a massive thanks to all of you for constantly tipping me off to beautiful things. The Web is an infinite gift exchange and I'm grateful to be a guest at the party.



Glenda | 12:34 PM

wow that's awesome!

Steph(anie) | 12:51 PM

Very cool.

HeatherY | 1:28 PM

They are simply beautiful! I can't help but worry about the time when all incandescents are banned, though.

sarah doow | 1:39 PM

How wonderful. What a great thing the internet can be.

TKTC | 3:01 PM

Impulse buy much? Love at first sight with the Tree of Knowledge lamp. In 3-5 business days it will have a new home on a wide teak buffet in my office. Cannot wait. Thanks so much for the beautiful thing!

Anonymous | 3:10 PM

Those are lovely lamps! I'm a sucker for old books. When a professor tossed boxes of old books my friend and I raided the trash!

AimeeDesiree | 4:08 PM

Must share with my mom immediately. She keeps putting lamps on books, this is much better :)

Anonymous | 4:24 PM

As a lurker coming out, I have to thank you for this link!

You wouldn't believe how long I've been looking for a new lamp and because of you, I finally found the "one"!


TKTC - AWESOME!!!! I LOVE that! It's gorgeous!!! And Anon, HOORAY! So happy to hear that!

Unknown | 4:54 PM

So cool. The book lamps are awesome! And so cool how we're always intersecting with each other's lives.

Stef | 9:31 PM

Very cool story and wonderful that you don't take occurrences like that for granted.

Invysybella... | 3:46 PM

I've had the joy of knowing Philip and his wife since they were children... and they are as lovely as they are talented. I loved reading the piece your wrote - and am so gratified that you truly get the beauty and depth of his art...

Mo | 7:20 AM

Wow, that is so bizarrely cool.

The whole story.

Maegan | 8:06 AM

...Interesting how collections of personal stories on the internet connect us all together, huh? ;)

Erin | 2:27 PM

How cool are those!!

Philip Hansen | 9:03 PM

Thanks for all the kind words! I just listed a few new lamps tonight. Enjoy! -Philip

Bethany Bassett | 3:03 AM

That is GORGEOUS, not to mention catch-your-breath perfect for your own little Archer in Hollywood. Falling even more in love with the internet...

annabelvita | 4:33 AM

Archer's book (so perfect by the way!) was also featured here, as the base of a plant holder!
(The light is a lot better in my opinion).
Will you be looking for something similar from a book of fables? xx

Adrianne | 6:51 AM

wow, what an amazing story! It's awesome the way we are all connected and the way the internet seems to highlight that connection.

The internet gets a bad rap sometimes, but lately I've been blown away by all of the amazing things that happen because of it. And this is just another example of that. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous | 11:34 AM

Amazing! I'm getting one for our nursery. Although, are you sure this isn't a fire hazard? Would be kind of ironic . . .

The Lady's Lounge | 11:42 AM

A M A Z I N G!

Anonymous | 12:43 PM

Humm. Archer. That name sounds familiar. Didn't you have a child called Archer once? You used to blog about him a lot at one time but he seems to have vanished from the blog, usurped by your most recent offspring.


Duh, Anonymous. If you read my blog you would know that THAT IS THE INTENTION!