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"I want the world to stop. Give me (Fable + twigs) in the morning..."

Good news, you guys. After (almost) five years of waiting by the stereo, Belle and Sebastian have released a new album (Write About Love) and it's lovely and thoughtful and catchy for snap-dancing in clear-framed glasses. A joyful beat for all ear drums. Just the invitation you were waiting for to party with Balzac and Brookside and Bach. Dance, dance, revolution.

B & S have been my favorite band since 10th grade. True story: I almost shook Stuart Murdoch's hand once and even that was enough to make me cry. That man is the KEEPER OF MY SOUL! FAN SCREAM! AHHHH!

No, but he seriously is.

71. I Want the World to Stop by: Belle and Sebastian

(download the entire album, here.)