Last week, after posting this, I stumbled upon the following performance via youtube (see below) and was totally blown away. It reminded me of what I experienced when I went to visit my sister, Rachel at music school. A writing desk is one of the more solitary creative environments no matter how crowded the coffee shop and even though I spent many years in piano lessons, experimented with clarinet, learned guitar (sort of) I regret never becoming fluent in an instrument if only for the thrill of participating in a jam sesh such as this one:

Perhaps this is why I'm a decent appreciator? My love for music is much like marveling at the stars with little understanding of the universe. Or something.

70. Excuses by: The Morning Benders


I tweeted this last week but wanted to share it, again, here: an inspiring story about an inspiring story. Sue Glader is a breast cancer survivor who wrote a beautiful book called "Nowhere Hair." A must read/purchase for families enduring chemo. For more on Sue and Nowhere Hair, go here.