Gone Style: Good Wear Days (Week Two)

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First of all, last week was a massive success. Your entries were AMAZING and I had such fun browsing through your images. You're all gorgeous and lovely and how much fun it's been putting shoes (and scarves and hats and tights and cardis) to so many of your names and avatars! Your style inspired me this week to bundle up for Fall. Your style and the fact that it's been freezing here! Not today, though. Today it's toasty and I'm shvitzing all over my black three quarter-length.*

Gross! Anyway! Without further ado... via the randomness of Randomtown that is random.org (dunt, da-da-daaaaaa!) congrats to commenter #11, Alex from Before the Baby Wakes who posted this good wear complete with fantastic hat! Enjoy your new Clava tote, Alex!

And now a few of this week's wears (slash) more heinous posing:
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Vintage Ports Dress - $17
(purchased at sidewalk sale c/o friendly wardrobe dept man.)
<span class=
Tights: Anthropologie (sale, last Christmas) $8
Riding Boots: Salvatore Ferragamo (formerly Nana's)
<span class=
black bag = Kooba
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faux fur hat: Barneys (outlet)
jacket: thrifted in Springfield Missouri circa '99
cigarette cords: Genetic denim
sweater: (same cardi-cape from last week)
boots: thrifted (@ Slow on Melrose)
<span class=
(this coat was twelve dollars. Photos don't do it justice. It's one of my favorite things.)
<span class=
shirt: velvet, purchased at Anthropologie
(bought when pregnant with Fable, twas worn as maternity top
vest: Anna Sui for Target
<span class=
(high-waisted) leggings: American Apparel
(also purchased when preg with Fable and worn through pregnancy.)
Boots: Thrifted
Bag: c/o Ellington (via this giveaway.)
<span class=
<span class=
Skirt: Jean Paul Gaultier
(bought this in Paris in '00, a gift to myself on my 19th birthday. Ten years later, it still rocks.)
*Shirt: Zara
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(see: pockets)
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Necklace + bracelets: gifts from my mother
Studded Ballet Flats: Michael, Michael Kors:
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And because, she's the true fashionista (fashionistot?) in the family, Miss Fable Lu:
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Fable's dress: Paulina Quintana
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pink velvet jacket: Paulina Quintana
leggings: Flicka on Larchmont
Shoes: converse
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This week I'm SUPER thrilled to be giving away some red hot sunglasses c/o the good people at Benjamin Eyewear. Behold the "Harmony":
Picture 1
Picture 2
These effers are fierce and I'm totally jealz of whomever gets to snag a pair. To win? Same drill as last week (post links to your daily wears in the comments below. Be sure to post each link in an individual comment so you are eligible for as many outfits as you post. Click here for more info). Thanks to LeeLeeLu for the hook-up and good luck to all of you! So thrilled with all your Good Wears and cannot WAIT to see more!


Style Blog of the Week:
(who participated in last week's Good Wear Days, ps)



Jessica | 10:49 AM

Here's number one:


Jessica | 10:51 AM

Here's number two:


Confession: I did these two posts for a blog fashion week, but they seemed to fit well here too. And sunglasses are awesome. :-)

emily bilbrey | 10:57 AM

your outfit with the vest owns my face. also? fable is more precious than a pile of baby bunnies.

miss poppy is taking my place for my fashion entry at the moment, as my oversized izod jammies aren't going to win me any style points:


i made her hair clip, sweater dress was a consignment find, knit tights & boots are old navy. i get credit for the cute toddler. (;


Anonymous | 10:59 AM

Oh wow, Snappy and Savvy is soooo my new style inspiration!!!


Totally, BookishPenguin. She's fucking awesome.

Anonymous | 11:05 AM

You are totally in love with yourself huh?

Anonymous | 11:12 AM

Your Nana's BOOTS are in amazing shape. How old are they? I'm dumbfounded. Personal style post coming soon...


Cynthia - Boots are from the 70s. They are MINT. You get what you pay for, yes? Can't wait to see your stuff!


And Jessica - totally fine to double-dip. Super cute wears, mama!

Anonymous - You sound like you could use some love yourself. Here's a hug.

Anonymous | 11:24 AM

These poses just made my week! Total <3. And way to handle Anonymous.

Anonymous | 11:27 AM

Those Salvatore Ferragamo boots were a SERIOUSLY badass inheritance.

Anonymous | 11:39 AM

Love this. Love your response to anonymous. Love the Nana boots.

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 12:13 PM

Here is number 1:


LOVE those sunglasses!

And your style Sexy mama. :-)

Liz | 12:13 PM

So jealous of your Nana's boots! Somehow my sister acquired my mom's old Frye boots... still kinda annoyed about it. Oh the hazards of being one of 3 girls!

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 12:14 PM

Another outfit!


Chicago Mom (Heather) | 12:16 PM

BTW those nasty/troll anonymous commenters are like the bully's we just don't need polluting our lives. Go away! So jealous and sad...

You Rock!

Anonymous | 12:33 PM

I don't have a pic to put up yet but let me just repeat what others have said, way to handle bullies!
Love doing this and looking at what everyone is wearing!

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz | 1:34 PM

SOOOO wish I had the ability to pull off ANY outfit like you do!!

Maybe in a couple of months when I no longer have to wear pants with 6 inches of elastic around the top and shirts with a tie under my boobs... I'll give this "fashion" thing a try. :)

Liz | 1:55 PM

Giving clogs a try:


Those are the cutest sunglasses, so I'll have to make sure I get all 6 outfits in this week. :)

Kim | 2:04 PM

Hey I know that little green dress! So nice to have run into you guys. I have to say Fable is the best dressed toddler I have yet to encounter. Willa is inspired.

I hate to admit, since my daughter was born I have hardly bought anything to wear. But your posts are inspiring me to get back in the game. Time Mama gets some new duds.

jjlibra | 3:09 PM

adorable! (you and fable!) i must tell you the striped shirt and long black skirt with flats=very Queens,NY jewish! you would fit right in kew gardens!

KH | 5:34 PM

You could possibly be as in love with you as I am! And these posts? Amazing.

Thanks for doing it!

Alex | 5:39 PM

Wow! I won?! I never ever win anything! Thank you!!!

Love Fable's dress. Does it come in my size???? Might have to hit the gym HARD.

lonek8 | 6:14 PM

you are seriously too pretty for words! Sigh. I'm so glad these posts are getting a good response because I just love seeing what you wear - I always think in the back of my mind when I'm shopping "how would Rebbecca wear this?"

This week I was mostly a fashion failure - but I got in two outfits in between all of the sad sack workout clothes I wore.

outfit one (next time I'll do brighter tights, I don't like the light gray so much here): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1580848434926&set=a.1571407638912.2082082.1047139714

outfit two (which should probably only count as half an outfit since it is almost jammies): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1580848994940&set=a.1571407638912.2082082.1047139714

here's to a better week next week!

Femi Ford | 6:19 PM

this was so much fun...i look forward to everyone's posts! sadly, after posting only two outfits last week, i've got nothing left. i've been in maternity clothes & sweats for an eternity with back to back kids. however, i went shopping online and am hoping to participate once my new duds arrive! thanks for doing this ggg (& sponsors). weeeeeeeee!

Unknown | 10:13 PM

I love those sunglasses 8)


much love from Nebraska!


Katherine | 7:11 AM

You and Fable both look fabulous! I love everyone's outfits. Here is my week two:


Happy Halloween!

Althea | 7:20 AM

I am pretty much losing my shit over these outfits, here, man.
The capecoat, the vest the STRIPES OH REBECCA!!!!!!!
Can I pretend you are my girlfriend? You have long been my style idol (and while idolatry is looked down upon, you still rack up cool points on the daily).
Ps, I agree with Emily...Fable...pile of baby bunnies (or furry anythings for that matter...Fable owns cuteness.
Here my clothings...so far:http://altheasplaceforthings.blogspot.com/2010/10/thursday-outfit-on-friday.html

Chrissyfeen | 1:59 PM

My outfit is average but my hat is awesome!


autumn | 2:34 PM


Those sunglasses are ah-mazin!

Liz | 3:41 PM

Okay, outfit #2, while wearing a sleeping baby. Okay, he was totally the cutest part of my outfit today.


bohomamasoul | 4:42 PM

Your style makes me want to punch myself in the kidney, it's so effing good. Also, I would do anything to have you give me a style lesson...I'll seriously pay good money. And if I ever have a daughter, I don't think I could ever think she's as cute as Fable. Shit. Hope I don't have any girls....

I'm in the clear so far: one boy down, one in the oven.

Elisa | 7:11 PM

Giiirrrrrl, you are my style icon. I love how you put outfits together! Be my personal stylist?

Anonymous | 8:19 PM

Here I am. And a little of my heart.

Anonymous | 8:24 PM

I love your outfits! Seeing what you wear is great for ideas!

I'll have to post my new purple anime jacket soon.

Anonymous | 10:00 PM

Looooooooooove them all, but the anthro tights with the black sweater dress?!?!? *le sigh*

Here's mine :)

| 6:24 AM

I love that you're wearing maternity clothes two years after you've had your baby. I just found some really nice maternity pieces that I want to wear forever but wasn't sure if they'd work after the baby. Hopefully I can pull it off as well as you do :)

Anonymous | 7:34 AM

I wanted to let you know that your post was featured in the Biz e-Friday Countdown yesterday. Check it out: http://bize-mom.com/2010/10/30/biz-e-friday-countdown-10-29-10/


Your stuff is AWESOME! Keep these coming, mamas!!!

becky s | 10:01 AM

Wait, what? Did you live in Springfield at some point? That's totally my hometown. (Currently in San Diego, though.)


Becky - Never lived in Springfield. Had a boyfriend (a million years ago) whose parents' did!

Meghan | 11:12 AM

"Riding Boots: Salvatore Ferragamo (formerly Nana's)"

So jealous. And Fable looks amazingly happy and cute as always.

tiarastantrums | 1:38 PM


Amanda | 5:24 PM

Here's one, though it's a tad hot here and cramping my Fall style...


Scentsy Wickless Candles | 8:38 PM

I LOVE the flats. I'm short so I never think of wearing them but you ROCK them:)

Althea | 7:19 AM


Thanks for the Love, Rebecca. You are amazing and if I am ever on your coast, I'd like to buy you a drink or seven. (psst we can smoke cigs too...shhhh)

Lil Muse Lily | 7:55 AM

Hi! it's my first time here. through moms are for everyone.

love your style. love your door.
Fable is too cute. and i love her name.


Anonymous | 1:30 PM

Spoken in a whining, New Jersey accent::
"Come here, Fay-belle! Mommy's gonna take some pick-tures of ha-self. Do you wanna dress up pretty, like Mommy?"
Fable screams and writhes.
"I said commere, dammit! Now look what cha did. Ya tore my hose! My hose from Barneys that I paid fifty dollahs for!"
Swats child. Puffs angrily on cigarette

Amanda | 2:50 PM

I find it absolutely pathetic that anonymous (1:30) comes back here time after time with the same tired ass rhetoric. Are you a jealous ex of some sort? Did your Cheerios get a little extra soggy today? Because I've personally seen the same "New Jersey" diss you try and spout out over at Babble and on here and seriously? At least be more inventive and have the balls to post your name. Again, in a word- PATHETIC.

Margie | 5:08 PM

My favorite black heels are the sisters to your Michael Kors flats - they have the same studs and holes, but the heels are skinny and the toes are pointy with just a hint of toe cleavage. I've had them re-tipped and they're still going strong. They make me feel powerful and sexy, and I hope they last forever. It's so fun to see the flats and what a different feeling the same materials have in a different shape. Love the styles, and thank you as always!

Anonymous | 7:19 PM

Ok - here's my contribution in honor of Halloween.

My daughter's Frida costume (yes, she let me give her a unibrow):


And the outfit I chose to match the theme. This dress is vintage. The tag says, "Xavier's, Tijuana Mexico, 1962":


Amanda | 8:17 PM

Halloween in Tucson-


jennifert | 9:09 PM

So fun. Thanks for this!

Anonymous | 12:58 AM

you look FAB! i'm always proud of myself when i put a good outfit together and i think there is NOTHING wrong with taking pics and sharing your creation. nice work :-)

Anonymous | 1:05 AM

also, cynthia, your daughter's frida costume is amazing! love, love, love :-)

Liz | 12:12 PM

Halloween special (since it wasn't an elaborate costume):



I love the striped top/long skirt/flats combo. Chic, comfortable perfection! I want the whole outfit.

I did stripes, too (again).


Cozy, with a touch of superhero. (Superheroes wear fuchsia, right?)


I feel like I'm spamming your comments with all these Fall Fashion posts!

Here's the weekend: Saturday randomness and "date night" Sunday.


These are amazing! And thanks, Amanda. My crazy trolls are getting crazy-trollier by the day. Am going to have to start moderating again.

In the meantime, keep your fab coming, ladies! Loving all your wears this week!

Katherine | 8:18 AM

So inspired by all the awesome wears that I did another. Thanks!


findingmagnolia | 12:23 PM

Nola Zinash and I have some election day style for you, though you can't see much more of her than her shoes. You'll notice I'm sporting my "I Voted" sticker to really ramp up the style. http://www.flickr.com/photos/marymuses/5140676904/

Unknown | 12:52 PM

Im usually pretty shy about posting pics of myself on the interwebs. But I got over it.



So cute, Katherine! Couldn't comment on your flickr stream but LOVE the layers.

mommymae | 1:46 PM

found on twitter. http://twitter.com/mommymae/status/29503867458

my usual uniform. i love it so. jeans and a tank, until the weather turns

Liz | 3:42 PM

Okay, finally another outfit!


Abbey | 11:08 AM

Okay, you all look so fantastic. Here's my question: how do you keep your clothes in good condition with kids around? I have a 1 year old, and his velcro sneakers do a number on my sweaters. And the neck-hole of most of my shirts have been stretched out and stained from messy hands holding on tight. Jewelry, too, ends up in his mouth so I'm constantly thinking about choking hazards instead of style.

So how do you stylish ladies do it? Or do you just suck it up and consider it the price of avoiding mom jeans?

Liz | 2:27 PM

Final outfit: A dress! That I can nurse in!


I'll blog about the details later...

Tasha | 2:35 PM

Here's my only one (I got new boots!)..I can't seem to get my picture taken everyday and I have yet to master my camera's timer, lol.


Maybe I will still win those glasses...they are AWESOME.

k5brown | 6:32 PM

Here goes...


Anonymous | 7:34 PM

Managed to get in one more outfit!

Anonymous | 7:39 PM

Oops I forgot to leave a link with my comment.



Abbey - I think it totally depends on the age of your kids and what the daily plans are. I have a weird half work/half home schedule where there are some days I'm in park/playdate mode and others when I'm working and have to step up my game. One year olds are tough. I stopped wearing any jewelry at all when my kids were that age. But once they get past that stretching/pulling/spitting up on everything stage, it's a whole lot easier to manage me thinks.

I think there's definitely a toddler-friendly attire and mine usually consists of jeans or leggings with boots and baggy stuff. Skirts and dresses are typically reserved for days when I'm (partially) my own. (At coffee shop writing, meetings, etc.)


Kila Bell | 9:37 PM

Am I too late??? Better late than never...