Portraits of the Artist(s kids)

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On this week's Momversation, we talk about posting photos of our kids. Something I clearly do. That being said, I have recently made private most of my flickr photos and will be posting few if any photos of Archer here anymore. Same will go for Fable when she's his age. I've explained my reasoning for wanting to do this and it has nothing to do with fear of pervs or weirdos but rather, respect for my kids' privacy once they're at the age when what is happening in their lives becomes, well, none of my business (to share, here). That's all me, though. We're all going in different directions trying to get to the same place. We all have different boundaries, life experiences, fears, foes and that's okay. At the same time, it's crucial me thinks to maintain a sense of humor about computerland and it's surreality, the fact that we're all kind of accessible, no mater how anonymous we think we are.

I do today what I feel is right for me and us right now, knowing that tomorrow that might change. On my blog. In my life. Marriage. Career. All of the above.
We put so much pressure on ourselves to be everything to everybody, fighting expectations with swords of insecurity, trying to protect what is impossible to.


Carry on, I say, no matter what you're carrying.
Instinct is stronger than fear, logic is greater than knowledge a
nd these pictures I took of Fable yesterday are WAY too cute not to share.
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(multiple hair clips, as always, were her idea)
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Ensemble is Nicole Miller + ballet flats are Nordstrom. Clips are listed, here.


Andygirl | 11:19 AM

as always, I enjoy your point of view. and I'm not a mom yet but I suspect that when I am, as a blogger, I'll take a similar stance. :)

avb | 2:27 PM

Please Fedex Fable to me in that outfit. Complete with food-stained mouth. I will make sure she gets the rest of her shots and I will send her back to you and Hal when she hits the teen years.

verdemama | 2:58 PM

I totally stand behind your decision about respecting your kids' privacy past a certain age (although I disagree that what happens in their lives is none of your business... I think it's very much your business, but perhaps none of OUR business). I will likely do the same once my young'uns are of a certain age.


Touche, verdemama. I meant my business to share with mostly strangers, because you're right, what they do is TOTALLY my business. Obviously. :)

Cave Momma | 7:40 PM

I completely agree with your take on their privacy and I love it. My blog is private, only for family and good friends but I do plan on cutting pictures and stories way back once they are about Archer's age. Just enough info to keep everyone in the loop (some are in other parts of the country) but only those that they are ok with.

And LOVE Fable as always!

tricia | 9:10 PM

love the shoes!

Mo | 6:35 AM

Ha--My little girl does the many many hair clips too. More hair doodads=more pretty.


(I sincerely hope that I can talk her out of this philosophy when she starts wearing makeup in ten or so years...)

Nikki | 12:26 PM

Love Fable's leggings. I want a pair in adult size!

annie | 1:27 PM

I think it is really wonderful to share the experience of childhood like this. I am really enjoying your blog, and how sad would this world be if everyone were too scared to talk about, document, and celebrate childhood? I'm curious- how did you arrive at this point to stop including your older son? School? His awareness?


I thought that kindergarten was a good marker. Archer is a relatively private person who is very self-aware and there's a difference between me writing about my experiences as his mother vs his experiences as a child. Those lines blur sometimes and I felt the time was right to let him live his life without me trying to prophesize on his behalf. xo

Anonymous | 6:00 PM

i hope that someday i can have half the fashion sense that fable has. so young, yet already she is one of the great fashion icons....

brandi | 4:47 PM

Hello! I have never left you a comment and I love your blog! I have a 16 month old and she has (soon to be had) the little silver shoes that Miss Fable is wearing. Hers were a hand me down that someone gave us from Old Navy. My problem is they are her favorite shoes - she literally walks over, picks them up and brings them over to me and sticks her feet out - she wears them so much there are now holes in the bottom and they are getting too small - - - -which brings me to my actual question and reason for writing - - where did you find them???? I have been looking everywhere for replacements.