Gone Style: Barrettes for Babes

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I recently did a little shopping for some new hair clips for Fable. These suckers very quickly disappear into the cushions of life but I've managed to keep at least half of them alive and well. The rest of them? Are wandering in godknowswhere with all our long lost socks. All good. Barrettes are fair-weathered like that but I don't care. I can't get enough of them. For Archer it was pageboy hats I collected with wild abandon. For Fable it's been lovely little hair clips. Adored and adorable. The more the merriest. Behold:

Fawn Barrette purchased at Uff Da! Designs:
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Pinwheel Barrettes purchased at Gracie's Goodies:
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Multi-colored felt barrettes purchased at EttaRose:
Bee barrette purchased at Mikis Clips:
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Perfect Poppy barrette purchased from: Uff Da! Designs
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Or, if you will, all of the above:
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Any great barrette finds that you've stumbled upon lately? Etsy shops of friends'? Your own?

Lend me your links, ye barrette-lovers!


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Jessica | 5:41 PM

My little girl was born with a ridiculous amount of hair. When she was six-ish months old, another mommy with a one-year-old asked me how I got her to keep those precious bow barrettes in her hair. Answer: Baby's arms could not reach the top of her head yet.

Now that my child is a 15-month-old wild hair monster, she will not keep any of those adorable clips in. I have to give her the fountain-style ponytail or (on a good day) pigtails. She manages to tolerate these adorable headbands though:
Bonus points to this company as my baby girl is the toddler model with the wavy brown hair! :-)

emily bilbrey | 6:56 PM

i'm so honored to have my clips adorning fable's lovely hair! the pics of her with the clip collage in her hair made me giggle. (; thank you for giving me some fun to etsy shops to check out! you are amazing. LOVE!

Unknown | 9:39 PM

My 11-month-old has had hair since she was born so I started making her felt clips. Then, I started selling them on Etsy at http://craftyluci.etsy.com. Love Fable's head full of clips, so cute!!

lesloo | 4:46 AM

Dearest GGC --

This isn't barrette related, but since it's a style file i feel like i can cheat a bit. I'm off to LA for a business trip, my first time there since I was a wee one. Any suggestions for great shopping (preferably thrift/on the cheap)??? You've always got the look.

Hilary | 6:28 AM

Oh this makes me hope I have a girl! These are adorable!

Marie-Ève | 6:50 AM

Really, really cute! Here's to hoping my daughter is born with hair... Will definitely visit's Emily's shop.

Katy F-H | 6:54 AM

those enchiladas were amazing! we made them without the sour cream (didn't have any). But they were so good.

Dawn Myers | 7:30 AM

Those are too cute! I wish my 2 year old would let me put barrettes in her hair! She pulls them out the instant they touch her head. I am about to cave and cute her bangs as it is now constantly in her eyes!

Katya | 7:38 AM

Briar Claire! (on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/briarclaire). Her stuff is SO amazingly adorable, I buy it for all my friends' daughters!

Ashley | 8:16 AM

I have a friend who just very recently opened up a shop on Etsy


Her stuff is so cute and adorable :)

Angelica | 9:20 AM

I have a blog friend who recently added crochet barrettes to her business: http://www.hookedonyouhats.com/category_15/Hair-Accessories-Blossoms.htm

and another that makes cute hair clips here:

Danielle | 9:20 AM

If you're ever looking for something a bit more flashy, my dear friend Kimberly has an Etsy shop as well: http://www.etsy.com/shop/annaspetiteboutique.

Very cute, very frou frou, VERY well priced:D

misspops | 10:00 AM

I just found those for my Nina, one yeaar old http://www.etsy.com/shop/babybowblingnthings .
By the way, she is born in October 2009, and I found your blog when I got pregnant. I was desperately seeking a model of someone young who stayed "cool" through parenting. I ordered your book (I was about 2 months pregnant and really scared...) i read it in 2 days and felt so much better...
I like your blog and I wish you good luck with your future book's projects.
- Im French so excuse my english:)
Marie from Montreal

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz | 10:20 AM

I wish my daughter would let me put ANYTHING in her hair! I've tried barrettes, headbands, ponytails... they all get pulled out immediately! It sucks cause she's 1 1/2, i.e. mullet stage! I guess I'll just have to accept that I am raising a minnie Joe Dirt.

Anonymous | 10:23 AM

LOVE THE PINWHEELS!! My daughter was born with a black 5-inch tall early 80s pixie cut standing atop her head so hair clips have been a reality for her since infancy. Thanks for sharing the links!

Anonymous | 10:24 AM

Hey Rebecca love your blog, been following for 2 years!'
I am doing some research, could you please help out?



Thanks so much for the links, all! And Lesloo, may I ask where in LA you're staying? And what kind of shopping are you looking to get into? Jeans? Dresses? Vintage costume-y?

lesloo | 12:12 PM

Staying in West Hollywood, working out of Santa Monica. Definitely looking for either unique/designer castoffs or fun everyday dresses/tops. Nothing too fancy, expensive or girly. What I really need are some beat up motorcycle boots, but I don't think I'll want to fly those back to NYC when I can find them here!

thanks, mama!



Cool! Check out Fairfax + La Brea for great shopping especially in the land of thriftage. Fairfax High has a swap-meet on sundays where you'll find cool stuff. There's good shopping on Larchmont (a new store called Library is pretty awesome and Noni, when they have sales.) I also love SLOW on Melrose and Jet Rag is a good time, too. Good luck and enjoy your stay here!

Tina | 3:43 PM

I am looking to get into the adorable felt barrettes but so far have not found the time! Lot's of bows and little clippies on alligator clips or snap clips though...among other things :)
LOVE your blog, it's always the first I go to when I have free time, which is rare with a two year old, preschool and a website to run ;)

Tina | 3:44 PM

The link would be helpful haha

Jen @ Dietplaid | 7:39 PM

I loooove barrettes!
I saw one somewhere on the internets of a purple felt kittie face on a clip. So cuuuuuute!

etta | 8:55 PM

thank you for including my barrettes! so happy to see them well loved!

Anonymous | 9:32 PM

Merci bow coup on etsy! Sister of a friend and they are awesome.

Anonymous | 12:35 AM

I just found the most darling shop ever for bows, it is louandlee.etsy.com...so cute, I think you will love it!

Anonymous | 5:50 AM

These are adorable too:

Pammy Dawn | 9:35 AM

My friend told me about your post and suggested I post my shop! Your collection is adorable - especially when worn all at once! Here is my clippy shop: http://pammydawn.etsy.com

Claire | 5:45 PM

My friend Kristen makes super cute hair clips and other neat things out of felt, like wreathes and pillows. She has just started making these little pacifier clips that look like iPhones and iPods. So cute! Here's her shop:

Kate | 10:00 PM

Some moms don't get to put one clip in their baby girl's hair without a fight. You hit the clip amenable jackpot.

Here's a few one of a kind clips on Etsy:


mommymae | 10:18 PM

i should have put barrettes on miss thang's hair when she was a day old. i've made some really cute ones & she refuses. her shoulder-length hair needs to be tamed in the front, but she just musses it back 'in place' if i try to sweep it back. i won't cut bangs since she has a few mean cowlicks. those barrettes are tres adorable.

Anonymous | 10:04 PM

love all of fables clips and all of the links.

etsy is such an awesome place to find unique and inexpensive hair clips.

this shop has super cute ones, but they are closed for a little while.


here is a link to my shop. i don't have a ton in-stock right now but i have some in the works. if you are ever in fullerton there is a shop called otto that sells my clips too.