Fable's (Split) Second (of a) Year

Fable and Hal, on Fable's birthday

It's been a whole year since I made one of these suckers and it wasn't until Friday night, hours before Fable turned two that I decided to see if I could throw together a last-minute celebratory "Fable Film" for oldtimes sake...

It's a lot easier to select pictures from a month's worth of images than an entire year, hence the delay in posting this. Trying to choose even a hundred images from thousands of them is an impossibility. Originally, this video was over thirteen minutes long and that was before I'd even made it to February of 2010. I took over ten-thousand pictures this year because clearly I'm an insane person. But also because it goes. so. fast and cameras seem to. pause. time. And in a way, they absolutely do.

So many changes occur between a first and second birthday and looking back at pictures of Fable barely standing, (Fable, like Archer, didn't walk until she was seventeen-months) practically bald, I can only imagine that this time next year I'll be banging my head against the wall same as I did tonight, remembering all the wonderful things and times I apparently forgot.

One would think that blogging about milestones and moments would make them hold stay in one's memory but it isn't so, not for me anyway. This is why, even though I should have been asleep hours ago (which means I am in big trouble and very grounded.) I'm grateful I got to spend some alone time tonight with the many faces of my tiny lady friend. Sunshine personified, she is.

Behold, a lengthy nod to a split-second of a year with Miss Fable Luella:

Happy Birthday, dear Fable, to you, two you....


You are adored.


*musical credit: Sunday Morning by: The Velvet Underground


eskimojo | 1:17 AM

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the shot of the two of them asleep! Absolutely adorable.

Happy birthday, Fable!

Grumble Girl | 6:25 AM

Happy Birthday, Dear Fable... it just get better and better and better! Have fun!!

spokeit | 7:26 AM

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

P.S. You know what I love about the Inter-webs? That I'm tearing up over here thinking "how could she already be two?" and I've never even met her.

Polly | 8:46 AM

Can you please please please please be my baby stylist??? These onsies and Yentil moments are not cutting it!

Anonymous | 8:58 AM

What a great video, what a sweet tribute from a very loving mama :) The birthday girl is such a cutie!

PopMommy Pam | 10:03 AM

Happy Birthday to your Fable! And, wow, is she the best dressed little girl on the planet or what? So loving all the dresses and outfits. What a cutie pie.

jo laugerman | 10:27 AM

So sweet. :) Looks exactly like her momma!

kip | 11:40 AM

such a perfect video, so beautifully happy children. happy birthday to fablela!

AmyDanel | 12:10 PM

over 10,000 pictures, wow!! Any secrets or tips on storage and organization?

Jessica | 12:17 PM

What a sweet post! Happy birthday to Miss Fable! Your pictures are incredible.

BTW--I love all of her handmade dresses! I have been inspired to dust off my old sewing machine and get to work!

clueless but hopeful mama | 12:45 PM

In that first picture, with the back of Fable's head and shoulders?? Fable could be 25. FREAKY.

Lovely post. Happy Birthday Fable.

wonderchris | 1:16 PM

WOW, it is amazing how much can happen in a year. She has changed so much. I understand the 10,000+ pictures!!

Happy Birthday, sweet Fable!

I completely agree with @ clueless but hopeful mama - that pic over her shoulders looking at Hal is like her wedding day or something. He is beaming with pride at how grown up his little girl has become. Sooo sweet.

Anonymous | 1:23 PM

Happy Birthday Fable!

My son would like to visit you in CA. Even if he doesn't know you personally.


Unknown | 2:04 PM

Happy 2nd Birthday to Fable and to her mama, too!

She's so photogenic. I would have had a hard time narrowing it down, too. I will have a hard time when I make Q's 2nd year photobook. You're getting me all emotional per usual.

Margie | 6:28 PM

Happy Birthday Fable! Thanks for sharing with us, great video. Looks like you had a beautiful year.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, all! Much love!

Ashley Parker, 2008 Class Reporter | 8:16 PM

Oh my gosh I have tears. This was so cute! She is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Fable!!


AmyD - I recently had to replace the HD in my computer because I used all the space. I also have a removable HD and store there, too, so no, unfortunately, no advice! I'm a total hoarder when it comes to my HD. Eesh.

GingerB | 12:38 AM

She is just so very lovely.

I think this explains why I had no photo montage for my daughter who turned two a month ago. I can't imagine how much time it would take to narrow down the pictures, between all the tears and Kleenex breaks.

Anonymous | 7:43 AM

Happy Birthday, Fable! Great song pick, btw :)

Sarah | 4:40 PM

Happy Birthday to Fable

that first picture makes me want to cry ... she could be so much older in that picture .. I hope your hubby cherishes his daughter always! My step-daughter (whom I've known since 2 and lived with since 3) turned 17 TODAY! It's bitter sweet you know .. she's almost and adult. Enjoy you little one!

Sorry you're down in the dumps today - make that time for the Apple-picking - pull your son out of school if you have to .. soooooo worth it!! Will be good for your soul!!! DO IT!!!

mommymae | 7:58 AM

happy-5-days-after-your-birthday! amazing how much she resembles archer when she talks.

here's to year 3.

findingmagnolia | 3:46 AM

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Fable from Nola Zinash in Ethiopia. We wish her many more beautiful years. Happy, happy, happy!