Fable, Age One. Until Tomorrow.

So long, one. It's been real.



samantha | 9:34 PM

I love her little Chuck Taylors. Kiddie feet in Chucks are the best.
The pictures of the two of you together were adorable!

-A | 9:44 PM

Aww! She is SO precious. I bet two will be a great year in your house!

emily bilbrey | 9:45 PM

AMAZING pictures, as usual! happy last day of year one to beautiful fable! i found your blog when you were around 3 months pregnant with her - right before i found out i was expecting myself! it's been a lovely journey following along as you'd share outfits you'd found for her, post growing belly shots from your bedroom, and finally the day we got to see miss sunshine on her birth day post. i can hardly believe she's turning TWO! wow!

amazing job on that kid, mama. seriously - she's pure joy. and i'm thrilled to see she loves her deer clip! (;

xoxoxo! happy birthday fable lu!

GingerB | 10:29 PM

She is just so lovely, I am always so pleased when your blog post has Fable pictures! My wee Hannah is just one month older, so I relate to where the state of her mind is - I loved the pictures of her hugging you. Nothing makes me happier than when I am rocking Hannah to sleep and she sits up just to hug and kiss and pat my face softly. I love, love, love this age. Happy two, Fabes!

Lindsey | 4:14 AM

um... I love the mini bag lady shopping cart

My Bottle's Up! | 6:25 AM

what personality!!!

happy birthday, sweet fable. may all of your days be as precious as you.

well done, mama. xo!

Karen Chatters | 7:36 AM

Happy birthday beautiful girl!!

Anonymous | 8:18 AM

Fable and I share the same birthday! Happy Birthday Fable!

Kendra | 8:23 AM

Happy Birthday Fable! My daughter turned 4 today and I love the way you documented the end of 1. Wish I had thought of that yesterday.

Ashley | 8:42 AM

You may have said before, but where is your brown bag from? I love it!

Andygirl | 11:57 AM

Happy Birthday, Fable!

Anonymous | 12:02 PM

this is off topic, but where did you get that purse in the first few photos? i love it!

Tanya @ Life in 3Ds | 2:47 PM

It's the chubby hands that always get me...I was thinking as I scrolled through...Yep, she looks more like two, but then I saw the hands. Melt.

Anonymous | 3:24 PM

And though she be but little, she is fierce!

Anonymous | 4:37 PM

I love her little shoes! And I can't believe she's getting so oooold! Two cool!

Mama Cas | 5:52 PM

Oh! I love those chubby little hands. So sweet! Happy Birthday, Fable!

Little Miss Moi | 9:06 PM

Dear Rebecca. Beautiful photos. Happy-birthday-for-tomorrow Fable! My daughter was born exactly a month before Fable, and I've been a reader of your blog since the start of my (our?!) pregnancy (I think I found you by googling 'just found out I am pregnant and freaking out about how this will impinge in my social life', or some such), and I've just loved watching Fable growing up (in a totally non-scary-blog-voyeur way, hopefully). And comparing her wonderful fashion with my little Sprog's.

All the best to the whole fam for happy celebrations tomorrow!

Loran | 9:06 PM

Where does the time go? I can't believe she is two already. Adorable, beautiful and obviously wise and loving.

Milou's Mama | 9:31 PM

Happy Birthday Fabes!

Cave Momma | 9:33 AM

Aw, I love these! My daughter just turned 3 and my son will turn 2 on the 11th (we had their party yesterday) so this post is near and dear to my heart right now. I have loved this last year but we are ready for the next.

LindaB | 9:40 AM

LOVE the pics! Happy Birthday Fable and enjoy the Terrific Two's!!

Boston Mamas | 1:20 PM

What. a. LOVE. Happy birthday Fable, and congrats to you mama!

Amanda | 5:37 PM

She is such a doll. So gorgeous. Happy Birthday, Fable!


Thank you, all. :)

Adrianne | 10:53 AM

Is she really tall for two or is that just the perspective of the pictures? It's been fun watching her grow this last year! Thanks for sharing her with us:)