Halloween in Photos (Part One)

Fable went as Olivia:
(costume homemade by: WWW)
makeup by: Fable
She wore her ears the entire night.
...And made plenty of mischief with Robot Archer (who made much of his own costume, btw):
Tricks and treats were had by all.
...Our Halloween 'twas was a ball.

Happy Halloween!!! Hope yours was lovely.



Rachel | 10:54 PM

So precious, Rebecca!
Olivia is one of my kids favorite book series and one of the family's favorite new series to watch.
We have all the dolls, all the books and love the sassiness ;-)

I adore Fable's costume, perfect!
Archer -- LOVE. i love homemade costumes, they share so much about the person who made them!!!

bohomamasoul | 11:11 PM

Okay, Fable's Olivia costume is so rad, I can't even stand it. Henry LOVES Olivia, and I do as well. And props go to Archer for being so key to the creation of his own killer Robot costume. Your kids are going to be stylish and creative...they might be the coolest people ever.

Anonymous | 6:57 AM

And I'm sure she "really wears you out, but you love her anyway..." to quote Olivia's mom. She's too, too cute.

tvchiq :) | 7:16 AM

hey...I love your blog...great Halloween costumes for the kids....

ps...I think I remember this from past pix...check this out...


lcheck out #14...isn't that you??

tvchiq :) | 7:17 AM

err...check out #14...sorry

Alex | 7:33 AM

Aww Fable looks adorable. And Archer is rather handsome as a robot.

Kim | 7:39 AM

The costumes turned out super cute! Homemade costumes are the best.

Amanda | 7:52 AM

Oh my god! That fourth and fifth picture of Fable- bonkers amazing! And Archer looks like he's two minutes away from high school. It's nice to see him pop into family pictures here and there.

You guys are amazing!

Did you and Hal dress up?

Circus Daily | 8:03 AM

Great Costumes...Love both of them. Olivia is such a cute show with a cute catchy song that sticks with you.

I checked out your last link with the 50 worst sesame costumes. It wasn't bad, it was cute. Last night we ran into a rather large man dressed as a Double D bra...now that's scary.

Enjoy the candy aftermath


Those are some fantastic costumes. Fable looks completely adorable - the Olivia books are the best. And I love that Archer made his own costume! Such a cool kid.

I can't wait to see what you and Hal cooked up. (I'm not sure how you'll top last year!)

Cave Momma | 8:29 AM

LOVE!!! We love "Olivia" over here and that costume was adorable! And Archer's was super cool. I love homemade costumes (even though I have a craptastic creative gene that doesn't allow for those awesome costumes). Y'all are the coolest EV.ER!


Hal and I did indeed dress up. With a vengeance, we did.

Posting pics of Hal's and my costumes later today. I uploaded a whopping 300 photos last night and it's going to take me a minute to figure out which ones I'm posting. This year topped last year, if only for Hal's facial expressions. More soon!

And thanks, guys! Fable's in love with the Olivia books and so am I. Such a fantastic character, she is and my mom did such a killer job with the costume. It was so much fun!

Meghan | 8:48 AM

I am not sure if they could be any cuter than they are. And I love that Archer made his costume.

Liz Miller | 9:49 AM

Ooh!!! Terrific costumes!!

Mymsie | 10:09 AM

Making it Lovely's little Eleanor went as Olivia too: http://makingitlovely.com/2010/10/31/happy-halloween-from-olivia/ Both very sweet! :)

Mymsie | 10:10 AM

P.S. Forgot to make that a link. Sorry! http://makingitlovely.com/2010/10/31/happy-halloween-from-olivia/


Ahhh! Thanks for sharing, Mymsie! Eleanor looked AMAZING! Too cute!

Shauna (Fido and Wino) | 12:10 PM

Happy Halloween! Too cute! :)

Unknown | 12:20 PM

I love that Archer was a robot and that he made the costume himself! So awesome. We have a bit of a robot obsession at our house, so that is sure to be a future costume. Crossing my fingers that Q makes it himself, too.

Fabe as Olivia is beyond adorable, too.

Can't wait to see your and Hal's costumes!

Andygirl | 1:12 PM

so precious!

ERIN | 1:14 PM

your kids are so adorable... such cute costumes.

Living Treasures | 3:01 PM

Great Costumes...I love homemade costumes!!

guarros | 7:35 PM

This is fantastic! Adorable, amazing. OH how I love homemade costumes. Argh and Olivia? It's one of our favorites!

Lauren | 1:46 AM

This world is crazy small. I was just looking at Halloween photos on a friend's facebook page. Most of them are just shots of him and his Hollywood friends dressed in awesome costumes. And there's one shot of some tick-or-treaters....and there's Archer! I did a double take, like, Dude. I know that robot.

lisafoose | 10:50 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oliva costume!!

L | 7:15 PM

Maybe it's just me, but Archer totally reminds me of Fox Mulder. Gorgeous kiddos, both of 'em.

emily bilbrey | 9:17 PM

so completely sweet! i love you guys! happy halloween! (:

Ray | 10:11 PM

Too freakin' cute! Archer & Fable. Love their costumes. And I also love Fable's pout face. Adorable. It's too much to resist. ;o)