Can't Spell "Halloween" Without "Hal"

Halloween? Is our thing. Er, it's my thing and Hal, good sport as he is, goes along for the ride. We had several ideas for this year's Halloween costume. Big Edie and Little Edie (actually, that idea was for Fable and me but I decided she'd be happier dressed as someone she knew and loved. You're welcome, Fable.), Mr. & Mrs. Justin Bieber, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler from the animal-crackers-on-belly-scene in Armageddon.... annnnnd the list goes on.

It wasn't until THIS happened that we finally made our decision. I literally called Hal three seconds after reading about the K- Pelmo controversy and said, "THIS is our Halloween costume!" and Hal said, "YES."

We didn't even have to discuss who would dress up as whom. That's what (almost!) six years of marriage will do to a couple of freaks. And yes, Best Week Ever we are freak-to-the-deak.
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Elmo kissed a girl and he totally fucking LOVED it. But then Katy wanted to play dress-up which was NOT Elmo's deal AT. ALL. That's when shit got totally weird.
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"Elmo! Don't you want to PLAAAAY!"
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"YES, Katy! I want to play! Yes."
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"But where are your dress up clothes?"
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"What do you mean? I totally whore dress up clothes'!"
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"Uh-oh. Elmo made a typo! I meant WORE..."
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"You WHAT!!!???"
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"So-reeeeee. Elmo belong in the naughty chair?"
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"Yes, Elmo. Hold on, I'll chase you there!"
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The End.
Wait! Your socks are showing = BANNED!
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Just kidding. Your socks are lovely. And always welcome here!
P.S. Keep on keepin' on, Katy Perry. You inspire wonderful shenanigans.

P.P.S. Can't spell "marital bliss" without "Hal" either. Hal, you're the best.
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avb | 4:45 PM

Cramazing! You guys rock! xo

Danielle (elleinadspir) | 4:46 PM

Love it! You guys look great. We had planned to go as Genivive and DC from Choo Choo Soul, but didn't end up doing it. And if by chance you haven't seen chop choo soul...look it up on YouTube. You'll die. It lies halfway between a kids show and an act that could turn stripper fun any moment.

Maile | 4:49 PM

Oh mahgawd! Hal is totes halarious. You sure picked a good man to get knocked up by. I don't think I could ever get my husband/babies daddy to wear a dress


Made. My. DAY! I lovers yous both.

Peach | 4:54 PM

amazing. fabulous. gives me hope for marriage.

guarros | 4:57 PM

Amazing. I got my husband to wear tights (they were thigh highs - but I think he's still scared) for the good of photos this year. Peter Pan... you wouldn't believe HOW hard it is to find a pair of green tights that would fit a big guy. I carted him around - me as Wendy, girl as Tinkerbell, dog as Nana. Thought the pics would be hilarious. THOUGHT I found a secluded part of the park. You can ask the random on lookers... not so secluded but hilarious. Holiday cards this year? Will be worth it.

These pictures are awesome!

Jessica Gottlieb | 4:59 PM


Liz | 4:59 PM

LOVE you guys!!

Janel | 5:01 PM

Is it super weird that the whole time I was reading this, I was thinking, "Man, I never really noticed but Hal is really hot!"?!?!

Jasie VanGesen | 5:01 PM

So meta it hurts. Good job, guys.

Unknown | 5:05 PM

Oh goodness!! This is MORE than perfect. I am only jealous that we didn't think of this for Halloween!! My daughter would have flipped too since she loves Elmo and loves the song him and Katy do together ha ha You guys are great!

Liz | 5:06 PM

SO FUNNY. You guys are so hilarious & awesome & without shame. I love it!

amanda h. | 5:12 PM

wow... i am just speechless. this is the best couples costume evahhh.

best week ever just has no idea. ;)

Unknown | 5:18 PM

I. Love. This.

Emily | 5:19 PM

So, so good. Is it sad to say the thing I was most excited about was seeing Hal wear TOMS? All three of my kids wore theirs out last night and they love them almost as much as I do.

L-Burt | 5:22 PM

AMAZING! Love love love you two!

Amanda | 5:27 PM

NO WAY! I was taking a shower two days before Halloween and thought- "I should've made a Katy Perry costume and Jack can be Elmo. Damnit!" This is too funny. You guys are awesome!

Amber | 5:31 PM

Freakin' awesome!

Jessica | 5:42 PM

absolutely hilarious

Anne | 5:53 PM

LOL awesome! I think Hal would make a great drag queen. I didn't know he was so hairy, hehehe :-D

AimeeDesiree | 6:09 PM

Best costume I've seen yet. Seriously!

Kristen | 6:31 PM

I saw your post with the kids today and was like BUT WHAT ABOUT YOURRRR COSTUMMMEEES.

As usual, you didn't disappoint. Though I'm pretty sure Hal won't ever make a living as a drag queen.

(Sorry Hal).

Susanlee | 6:53 PM

Wow, the amount of chest hair coming out of that leotard is totally disturbing. Primarily because it's coming out of the leotard...Awesome costumes!

Anonymous | 7:29 PM

this is HAL-larious!


Unknown | 7:32 PM

so this may sound odd, but it wasn't until this post that i realized how much fable looks like hal. i think it was the close up facial expressions.
or the chest hair.
hilariously adorable family you have here, rebecca.

Rogue Wild | 7:42 PM

HAhahaha you guys so rock!

Rachel | 7:50 PM

I love how you guys do couples' costumes! I need to show this to my husband...


Fable TOTALLY looks like Hal. Always has. And thank you. I don't think I ever loved Hal more than I did last night watching him rock the SHIT out of that costume, Fable in his lap, like it was nothing. Sigh.

Anonymous | 7:59 PM

Hal is the best sport ever. AWESOME costumes. :)

Bailey | 8:53 PM

My three-year old watched the video when the "controversy" was front and center, and seeing these photos tonight she totally requested it again. Awesome partnership, guys!

mommymae | 8:54 PM

oh, hal is such a sport. you guys rocked out with your socks out! ha!

Cave Momma | 9:08 PM

I'm sure you know this but you have the best husband EV.ER. Like, ever ever. And of course, you both rock for even thinking of this. LOVE IT!

Anonymous | 4:59 AM

Yes! I gave this idea to my girlfriend in London and they totally rocked it! Husbands dressed as Katy Perry just tickles my funny bone. :)

My Bottle's Up! | 6:29 AM

that must've been the FUNNEST night ever!

so fantastic, you two.


Kara | 6:31 AM

You guys are amazing. hahah love love love it.

Althea | 6:31 AM

Amazing. This lights up my life.

Hespyhesp | 6:59 AM

PURE genius! You husband is HALarious!

Sarah | 7:03 AM

If I saw Hal on the street I would be terrified.

Anonymous | 7:06 AM

love it! I agree- Hal is really good looking, and has a beautiful mouth.

Mo | 7:50 AM

Yes. Just. I love you.

Sydney | 8:01 AM

You know Katy Perry is responding to people on Twitter that have tweeted photos of their Katy Perry costumes, right? Per-lease tweet one of these to her.

Hal looks grrrrrrreat!

Jacki | 8:07 AM

Aah! That was my idea for our costumes too!!!! Except I was going to be Katy and he would be Elmo. Unfortunately my husband had to leave the day before Halloween, so there wasn't much celebrating here :(

You two look fantastic!

s|davis | 8:12 AM

Oh my gawd! Hilarious! You two are genius and rocked the costume's! ;)

Anonymous | 8:16 AM

Ha, you two are awesome! I can't get over how good Hal looks in a lime green dress with make up. And fire engine red is all you. <3


Emily - We're all up in the TOMS around here. I love me a man in TOMS. Insta-headturner.

Anon- Right? The dudes always get the wicket thick lips. And the eyelashes.

And Bailey - my kids are OBSESSED with the video, too. Fable asks to watch AT LEAST 7987894 times a day.

And totally going to look up Choo Choo Soul, Danielle. Thanks for the rec!

Bethany Bassett | 9:28 AM

This is guaranteed to bump you up from spot #14 to spot #1! Congratulations on the nightmare-inducing hilarity, guys. :)

Meghan | 9:49 AM

Holy hell, that is a laugh!

Glenda | 10:15 AM

Love it! you guys are so cute together! and Hal has gorgeous eyes! You guys ROCK! Keep doing what you're doing!!!!

Living Treasures | 10:17 AM


Missy | 10:23 AM

Boy is that friggen HILARIOUS!!!!! Hal is such a great sport!! Your costume was great too... GREAT JOB!!!!!

TexasBobbi | 11:22 AM

This is great.

Alex | 11:35 AM

That had me in hysterics! Hal kind of reminds me of Russel Brand the way his eyes are going all wonky too. Almost what their child would look like. LOL

Bekah | 11:58 AM

Well that was frightening!

Hilarious. But frightening.

Grumble Girl | 12:17 PM

You guys are hysterical. Oh, and your boyfriend is so pretty...

Unknown | 12:23 PM

You guys are awesome. Hilariously awesome.

Anonymous | 12:47 PM

My husband won't go in drag anymore. He has really good legs for it too!

I love your Halloween costumes!


Thanks guys!!!

Anonymous | 2:01 PM

yep. your husband is definitely a keeper.

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger | 2:51 PM


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 3:04 PM

I do not even know what to say. Except he looks GOOD and like he's having a LOT of fun dressing up like Katy... that is awesome.

My in-law's are really good friends with Katy's parents (heheh) that's all I have to say about that!


mrs.notouching | 3:09 PM

Oh My Gawd... I love you and your crazy head filled with the most crazy, amazing ideas! Tell Hal the green really brings out his bewbies.

Tammy | 3:39 PM

Fifth photo from the bottom is the best photo ever! You have an awesome husband lady.

Anonymous | 4:24 PM

Freaky hilarious!

Becka'sBanterings | 9:55 PM

I am grammaoffive on twitter, and you are cracking me the hell up tonight. Boner... hahahahahaha
If you were following me, I could have replied. but sadly, I had to just laugh at myself.

Thanks anyway, you are one funny person!

Thank you,
Rebecca, aka GrammaOfFive

sarah doow | 5:07 AM

Is it weird that I think Hal looks so great in makeup and a wig? You guys really do rock Halloween.

tweetsweet | 6:24 AM

Hal is amazingly like a combo of Katy Perry and Russell Brand what with the outfit and the chest hair/cleavage combination.....

Anonymous | 1:09 PM

That was FABULOUS!

Kelley | 1:26 PM

Wow, thats funny. Your dud is a good sport!

bohomamasoul | 1:14 AM

That's more than hilarious. In fact, I have NO WAY to tell you how hard I laughed when I saw these pictures. Well, I'm 35 weeks pregnant so I peed a little...that's how good this was!

You are the awesomest of the awesome, miss :)

christie | 5:53 AM

rebecca i love your costumes!!! i can never think of good costumes :( i love halloween but tired of cheesy year can you help me?!?

Ray | 10:20 PM

OMG!!!! Hal's second year cross dressing! LOL, I LOVE it! Awesome costumes. So creative. =P You guys ROCK! =D

Molly | 10:07 PM

I would love to be your next door neighbors. Because looking out my kitchen window and seeing you guys dressed up as Elmo and Katy Perry, running around in your front yard while shooting pictures of it would have made me laugh my face right straight off.

jess; [the bottle chronicles] | 11:27 AM

I died, laughing. You guys rock.