Gone Style: Good Wear Days (Week Four)

Fable's makeup c/o herself
Happy Thursday, friends and strangers! Thanks, once again for participating in Good Wear Days. Super excited to announce the winner of last week's Ellington clutch giveaway (chosen, as always, via random.org) who rocked THIS lovely little number this week and lived to tell the tale.

Congrats to you, Sarah! Enjoy your clutch in good health, lady! (And please email me so we can get you sorted, yes?) And to all of you who participated this week, thank you! So many amazing looks! You rule.

This week I have ANOTHER exciting giveaway (I know, right? It's like Hanukkmas for real) and the usual round-up-snaps of some this week's wears.
shoes: 80/20
jeans: J Brand
tee: Alexander Wang (Barney's Co-Op)
jacket: Arden B (thanks, Kendra!)
Bird ("F" for Fable) + Bee ("A" for Archer) necklace: Julia Failey.
shoes: nicole
leggings: American Apparel
long dude's blouse-thing: Fluxus
Jacket: Betsey Johnson circa 2000
Mia Tote c/o Ellington
(ED: Going to be giving this bag away very soon! Cute, right? Stay tuned!)
sunglasses: dita
boots: thrifted
leggings: American Apparel
sweater dress: Moth for Anthro
white tank: Hanes
jacket: Madchen/Anthro
(goodbye, jacket!)
(welcome back... et!)
shirt: French Connection (wore when pregs with Fable)
vest: hand me down from my dad
(ED: original vest buttons replaced by those found at fabric store.)
jeans: cheap monday
boots: jeffrey campbell
misc jewelry = misc places
denim military jacket: found at an obscure boutique in Boulder, CO circa '06
dress: Mike & Chris (sample sale)
purse: Navoh
sunglasses: Dita
Moccasin Boots*: Minnetonka c/o Langston's Western Wear
*which also happen to be this week's giveaway! Woohoo! Get your hands up!
Wantchoo some of these fab Minnetonka Moccasin boots? Thanks to the awesome peeps at Langston's Western Wear, one winner will get to choose a pair (any pair you like!) from here. Fabulous, yes?
To win? Just link this week's #goodweardays in the comments below (If you're new here, you can check this post for more info). As always, one winner will be picked via random.org next Wednesday night and posted on next Thursday's Good Wear Days post! Each outfit = one comment = one entry. (You can post as many entries as you wear outfits this week.)

Good luck, happy dressing and thank you, Langstons!


Style Blog of the Week: Models off Duty

*Langston's = offering you guys $15 off for orders over $100 with coupon code = girlsgonechild - exp 11/20.


Marianne | 4:01 AM

Do you know I have a childhood fantasy of owning Minnetonkas? It's true. First thing I bought my daughter.

Anyway, here are some blurry, exhausted photos of a new dress: http://looksgoodfromtheback.blogspot.com/2010/11/marianne-twinz.html

Pee Ess--love this weeks outfit's in particular. xx

Althea | 5:11 AM

Dude. DUUUUUDE. Coat samesies:http://altheasplaceforthings.blogspot.com/2010/10/dressy-mcdresserson.html

Well, sort of. I think this one is Betsey from like...2004. I am totally wearing that jacket today.

kim {the non-mom blogger} | 6:25 AM

I'm so excited you are doing this!!! I absolutely love your style :) I link to another blog every Wednesday...I'll be popping over here now, too.

Here are my travel garbs:



Clare | 7:05 AM

Love this whole weekly wear idea. Keep 'em coming!


Anonymous | 7:30 AM

The cuteness.....it burns. IN LOVE with that yellow dress!! AND THE COAT, THE COAT?!!


Here's my little black dress edition


Zan | 7:37 AM

So here's the real question: You clearly had style before you were a grownup-married-with-kids. What about those of us who never had the style to begin with? Those of us who always looked like we were hit with the FASHION, NO! stick?

I am jealous of your effortless cool :)

The Mommy | 8:55 AM

I need to know the color of the red lipstick you are wearing! Great style inspiration.

Anonymous | 9:03 AM


Lauren | 9:53 AM

I LIVED in Minnetonkas growing up. Seriously. This is a Big Day. Nothing else could move me to take a photo of my bleary-eyed, zebra-striped self.


Cardi by Tahari (that sounds like Tardy for the Party and I like it), dress by Heidi Klum for Pea in da Pod (note to everyone: they make great maxi dresses even if you aren't pregs), necklace by Old Navy clearance rack. Not pictured: short black uggs. Gross.

Note: I am a curator at a historic house. That is not my actual home.

Anonymous | 10:21 AM

just for perspective... how tall are you and approx weight? love the red boots!

wonderchris | 10:54 AM

That giraffe print coat is AWESOME!!!

You've got style, girl!!

Elizabeth | 11:04 AM

Geez, lady, it is official that I need to steal some clothes from you. I love the Arden B. leather jacket. I have been looking for a fitted brown leather jacket for months now. Yours is perfect. And I am super drawn to animal prints right now (though own nothing in them...how sad, right?) and love love love your Betsey jacket.
I feel like I need to do some serious shopping before showing off my weekly wears. Please don't stop doing this segment...I've gotta get myself organized and contribute!!
Keep rockin' those looks! This was my favorite week so far!

lonek8 | 11:04 AM

the whole outfit with that Ellington bag and the patterned coat has me DYING from love! Also, the denim military jacket is gorgeous.

here are my efforts this week:



but don't pick me - I don't want to use up all my luck until I get a chance for that Mia bag!!

L.A. Stylist Mom | 11:04 AM

You? Stupid cute. x

Katherine | 11:34 AM

Love every outfit this week. Great! My little one has the boots. Would love to match him..in an adult kind of way :)
Here are my two efforts this week:



thanks again!!

EazilyAmuzed | 11:38 AM

Seriously Stylin' Mama!! Do you live in LA? XOXO Kelley

Veronica | 12:17 PM

Not as cute as anything you do, but I kinda like it :)


Anonymous | 12:18 PM

I'm curious. Are you continually mixing and matching, like do you wear a lot of "never worn before" combinations? Or do you find a combination and kind of go with it for a while? And then how long is that while? My take is that you seem continually creative, even though your closet may have particular items that have been around for a while. Love the outfits and ideas!! -- Maya


First of all - whoa, you guys are awesome. Thank you and can't wait to see what you're all wearing today! FUN!

THE MOMMY - Red lipstick is "delilah" from Stila.

Anonymous - I'm 5'8, 140 pounds.

Yes, Easily Amused, I live in LA. And thank you!

Maya - Always mix and match - the stuff in this is mainly old stuff from ten years ago, five years ago? I try to mix it up every day if possible. Only shop sporadically - the denim military jacket I hadn't worn in years until last week. Betsey coat, too.

Thank you all for kind words and keep your looks coming!

agirlandaboy | 12:46 PM

You're stinkin' cute. I still want to be you when I grow up. Er...grow younger.

Becka @ Life as an Artistpreneur | 1:24 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit with your dad's vest. That's totally something I'd wear. :)

Liz | 1:53 PM

Ooh, I've been coveting a pair of Minnetonka's for a while.

I'm trying heels today...


Also, we're totally the same size - I too am 5'8" ~140 (more like 135 due to breastfeeding weight loss).

Rebecca | 1:58 PM

LOVING Good Wear Days! My digital camera isn't working (poo) but I will be participating as soon as I have a functional one.

Autumn | 3:42 PM

I'm picky and I picky those moccasins.


Anonymous | 5:11 PM

The reason I love these posts is because I get to see you and other people mixing in ways that wouldn't occur to me. LOVE the military denim jacket, but I especially love the way you paired it monochromatically with the blue dress. I hope you keep doing these even when there are no give-aways because we have totally been pulled out of our shells and inspired to be creative. At least I have.

Alex | 5:14 PM

Ahhh!!!!!!! Could I love that Betsy Johnson coat anymore? I scooted my little fingers right up to the address bar and typed in EBAY...wonder if anyone is selling it. I love it!

jenny | 7:13 PM


Peach | 7:15 PM

I have wanted some Minnetonka shoes for over a year now!


erin / dfm | 8:54 PM

omg you are KILLING me w/ the awesome outfits. KILLING. we are totally besties. seriously. i have GOT to move back to l.a.

This Must be the Place . . . | 3:40 AM

Okay, so you can't see much of the dress, but I finally, finally got my hair done . . . and that is my most fashionable accessory today.


Anonymous | 4:54 AM

I love these posts and hope you keep them up.

Here is one of my favorite fall outfits (picutre #2) to wear. The boots are so fantastic, even more so because I got them for $15 on clearance!


Anonymous | 4:55 AM


Picture #2 on this post is my favorite fall outfit made even better by the fact that I got the boots for $15 on clearance!

Anonymous | 5:01 AM

So are you not with Babble anymore? The personal blog homepage no longer has you listed as one of their bloggers...

Christy Wolf | 5:24 AM

Must win boots. In LOVE!


Clare | 6:37 AM

Day Two...


(Thanks Rebecca for commenting on my newbie blog-- meant a lot to me!)


Autumn | 6:51 AM


Day two!

L | 7:31 AM

I'm amazed at how many clothes you own. And that they're all awesome.

ttsc | 9:56 AM


Laura R. | 11:22 AM


ohpleaseletitbeme. LOVE that you're doing this!

Laura R. | 11:27 AM

Day 2 wear:: http://lrennie.blogspot.com/2010/11/good-wear-day-2.html

Michelle | 12:05 PM

Love the boots Hope you love this dress.


Amy | 2:58 PM

cardigan, Anthropologie (20 bucks, people!)
dress, Ann Taylor Loft
belt, Ann Taylor Loft
leg warmers: Treehouse 28 (Etsy)
shoes: Clarks

The outfit: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2096468&id=1158415121&l=4d3ec3ec94

The legwarmers up close: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2096469&id=1158415121&l=71c04a6d89

Liz | 4:04 PM

I call this modern housewife:


Stef | 4:13 PM

Add me to the long list of ladies who have been eying Minnetonka boots! So I thought I'd finally participate. :-)


Stef | 4:15 PM

Same shirt as before, worn more casually:


Anonymous | 4:56 PM

Love the outfits!
My fave has got to be the first one!
I love the shoes!!

Anyway here is my day of fashion. for this week at least.

Unknown | 9:07 PM

you dress like my little fashion icon, my daughter! I have gained so much weight after giving birth that I can't bring myself to buy BIGGER clothes so I expend the funds in to my daughter's closet!

Sarah | 12:19 AM

I like this outfit cos I match the dog at my feet. :)


Lola | 6:41 AM

Dreaming about those boots...

But for now, a playfully good wear day:


Autumn | 9:47 AM


day three!

Anonymous | 4:58 PM

Outfit # 2. Kind of fuzzy but oh well.
2nd photo down

Anonymous | 4:59 PM

Outfit # 3. Again blurry. Need a better camera!
3rd photo down

end | 6:42 PM

I DREAM of those boots

Sarah | 12:44 AM


And boyfriends got style:

Autumn | 8:36 AM

Day Four!


Louise | 10:39 AM

I have been aching for a pair of Minne's for months! Fingers and toes crossed thrice...


mommymae | 1:08 PM

i got cute yesterday. it's finally cool enough to wear sleeves! yippee!


Lil Muse Lily | 1:43 PM

you ROCK!!!!!! i want ALL of it! ugh.

Anonymous | 2:46 PM

Here's my Sunday outfit.
Under Nov. 14th
A bit of color!

Liz | 4:00 PM

Saturday outfit...


Clare | 5:25 PM

Day 3


pretty | 3:50 AM

Is this US only? I'm UK. If that's OK, here's my entry:


Femi Ford | 8:41 AM

in it to win it!


loving everyone's styles! now to clean up the hairball.

Anonymous | 9:34 AM

it finally got cold enough for me to wear my favorite cardigan:


Sarah | 3:54 PM

It's 80 degrees in Northern CA today!


Laura R. | 4:05 PM


come on, minnetonkas!

Unknown | 4:52 PM

stretchy clothes + no makeup=
my good wear day (week 4)



findingmagnolia | 5:48 PM

I really love doing this every week. Here's some zoo style from Zinashi and me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marymuses/5179912044/

One of these days I'm going to get Zinashi to stand next to me so you can see her whole outfit. Today she was wearing a stripey dress she picked out herself, but you can't see it in the photo. Bummer!

Clare | 7:18 PM

Day 4!

Good wear days has inspired me to the back of my closet, pulling out things I haven't worn in quite some time. Keep 'em coming!



Althea | 6:34 AM


Kila Bell | 7:55 AM

TaDahhhh....i fell in love with jumpsuits and here's my fav with lil jacket over it!

Autumn | 8:07 AM


day five

Kila Bell | 8:08 AM

PS these posts inspired me to clean out my closet and rediscover me myself not my mommy self...thank you!

Laura R. | 1:30 PM



Laura R. | 1:30 PM



Unknown | 4:20 PM

I love all of your outfits from this week, and you are totally inspiring me to be more thoughtful with my wardrobe.


Anonymous | 6:18 PM

Outfit for Tuesday, Nov. 16th

Clare | 7:14 PM

Final outfit for this week!


jkaye | 9:06 PM

sigh. i wish i could look that cute! my student budget does allow for that much cuteness

Melissa | 11:48 PM

Friday's look:


one of those skirts thats a dress thats a skirt type things paired with some cheapo socks from target. It was almost like wearing jammies to work.

Melissa | 11:51 PM

Tuesday's look:


what you can't see from this terrible picture is my default leopard print flats. This outfit was thrown together without any thought and actually turned out to be way cuter than I anticipated.

black leggings, gray dress, black sweater thrown on top.

lola + oliver | 6:44 AM

Rebecca, you are a marvelous woman. Thanks for being you.

My fave outfit ever:


sara | 7:10 AM

Love the Minnetonkas. I want them. A picture of me in India travel garb - Lululemon white headband, NY&C black cami, some kind of knee length skirt on bottom which you can't see, black Chaco sandals, and a cheap cotton bag for holding my stuff.


Femi Ford | 7:11 AM

one more for the win!


Clare | 9:25 AM

sike! he's the REAL last post for this week


mlouprice | 9:31 AM

I'm wearing this outfit today for work. I was so happy with it until I looked down and saw a huge water stain. Oh wells.


Laura R. | 12:04 PM

last one!

My Bottle's Up! | 1:10 PM

PHEW!!! just made it in time to offer this quick pic of me today...


thanks rebecca!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 1:41 PM

I so hope this one qualifies! Love your goodweardays posts.


Steph (& Ivy)

Anonymous | 2:27 PM

Outift for Wed. Nov 17th

Angela | 2:53 PM

Here's a dress made by me...with tights from Vera Wang for Kohl's ($1.20!!) and Sofft shoes (Love them...have them in brown and black!)

Rutledge Carter | 3:12 PM

Really bad self photography but...I want dem boots!!!

RC | 3:17 PM

Not sure it went through with img code. If not:

Sarah | 3:17 PM

Minus the Boots.


sarah marie p | 3:27 PM

I love the Gone Style series! So fun & inspiring! And awesome prizes. I would love to own a pair of Minnetonkas!

Here's what I wore last Wednesday (Nov.10):


(I posted this on my blog last Thursday (Nov. 11).


danielle and dinosaur toes | 7:19 PM

my aunt always tells me about your outfits and awesome style, and i love it! here's my entry:


fingers crossed!

Stef | 8:22 PM

I've got a few more outfits from this week: http://discussionclothed.tumblr.com/post/1606611792

Stef | 8:23 PM

Here's another:


Stef | 8:24 PM


Stef | 8:25 PM

A change into comfy boots and the addition of a cardi make the above outfit more cozy for the evening.


k5brown | 9:37 PM


Not my best all week, but the only time I had to snap a pic.

I WANT boots!!!