Gone Style: Good Wear Days (Week Five)

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Hello there. How are you. Me? I'm tired. Verrrrrry tired. But I'm also very EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE this week's Minnetonka boot winner c/o Langstons and talk next week's fashion prize! (Hint: it's sparkly!)

So! Without further noise, congratulations to random.org chosen Good Wear Days commenter #1 Marianne! (which has NEVER happened EVER and kind of stunned me when it came up. I mean... when does #1 come up? Today it did, folks. Today it did!) who rocked the HELL out of this sassy little number and will be handsomely rewarded with a pair of 'tonks for running wild in fields of awesome. Go, lady! And thank you, as always, to everyone who participated these past few days! Loved your looks!

This week's Good Wears involved sequins and gold lamé. Also, lamé is the opposite of lame. Am I right? Anyway. Fancy a messy bun and some buttons?
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dress: Anthropologie sale rack circa 2006
(It wasn't in my size but I bought it anyway and had it altered)
turtleneck/blouse: Anthropologie (I know, I know. I like Anthropologie)
tights: no clue
boots: nicole
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(which I'll be giving away as soon as they have my beige + black version in stock. Stay tuned!)
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truth: this is my favorite outfit right now and I don't care who knows it.
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jumpsuit: vintage wardrobe piece via sidewalk sale
necklace: gift from my mom
shoes: Gucci (purchased from consignment shop)
clutch: c/o Ellington via this giveaway
red lipstick: "delilah" from Stila
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sweater (remixed, here): Beulah
Pants: Fluxus
Scarf: Nordstrom
Boots: same thrifted pair I wear every week
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In Vegas I decided to channel my inner Alice in Wonderland.
(If Alice in Wonderland wandered into a discotech on the moon.)
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Coat: vintage Carolina Herrera circa 80's (borrowed from my friend, Dani)
Pants: Also Dani's (she wore them here + purchased them in Copenhagen)
black tank: Target
Boots: Nine West, circa 2002
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lipstick, once again "Delilah" by Stila.
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Annnnnd back to a more casual day look:
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hat: Barneys Outlet
cigarette cords: Genetic Denim
striped top: Zara
(have same top in black stripes, worn here.)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
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button (on hat) was a gift from my sister<span class=
necklaces = kid's initial necklace by Julia Failey & "Marine Layer" necklace by Moonshined Designs which is (dunt dunt duuuuuunt!) this week's giveaway!
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This necklace (more pics below and here) is not only gorgeous but also happens to have superpowers. Behold the following, taken from "Marine Layer" description:

So. You see? This necklace is more than a "thing" - it has spiritual significance and healing, guiding powers for those both lost and found (oh but aren't we all!). It's a lucky charm of sorts and one that pairs beautifully with any and all ensembles.
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For this week's "Good Wear Days" you have TWO weeks to participate (going to be skipping next week's Gone Style post in lieu of Thanksgiving) which means winner to be announced December 2nd, instead of November 25th. This ALSO means you have two weeks (fourteen total looks) to feature/link in the comments below.

In the meantime, a great big hug and thank you to Cate at Moonshined for your beautiful jewelry and generosity. (Browse more from Moonshined designs, here and/or become a fan on facebook.)

And another several dozen hugs to all of you who have participated these last five weeks and also for those that have not. I look very much forward to scoping your next batch of wears, specifically your festive holiday ensembs.

P.S. WWW came to visit last week. This is what she wore.
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blouse: gift (from me)
jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
boots: from Millers Outpost 20 years ago.
hair: fabulous
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Total GILF, this one.

Speaking of which...

Style Blog of the Week:



Anonymous | 9:28 AM

You look great, but must know, are you losing weight??? Your mom is the bomb.

EazilyAmuzed~Kelley | 9:36 AM

Fab! especially loving the Slouchy Sweater, Harem(I think)pants and green polka dot scarf look. XOXO

Amanda | 9:37 AM

Yes!!! My David Bowie obsession has me obsessing over that jumpsuit! Your mom looks amazing (but did we expect anything less?) and I can't wait to participate again (feeling to lazy these last couple weeks)- TO THE CLOSET!

Amblus | 9:38 AM

Yay Marianne! That is great. And dang, that spangly bodysuit is VERY Bowie and I don't say that lightly. Fantastic.

Marianne | 9:40 AM

I WON?! Oh my goodness! And here I was, all ready to post this week's outfit!


Thank you so much, Rebecca! These posts are so fun and I look forward to them every week. xx

Elizabeth at Law Mama | 9:40 AM

That gold lame jumpsuit is redonks. So much fun.

Here's my first look from the mini heat wave this week:


Glenda | 9:57 AM

you and your mom = too cute!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher | 10:27 AM

Your mom is the cutest!

And I love the vintage jumpsuit, but tell me: where'd you wear it? Certainly not to pick up Archer from school?!

Charlotte | 10:30 AM

Love WWW's shirt--what a stylish woman. Big fan of hers!

Oh, and you, of course, too, especially that pretty grey dress.

findingmagnolia | 10:48 AM

Your mom is adorable. Tell her I'd like her to come over to my house. I mean, I am all the way in Kansas City, but...maybe she has other things she'd like to do in Kansas City?

I love all your outfits this week! The Anthro dress! The gold! THE SEQUINED PANTS!!! So fantastic.

I accidentally dressed to match Zinashi AGAIN, and this time it's even worse because I laid out the outfits last night and didn't even realize what I'd done until we were all dressed this morning. I might as well just start doing it on purpose and accept my matchy-matchy mother-daughter inclinations.


Lil Muse Lily | 11:40 AM

you are brave girl!!!! and only you could pull it off.

your mom is beautiful. like mother, like daughter.

Alex | 11:55 AM

You're mom is adorable! I love the sparkle pants. They rock! They remind of a pair I've been obsessing over at JCrew.

Anyway here's my look for the week:

Amblus | 12:23 PM

Dur, and here's my look for the week:


Anonymous | 1:02 PM

My daughter wants to play with your mom and her kids. She cannot stop talking about it! She also wants your jumpsuit (she says it is fancy). She is 2 1/2 and we live on the East coast but maybe one day her dreams of playing with your mom will come true.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} | 2:19 PM

Congrats to Marianne!!!

I love the gold jumpsuit. I can't believe I just typed those words. It kind of scares me, but I still like.

Here's last week's ensembles, in which I declare my LOVE for leggings.


Stef | 3:58 PM

Your mom is so cute I can't stand it! I'll be back w/ outfit postings later.

Anonymous | 3:59 PM


Elizabeth at Law Mama | 4:07 PM

Okay, here's another look (I'm going to get all 14 looks in this time!)


Also, your mom is so cute.

Rachel | 5:42 PM

Outfits 1 and 5: YES MA'AM. Love.

LindaB | 5:43 PM

LOVE! You and your mommy are so incredibly gorgeous, it kills me. Thank you for posting the name / brand of lipstick - it's the very first thing I noticed in the pics and thought.."I MUST know what that color is and buy it right.now." Off to Sephora...

Anonymous | 6:41 PM

love your site... try to check every day.. but wtf is up... pages load so slow and get stuck EVERY day.. not even complaining.. just wanted to let u know something might be wrong.......

Althea | 7:30 PM

That was me DYING over 'your' sequin pants. Are you effing KIDDING ME .
I die. D.I.E.
Your mom is a babeahaontas. If she were a president, she'd be Baberaham Lincoln.You too, btw.
I'm with Amanda-TO THE CLOSET!
(and out of the house...)

Laura Rennie | 8:00 PM

1st look, hope this words...

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher | 10:58 PM

I am back to look at the vintage jumper!! I just love it!

Elena | 6:38 AM

Love the sequins! And that necklace.

My look (http://www.flickr.com/photos/biscuitsandsuch/5189199013/)

Old Anthro skirt, Target top, vegan tights (from our co-op), and shoes from high school.

lonek8 | 9:07 AM

once again I am in love with your style! My efforts this week:

look 1:


look two:


I'll have more later in the week! happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for inspiring!

Amanda | 9:16 AM

Picking it back up this time!


Katy | 9:23 AM

Alright, I have finally decided that I am up for the challenge. Here is my first outfit post! More to come... :)


x Katy

mommymae | 1:16 PM

while i love the gold lamé, i'd never wear it. you rock it, but it's not my style. is it itchy? i love your swing dress from anthro. and the stripe top get-up. well, i love all of it, but could see myself wearing those.

i just finished this dress:


it only took me 7 months to finish it. hopefully, the next one won't take me as long to make.

Smmidge | 3:06 PM

super. fun. chic. and love checking out commenter-style too (now there's an idea). here is a go from long-time-fan-first-time-commenter: http://smmidge.blogspot.com/2010/11/smmidge-style-furniture-to-fashion.html

Amy | 4:45 PM

Back in college I had a pair of gold lamé pants in the same cut as those and I adored them. I wore them to class, wore them for cocktails, wore them with baggy sweaters at the cafe. They've gotten lost in my travel and my best friend and I sometimes lament the loss of the lamé. Thanks for the memories.

Katherine | 5:31 PM

Oh I really LOVE the Anthro jumper, super cute. And your Mom is fabulous! Great outfits as always.

Had to put my babes in this one this week, his Scandinavian wears were too good to pass up (if you count Hanna Anderson as Scandinavian:) I do...


little one:

Estelle | 5:53 PM

Millers Outpost. Wow, that brings back some memories. LOVE this post. You look amazing in every outfit. Especially love the Carolina Harrera 80s jacket.

P.S. I so hope you answer this question. I'm sort of dying to know if you recently saw Kathy Griffen live? Her recent special on Bravo pans to someone in the audience that looks so much like you. Anyway, just curious.

Pearmama | 7:42 PM

Millers Outpost!! Get outta town!! That was my joint!

Sweetie Pie Bakery | 5:08 AM

how about for next weeks giveaway, you offer up that anthro dress and orange hat! :)

Anonymous | 1:04 PM

That's alot of shiny! WWW looks bad ass!

lola + oliver | 4:44 PM

I absolutely LOVE the Julia Failey initial necklaces! Can that be a giveaway someday, perhaps? Pretty please?

Honestly, you always look fabulous Rebecca. I get the feeling that you could be wearing a burlap sack or plastic garbage bag and still look stunning!

Also - those sequin pants are INCREDIBLE and you rock them so well. I'm totally lusting after them!

Laura Rennie | 5:12 PM


Sarah | 1:18 AM

Sometimes you gotta spend your Saturday waiting in line, in the rain for some cheap French dishes.


judith | 4:31 AM

I've been following you for a long time now from the other side of the atlantic. never commented though, but now i am dying to know: how do you do your hair these days, major shine!! let us know!!!

Laura Rennie | 2:27 PM

day 3

Anonymous | 9:07 PM

That is one crazy awesome jumpsuit

Lisa B | 6:34 AM

Gahhh.... your outfits are to die for. xx

here is mine:

Laura Rennie | 9:57 AM

11/22 outfit:


this necklace is hot.

Law Mama | 2:44 PM

New favorite outfit:


Althea | 4:47 AM

Warning-not a strictly fashion post.

Amblus | 7:06 AM

Yesterday's outfit:


lonek8 | 8:18 AM

another little outfit I wore this week - although I'm seeing in this picture some weird things going on with these jeans, so they may have to go!


Tasha | 8:49 AM

you mom is so gorgeous (you're not so bad either ;-)

Here's one pic..I had a saturday business meeting (yuck) and took a pic in my hotel room. Hard to see but i'm wearing my favorite ruby red flats!


Alex | 11:28 AM

Another outfit post from this past weekend http://beforethebabywakes.com/2010/11/worein-georgetown/

findingmagnolia | 2:03 PM

I'm taking Zinashi with me now to visit an elderly friend who has no living family, and today was our very first visit. I've been chronicling my outfits each week on my personal blog, and I'm really excited to have Zinashi in on the action now, so I've moved the feature to our Finding Magnolia blog as well. We'll have new outfits for you every single Tuesday. Here's the first installment of many:


Laura Rennie | 7:42 PM

outfit #5! this is what I wore for coffee in charlottesville w/ a friend


Katherine | 8:49 PM

Feeling inspired. Here is outfit #2:


Loving all your looks!!

Anonymous | 9:49 PM

I don't think this counts as an entry because it's not my day-to-day wear but it was fun to play dress up


Laura Rennie | 7:13 AM

11/25 look...going for the win!


Tasha | 7:30 AM

another one (taken last week but I forgot to post)!


Pearl | 8:25 AM

beautiful women!

k5brown | 5:06 PM

I'm digging the gold jumpsuit!


findingmagnolia | 3:47 PM

I've got another one for you, and it's my birthday style. I didn't note anything about the outfit in my post, so I'll just tell you that the fabulous skirt is from Boden, the tights are from Anthro, and everything else is from who-knows-where. I felt great on my birthday, but I think it had little to do with my outfit and more to do with a certain Ethiopian beauty that came home in time to celebrate with me.


Laura Rennie | 6:22 AM

still hoping to win ...
thanksgiving outfit::

Laura Rennie | 6:22 AM

what I wore yesterday::

Bobbi Janay | 2:07 PM

House cleaning/road trip home chic

Bobbi Janay | 2:07 PM

7 hours of baking later

Bobbi Janay | 2:08 PM

I have no idea what I was thinking.

Bobbi Janay | 2:09 PM

I am loving this outfit and picture.

Bobbi Janay | 2:09 PM

Learning my lesson take clothes picture in morning not at the end of the day.

Bobbi Janay | 9:20 PM

Todays, I am home catching up from a week out of town.

Sarah | 12:22 AM


Post Black Friday Madness

Laura Rennie | 7:13 AM

11/30 outfit, just outta bed w/ no makeup. can't believe I put this on the internet.

infemity | 6:10 AM

god your wardrobe/style/& mom rocks! dang.

recycled pieces this week:

Tasha | 7:15 AM

hmmm, for some reason i can't see my comment with my thanksgiving outfit..

anyway, here's another outfit from yesterday

I love this shirt!


Tasha | 8:42 AM

My thanksgiving outfit...I posted yesterday, but it didn't go through? Feel free to delete if this is a double posting!


Amblus | 12:18 PM

Today's look:


Whitney | 12:36 PM

Party tee and tutu skirt.

Anything | 12:50 PM

Party tee + pink tutu skirt.


Anything | 12:51 PM

I call this outfit, "Tree hugger."


Anything | 12:51 PM

Mod dress + denim jacket


Anything | 12:53 PM

Safari bound!


Anything | 12:55 PM

Business casual. Wore these new cords and ruffled purple tank (as a vest!) to work.

Anything | 1:14 PM

This outfit looks Harry Potter inspired!

Anything | 1:15 PM

I wore this outfit on my birthday.


Anything | 1:16 PM

Perfectly mismatched: http://www.anythinglime.com/anything-style-mix-and-mismatch

Anything | 1:19 PM

Embellished striped tee + layered chartreuse tank + cropped denim pants + warm sockies = one of my favorites.


Anything | 1:20 PM

Jeggings! Long hooded striped tee, long necklace and sketchers.

Anything | 1:21 PM

Black and white patterned shirt, layered polka dot tank, jeggings and pink ballet flats.


Anything | 1:23 PM

I LOVE this tee! It's a duck or goose. And it's see through. And I once wore it to work with only a bra underneath and I had an impromptu meeting with the head of the department. Lesson learned: Don't wear see-through clothing to work. Period.


Anything | 1:25 PM

Yellow floral top + navy blue scarf slash security blanket.


Anything | 1:25 PM

Bundled for fall.


Laura Rennie | 1:42 PM

don't even know what number outfit this is.

Amanda | 9:01 PM

I knew I had another one up my sleeve somewhere...


findingmagnolia | 9:42 PM

Here's my Tuesday with Old Lady Mary outfit for this week. As usual, Zinashi stole the show. Good thing I love her so much; otherwise I'd be jealous.

Bobbi Janay | 9:36 AM

Late night grocery shopping ftw.

Bobbi Janay | 9:36 AM

My inner siterwife. http://kidtogrownup.tumblr.com/post/2051087311/good-day-wear-11-30-10-channeling-my-inner-sister

Bobbi Janay | 9:37 AM

High School Chic http://kidtogrownup.tumblr.com/post/1983232074/good-day-wear-11-29-10-tshirt-from-high

Bobbi Janay | 9:51 AM

Hospital Chic, my mom is having surgery today.

Law Mama | 11:03 AM

A few more before the deadline!


Law Mama | 11:05 AM

More red (a cape/poncho thingy):


also! I changed my tumblr name so the things I posted at "thinlizzie23" aren't valid links any more... you can still find them at my lawmama.tumblr.com page though...

Law Mama | 11:06 AM

Thanksgiving look:


Law Mama | 11:09 AM

Okay another good one before the deadline...


Law Mama | 11:11 AM

Okay, the last one (I can't believe I forgot to post till the last minute - good wear days got me started style blogging):


infemity | 3:39 PM

one last hopefully made it in!