Gone Style: Good Wear Days (Week Three)

Once again, gorgeous wears, you guys. Loved browsing your fash last week and can't wait to see your next batch of good wear days. In the meantime, congratulations to random.org selected winner #28 Althea (!!!) who rocked the hell out of some grunge-era plaid, paired with some of the cutest glasses I've ever seen. Seriously. How effing cute are these?

Enjoy your new "Harmony" Benjamin Shades c/o LeeLeeLu, Althea and be sure to post a pic of yourself rocking them 'round town when they arrive!

Alrighty then! Let's talk this week then, shall we? I have ANOTHER super fab giveaway (isn't this fun, you guys? It's fun, right?) I'm excited to tell you about, along with some snaps of some of this past week's wears:
<span class=
shoes: nicole
cords: generic denim
striped shirt: Zara
wool blazer: vintage (no name, found at consignment store in Encinitas)
purse: Kooba
<span class=
<span class=
corduroy bolero (vintage) = gift from my ladyfriend, Dani
dress: thrifted
socks: anthropologie
shoes: Vince Camuto (many years old)
...and later in the day:
(after school = thrifted boots = no heels allowed.)
<span class=
boots: nicole
tights: target
skirt: Anna Sui for Anthropologie (last year's sale rack)
tank: Anthropologie
cardigan: Barneys Outlet
<span class=
<span class=
Hal's show's wrap party was last Thursday night, hence the dressy:
<span class=
<span class=
boots: nicole
bracelets: gifts from mom
(extreme close-up! ahhh!!!) dragonfly necklace: Julia Failey:
<span class=
<span class=
clutch: c/o Ellington, and also.... THIS WEEK'S GIVEAWAY! WOOHOO!!!!

That's right, you guys. Ellington is totally hooking you up with this perfect every-girl-must-have for fallways, the LBC (little black clutch) for nights on the town with your ladies and/or gentlemen callers. Amazing, yes? Yes, yes.

P.P.S. Home Shopping Network pose:
<span class=

To win this feisty little number? Same as it's always been, ladies and gentlewomen: post your "good wear days" links in the comments below (via twitter, facebook, flickr, your blogs, etc) and one winner will be chosen next Thursday via random.org and announced in next week's Good Wear Days post!

1. Good luck.
2. Have fun.
3. Thank you, Ellington.
4. Can't wait to see your good wears!



Style Blog of the Week: Who What Wear


Liz | 1:12 PM

Ooh, I love your last dress - super glam 70s.

This has been SO MUCH FUN, Rebecca - you've totally gotten me out of my boring SAHM rut. Thanks so much!

I'll try to post an outfit later today after I get out of workout clothes.

Anonymous | 1:24 PM

holy hell. that clutch is MINE, bitches! just kidding, y'all. i'm really doing it all for the STYLE.

adore the red pattern dress with the vince canuto shoes and blue/yellow socks. super cute.

my challenge this week is dressing for 25 degree weather as i'm traveling to nashville for a girls' weekend. i do not mix well with 20 degree weather. we'll see how it goes.

Jessica | 1:36 PM

I agree with Elizabeth! I love seeing what you (and everyone else who has been posting outfits) are wearing.

Here's mine:

lonek8 | 1:39 PM

okay, that clutch is too cute! I may actually have to post my looks separately to increase my odds of winning it. not that I wore anything especially good this week - this was a week of running errands and barely getting out of basic slumpin' around clothes. I did manage these cute flats though:


lonek8 | 1:40 PM

I also wore my favorite necklace - three charms with my kids' names on the front and their birthdays on the back. Keeps them close to my heart and makes me feel pretty even if I'm in pajamas!


Max | 2:02 PM

I'm not very good at taking my pics of my clothes because I don't have a full length mirror. And my husband can't seem to work my camera. Simply pushing the button doesn't work for him. But I can take pics of my feet.

This is an older post, but I've worn both pairs of these shoes this week. I pretty much live in the blue ones.


Brooke | 2:32 PM

Can't I just win the Cynthia Vincent dress? Pretty please? I love it and you wear it oh, so well. Will flattery work?

Anonymous | 3:07 PM

I especially love the look with the Anna Sui skirt! :) The fancy dress also rocks.

I post outfits most days at http://caffeinerd.wordpress.com

Liz | 3:54 PM

Okay, after bringing it yesterday I'm a little less dressed up today. But I think it's cute casual... maybe.


My Bottle's Up! | 4:07 PM

duuuuuuude! i'll post my wears for an upcoming trip to NYC later, but had to say... I LUST FOR THAT DRESS!!! holy smokes 70's hollywood gorgeousness and what a spankin lovely color on you.


Anonymous | 4:37 PM

It's at the bottom of the post :)

anika ame | 4:58 PM

love the knee socks. i am so loving knee socks right now! and leg warmers. you can find my lovely vintage and thrift store finds at: http://www.anikaame.blogspot.com

RogueBiscuit | 5:29 PM

Oh my goodness, where can I find that dress?! A brief google search is turning up nothing. I have been wanting to add a red dress to my wardrobe for awhile and that Cynthia Vincent is PERFECTION.

Marianne | 5:36 PM

First off, your very first picture is perfection. The colors and patterns!

Here's my favorite outfit this week. It's so comfortable and I feel like it personifies fall:



Thanks, guys!

As for the Cynthia Vincent dress, I bought it last summer so I doubt it's anywhere, unless, perhaps.... Ebay? It's "coral" not red - more pinkish in real life than it translated in photos but, yeah, one of my absolute favorite colors. I was coveting the dress for months before I finally bought it.

Can't wait to browse your wears later this eve!

Unknown | 5:45 PM

I must concur with my fellow fashionistas and fawn over that gorge Cynthia Vincent dress! That color looks amazing on you.

I'm so bad about this taking photos of myself stuff, but I will try to do at least one this week!

Rebecca | 5:56 PM

You always look so cute and put together! I wish I had the ability to create outfits like that. Unfortunately I HATE shopping and I find it hard to find things that are flattering on my figure, so putting together outfits is a challenge. Can I hire you to be my personal shopper? =)

Alex | 6:16 PM

I'm not sure what my favorite outfit is. The socks & heels, the blue top and skirt or the Cynthia Vincent dress.

But you look great!


Katherine | 6:29 PM

knee socks rock! Love everyone's outfits again!


Althea | 5:23 AM

Cynthia just cracked me up. Way to be REAL, GIRL!!!!

Rebecca, your outfits this week particularly rock my face. That long dress, I was like,...'HALSTON?'
Your blue socks...you are pretty much the coolest chick I sort of pretend to know.
ps-I emailed you after I finished freaking out.

Melissa | 6:11 AM

I have found myself dressing in my most super cute outfits the past couple of weeks not just because of the giveaways, but from all the inspiration on here!

My entry for today:


My all clearance outfit. Mostly from Target with the exception of the headband and shoes.

Anonymous | 7:37 AM

OH OH OH. *stops to catch my breath* SERIOUSLY. The tights THE SHOES *squeals a little* THE RED DRESS.

I want I want I want.

(meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm waiting for the chance to debut my new tights. stay tuned)

Zinashi | 8:55 AM

With a little help, Zinashi put together her own outfit. If she wins, I'm totally borrowing the clutch from her.


findingmagnolia | 9:01 AM

I absolutely adore those blue socks. I saw some on clearance at my Anthro at some point, and now I wish I'd ponied up the dollars to get them. Oh, well, live and learn.

Here's my outfit, completely with Ethiopian child accessory. It's not the best photo ever of either of us, as my daughter was in a goofy mood and my chin seems to have disappeared into my neck, but oh well! I still love the outfit.


TexasBobbi | 11:24 AM

I love that bag it would be perfect for the up come lot of weddings we have to attend. 5 in the next year.
Todays good wear http://twitter.com/#!/KidtoGrownUp/status/613911539748864

Glenda | 12:36 PM

love your dress to Hal's party... super gorgeous... love love it! and love the clutch!

Unknown | 3:36 PM

hwy saw this site and thought maybe you might like it

ttsc | 7:49 PM

Here's mine. Hope you enjoy. Love those socks, by the way.


dna | 8:46 PM

The dress/sweater/blue socks/heels/boots combo is SOOOO Mary Poppins! If you find that offensive... sorry!

Vanessa | 8:51 PM

You look so long, lean and drop-dead beautiful in that fantastic shade of orangey-pink Cynthia Vincent dress. I love it!
And, thanks for linking me as your style blog of the week last week!

Lauren | 9:17 AM

Hooray! I'm finally joining in. I did a whole blog post about it. :) This is so fun and fashion inspiring! Thanks Rebecca!


Amber | 11:05 AM

YOU are a fashion maven; I love it all!!!

Here's my fashion for the day:

*PLEASE ignore the Myspace-esque bathroom shots, my digi is broken :( :(

Anonymous | 11:46 AM

I went thrifting in Nashville this weekend and got this skirt:


Anonymous | 11:47 AM

And this buttery yellow number, purse, and belt:


Anonymous | 11:48 AM

And this 3/4 sleeve day coat:


Nashville thrift stores are amazing, btw, especially Karen Elson's Venus and Mars. It was so much fun.

Sarah | 12:28 PM


Excuse the terrible photo, please. Ugh.

Cape and green long sleeve from Old Navy (I know! What? Cape was $14!)
Legging Jeans-BDG Urban Outfitters
Boots-Steve madden
You can't tell but I also have a brass ring and earrings on from Indie Mart this past weekend and a swatch watch, which is really my staple. :)

Alexia | 12:52 PM

i need that dress in my lifeeeeeeee
the one you wore for hal's thing

The Lady's Lounge | 12:53 PM

The Blue and yello anthropologie socks and the Vince Camuto shoes
make me feel warm and lovey inside.

My Bottle's Up! | 4:33 PM

almost forgot i said i would come back and post an outfit for an upcoming NYC trip...





BuenoBaby | 8:31 PM

I luvs that clutch.

"Accessorizing for parent-teacher conferences [HO-LIKE-ADDITION]." Alternate title: My new $4.80 earrings


Ray | 10:48 PM

You look so pretty in that dress! I love it. And the jewlery compliments it well. =o)

mommymae | 7:04 AM

i wore a cute dress this weekend. and my earrings remind me of your necklace. cicada wings, instead of dragonfly. the midwest gal in me required me to buy the cicadas last spring.


mommymae | 7:13 AM

i forgot to mention how much i love that first picture. the socks, the shoes, the dress...and the fabu coral number?!? ack!! you've turned me into cathy!

and miss james would also like to enter this week (not really, but she was tres chic)


shirt: american apparel
leggings: target
hat: thrifted. by her.
magnifying glass: all her

Anonymous | 7:28 AM

Pleaaase, let your bangs grow!
You are a pretty woman, but those bangs..argh!

Lola | 10:54 AM

whoa i am in love with that cynthia vincent dress!

here is my outfit from friday night: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lolabanana/5157455184/

Lola | 10:55 AM

and another outfit from sunday night to a concert http://www.flickr.com/photos/lolabanana/5156843081/in/photostream/

mommymae | 12:34 PM

p.s. you totally rock the bangs. if i didn't have a crazy-big widow's peak, i'd do it, too.

Liz | 1:42 PM

I call this outfit the lumberjack:


Liz | 1:44 PM

And what I wore yesterday:


Home Sweet Sarah | 2:27 PM

Alright, mama needs a new clutch! Here's day one (from last week, I assume that's cool?): http://www.flickr.com/photos/32315426@N03/5146519641/

Home Sweet Sarah | 2:29 PM

Number two: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32315426@N03/5158904707/

Anonymous | 4:20 PM

Got in one outfit pic!


Sarah | 5:11 PM



Love it.

Alexia | 11:02 PM

don't listen to anon!
i am in love with your bangs!
my bangs are the only thing i miss after cutting off all my hair last may.

Lola | 5:41 AM

hello again! in my rush to post my outfits, i forgot to tell you that you are freakin adorable and i have major hair envy! also i'm loving this weekly wears thing. never felt compelled to comment before you started it! keep it up :)

Home Sweet Sarah | 9:45 AM

Tres: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32315426@N03/5164742702/

Home Sweet Sarah | 9:45 AM

Quatro: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32315426@N03/5164727796/

Liz | 12:38 PM

Okay, one last outfit before the giveaway is over:


Also, don't grow out your bangs! They are so cute and quintessentially you. I'm tempted to cut bangs, you wear yours so well.


Thanks, guys. And not to worry! Never growing out my bangs. Ever, ever. I would be lost without them. Haters can hate all day long!

Also, HOORAY! More wears! On my way to take a gander! xo!


Also, thanks for letting me know, Lola! Am on the fence as to whether I'll keep "Good Wear Days" after the giveaways dry up. Appreciate the feedback! Much love!

Julie | 1:41 PM

Hi Rebecca, a friend just showed me your blog. LOVE IT. Had to share my outfit today because I love that clutch: http://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Life-In-Shoes/263843847694#!/album.php?aid=244160&id=263843847694

Sarah | 4:01 PM


Woot woot!!

Katherine Wakefield | 11:56 PM

I am probably too late, but it's worth a shot. Horrible photo quality, sorry!

Katherine | 11:57 PM

Oops, forgot the link. http://www.mynameiswakefield.com/2010/11/for-the-win/

Lisa B. | 7:27 AM

loves loves, all your outfits xx

Never was a Silva | 8:47 PM

I am so glad I discovered your website! I think the pictures are very well done and the clothing is simple, pretty and most important - wearable!

Tasha | 9:35 AM

Thanksgiving wear!

comfy, cozy and oh so forgiving...(those enormous flowers really hid the post-thanksgiving paunch!)