7 Reasons to Get Your Daughter(s) a Skateboard

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Bo recently started skateboarding. And she's good. She bombed her first ever hill over Christmas after receiving her first ever board. And then she bombed the hill again. And again. And again. Where I grew up (Encinitas, California) skateboarding was something EVERYONE did. Unless the everyones were girls. In which case, EW NO NEVER NOT YOU NO NONONO.

Which is why, today on Mom.me I want to talk a little bit about girls, skateboarding and 7 reasons you should think about getting your daughter(s) a skateboard.

 7 Reasons to Get your Daughter(s) a Skateboard

1. Because it's a great sport for everyone ... girls included. 

2. Because skateboarding needs more females.

3. And girls can land 540s, too. 

4.  It's a great sport for sisterhood and socializing. 

5. ... AND being your OWN GIRL/WOMAN. 

6. And learning to GET BACK UP AND TRY AGAIN. 

7. Because it's THEIR turn to grind a rail, master an ollie, land a heelflip... 

Looking for resources that specialize in girls and skateboarding? I put together a list right here.