New Year's: The Hangover

IMG_0809 New Year. No bangs!*

*I've been growing these fuckers out for months and they are FINALLY long enough to put back. I have seriously been wearing beanies every day since September. It's been a real commitment, you guys. I know it's just hair but after chopping an entire foot of hair off my head last year (and regretting it soon after) I decided that what I REALLY wanted was to grow my bangs out for the first time in, eh, 16 years. And I did it! Watch out, 2016. My forehead is coming straight for you. And also my eyebrows which haven't seen the light of day since 1999.


This Last week on, I wrote about hangovers. Specifically the non-drinking post-flu no-energy to do anything at all kind, which doesn't bode well for the whole IT'S A NEW YEAR LET'S DO THIS THING! HIGH FIVES DOWN THE LINE!

The holidays are such a lovely exhale for so many of us, but for many MORE of us, we often forget we have to take a breath again and, you know, get back to it. I mean, it literally feels like pulling teeth today trying to get this post out of my fingers and onto my screen. I wish I could say that breaks are "just what I need to get going again," but I am completely the opposite. Breaks are just what I need to not want to ever do anything constructive again.

Phone call need to be made? Add that to tomorrow's list.

Books I want to read that I very well could be reading right this very second? Add them to the list! Lists and lists of lists with lists and lists of things to list on tomorrow's list. List.
Stuff I need to return/shop for/sign up for/show up for/get off the couch for?

You can read my entire post, here.

You can also comment below with things you are putting on your 2016 to-do lists. OR if you want to talk about bang growth, we can do that, too. I know it's just hair but for those of us who had the, it's very exciting to do break-the-mold type of things. I mean, I may or may not be bleaching my entire head later this week because, NEW YEAR NEWNESS NEWLY NEW.