DEAR MOM who maybe doesn't want to have sex again...

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You are not alone. 

I don't think four words have ever acted as more of a salve to my soul than those.

As a new mom, yes.

But also as a (not so young anymore) mom.

As a woman.

As a writer.

A wife...

Hoping that there were other women out there who understood me is why I started blogging all those years ago... It's why I never stopped.

Knowing that I AM NOT ALONE and YOU ARE NOT ALONE and WE ARE NOT ALONE is where I pull my power. It's where I harvest my confidence. Build my community. Find my voice.

Because never did I feel so judged... so lost... so (ahem) completely over sex (see below) as I did when I first became a mother... Because, goddamn that sh*t was hard.

Being a new mom can be incredibly isolating and the LEAST we can offer one another is solidarity. Sharing our stories with one another is a revolutionary act. Because contrary to link-baiting mommy wars think-pieces, we, the mothers, are here to support, elevate and empower one another.

Motherhood is complicated and messy and mortifying and empowering and draining and frustrating and profound.

And so are we.

All beautiful things are.

Here's to moms supporting moms. Here's to sharing our stories... Here's to being a new mom that maybe doesn't want to have sex quite yet no thanks don't touch my boobs...
...And, yes, this happened. So did co-sleeping until Fable was thirteen months, which... I mean... how do people have sex AND ALSO co-sleep? Is... Do you just take lots of showers? 

See the full line of Dear Mom videos, here. They're all fantastic and important and REAL. And so are you.

Thank you, Plum Organics, for sponsoring this post and for empowering women and mothers to share their stories -- unfiltered and unashamed -- as part of the #ParentingUnfiltered Dear Mom video series. 
IMG_4443 Respect. Love. Solidarity. Amen.