"...she's in a punk band and all the holes in her clothes are girl made..."

things that could happen to a girl wearing jeans
by: rhiannon mcgavin

"Julie shares lipstick with Ari who dyed Eva's hair purple. Eva does my liner. I smudge Nina's mascara and she sprays rose water on Julie. We split popcorn and perfume every Friday night..."


I was just talking to a friend about this the other night... about going out and how fun it used to be to get ready together with friends... how that was always a thing we would do...  

"Let's meet at my place at 7:00," we'd say. 

And we would. With shoe options in canvas bags we flung over our shoulders, we'd ring each other's doorbells... and later, try on each other's clothes and sneak cigarettes out of open windows while whispering about the neighbors. 

There was dancing in push-up bras and cutoffs and standing on each other's beds in order to catch glimpse of a full length mirror even when we had mud on our shoes. 

In those days, we didn't care about piles of dirty laundry in the corner. No one gave a fuck about shit being too loud so we'd crank the music louder and yell secrets at each other while passing around scented lotions and perfume. 

You can't really show at up at your friends house with bags of clothes to try on when you're a grown-up. You can't blast music and jump on the bed like rah rah rah. 

Adult bedrooms are for symmetrical end tables and framed art that matches the bedspread. 

Adult nights are for getting ready alone in locked bathrooms, so that the kids don't break the lipsticks and walk off with your favorite shoes.

Adult nights are for wearing your own jeans.


"...We are all each other's patches and there's nothing so good as getting your hair brushed and braided by someone who loves you..."


When was the last time someone brushed and braided your hair?