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#terencecrutcher (image and text via #leftsentthis, tweeted by @kaepernick7 WHO IS TAKING A KNEE BECAUSE OF SHIT LIKE THIS. ENOUGH.) Terence Crutcher should be alive. Instead he was shot and killed by officers who refused to even COME TO HIS AID as he bled out in the street. And for what!? Because, in the words of the officers, moments before they shot him in the back, "he LOOKS like a bad dude." Huh. And what does "bad" look like exactly? What does "bad" in the United States of America look like? Today, in an essay penned by John Pavlovitz, he writes, "white friends, if your immediate response to the shooting of Terence Crutcher is to try to justify why he's dead, instead of asking why he was shot next to his disabled vehicle by those charged with as protecting and serving him, you may be the problem here... If you aren't moved with compassion for the way scenes like this repeatedly kick people of color in the gut, you need to ask yourself some difficult questions about your own patriotism, your own appreciation of freedom, your own civic responsibility. You need to ask yourself whether you're really for Liberty- or just white comfort." Saying nothing to defend those who have been brutally murdered while criticizing those who peacefully protest on their behalf is deplorable. #blacklivesmatter infinitely more than standing for an anthem.
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John Pavlovitz's entire post is, here. It's well worth a read. 


EDITED TO ADD: Keith Lamont Scott was gunned down by law enforcement earlier this afternoon. He was disabled. He was reading in his car. He was black.