1. Here's to being "rad," in all our which ways...  

2. Several people have asked about the song Bo was dancing to in the video I posted earlier this week... I actually didn't KNOW who it was until I did a little research... The song was on a Bona Drag Boutique mix tape (the best) from a few years back and I must have lost the track listing...

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... The artist's name is Hayley Coupon and the song is called Let me Be and here's a video of Hayley performing (most of) the song a few years ago.

You can listen to the entire song on soundcloud, here. (It's perfect.) 


this is no longer yours to see
maybe it was never mine


279. Let me Be by: Hayley Coupon 


Oh and P.S. Here's Hayley covering Tame Impala's  Feels Like We Only Go Backwards and it's beautiful and radical just like you.

Happy Friday, everyone. All the love...