We did it! Because of you. THANK YOU.

A few hours ago, our Pans kickstarter campaign came to an end. I watched the clock as it ticked down and had one last ugly battle cry -- of which there have been many -- over the last four weeks.

Over the course of 28 days, 21 hours and eighteen minutes and with the love of 1501 backers, we made it to $117,579 which is just so beyond incredible. YOU GUYS. 

There are so many people I want to thank -- so many of my heroes and idols, mentors and guides, friends and family that have not only backed this project but reached out to me personally with support. To my sisters and brothers who elevated this campaign REPEATEDLY -- who stood cheering as we pushed past each percentage point.... THANK YOU. 

For every tweet and Facebook post and email -- for every Instagram comment. For EVERY. HARD-EARNED dollar donated to help us make this movie...

I am so grateful. 

Please know that Pans WILL move forward BECAUSE OF YOU. That this project is no longer MINE but OURS. I feel like I have the MOST all-star team behind me and I keep turning around like holy shit is this for real? And then I see YOU ALL and YES, IT IS FOR REAL. YOU ARE HERE. And you were there. And I am tackling you all with gratitude...  now, always... forever. 

Because of your generosity, your spirit, your belief and willingness to invest in this project and in ME as a filmmaker... PANS will exist. Together we will put the  Belle in Rebel(le) and the Wynne in GO, FIGHT...  and release Pans out and into the world.


Over the next several months, I'll be updating everyone on our progress whenever possible -- both here and across Pans' social platforms and of course, through our Kickstarter updates. 

I will also be posting monthly round-ups of creative, female-led crowdfunding projects so if you are planning on crowdfunding your creative endeavor, please drop me an email at rebeccawoolf @ gmail with the HELP ME CROWDFUND in your subject line. I hope the success of our campaign motivates anyone out there with a dream to ASK FOR HELP and MAKE IT GO. 

In the meantime, thank you ALL for allowing/encouraging Pans to happen. 
Thank you for holding us up with love and solidarity. Thank you for putting FOUND GIRLS on the stage. Thank you for helping me rise.

I love you all so much,