Archer Sagebrush Tastes the Nothing

Tonight was Archer's first solid-experience. Rice cereal+formula = smells like creme de la goop, tastes like nothing. I know because I tasted it. I am a curious lady-momz, quick to experiment with substances and I wanted to insure its kosherability. Archer gave me the "what the fuck?" face and then enjoyed an entire plate full of nothing. He ate two plates of nothing and was still hungry. I had to change his clothes three times and I ended up stripping down to my underwear to save my Chloe blouse from another trip to the dry cleaners. (I had previous dinner plans, hence the ensemble.) We were all sticky: the floor, the papasan chair, the binkie, the dogs. Who knew nothing would be such a mess?

In conclusion, the graduation from milk to creme de la goop is a very big deal in our household. We are oh-so proud.