K-rock: Clearly a GGC To Be (Minus the "To Be")

I was in my native hometown of Encinitas over the weekend and was lucky to spend some time with preggo K-rock.

Archer was there and we introduced him to -3 month old, Kennedy. Archer flirted with Kendra's belly button. No word yet if he got her phone number.

Naturally, the old crew wanted to get together to see Kendra's belly and reminisce over the scandalous stories of our pal and Mommy-to-be. Kendra insisted that we all meet at the bar, so we did.

There she stood, decked in maternity duds, looking hot and round, sipping water, welcoming each of us at the door. Totally oblivious to all of the drunken, halter-top wearing drinkers.

"Is that girl pregnant?"
"No way."
"Yeah look..."
"Did you hear? There's a pregnant here."

Kendra is the only person I know who can pull off the whole pregnant-in-a-bar thing. I was impressed. She even managed to fight off a potential suitor who overheard us discussing her concern for "pooping during childbirth" and then asked if the lot of us wanted to join him and his buddies in the booth.

Nothing like poop talk to get the boys excited. Nothing like the local bar for a meet n greet.