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This weekend I went and saw Juno, which I loved. Loved. I cannot say enough good things about this film, minus a few funky dialogue bits it was perfect. I sobbed through the whole think, which pretty much happens to me whenever I go see a movie alone (I'm a crier, ladies and gents, especially without a chaperone) which is totally embarrassing because there is never anyone to tell me if I have mascara all over my face, which I always do, of course. But whatever. Juno is not today's Hop on Popic, I just wanted to follow-up on my post a couple weeks ago about Juno and Diablo Cody (it's writer) who I am more a fan of than ever after seeing her film. Brilliant performances. Strong women roles. Perfect little film. Go see it when it arrives in your town. You'll enjoy it. Swear.

One of the trailers before the film was for a documentary called Young @ Heart about an elderly chorus that tours around the world performing all kinds of venues and has been going strong since 1982.
"...these men and women are up on stage singing their hearts out about the big taboos surrounding old age: about love and sex, loss of youth, loneliness and death. In their mouths, familiar lyrics take on whole new meanings."
You can learn all about the chorus, here.

I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, but this video was my favorite of all of the Young @ Heart videos I watched over the weekend.

I also loved the bit in the "about" section of the Young @ Heart website about Fred Knittle, lead vocalist:
Look for the Young @ Heart documentary release (Fox Searchlight) sometime next year. And for more videos, here's Young @ Heart singing Sonic Youth, and The Ramones among many other incredible renditions, including Young@Heart performing "Forever Young" at a prison (taken from the documentary and sure to to break your heart with awesome.)

Watching these clips makes me proud to be a human being and excited that age is just a minor detail with the right attitude. It's never too late to rock out. Which I kind of knew already thanks to my incredible grandparents.*

My dad's mom dances on the table with a buncha Santa impersonators at her 80th birthday. Whu-whut!

My mom's mom (Nana) arrives ready for a road trip up the coast dressed like a Banana, honoring our nickname for her since we were kids, "Nana the Banana"


*I realize I don't have a photo or a post about my Grandpa Milt (who I adore beyond adoration) so I would like to take a second to mention that dude still does a daily 20 mile-bike-ride. For a man in his mid 80's, that aint bad. He also rules the stage (total thespian) and the microphone (sings at temple) with a voice like no one I know. And he along with my Grandmothers reads this blog so hey, Grandpa, Grandma and Nana! Love you!


Anonymous | 5:30 AM

I was lucky enough to see Young at Heart at Hammersmith Lyric last year and it was one of the most life-affirming, kick-ass, geriatric-tastic shows I have seen. Rock on old dudes.


Incredible. Totally lucky.

foodiemama | 8:43 AM

holy fuck...that was kind of beautiful..that man had me totally tear up. thanks for posting that it made my day. i can't wait to see juno too!

Anonymous | 12:52 PM

Especially poignant: That Coldplay solo was rehearsed as a duet, but the other performer passed away shortly before the performance.

More info here:



Amazing. Thanks for sharing the link, neophile.

Anonymous | 9:10 PM

huh, I've read a few Juno reviews complaining the main character wasn't in depth enough and sorta shallow. I sorta wanna see it because I loves me some Arrested Development and damn it, where else are ya gonna get Jason Bateman and The stooges in the same film?

Anonymous | 5:22 PM

Oi! I have to see Juno NOWNOWNOW! I have a total girlcrush on Ellen Page ever since I watched Hard Candy. Something about a young Canadian who is a wicked actress just gets me riled up. And it's awesome that you liked it so now I can have high hopes for the movie!

kiwidebra | 7:41 PM

Jeez, lady, you're killing me. Now I'm crying over here. You know Diablo Cody has a blog, right? You must. She just put a post about My So-Called Life too. You are obviously meant to be friends.

S.T. | 9:57 PM

Oh how I hope Juno comes to my sad little town. If not, I'll def. be waiting for the DVD. Thanks to you, I'm now a huge Diablo Cody fan. I'm ready "Candy Girl" right now and it is so freakin' awesome I can't stand it! Grazie for turning me on to her. :)

S.T. | 9:57 PM

That should be, "I'm reading "Candy Girl"..."