Mustaches and Bald Men = Good. Early Intervention = Not So Much

First of all, Archer's going through a very interesting phase where the only people he likes have mustaches and/or are bald. Which means Hal and my dad are big winners and I can finally put my feet up and relax I'm chopped livah. It's just a phase, I'm sure. Pretty soon he'll fall back in love with me and I'll never be able to put my feet up again we'll live happily ever after.

Ah, the wonderful 2's (I try to steer away from using "terrible" because I'm trying to maintain some positivity and plus, Archer's never been more lovable, even in times of madness. You see, he's talking now. More and more every day which I will be blogging about at length, later in the week when there's time to wax poetic about the past week's monumental events.) As for now, T minus 20 minutes before Hal and I are out the door, on a mission to eff some ish up down at the Early Intervention Regional Center office (because they haven't been holding up their end of the bargain) and, you know, tell them who's boss.

Look out Regional Center peeps who think it's totally okay to flake-out on us, we're extremely threatening in person:

photo c/o Rachael Porter and the Holiday Sweater Party



Anonymous | 10:08 AM

Sweet! Archer's gonna love me at christmas!

Unknown | 10:28 AM

That. Picture. Is. Amazing. I think I just fell in love with you two.

Anonymous | 10:48 AM

Can I use that picture for our family Christmas card??? Best picture ever of you two. Better yet, I think I'll blow it up and put it over the fire place!!!

Cherri B | 1:55 PM

hahahah Best photo ever! It looks like something you would find in a stock photography catalog!

Scar | 1:55 PM

I'm totally showing up at your parents house if that pic is over the fireplace. It just makes me so happy.

Anonymous | 3:12 PM

that is the most fantastic picture I have ever seen. i would totally bite off of you and do one but my hubby isn't up for fun like that. he would be embarrassed or something. hmph!~jjlibra

Anonymous | 3:36 PM

I know this is old news, but you are friggin' fraggin' gorgeous, lady.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 3:53 PM

That picture is frame worthy. Love it.

Green | 6:36 PM

Maybe you're just not meant for speech therapy. Or maybe you just met the wrong speech therapist.

Sorry - couldn't resist. It's unprofessional to be unprofessional no matter the profession. I am having a hard time imagining any sort of "speech emergency" that could make someone late repeatedly. You could claim traffic, but if you live in LA you should be factoring in the traffic angle.

My guess is it's like case workers for kids in foster care - these people probably have more kids than they can see during the workday. No excuse, but a possible reason.

Hope your wheel squeaks loud enough to get fixed soon, or at least, before your kid ages out of the free therapy.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 9:58 PM

Wow. I'm shaking my my booties, that's how threatening you two look in the picture. And that apple ... might as well be a grenade in disguise, huh?

Anonymous | 10:39 PM

No wonder Archer is in therapy!

Anonymous | 4:19 AM

That's upsetting; why should we bother having programs like this in place (that use our tax dollars!) if the people working for the system don't do their jobs? Imagine what it must be like for the elderly or the much less fortunate who have to navigate all the red tape bullshit of government assistance.

Fraulein | 7:05 AM

I love that photo. You guys look so happy!

Enjoy the two's while you've got 'em -- because, as I have now learned in the two months since my Peanut turned 3, they should really call them the "Whining Threes." We're looking back fondly on the Terrible Twos at the moment.

We just keep telling ourselves that this too shall pass!

Anonymous | 8:55 AM

The GGC said-"where the only people he likes have mustaches and/or are bald"

Sounds like you need to pull out your costume from Halloween 2006!

Anonymous | 11:16 AM

sounds like a project runway moment - they're in, you're out. he'll be back big time...promise. love, ecg
p.s. love the holiday photo

Anonymous | 6:04 PM

I think you have forgotten me... unless like so many others, you see me as having a full head of well tended hair...

Darla | 8:07 PM

Ahh! Your photo looks like a rockin' Gap ad. It's great.

Scar | 11:10 PM

I feel the need to comment again. I fucking love this picture. Theres just so much love.

Anonymous | 10:22 AM

A word to the wise: When it's time for Archer's psych eval at Lanterman, ask for Janet Wolf, if you can. With whoever you get, try to make sure they spend more than 30 minutes with Archer, observing him and playing with him (NOT the same thing as testing him).

--A fellow traveler