just the tiniest bit proud

Today was amazing and I could not be more proud of my brother. Here are a few quick photos of our day watching David get hooded and knighted and awarded and high-fived and hugged and "that's my brother, you guys. That's my little brother up there KILLING IT! HE IS ON FIRE WITH AWESOME!"
-1 photo-1
And he was. He is. He always will be. 
-3 photo My parents, right before they exploded into pride shards.

-5 "David? You mean MY BROTHER DAVID WOOLF THE PhD? Dr. Brother David Woolf!??"
-2 ***
-6 watching Oprah preach it. 
-12 ***
-10 Phew, what a day... -4
P.S. The Pacifier 2: Electric Graduation Day Boogaloo, out today in theaters.